We Need to Talk About This Hair Curler That Requires Zero Skill to Master

Beck Silver Bullet Auto CurlerBeck Silver Bullet Auto Curler

A long time ago, I resigned myself to the cold, hard truth that becoming a master of literally any hair curling device was not part of my destiny. 

I’m hopeless at curling my own hair. My Silver Bullet Curling Wand sits untouched in a messy drawer, while my hot tool weapon of choice - my beloved ghd platinum+ black hair styler - is strictly used for hair straightening only. 

So when I found out there was a new “automatic curler” on the market that claims to literally curl your hair for you with just the press of a single button, I was intrigued. 

Could this be the tool that finally helped me master the tricky art of curling? I gave it a road test to find out.

What Is the Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler?

The Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler claims to be the best curling iron for beginners like me.

It’s an auto rotating curling iron, which means you press a button and the device automatically wraps your hair around the curling wand for you. 

The XOXO looks like a fat straightener, with a thin 19mm curling wand inside. On the side of the device are three buttons - the on/off button, a left arrow and a right arrow. 

The arrows indicate which direction the hair will be curled, depending if you want the hair curled away from, or towards your face.  

This device works best used on clean, dry hair. If you have naturally wavy/curly or thick hair like me, I’d definitely recommend you blow dry, or even straighten, your hair beforehand, to ensure it’s smooth and manageable enough to insert into the tool. 

Side note - we road tested some other great curling wands in our YouTube tutorial video below!

How Does the Silver Bullet Auto Curler Work?

Silver Bullet's National Educator Tanya Nelson ran me through a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Place a section of hair from the root to mid-lengths in the opening of the XOXO device. Make sure your selected hair piece does not exceed 5cm in width.

(This is where it’s ideal to have smooth, straightened hair, so the hair is more manageable and can easily be slotted into the device without flyaways.) 

Step 2: Push one of the arrow buttons, depending on which direction you want the hair to curl, and watch as the XOXO’s internal ceramic barrel gently twirls your hair around itself and holds it in place for eight seconds.

Step 3: When you hear a beeping sound, that means eight seconds has passed and the curl is ready to be released from the device.

(Personally, I found leaving the curl in the device for a few extra seconds helped ensure a solid hold, especially on thicker hair like mine. It also means the curl will last longer.)

Step 4: Simply pull the tool away and release the curl. Run your hands through the curl with a hair serum or oil, or spray with a texturising spray for increased hold.

You can watch Beck's Silver Bullet Auto Curler road test in the video below!

My Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler Review.

While Nelson says this tool is suitable for all hair types and lengths, personally, I think this is likely the best curling tool for people with shorter, fine hair. 

It can be super tricky to curl shorter hair with a straightener or curling iron because you don’t have much length to work with and it’s easy to burn yourself - but this device solves those problems.

I have below shoulder length hair and found one automatic “curl” of the device was not enough to curl the entire length of my hair. I had to go in a second time to complete the ends, which doesn’t always give the most uniform curl look.

But if you’ve got a fine lob or a bob and want to add a few bends in the hair to add texture and body, then this device would be perfect.

Beck Silver Bullet Auto CurlerBeck Silver Bullet Auto Curler

Beck Silver Bullet Auto CurlerBeck Silver Bullet Auto Curler

Here are some photos that show how I went using the Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler.

The end result was an undone bed hair kind of look that makes people think you wake up like this when you 100 per cent do not.

How Does the Silver Bullet Auto Hair Curler Compare to Other Curling Devices?

If you’re already a master at creating curls with your straightener or curling wand, I would stick to that. 

Plus, if you’re after those fuller, more glamorous Rich Girl blowout-style waves, a thick 32mm curling wand or a hot brush is going to get you that look, rather than a small-barrelled tool like the XOXO. 

But if you’re like me and just cannot get your mind around that, here’s how the XOXO compares to other similar tools on the market.

Silver Bullet XOXO vs Dyson Airwrap:

Look, this all depends on your budget and what kind of look you’re after.

The Dyson Airwrap is out of my budget, even though I love those softer, Lauren Hutton-esque waves I see girls all over Instagram creating. But sometimes, I also love doing that more undone, “mermaid hair” look, for which the XOXO is much more appropriate.

Nelson also adds: “Compared to an air tool like the Dyson, the XOXO will give you a much more defined and longer lasting curl that then can be brushed or combed out into a wave.”

Side note, you can watch our honest review of the Dyson Airwrap in our YouTube tutorial video below!

Silver Bullet XOXO vs BaByliss Automatic Hair Curler:

The BabylissPRO Miracurl 3 in 1 has a few extra benefits the XOXO does not, but that is reflected in its higher price point.

The temperature range is from 190º-230º - 20º hotter than the XOXO - making it a slightly better option if you have thick or coarse hair. It also offers three “timer settings” for different curl effects (“loose waves”, “soft curls” and “defined curls”) which the XOXO does not. 

Silver Bullet XOXO vs ghd Oracle:

The GHD oracle is basically a straightener with a big dip inside. It’s super user friendly and you just swipe through the hair, as you would a regular straightener. It looks awesome, but unfortunately (for now), this device can only be purchased from high end hair salons. 

My final verdict on the Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler?

This might just be the best curling tool for anyone with short hair. Or curling novices.

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