I Have Combination Skin That is Suddenly Very Sensitive With Eczema

Q: My skin is just haywire at the moment. I seem to have some eczema on my face, which has never
happened before! My skin has always been combination but mostly normal with a bit of congestion on
the T-zone. At the moment I’€™m not sure of what to use. I wanted to buy a purifying mask but with my
skin feeling irritated at the moment I am starting to think I need some products to calm things down
before anything else!



Hi Rebecca,

You’€™re right about the need to calm things down as a first priority! My first aim at this stage is to restore
balance to your skin as much as possible. Once your skin feel s like it’€™s re-found its equilibrium we can
then look at your other concerns and we can also consider a purifying mask.

It’€™s important to look at your stresses and moods and possible foods that can create unbalance in the
skin. It can be helpful to make some notes around the times when the skin is really flaring up and reflect
on what’s been happening in the days or week prior to the skin flare up. This process can be helpful to
see what the triggers are, especially because, for you, this irritation is unusual behavior for your skin and
it’s only just begun to happen.

Right now I’€™ve put together a skin routine for your skin to calm things down and to create some
balance. I’ve chosen fragrance-free products and much of the routine is from the Medik8 range, which is
paraben-free and sulfate-free.


Cleanse with the Red Alert Cleanser

Follow with the Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

Apply the Red Alert Serum

Follow with the Medik8 Day Cream SPF 25


Cleanse and apply your eye cream as above and follow with the Red Alert Serum
as in the AM section.

Follow with the Red Alert Anti Redness Formula . This is designed for redness in both the body and the
face. It aims to calm the skin and reduce redness. (It also happens to work brilliantly on capillary damage
for those who have issues.)


You can apply the ASAP Soothing Gel as a mask as frequently as you feel you need. It can be applied under
your moisturiser also for extra hydration (and for extra soothing of the skin). As a mask it works to
cool and calm. It’s got a great, fresh gel texture. Once your skin feels back to normal and it’s ready for
something more robust we can then select a purifying mask for you!