The Best Selling Product In Our Sex Category


That was the exact word my friend used to describe Vush’s The Empress after I bought her one as a gift. Ever since I was given one to test out (for research purposes, obvi), I have been telling pretty much every single woman I know to get one. Even women I don’t know that well. 

I’m almost sad that I went 30 years without one, and so I’m on a one-woman mission to spread the word. 

Now, you might think I’m exaggerating so I’m going to get started by sharing a few of my fave reviews of The Empress from Vush’s website. “Wow” is used a lot throughout The Empress’ almost 800 five-star reviews.

  • Best orgasm OF MY LIFE. My life has forever changed. The suction technology is so different and literally ecstasy. This is the Dyson of female sex toys and this should be enough info for you to head over to the check out and buy it NOW! Cause I’m headed to the bedroom with mine rn

  • O….M….G!!!! Whoa. This thing ROCKS!!! I’m not going to even sugar coat this review so let me just say… anyone who can turn the dial all the way up HAS to be a demigod beause I can’t get it past four or five clicks before I’m ready to climb the walls in ecstasy! 

  • Awesome. Complete game changer holy sh*t I’m so lucky to own my vush product

  • Gift For The Wife. Seriously if this is a gift you want to get your wife or girlfriend please do so. You’ll never stop hearing thank you. 

  • Definitely Amazing Product. The Reviews and advertising aren’t a lie. Every woman should own one. 

  • Glowing. Took a try to fully understand how to work it properly. Once you do though, cancel all your plans. Unless you’re ok with being late, at least you’ll be glowing! Got so many compliments on how glowing I looked after spending over an hour with it after work and before going out. Treat yourself!

How Does The Empress Work?

Vush The Empress is an external clitoral stimulator that uses enhanced vacuum technology. Rather than using vibrations to stimulate the clitoris, The Empress uses a suction effect, with 8 different levels to help you choose the one for you, or to create a built up effect. 

What else do you need to know about The Empress?

  • It’s discreet with max noise at 50db

  • Waterproof and shower-friendly  

  • USB rechargeable 

  • Has a high quality silicone body 

How To Use The Empress

The Empress is incredibly easy to use, simply hold the power on button, and then place the head over your clitoris, positioning your clitoris inside. You can then use the settings to increase or decrease the suction. 

The Empress can also be used with your partner during sex. It’s small in size and the head can easily fit over the clitoris without interrupting penetration.

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