Break out dilemmas: the deeper reasons for cystic pimples

The dilemma: You’ve been getting really deep breakouts for a long period of time and nothing you do makes a difference. You’€™ve tried a bunch of skin care options, different brands and products, and you’€™re hoping like crazy to find the Holy Grail, the ultimate solution. There has to be an answer, something’€™s got to give.

The skin is a brilliant alarm system, letting us know something is out of balance. It’€™s easy to disregard the alert and to simply hit the shops looking for a solution to €˜fix the breakouts. I feel it’s important to take a moment to be grateful to those red bumpy guys (that you’€™re cursing) for alerting your attention to a potential problem. They’€™re actually doing you a favour! There is so much that can be at play when the skin is thrown out of whack. Dietary issues may be part of the disruption – common culprits can be digestive issues with gluten, dairy or particular sugars for example. The other big gun out there that sends the skin into red alert is stress.

When life throws up challenges, additional pressures and when our buttons are being pushed emotionally, when we’re strained physically and feel worn, the body definitely alerts us with aches, pains and, of course, the skin flare ups, letting us know what’€™s really at play: that we’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, angry or frustrated.

Frustration and anger among the stresses are the emotions commonly linked to deep cystic breakouts. I see many of my own clients with this deep, angry breakout pattern. In looking at solutions I’€™ll usually ask clients what was happening in life in the period just before the skin was thrown into chaos.

Breakouts unfortunately cause us more anxiety and frustration. There is the original stress (emotional or dietary trigger) that causes the skin to respond and then there is our sheer frustration at the blemishes themselves! In all this, it’s incredibly valuable to look at ways to break the cycle, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to support the body and the emotional self to heal. Sadly we’€™re taught to just grin and bear things, to soldier on when we really need to allow ourselves some reprieve, some positive change and some care.

While working through some of the core triggers for your blemishes, topical treatment is valuable. The right skin care products will help in healing the nastier spots and will work toward keeping the pores clearer and the skin healthier all round. In this way you’€™re treating your skin from the inside out (diet and stresses) and the outside in (supportive topical skin care). The other thing you can consider is chatting to a holistic health practitioner about a multivitamin, a zinc or omega supplement to promote skin healing.

Products for busting the blemishes:

  • The ASAP Daily Facial Cleanser works with AHA to clear the pores and to keep the skin clean and healthy.
  • Vitamin C is excellent for skin healing (little of what we take in tablet form gets to the skin so a high topical dosage is helpful).Have a look at the Super C Serum to help your skin heal and to prevent the breakouts as best we can.
  • Using an exfoliant with good granules and some AHA in it can work a charm at making the texture of your skin feel much smoother. The AHA gets into the pores to do some deep cleaning. The Skinstitut Scrub is a reliable one with lots of fine granules.
  • A potent exfoliating and clearing serum is a valuable tool. The Clearskin Gel can be used once a day all over the skin under your moisturiser to both treat and prevent.
  • A light yet hydrating moisturiser with full sun protection is essential to help keep the skin supple and to protect it. Take a look at the Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser.