What You Need To Know Before Using Mineral Makeup

As a beauty editor, I often get asked about mineral makeup. Do I use it? What’s my favourite brand? Do I recommend it? For years I used mineral makeup when I was working in skin clinics, but as my makeup collection grew, sadly my favourite mineral powder got lost amongst an array of other products.

That was until recently when I tried out Nude By Nature’s Complexion Essentials starter kit for the first time, and I was reminded how good mineral makeup actually is.


Why Do I Recommend Mineral Makeup?

Apart from mineral makeup giving the skin a beautiful, natural-looking finish, brands like Nude By Nature are also 100% cruelty-free and made from Australian-native extracts, vitamins and essential oils to improve your skin, and enhance its appearance.

The best part, in my opinion, is that mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types. I strongly recommend mineral makeup for sensitive skin types suffering with conditions like rosacea and eczema, as well as acne-prone skin types that often break out from using makeup. It’s also a great option for those of you, like me, who prefer to wear minimal makeup day-to-day.

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How To Use It:

Applying mineral makeup is an absolute breeze – I find it cuts down my makeup routine by about 10 minutes! But I’m going to run you through each product from the Complexion Essentials set so we can get you started. This set has almost everything you need to create a natural, daily look.


Application: On clean, moisturised skin, apply your primer all over your face using either clean fingertips or a brush, focusing your primer in areas where your makeup usually wears off (for me this is around my nose).

– A moisturising, silicone free primer that helps extend makeup wear

– Creates a flawless canvas for make-up application

– Helps fight visible signs of ageing



Application: Using either your ring finger or a concealer brush, apply your concealer under your eyes and over any redness or blemishes. I recommend blending your concealer in with your fingertips as it warms up the product so it blends seamlessly with the skin.

– A creamy, liquid concealer that covers dark circles, puffiness & blemishes

– It’s crease-free & provides hydrating and antioxidant benefits

– Highlights the skin & refreshes tired looking eyes



Application: Grab your Flawless Travel Brush and pick up a small amount of the powder on the brush. Apply it starting from the centre of your face, blending outwards. Build up your desired coverage but adding more powder as you go.

– An award-winning mineral loose powder foundation

– It has buildable sheer to medium coverage & SPF 15 protection

– Covers redness, pigmentation and enlarged pores



Application: Apply your bronzer lightly underneath your cheekbones, forehead hairline and jawline to add dimension to your face. This bronzer is pretty pigmented, so go in with a light hand first and slowly add more. I also use this as an eyeshadow.

– A loose mineral powder bronzer

– Designed to capture the warmth of healthy, sun kissed skin

– Buildable coverage for a customised tan



Application: I think of this product as my ‘setting powder’. So I apply it underneath my eyes and my T-zone, as I still like my complexion to look dewy. If you prefer a matte finish, use more of the Finishing Veil over the whole face.

– A translucent mineral loose finishing powder

– Helps control shine while setting make-up with a satin finish

– Extends make-up wear while controlling oil & shine


What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Great introduction – Jaidy

“I received this as gift for my birthday and I have worn it everyday since then. It’s a great product with a bit of everything, and allowed me to test the products. I love it and recommend it to anybody who’s thinking about switching to Nude by Nature.”

 ★★★★★ My new favourite make-up set!!! – Jessica

“I can’t rave about the foundation powder and finishing powder enough. They’re my holy grail products and I use them every single day without having to worry that I’m going to break out or clog my pores since its all natural mineral make-up. This was actually my first time using the primer and I am in love!!! It made my foundation just glide on and my make-up didn’t really need any retouching during the day. The brush is also ridiculously soft, I love it!”

★★★★★ So light, so natural – Fee

“I love Nude by Nature. As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I was looking for a “natural-look” makeup for special occasions. The mineral makeup that Nude by Nature sells is so light, and so effective. I haven’t had a makeup before that keeps that natural look I was hoping for, while still hiding my minor blemishes and old acne scars. It is also great for someone like me who is inexperienced with applying lots of makeup. It’s super easy.”

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