Five ways to prevent pimples

While whether or not we get acne is largely genetic, there are ways to reduce the amount of pimples and their severity. Follow these simple steps to keep your skin clear, clean and radiant!

  • Look out for nasty ingredients in your makeup and skincare products! Avoid comedogenic and irritating ingredients like mineral oils, D&C Reds, isopropyl myristate, artificial fragrance (often found in makeup blushes, foundation, powders, lip gloss and liners). These can irritate and congest the skin and lead to nasty breakouts.
  • More is not better. Never use more than what’s directed on a product, or use products more frequently than directed. When you over-use product, especially one with highly active ingredients, you run the risk of increasing skin sensitivity, dryness, oiliness… you get the drift.
  • Moisturise! Dehydrated skin can cause breakouts. Try not to over wash your skin or use soap, as this often leads to dehydration. This will strip your skin leaving it tight and oversensitive. To compensate for dryness your skin will often produce excess oil and sebum. Matte moisturiser not only delivers a burst of water to your skin but it will also target oil and bacteria while you sleep as well as calming ad healing any sore red spots.
  • Stress doesn’t directly cause acne or breakouts, but it does act as a trigger for the factors that contribute to acne development, like excess oiliness. Plus, our emotional state often shows up in the skin by way of dullness, paleness or looking sallow, so smile and relax and your skin will glow!
  • Try to eat plenty of healthy foods. Fill your diet with vegetables and fruit, moderate amounts of dairy and keep sugar to a minimum. If you’re nourished on the inside, your skin will reflect this!