Everything You Need To Know About Hair Masks

There's nothing I love more than my lavish Sunday night beauty routine. It's the perfect start to my week ahead. I like to block out a good 2-3 hours Sunday for my weekly routine *yes, you read that correctly* and the highlight to my routine you might ask? A good hair mask. 

Now, I know there are many reasons why people don’t mask. 

  1. Time consuming

  2. Time consuming

  3. Time consuming 

But all jokes aside, some masks really require a solid 30 minutes minimum or even an overnight sleep in. And I do sympathise with the fact that not everyone can set aside an extra 30 minutes, let alone 2-3 hours every Sunday (I'm looking at all the mums out there who can't even close the bathroom door to use the toilet).

Why You Should Be Using A Hair Mask:

Regular masking helps to maintain healthy locks, and not just for our blonde or damaged friends. I have virgin hair and am a regular masker and I get complimented all the time on the health of my hair. Just saying.

Much like our skin, our hair also benefits from extra moisture, and there are many more benefits to treating your hair to a mask. 

  1. Hair masks offer immediate hydration and conditioning properties

  2. You'll get enhanced shine and resiliency, as well as a silky soft finish

  3. Certain masks can help to repair & restore the hair to a healthier state

  4. Some masks help to prepare the hair for damaging and drying colour services

  5. Hair masks can protects and repairs the hair from heat and chemical damage

  6. They're also great in keeping your hair healthy between salon visits

Now For My Recommendations:

If you are dying your hair, regularly blow drying or heat styling your hair, using a mask is as essential as wearing SPF.

TIP: shampoo, mask and then condition (depending on the mask you're using), as conditioner seals the hair and locks in moisture so it's usually recommended to apply your mask before conditioner. 

This mask is enriched with patented Alpha-Keratin 60ku and gives dry, weak or damaged hair a potent dose of hydration and strength. The rich and creamy treatment leaves the hair soft, hydrated and lustrous without weighing it down. The best part? It only needs to be left on for 2-3 minutes, and for curly-haired babes, try partially rinsing out leaving in some of the mask as a leave-in conditioner.

This intensive soothing treatment is ideal for those with sensitive scalps. The sulphate-free, calming, gentle formula cares for both the scalp and hair, relieving itchiness and irritation. The skin's natural protective barrier is also strengthened to help reduce further irritation.

This strengthening and repairing hair mask is rich in proteins, macadamia nut oil and silk proteins, which work together to restore, moisturise and add shine. It's suitable for all hair types, and is designed to be used after shampooing but before conditioning. It can be left on for 5-20 minutes.

This restorative, strengthening formula is ultra-nourishing and designed to improve hair health to promote accelerated growth. A must-have for those who are looking to grow their hair longer,this mask helps to restore the hair fibre and repair hair that has been affected by heat damage or chemical processing, to help prevent future breakage.

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