If You're Wanting To Protect Your Colour, This Is How To Do It

It's been about 4 months since I went drastically lighter - transforming from my natural brunette hair colour, to a bright balayage. Now, that sounds fun in theory, and it is most of the time, but when you're faced with the reality of your hairdresser being closed for the foreseeable future, you may also be wondering how to prevent your colour from fading or turning brassy.

My usual go-to for keeping my colour bright and creamy is Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in the shade 812 Light Pearl. But I feel I may need a bit of extra help over the next couple of months to maintain this colour. So, I've called in Christophe Robin's Colour Shield.

What Do Colour Protection Products Do?

As most of us who colour our hair will know, that fresh, vibrant hue you have after walking out of the hairdresser doesn't always last between visits. Weakened by colouring, bleaching and highlighting processes, our hair is less able to defend itself against external aggressors, and as a result, our colour may fade or deteriorate, resulting in unwanted tones.

It's important to maintain optimum at-home care to prolong the freshness of your colour, and keep your hair in good condition overall.

When our hair is exposed to damaging external factors, you can expect your hair to lose vibrancy, experience dehydration (hello, breakage) and become prone to oxidising, often leading to brassiness or dullness.

Most colour protection shampoos, conditioners and masks will be free from sulfates and any ingredients that may strip the hair of both colour and moisture. These formulas are generally packed with hydrating, nourishing ingredients to restore moisture to the hair, and antioxidants to offer environmental protection from colour-fading UV rays, pollution and artificial heat from appliances.

What You Need To Know About Colour Shield:

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Christophe Robin products - you'll find my shower shelf stacked with products from this Parisian brand, including the new Colour Shield Shampoo and Mask.

This duo combats external factors that can lead to colour fading with a unique antioxidant-rich formula that protects all shades of hair colour, from bleach blonde to deep plum.

  • These products lock artificial pigments inside the hair fiber to maintain colour

  • An acidic pH seals the hair cuticle and prevents the loss of artificial pigments

  • The formula also helps to protect the hair condition and colour against oxidative stress

  • Gentle and sulfate-free, they cleanse and restore even the most damaged hair

CR Coloursheild Shot4CR Coloursheild Shot4

What Ingredients Are In These Products?

Christophe Robin's Colour Shield Shampoo and Mask are each highly concentrated with natural active ingredients, including a blend of antioxidant vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts.

Camu-Camu: An Amazonian plant extract, rich in natural vitamin C (in fact, it contains 40 times more vitamin C than an orange), plus bonus amino acids, zinc and vitamin B. It helps to protect the hair fibre, while boosting hydration and shine. 

Macadamia: This oil helps to restructure the hair fibre with its protein-rich properties. Its fatty acids coat hair in protective film to seal-in nutrition, while its acid pH snaps the hair cuticle shut to lock pigment in and prevent colour wash-out or fade.

Crambe/Abyssinian Oil: A light, hydrating natural oil, it adds shine to the hair, as well as increasing softness and manageability.

That's all I have time for, my friends - gotta go apply the Colour Shield Mask to my hair!