How To Target Adult Acne Without Compromising On Anti-Ageing

If you’ve experienced acne past the age of 18, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of products designed for acne-prone skin are targeted towards teenagers – not women in their 30s or 40s who are simultaneously trying to combat ageing and hormonal breakouts.

Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it? Acne resurfacing decades after it should’ve subsided? But the sad truth is acne doesn’t discriminate; hormonal, dietary and health-related factors can contribute to experiencing problematic skin later in life.

So, if you’re one of the (un)lucky ones, how do you treat these pesky breakouts without compromising on anti-ageing? That’s where I come in with some suggestions, my friends.

SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense Serum

One of our most popular (and highest reviewed) products in this category, this oil-free serum helps to battle acne, as well as age-related concerns.

– It works to inhibit overactive oil production while minimising current breakouts

– Helps to reduce the appearance of post-acne hyperpigmentation

– Contains an effective blend of AHAs, BHAs and Dioic Acid

★★★★★ Great product – Zye

“I have oily skin and I’ve been using this product for the last month. I had a few pimples and acne when I started using this serum and it helped to get rid of them efficiently. It has been doing a great job for keeping my skin smooth and acne free since and also has improved my skin texture.”

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Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum

This newly released serum specifically treats adult acne while supporting the skin to prevent premature ageing.

– The formula helps to clears blemishes faster, accelerating skin healing

– Prevents congestion including blackheads while strengthening the skin’s barrier

– Contains brightening actives & botanical extracts including Shitaake Mushroom

★★★★★ Crazy! – Ian

“Only one week in and seeing massive differences. I took before and afters and it’s honestly crazy how well it works. The smell is great and feels good and cooling on the skin. I use it after cleanse and toning and before other targeted treatments.”

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Cosmedix Define Resurfacing Treatment

Varying from the two serums above, this cream-based treatment product has both resurfacing and age-defying benefits, and is particularly effective for treating problematic skin types.

– The exfoliating action of the formula reveals a brighter, smoother complexion

– Helps to stimulate collagen & elastin production to improve fine lines & wrinkles

– Blends hydroxy acids with retinol to effectively (but gently) reduce blemishes

★★★★★ Serious improvement – Jordi

“My beauty therapist recommended this serum for night time to help with skin texture. I have generally clear skin that is slightly dry, but suffer from hormonal acne on the chin and slightly bumpy skin texture on the jaw line. I have introduced this product every second night for a week and have already noticed significant improvement in my jaw line texture. Very happy with this product.”

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With skin concerns like acne, and the associated likelihood of scarring, I do like to encourage anyone with persistent acne to consult an experienced therapist, clinician or dermatologist for advice on professional treatments that can be paired with a topical skincare routine.

Acne is a complex skin condition that can be influenced by so many factors, so seeing a specialist to identify the causes can be really beneficial to your overall treatment.


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