How A Hair Turban Actually Benefits Your Locks

Raise your hand if you hate washing your hair... Yep, same. It's one of the most dreaded tasks of my week (and I only wash mine twice - I don't know how people do it every day?!) One of the reasons I can't stand it is because my hair holds a hell of a lot of water, and it never dries naturally.

Ok, it sometimes dries naturally, but only on a 35 degree day in the middle of summer, and even then it takes 4 hours. This means I have to blow dry my hair every time I wash it (thank goodness for my Dyson Supersonic) - but I've just introduced something new into my dreaded hair-washing routine. Enter, ILES Formula Hair Turban.

News Flash: Towel-Drying Isn't Good For Your Hair

If you've got damaged, weakened, coloured or chemically-afflicted hair, towel-drying should be off-limits. I know it seems like an instinct to flip your hair upside-down and rub it roughly between your towel, but it turns out that could be causing further damage and unwanted frizz.

Celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett told Huffpost that the hair shaft can be roughed up drying the hair with materials like cotton terry cloth which "can worsen split ends and cause small craters along the hair shaft, weakening the hair".

This is where materials like microfibre cloth come in. You might've also heard of curly-haired girls using T-shirts to wrap their hair in an effort to eliminate frizz - let me tell you, that concept has merit.

HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0076HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0076

Why You Should Invest In A Hair Turban

Not only does a hair turban stay in place much better than a T-shirt, but it also causes less stress to the hair than a traditional towel. The ILES Formula Hair Turban is made from high-quality microfibre cloth, designed to remove excess water from the hair without roughing up the hair shaft in the process.

  • Using this microfibre hair turban can reduce frizz in both damaged & naturally curly hair types

  • The generously sized turban features an elasticised band for a secure fit with a loop closure

  • It's highly absorbent & removes excess water from the hair before air or blow-drying

  • ILES Formula Hair Turban comes in grey & white with a biodegradable bag for gym or travelling

  • It removes the need for excessive rubbing of the hair which can cause damage/breakage

  • Keeps wet hair out of your face while cleansing, applying skincare or doing your makeup

HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0032HowAHairTurbanActuallyBenefitsYourLocks ILESFormula 0032

At this point, you might be wondering why you'd spend $39 on a hair turban when you can buy them at Kmart. Well, the answer to that question is in both the quality and the size of the ILES Formula turban.

It's much larger than most others on the market, so it can hold even really long and/or thick hair; the material is made from high-quality microfibre fabric, and the structure of the turban is really well-made to ensure it stays secure. Oh, and if you really want to combat frizz, you HAVE to get the ILES Formula Finishing Serum, too.

In my personal experience, I've found that the ILES Formula Hair Turban drains a lot more water from my hair (ultimately speeding up my blow-drying time), while also reducing the frizz I experience after drying my hair. Also, it makes doing my makeup or fake tan much easier without my hair getting in the way.