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Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba Oil 100g

4.5 of 104 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.72


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Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba Oil is specially formulated to deep cleanse and purify oily and acne-prone skin.
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4.5 of 104 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for oily skin


Great product i use it weekly and as a spot treatment which will dry my pimples out by the morning. Does tingle abit but its not unbearable, it doesnt dry completely hard like other masks ive tried which can be uncomfortable. It has a amazing smell and i saw results as soon as i washed it off.

Most Helpful Criticism

does the job


Have used this face mask with other products in the Alpha- H range, left my skin feeling clean and smooth, but thats about it! not the best face mask, but does the job
  1. Love it!


    This masked made my skin feel so refreshed and clean. Really worked well to clean out my pores. I do recommend using up this mask quickly as I had to throw out the remaining due to the product turning to liquid. I believe this is my fault as I didn’t use it up fast enough.
  2. Great if your skin is feeling oily


    Great if your skin is oily or you have larger pores, in summer this is a godsend. I love to apply this at least once a week, especially in the warmer months, my skin gets oily and greasy and this helps all this
  3. Great for oily skin


    Great product i use it weekly and as a spot treatment which will dry my pimples out by the morning. Does tingle abit but its not unbearable, it doesnt dry completely hard like other masks ive tried which can be uncomfortable. It has a amazing smell and i saw results as soon as i washed it off.
  4. A nice mask


    A pretty nice mask that I’m pretty happy with. It’s not amazing, and I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen outstanding results, but it generally helps with shine. I’ve got combination skin and my t-zone is prone to shine. Doesn’t dry out my skin either.
  5. Good mask that doesn't feel like it drains your skin


    I like this mask as it doesn't feel like it drains all the hydration out of your skin. Skin feels smooth after it. Don't know if it really clears out my pores, still have some areas of blackheads. I've been using it weekly for 3 weeks now, but will stick to it as I like how smooth and clean my skin feels after it
  6. Good


    This mask helps to keep my face clean and fresh. I do find it helps to clean out my pores
  7. Simple and effective


    Love this mask - I use it once a week and it has worked really well at keeping my skin clear and fresh. It gives my skin a great tightening feeling, but doesn’t feel chemical-heavy or drying. Will definitely continue to buy - fantastic quality at an amazing price!
  8. Another great mask


    I purchased this mask as the the other one Alpha H does wasnt available online - but this one is amazing too thank god! Skin felt refreshed and definitely could see a difference! Love the Alpha H range - cant wait to use it this week!
  9. Shooting the skin


    love the smell of the product and feel of my skin after use.
    the texture of the product is delightful. Price of the product if incredibly affordable too
  10. love this


    Goes on wet but soaks into skin as it dries and pulls the skin tight. Helps reduce breakouts. I pop it on my chin before bed when I have a hormonal breakout looming and it reduces the severity / pimples reduce overnight. I use Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing + Perfecting Mask after and they are a lovely weekend mask routine treat, skin feels soft and clean after.
  11. Smells so good.


    This face mask is a great all round mask. Leaves my skin brighter, help’s clear any lingering breakouts. I tend to only use this once every couple of weeks as any more than that makes my skin quite reactive.
  12. Ahead of its time!


    This product is clearly one step ahead of the rest in this field. My skin felt and looked amazing after just one use. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  13. Smooth skin


    I love this mask when I am having a breakout or I just want to unclog my pores, I have Oily skin and this is perfect for really cleaning everything out and reducing the inflammation. I use this in rotation with the other mask from Alpha H and a green clay mask and I find it really cleans out my pores and leaves my skin smoother. Only thing but its not a negative but I try and use this a few days after using Vitamin A as it can irritate my sometimes sensitive skin but other then that its amazing!
  14. Good for oily skin


    Great in summer and when my skin is feeling oily, congested, I have pimples and pores, or a combination of all of the above. A very purifying mask, leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed, very clear.
  15. Better skin


    I use this product and my charcoal mask when my pores or blackheads are out of control and the results are amazing. Recommend it
  16. Smoother skin


    You can feel the mask working on your face; it gives off a warm tingling feeling. The skin feels really smooth and soft after washing the mask off, but I'm not sure how effective it is at clearing the pores (the main reason I bought it for). The smell is quite strong, but it's a pleasant refreshing smell.
  17. Great


    It seems like this is the only product that works for the week before my period, when my skin is acting crazy.
    I have taken a star out just because, for some reason, it burns a little when used it above my lip. It is strange since it works perfectly on the rest of my face and neck but just to be sure I avoid that part.
  18. Really works!


    I use this once a week, it's very quick, and very effective. You can actually feel it working. Pores are noticeably tighter afterwards! I've been using it for a couple of months now and it's really improving my skin, especially on my nose.
  19. Affordable and works well


    I was looking for a more affordable versions of the eve lom rescue mask and this fits the bill.
  20. Feels Amazing!


    I love this product. It feels so nice on your skin and it's as if I can feel my pores getting smaller when I use it.

    It significantly has helped with the size of my pores and it is great for when I have breakouts. Highly recommend!
  21. My favourite mask


    I use this mask 2/3 times a week. Once a week I will use the micro cleanse scrub after my mask has been on for 10 minutes and just let them both work together for a further 5 or so minutes. Alone this product clears out my pores and reduces any blemishes I have. Combining it with the micro cleanse steps up the benefits of both products I find. This mask doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight and is brilliant for a spot treatment as well
  22. Awesome.


    This product (and the product range) is incredible on my 36 year old face. Feels like I've had an expensive facial at a salon. My skin has cleared up so much after using this product.
  23. Amazing


    This product is clearly one step ahead of the rest in this field. My skin felt and looked amazing after just one use. I'm very happy with this purchase.
  24. Absolute favourite mask


    I have fairly oily, sensitive skin and enlarged pores across my nose and cheeks. I use this every Sunday night and get amazing results. My skin feels renewed and is so clear and soft after using this mask. I've noticed my skin doesn't get as oily as it used to as well since I've been using it. A little goes a long way. I bought mine in December and have still got at least half left now in May.
  25. Luxurious


    Smells amazing and feels luxurious on the skin.
  26. Nice mask for congested, dull skin


    I have mostly dehydrated skin with some congestion & blackheads on my t-zone. I have found this mask great when I need a deep cleanse. It does just that without drying out my skin
  27. such a good mask!


    I have such an oily t zone and enlarged pores. Usually face masks do nothing for me! I found that this product shrunk my pores and helped control oil production. If you have oily skin you need to get this :)
  28. Smells good


    I use this mask bi weekly in between a skinstitut hydration mask. It smells good and gives me a clear and clean complexion
  29. Only use it in problem areas


    I enjoy this mask, I steam my face before using for a few minutes and apply this only to my problem areas, nose, chin tiny part of cheeks and forehead. It’s too drying for the rest of my face but is great on my nose. My pores seem much clearer and have no breakouts from clogged pores on my chin at all. Really enjoy this and it’s so cost effective for what it does
  30. Best mask I've ever used


    I'd previously bought a starter pack of Alpha H products to try as my skin had become quite oily as of late. This mask is a definite must have for me and something I needed to repurchase ASAP!
    I've never used a mask that cleaned my pores so thoroughly before, in turn making them appear much smaller. I use it once a week to keep my skin looking super fresh. I feel like my skin is tighter after I use this also.
  31. Great


    I love this mask! It has helped my skin so much since I started using it. I love how it feels on and my skin just loves it. I am definitely recommending this product to others! I will be buying more of this!
  32. average mask


    I made a mistake to scrub my face before using this mask. This mask has a warm feel when applied to the face so having scrub my face before putting it on it gives a slight burning feeling. But after washing off the mask my skin feels cleaned
    The mask is very good for oily skin, it's clay based an absorbs the oil very well. I use it once a week and I am always left with a very smooth and matte face after using it.
  33. A really well formulated mask


    I have been using this mask along with the liquid gold mask, liquid gold treatment and Alpha H cleansers for about 14 years. I have dry skin and a bit of redness as my skin is very pale. I really love using this mask, it smells so nice, and feels so good on. I use the masks once a week and it usually lasts for around 6 months. Helps with pores, blackheads, pimples, etc. also great just to spot treat a pimple and leave on overnight, like magic the pimple is gone in the morning. A great Australian company with products that really will help give you beautiful akin.
  34. Good


    It smells awesome and does what it says but I don't find it terribly useful in minimising my pores or even at the very least, purify my oily skin. It's a bare minimum product.
  35. Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba Oil


    It smells awesome and does what it says but I don't find it terribly useful in minimising my pores or even at the very least, purify my oily skin. It's a bare minimum product.
  36. Great mask


    This is one of the best masks I've ever tried. It immediately refreshes my complexion and tightens pores. I've tried ultraceuticals and janssen masks before, and I'd say Alpha-H provides the same results for almost half the price of those other brands. Will definitely purchase again.
  37. Weekly must have!


    I have been using this mask for a few weeks now and can honestly say I’ve noticed a huge difference to my skin texture! It’s so convenient that it only needs to be on my face for 10mins before washing off and leaving a smooth texture behind- my skin feels amazing after using this! I have combination skin and it truly makes it feel so much better! My skin glows the next day after using this!
  38. Horrible!


    Used this mask twice and both times it has burned my skin so bad and left my face bright red until the next morning. I’ve had strong acid masks at salons and felt less pain than I’ve experienced from this mask. Would not recommend for anyone!
  39. Smells beautiful and works wonderfully


    I have been using this mask along with the liquid gold mask, liquid gold treatment and Alpha H cleansers for about 14 years. I have dry skin and a bit of redness as my skin is very pale. I really love using this mask, it smells so nice, and feels so good on. I use the masks once a week and it usually lasts for around 6 months. Helps with pores, blackheads, pimples, etc. also great just to spot treat a pimple and leave on overnight, like magic the pimple is gone in the morning. A great Australian company with products that really will help give you beautiful akin.
  40. Feels amazing!


    I love the way this mask makes my skin feel! I’ve only used it a couple of times but after each time my skin feels so soft. I feel like it also calms down my skin when it’s breaking out. Love it!
  41. Smells nice


    I got this for my bf and he really liked it, he doesn’t have bad skin anyways just a few spots pop up from clogged pores/bacteria do this nice light weight face mask helped with that
  42. Love


    Love this face mask, it does sting for a few minutes when you first apply but then it's gone. Skin feels nice and clean after using.
  43. Love


    Some of my favourite masks! Theres no fun colour, peel, smell, or sparkle to these but they really do the job!
  44. Glow!


    Get ready to tingle! It does what it says and more, my weekly mask no question. I have dry skin but get the odd pimple, this mask zaps those little buggers, refines and moisturisers! Look fresh and toned
  45. Nice Mask


    I purchased this by accident but after giving it a go found it left my skin feeling and looking nice. Would say that it is more for mature skin though.
  46. Great - does what it claims!


    I love this mask. I don't have oily skin, but this is great when my skin fluctuates. It feels refreshed and clean after, but not dry. There is a bit of stinging on any little bumps, but it just feel like its working. I'm a fan of the smell, but I like herbal smells (not everyone does).
  47. deep cleanse


    I recently purchased another bottle of this and was reminded again why I love it so much. It’s a smooth clay formula that smells amazing and gives a really thorough clean out of your pores without feeling harsh on the skin. Since using it again my skin is less congested, softer, and visibly brighter
  48. Soothing


    I use this mask weekly and whilst initially there is a lot of burn and tingling for me it dries quite quickly leaving soft pore-reduces skin behind. I find the jojoba oil really helps to counteract the tingling sensation
  49. Great Product


    I've only recently started using this product but it feels great when it's on and my face looks nice and refreshed when it's washed off.
  50. loved it from first use


    i recently purchased this mask and have loved it from my first use. it is a bit tingley at the start but really tightens pores and evens my skin. i use it weekly.
  51. Smells incredible


    This gives skin a really lovely pick me up - super hydrating, feels nourishing, and smells incredible. I love the way my skin feels during and after using this.
  52. Prefer the rest of the range


    I like the alpha h range so was looking forward to using this product but I just found didn’t do much for my skin and wasn’t too pleasant to use, kind of burned and I usually can tolerate hardcore peels. But just didn’t see any result worth it.
  53. Loving it so far


    Ordered this after reading a tonne of reviews. Seemed to calm my hormonal skin. A little goes a long way, so won't be needing to restock too often.
  54. Loving it so far


    Ordered this after reading a tonne of reviews and it seemed the best fit. I love other Alpha-H products. It seemed to calm my hormonal skin. I little goes a long way, so won't be needing to restock too often, which is great value for money.
  55. Brighter fresher skin


    I love to use this when my skin needs a pick me up. It dries down fairly fast but doesn’t feel tight and uncomfortable while it’s doing so, so I don’t feel like I need to instantly wash it off or scratch my face and can relax with it on. Afterwards, my skin is refreshed - looks brighter and feels smoother. I always feel like the serums and moisturisers I use afterwards sink in more quickly than they usually do.


    I use a lot of ALPHA-H products and love them all. This one was no exception. My skin tingles a little when I first put this on but then settles down. Once I have washed off, my skin feels so soft and looks fresh & radiant! I use this once a week and love how my skin is looking xx
  57. YESSSS!


    The two Alpha H masks I have tried are by far the best ever. They dont dry all hard and crackly which is usually satisfying, but they stick well and cleanse out the pores amazingly!
  58. Smooth glowing skin!


    I use this product when my skin is in need of a pick me up and find instant brighter fresher glowing skin! Plus it smells delicious and is super easy to apply.
  59. Love it!


    This mask smells very strongly of essential oils so if that's not your thing, you should avoid it. Personally, I love the scent and I also love how fast it dries. It's only supposed to be on for 10min max so its great for super impatient people. Skin definitely feels clearer after using it for two months :)
  60. Love, love, love


    If you haven't already guessed, I love this product. Its a little bit of luxury in my weekly skincare routine. This mask is great for my combination skin helping to clear up my oily t-zone and also remove the layers of flaky dry skin leaving my face feeling refreshed and smooth. It does have a strong lavender and floral scent but I am a fan.
  61. WOW!


    It tingles at first. Then with a thin layer i didnt know what to expect, its pretty clear when it drys and only takes 10 minutes! My skin is left feeling soft, smooth and clean. Cant wait for next week to have another go at this!
  62. My favourite!


    At the minute this is my favourite pore mask. I noticed a difference immediately after use and I have been experiencing less blackheads around my nose and chin after continuing to use this product regularly. I have sensitive combination skin and it has not dried my skin out at all.
  63. Great mask


    Such a great mask to use, i noticed that my skin looked much more even and clear after using it. I usually only apply a very thin layer which is all that is needed. It has a really nice lavender/botanical smell which is great!
    Also great to use as a spot treatment, it helps to speed up the process and reduces redness and inflammation
  64. does the job


    Have used this face mask with other products in the Alpha- H range, left my skin feeling clean and smooth, but thats about it! not the best face mask, but does the job
  65. Works


    This mask is great to use with other Alpha H products. It's not my favourite mask in their range, but it works.
  66. Beautiful mask


    I love this mask. It really cleans and firms the skin without drying it out. My skin feels lovely detoxed and less saggy after. I’m over 40 with normal skin...
  67. Neither here nor there - average product for the price


