How to remove make-up, for clear skin

Don’t go to sleep until you remove that mask of make-up!

Plenty of make-up includes nasty ingredients that can exasperate your skin, increase irritation and the risk of developing breakouts. Make-up should be mineral based. Mineral make-up is unlikely to cause blockages or bumps under the skin as it is natural colour from earth minerals. Many make up brands use artificial colours which can irritate the skin and the pores leading to congested lumpy skin. Check the ingredient list on your makeup packaging and if you see the colours red, yellow, blue etc, this could be the cause of your pimples.

It’s important to make sure you start and end the day with a fresh face by cleansing your skin properly both morning and night.

Follow our tips to rid your skin of make-up and ensure you sleep with super clean skin.

Make sure you wash you make-up sponges and brushes frequently to limit dirt or grime being wiped onto the skin.

Did you know?

  • Our skin doesn’t sleep! Skin still produces oil while you sleep leading to pimples
  • When our face is on the pillow the oil and make up is often pushed into the skin and when you have make up on your skin for hours it will increase the chance of breakouts.
  • This oil can build up on your pillow cases too so we recommend you change them 1-2 a week
  • Also, when you have make up on your skin it is more difficult for your skin cells to shed. When they can’t shed they get stuck! And guess what?… this leads to more congestion on your skin. so give you skin a break form make up at night and put is to bed with a glass of water
  • Sometimes blackheads can even be the same colour as your foundation, blusher, bronzer or lipsticks which proves these products are blocking your skin