Five daily habits that cause break-outs

Pimples. Acne. Zits. Spots. Blemishes. Whatever word you use, these little lesions are a not-so-fun part of teen life! Whether you break out a lot, a little or not at all is largely down to genetics and hormones. There are many contributing factors which lead to the development or breakouts, some of which you may do every day, without even realising!

If you’€™re keen on keeping your skin as clear as possible, here are five little ways to make a big difference…

Keep your hands off your face

On average we touch our face 4 times an hour and for about 3 seconds. This sounds harmless until you consider that our hands are home to about 5,000 germs. Eeeek! As a result, these bacteria get pressed into our face and cause zits. This usually happens on areas in which our fingers most commonly come into contact with our skin, the chin and jawline.

Put down the fizzy drink

Thirsty? Switch to water. Your body needs H2O to flush out toxins, improve blood circulation and carry nutrients through your system. Not one of these benefits are provided by sugary beverages. By increasing water intake, our skin is kept hydrated and will be less prone to break-outs.

Stop using soap

NO! Soaps, like any alcohol-based product are dehydrating and they strip our skin of natural healthy oils. When this happens it is scary for our skin as it has the job of protecting us. If healthy skin oils are removed our skin is triggered to make-up for it by going into oil production overdrive. This means more break-outs, more greasy shine and clogged pores. Opt for a face wash specifically designed for the face which will clean, treat and prevent breakouts leaving your skin clear and refreshed€“ we love the dermalogica clear start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash.

Change your sheets

We hate to break it to you but those towels and pillowcases you use morning and night get covered in dirt and bacteria. The dirt and bacteria can come from many sources including sweat, oils, germs or hair product/make-up residue. Considering how much time this linen spends pressed up against your skin each day, avoid a pore-clogging nightmare and swap sheets, pillow cases and towels it for a fresh lot 1-2 times a week.

Learn to relax

Being a teenager is stressful. School, parents, relationships, peer pressure – it can really suck! As luck would have it, freaking out induces pimples. A hormone called cortisol kicks in when we€’re feeling this way, causing glands to over-produce oil. Keep anxiety under control by getting sufficient sleep, exercise and chill-out time.