    I bought this mask based on reviews here and unlike other customers, found it disappointing based on price and expectations set by the manufacturer and other reviewers. It did not refine the appearance of pores as suggested, had a tendency to separate (oil and clay) when dispensed from the tube and was heavily scented (I don't mind but those with sensitive skin may struggle with it). It did not render any harm to my skin (I didn't break out) but neither did it confer any real benefit. I found their micro scrub to be far more effective - though a more affordable dupe is the Skinstitut one - and the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque to be far more effective (though slightly more pricey).
  68. great


    Got this as a free sample with my order. I was pleasantly surprised.It tingled my skin initially but after washing it off after 10mins i felt my skin glowing. I then moisturised and was quite happy with the result. i'll be ordering this with my next beauty hall.
  69. Smooth skin


    I love how this makes my skin feel after. Tight and smooth and definitely looks clearer. I really like the smell too even though it’s quite strong, I find this relaxing. I have fairly sensitive skin and it does sting a bit ininitially but it’s always fine after I wash it off.
  70. Unsure it does what I need it to.


    whilst this product does leave my skin appearing smoother and settles down some of the redness, it hasn’t done anything to reduce my pores.
    I love Alpha H though so maybe I might just need to try a different mask.
  71. #treatyoself


    Combination oily/acne prone skin. After the reviews I thought I'd give this a go for a boost to my daily routine. At first was drying on the skin but once I added the Alpha-H gold liquid to my routine my blemish started to clear up and my skin is looking clear and fresh.
  72. Amazing for clearing skin.


    This mask works absolute wonders for clearing and reducing breakouts! I have sensitive skin, and it tingles at first but does not irritate it at all. Definitely recommend this product.
  73. Weekly Mask


    I use this product on a weekly basis. Skin left smooth and refined
  74. Very powerful mask!


    I love this product! My skin looks amazing after each time I use it. I only put it on my T-zone about every two-three weeks. The reason I do not use it more often is because it gives my skin some irritation and redness. I would not recommend for sensitive or dry skin however, if definitely works!
  75. Skin looks better after using once


    My skin does look better after using this once but my pores look the same. I might need to use this more to see any major differences.
  76. Simply the BEST!

    Laura Mc

    I was introduced to Alpha H a few years ago, and have used many of the products. No matter what my latest skincare preference, Liquid Gold is and will always be part of my beauty arsenal.
    However I had never been a big mask user. I got masks with facials (about once a year) and a pricey pharmacy brand one I used occasionally. Exfoliating both chemical and physical gave me what I thought was a better 'deep cleansing'. My skin was fairly dry, pimples would take an age to heal and never came to anything anyways. If I squeezed it didnt help except leave unsightly scars.
    That was untill I started doing the 'Oil Cleanse Method' (or OCM) and OMG what happened next scared me to death!! The cleanse unleashed deep,deep congestion in my closed stubborn pores (I had never known was there). Oils,Cleansers, Retinols, AHA's, BHA's, Vit C etc helped the purge and oh yeh about 10 different kinds of face masks but I still had some unevenness (scarring)and open pores.
    I also bought Alpha H's other mask believing that it had the more suitable ingredients and it was more expensive? But for me it was nothing special.
    So, it was a huge HUGE relief when I finally gave into trying Alpha H's Balancing and Pore refining mask with Jojoba oil (probs also because by this time my poor skin was slightly sensitive!!)
    Isnt it amazing how when something is good you know it straight away?
    Firstly, it smells incredible (real Lavender, not toilet smell Lavender) and smooths on beautifully, the consistency of the greenish clay is perfection. Almost magnetically the clay sucks onto your face.and instantly you can feel it working it's magic with a slight satisfying tingle. I had spotted on some Liquid Gold sparingly, worried about any reaction, needlessly. The instructions state its to be left on 'maximum' 10 mins which gave me anxiety cause I think I was applying it for that long. (i do everywhere down my shoulders and backs of my arms for KP) again it wasn't an issue, no burning or itching. The clay doesn't harden like most as it has a velvety feel (the Jojoba) that washes off simply to reveal skin so plumped and fresh I didn't believe it was my skin!! Honestly I didn't want to put another product on after, for fear of spoiling its 'newness' and vibrancy! My enlarged pores had shrunk, even blown out ones! My scars were almost non existent. My fair skinned yet I had even,healthy colour happening!
    My lengthy review hopefully finds and assists somebody who can benefit from my experience and not waste untold $$$ by buying what works, the first time!
  77. Quick instant results


