What Happened When I Swapped From Supermarket Shampoo?

My hair is half way between curly and wavy depending on the weather, how I slept and if Mercury is in retrograde. And even so, haircare has always been something I didn’t think too much about, I spent my paychecks on skincare, not haircare. You know that wandering eye boyfriend meme? This is me:


A Bit Of Background:

Being relatively new to the beauty world, I would always just get to the end of my shampoo and head to Woolies (other supermarkets are also available but I’m loyal for some reason) and stand in the personal care aisle for approximately 5 minutes grabbing whatever bargain I fancied at the time.

I’ve never been exactly thrilled with the results but I also didn’t know any better. But it turns out fate had something exciting in store for me… landing a job at Adore! Fast forward 4 months and I’ve simply been bombarded with information about everything, but especially haircare.


So, What Am I Using?

Eager to try anything that didn’t come from a brightly lit aisle, I was handed the new R+Co Cassette Curl Shampoo and Conditioner, and R+Co Turntable Curl Defining Creme. Let's just say, my supermarket days are over - the products really did make a difference.

  • They're vegan, cruelty-free and of course, sulfate free (a must for curly hair types)

  • This combo of curl-defining products help to tames frizz & add nourishment

  • Gives curls & waves more definition without that dreaded crunchy feel


The hero of my new routine has to the be the Turntable Curl Defining Creme. It’s non sticky and doesn’t leave residue in your hair or on your hands, it’s noticeably helped enhance my curls and definitely adds shine. It seals in moisture and blocks out frizz-causing humidity It's scented with a fragrance of lemon, tangerine, eucalyptus, green tea and crisp amber.

This curl-friendly shampoo is designed to maintain your natural curl pattern while gently cleansing away oil, product buildup and other impurities, leaving curly and wavy hair types tamed, smoothed and defined without the weight. It contains a superseed oil complex which delivers nourishment, strength and shine, while rice protein locks in moisture and helps reduce breakage.

This hydrating daily conditioner infuses curls and waves with moisture, leaving them smoothed, soft and defined, without that dreaded weight that some products can have. This formula adds strength, shine and flexibility without compromising on curl definition. Plus, it's got the same beautiful fragrance as the shampoo.

How Do I Use The Products?

1. Shampoo & condition the hair as normal, then gently towel dry, ideally with a microfiber material to reduce frizz (learn more about that here).

2. Apply a 50c piece of the Turntable Curl Defining Creme to your palms and distribute through hair with your hands.

3. Either let dry naturally or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer for best results.

Because I’m lazy with my hair, I just sleep on it damp… sorry if that offends, it’s usually 10pm and that’s my bedtime. I get amazing results by letting my hair dry naturally but if I have the time, using the diffuser on my Dyson Supersonic really makes my curls go to the next level.