How My Hair Changed After Taking Supplements For 2 Months

I’m always super sceptical when it comes to supplements, especially products that make bold claims about hair growth. So when I discovered we were launching Apotecari, I reached out to @makeupby.dani who I knew had been trialling the Mane Event supplement.

“I started using Mane Event after to a client of mine recommended it to me – she’d been using the supplement leading up to her wedding. I had hair extensions in for 3 months prior, and was looking for a way to look after my natural hair and make it feel thicker and longer, so I thought I would give it a try.”

Tell Me More:

Mane Event is designed to promote hair growth, length & strength

– These bioactive oral supplements are scientifically-formulated in Australia

– They contain hair-loving herbs, amino acids, vitamins & minerals

– This supplement protects the condition of the hair & can reduce hair loss

– It also contains antioxidants to protect against free radical damage

– The Apotecari range also features Crowning Glory & Colour Lover supplements

– The range has been developed by a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist

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How To Take Mane Event:

For best results, as with most products, it’s recommended that you try Apotecari for at least 3 months consistently, however it’s likely you’ll notice results a little sooner.

You’ll take 2 capsules a day with breakfast or lunch. You can take Mane Event in the evening but some people find that B vitamins can keep them awake, so it’s probably best to take them in the morning.

What Was The Verdict?

“I took the supplements for 2 months and noticed a rather significant difference as you can see from the pictures below. My hair not only felt stronger, but in 8 weeks I had new growth, plus thickness back in my hair. The smell of the tablets I found to be a little off-putting but nothing that is unbearable. I would definitely recommend Mane Event to anyone who has fine hair, who would like their natural hair to feel thicker as I definitely got new growth, and to anyone wanting their hair to grow faster too. 10/10!”


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