    Great product if your after a quick pick me up that makes your skin feel super soft and smooth! High recommend
  78. Lovely mask


    I love this mask and can get on board with the Macadamia and Jojoba oils - which don't seem to bother my combo/oily skin - but I had to take a star off for the old-lady lavender smell. I know that most people love this scent, but I'm not one of them! Other than that, this is a great mask which helps to draw out impurities, improve texture etc.
  79. Great product but it does burn


    I love this mask. I have acne scarring and occasional breakouts and this product is great to help with that. After using it my pores look smaller, I have less blackheads and my skin looks radiant and refreshed. It does burn quite badly though. To counteract this I lay down on my bed and turn my ceiling fan up to high. The cool wind from the fan cools down the face and you can't feel the burning at all. If I didn't do this I don't think I would be able to use the product at all.

    Recommend for acne scarring but use fan to stop burning.
  80. Handy, but strong!


    Just a heads up - do not use leave this product on your face for very long if you have sensitive skin! I have skin used to actives, but this mask was too intense for me at first. I started leaving it on only until it started to burn and then immediately washed it off. My skin got used to the product after a few tries - recommend using once a week max.
  81. Deep Pore Cleanse!


    I apply this mask after Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask gives my skin a good exfoliation. Then this masks gives me a good deep pore cleanse. I feel fresh, with smooth skin, reduced redness and can really see all my pores are nice and clean.
  82. Excellent!


    I have oily/combination in summer and dry/combination in winter prone to breakouts. Loved this mask!!! Re-purchased is twice already :) i calms down redness from pimples, it keeps pimples at bay with regular use ( 1-2 times a week) . It tingles when yoiu apply it and you sort of 'feel' it's working!
    Overall, definitelly recommend it to a friend, gives better result than other (often more expensive) brands i've tried!
  83. Undecided


    Not sure how I feel about this product. Has a nice smell and consistency, but cannot say that it has done much for my pores or skin. I would recommend using a BHA liquid exfoliant to more effectively clean out your pores over using asks in general. Unlikely to repurchase.
  84. Great product. Great Results


    Love this mask! I have sensitive skin that’s prone to big sore break outs however since I’ve been using this (6 months) I have noticed the biggest improvement! I don’t use it in my sensitive skin areas just around my chin/nose & T-zone! This way I don’t react like some other reviews. Will not be changing to another mask anytime soon! Would 100% recommend!
  85. tingly but effective

    amelia (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mask has really helped improve the texture of my skin. It tingles more than I expected but I don't mind too much as you only need to have it on for around 10 minutes and it means its working when it does that.
  86. Not recommended for sensitive skin


    Felt like the product worked (smooth, glowing skin) but the mask can cause a burning sensation after a few minutes. Also for people who don't like strongly scented products, this mask smells STRONGLY of lavender.

    My skin is sensitive and I don't think I had any major adverse reactions but can't recommend this as it contains perfume and lavender oil which can irritate skin (yep, didn't check the ingredients before I bought it and tried it anyway). Ended up throwing this away.
  87. On the fence


    Quite a nice mask, face was left feeling nice and soft after. However, it did burn a bit no maybe not the best for sensitive skin. If you had oily/acne prone skin I think this would great for you
  88. Works but not for sensitive skin


    I have used this mask a couple of times and each time it has made my face burn quite a bit when it was on. No bad reactions when I took it off though, only while it is on. I wouldn't suggest for sensitive skin types.
  89. Exactly what I've been looking for!


