From spiralled to sleek with GHD

It’s true that “we all want what we don’t have” when it comes to our hair. If we’re blessed with crazy curls, we want to steam them flat; and if we’ve got dead straight hair, we want to give our it more body and movement. Introducing the ghd Platinum styler – a versatile styler for all your hair needs.

ghd platinum professional hair styler straightens, curls and styles without compromise – with intelligent sensors in each plate, the optimum temperature is maintained from root to tip to reduce hair breakage by over 50% while increasing shine. ghd platinum’s wishbone hinge keeps the styling plates perfectly aligned to keep your hair positioned for more controlled styling.

Benefits of using ghd platinum:

– Intelligent tri-zone technology for safer, easier styling

– Wishbone hinge giving perfect control

– Advanced, precision milled, floating plates with a high spec gloss finish, for effortless, perfectly smooth styling and shine

– Heat resistant protective plate guard

– Universal voltage: travel with peace of mind

– Automatic shut off – your styler will turn off after 30 minutes of non-use

– 2.7m swivel cord for ease of use


“If it’s super slick, straight hair you’re after then the ghd platinum is for you. But if you want a styler which can do EVERYTHING then the platinum is even more for you! The pics you see of me in this post with my trademark wavy, beachy hair were achieved using the ghd platinum styler.

I simply took large sections (the larger the section the better for softer waves, the smaller the section the better for tighter curls) and twisted the platinum styler away from my face while using my spare hand to guide the hair evenly through the plates. To ensure the curl isn’t too tight I would flick the wrist quite quickly. If it’s a tighter curl you’re after then go slowly.

Lastly, to achieve the bend at the level of your cheekbone (the most flattering) start your first twist around this area of the section and pull it quite firmly, then relax the grip for the lower part of the section. Don’t pull too tightly on the ends of the hair otherwise your ends will be too curly (unless of course that is the look you’re going for!). Finish by using your finger tips and shaking your hair through and spritzing with ghd Final Fix Hairspray.”

– Rebecca Judd Loves Blog




Whether your hair is naturally curly and voluminous, or you tend to style it that way, mix up your look with a little help from ghd! Follow this tutorial to learn how easy it is to go from afro to straight with just one tool.

Step one

Prep dry hair with ghd Heat Protect Spray.

Step two

Divide the hair into small sections from above the ear, up to the parting.

Step three

Place one of the portions of hair between the plates of the ghd Platinum Styler and slowly guide through from roots to ends.

Step four

Repeat until all of the hair is straightened and end with a little ghd Smooth and Finish Serum.


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