Five ways to use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

If you haven’t yet used Embryolisse’s Lait Creme Concentrate, please stop reading here and go stock up! The French cream has a cult following worldwide among make-up artists, models and dermatologists, and rightly so given the following expert ideas:

1. Do as the professionals do and mix Lait Creme Concentrate with your favourite foundation for a flawless glow which also helps tackle dehydration of the skin. A must in winter!













2. Apply after suncream and before makeup for best results. Remember the multitasking cream doubles up as a primer and moisturiser, so it’s the time-poor woman’s best friend.


3. When applying to the skin, use a cent sized amount of Lait Creme Concentrate and massage using the fingertips. Be sure to use gentle, circular movements. This will stimulate circulation and help the product sink into the skin without residue, not to mention boost radiance













4. At the end of a long day, especially if your face has been exposed to the elements, try using the cream as a makeup remover for a comforting end-of-day ritual. Apply 2cm of Lait Creme Concentrate to a cotton pad and use circular movements to remove makeup and impurities. Be gentle, especially over the eye area.













5. Sharing is caring: did you know that men can use the Lait Creme Concentrate too? It works well as a post-shave balm as well as during chilly winter months to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Because the Lait Creme Concentrate has been created to minimise any irritation, the cream is especially good for soothing redness and irritation of the skin.