    I used to have a lot of decongestion around my nose area constantly and after using this mask twice (once a week) I literally have no bumps around my nose! They've vanished.

    Smells fresh and doesn't dry my skin out afterwards.
    I genuinely look forward to using this mask - will be repurchasing over and over again
  90. Great Product


    I have oily acne prone skin and this product has helped immensely. Reduces redness and scarring. Smells fantastic. Feels wonderful on and after.
  91. Not worth the hype!


    The Alpha H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask smells lovely but it does not unclog pores and it causes me to break out. I would not recommend this product to sensitive and acne prone skin. There are better masks out there. I personally prefer using the Glam Glow Mud Mask because it clears my acne overnight and makes my skin feel refreshed. I really hoped this product would deliver results like other mud masks but it really has no effect!
  92. Makes skin glow


    Love this mask and how effective it is. I bought it about a month or so ago and have found that it is good at drawing out impurities (eg it will bring stubborn pimples to a head on one or maybe more applications) without sucking my skin dry. I leave it on for more than the recommended ten minutes and I also use it on pimples I get on my shoulders/back. My skin always looks cleaner and refreshed after I rinse this off. Not much is needed per application and therefore it's good value for the price.
  93. Nice mask


    I like this mask. It smells nice, gives a nice tingle when applied that reassres me that it is working, and seems to leave my skin looking better. This product, and I thnk all the Alpha-H range is not recommended for use during pregnancy, so just a heads-up to any ladies out there who might be pregnant or planning to be and thinking out buying this product - it might have to sit in the bathroom cupboard for a while!
  94. Love this mask


    This mask leaves the skin feeling silky & smooth
  95. The best clay mask


    This is the best clay mask I have ever tried & bought. It doesn't dry the skin out like the others. I have been through so many deep cleansing masks. I bought this after reading reviews from other customers and I'm not disappointed.

    Fantastic beauty product.
  96. Best clay mask


    This is the best clay mask I've ever used. I use this once a week and as soon as I wash it off my skin instantly looks clearer and radiant. I have been using this for years (it used to be called Purifying Clay Mask ), and will continue to purchase it over and over. People used to always tell me never to do a mask the day before an event as you would break out after masks - this has never happened to me. Infact, when I got married years ago I used this mask the day before my wedding with confidence, to get my skin looking it's best. (experiment with your skin before doing this to make sure it's ok!) Highly recommended.
  97. Amazing Clay Mask

    Ame J

    This is the absolute best clay mask I have ever used. It goes on smooth, creamy, thick and has a nice natural lavender smell. You can actually feel it working as your skin tingles and then when the mask dries you wash it off and your skin looks brand new. Even though I have dry skin, I do like a deep cleanse and I usually do this mask once a week - the next day I always get a comment that I'm looking fresher and brighter. I am definitely devoted to this mask!
  98. Anonymous

    Simple packaging for a great product. Clears my skin without overdrying it, even when I'm naughty and leave it on too long. Smells lovely, perfect for a relaxing evening in. A small amount goes a long way.
  99. Anonymous

    Really effective product! I've only used it twice but already noticed how well it works. Sucks out all the nasties, so it can leave you with a few pimples, but that's a sign that it's working! My skin has already started to clear a little, and I've only had it for a week! I've used it before bed each time, and it leaves my skin looking really fresh in the morning. You only need to apply a thin layer, because it is so effective, and I follow with a Alpha-H moisturiser which gives the perfect amount of hydration. Also smells great and gets to work instantly. I think I will definitely buy again.
  100. Anonymous

    This is a fabulous clay mask. It smell delicious and has a smooth, easy to apply texture. I like to use this once a week and find it to be really deep cleansing and excellent for keeping breakouts at bay.
  101. Review & Earn
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