Certified Organic Makeup Can Look THIS Good

I know some of you are a little sceptical about natural and organic beauty – I don’t blame you, I was as well. I mean, how you could possibly use natural and organic ingredients to create high quality foundations and other cosmetics?

With more and more beauty lovers switching to natural/organic lifestyles, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to showcase one of our most popular Certified Organic beauty brands, with the help of Vanessa, our resident makeup artist.


What is organic makeup?

Organic cosmetics are made from ingredients that are sourced from plants – but be careful, as brands can label their products as “organic” or “natural”, but these terms have no legal definition in the beauty industry, which means brands can label themselves as ‘natural’ and fill their products up with harsh chemicals, or pesticides.

This is why it’s important to ensure what your purchasing has all the correct certifications, such as the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certification, which is one of the largest certifiers in Australia, or The Organic Food Chain. These companies are heavily involved in ensuring the production process follows all required standards, from growing the ingredients to the packaging.

Should I use Organic Makeup?

As fantastic as organic cosmetics are, they’re not going to be suitable for all skin types, for example, sensitive skin. Lots of people with sensitive skin generally get irritated by synthetic fragrances – whereas others might get reactions from lavender, citrus oils, essential oils, or be allergic to nut derivatives. But for the most part, organic cosmetics are perfectly fine for a majority of skin types.

One of my favourite brands is Inika Organic, who are Australian, certified organic, toxin-free, vegan, halal certified and cruelty-free!

Organic brands tend to have a stigma of not providing enough coverage, or not having the longevity of traditional makeup – which is completely untrue. Inika products are very diverse and adaptable for any makeup lover, you can recreate any look using only organic products.

Inika Organic                                  Non-Organic Makeup


Products used:


First, to concealer under the eyes I used the Inika Natural Perfection Concealer (Light), as it is fantastic at hiding dark circles, it has light reflecting properties and contains macadamia and rosehip oils, which helps to hydrate the under eye area.

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As Joanna has incredible skin, I skipped liquid foundation and went straight to the Inika Baked Mineral Foundation (Nurture) which is a pressed powder, that provides buildable coverage without getting too cakey, or dry. The powder has a soft, velvety, silky finish that leaves the skin’s texture looking smoother.

On the right hand side of Joanna’s face, I used a medium coverage concealer and decided to use full coverage foundation, then set it with transluscent powder on top. I was surprised how similar not only the finish was, but the coverage as well. Considering I only used two products on the organic side – I’d say that’s a pretty impressive comparison.

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To illuminate the skin, I used Inika’s Light Reflect Creme on the cheek bones, then dusted the Baked Mineral Illuminisor over the top of the creme, and placed the Illuminisor in the corners of the eyes.

Both of these highlighters are suitable for day/work wear; they will reflect the light beautifully, but you won’t look like a glazed donut. In saying that, if you lightly spritzed your brush before applying the illuminating powder, it would create a more intensified highlight glow.

On the other side of Joanna’s face, I used one of my favourite highlighters, and surprisingly, again not too much of a difference!

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To add warmth to Joanna’s skin, I applied Inika’s Baked Mineral Bronzer (Sunkissed) through her temples, then swiped across her cheek and chin. It’s similar in texture to the pressed foundation powder – it’s soft and glides across then skin, without going patchy. It’s a warmer toned bronzer that would be suitable for anyone with light-medium dark skin tones.

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For blush, I used the Inika Mineral Blush in Rosy Glow. This particular blush is perfect for travel as it has a powder puff applicator. The colour is a warm rosy tone which is quite pigmented, and the finish leaves a beautiful luminous glow to the skin.

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On Joanna’s eyes is Inika’s Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo in Choc Coffee. I buffed these shades through the crease and then blended it out. The shade on the left hand side was a slightly darker shade – it was hard to find similar shade from a non organic brand!

The Inika eyeshadows have a rich pigment and blend out flawlessly, I couldn’t fault them. I also used Inika Vegan Mascara in Black on Joanna’s lashes.

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Finally, I put Inika’s Vegan Lipstick on Joanna in the shade Nude Pink. The texture of the lipstick was creamy with a satin finish, that feels extremely comfortable to wear, and is also long-lasting.

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Vanessa’s Verdict:

I’ve been a massive fan of Inika since I was introduced to their loose powder foundation. Since then, I’ve always had Inika products in my kit that I use daily.

I was quite surprised when we finished the makeup, at how similar both sides looked. If you are someone who is sourcing more ethical products, or something a little more nourishing for your skin, then I’d definitely recommend giving organic makeup a go.

Organic cosmetics have the same finish, same pigment and same longevity as any traditional makeup brand does – I’d recommend organic products to anyone!

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