Why You Need To Try Our Best-Selling Dry Shampoo

Now I don’t know about you, but dry shampoo has saved me more times than I count. From mornings when I couldn’t muster up the energy to wash my hair, to when I simply needed to spruce up before racing out to dinner, this hair product is nothing short of a miracle for my flat, fine locks!

A multi-purpose dry shampoo, evo water killer is one of the favourite products of our founder, Kate Morris – and it’s not going unnoticed by our hair-loving customers either!

What we love about it:

– Prevents damage to hair from washing & blow-drying (because you’ll be washing your hair less!)

– Doubles as a hair texturiser

– Free from parabens, sulphates or propylene glycol

– Gently adds volume and lift

– Absorbs excess oil for that freshly washed look

– Saves precious time!

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How to use:

As a styling product:

Shake well, then, holding the can 20cm away from the hair, spritz on and leave-in.

As a dry shampoo:

Shake well and spray into the hair at a distance of 20cm. Let it settle for 2 minutes and gently brush out.

What our customers think:

★★★★★ Love love love – Nat

“This has to be my go-to for dry shampoo! Been using it for a a few years now. Gives my fine hair heaps of bounce and volume to extend between washes. Great for oily fine hair!”

 ★★★★★ AMAZING – Great to keep your straight blow-dry going – Kitty

“This product is brilliant. It allows you to freshen your straight blowdry and also provides volume. Sex kitten hair in a bottle without residue or build up. It is brilliant!!!”

★★★★★ INCREDIBLE product! Sarah

“Absolutely obsessed with this. The only dry shampoo that actually works! It really does ‘soak’ up the excess oil and gives volume. Must give it a try. One of a kind.”

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Pro Tip:

The best time to apply dry shampoo is actually the night before, so while you’re sleeping the product has time to really soak up excess oil in the hair, and any white flecks will be well and truly gone. Plus, you wake up with voluminous supermodel hair!

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