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Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist 100ml

4.5 of 219 reviews

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4 instalments of $4.47

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A soothing, hydrating moisture infusion for delicate, sensitive or dry skins.
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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist Reviews

4.5 of 219 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

BEST facial mist


this facial mist did NOT come to play! The mist is beautiful and fine, does not spray large bits all over your face. Intensely hydrating, even for my oily skin, it leaves you with a nice dewy finish. Will not be using anything else!

Most Helpful Criticism

Refreshing but no skin benefits


Refreshing spray to use throughout the day, however I have seen no benefits since using this spray. Good for someone with extra money to spend on skincare but not an essential product.
  1. BEST facial mist


    this facial mist did NOT come to play! The mist is beautiful and fine, does not spray large bits all over your face. Intensely hydrating, even for my oily skin, it leaves you with a nice dewy finish. Will not be using anything else!
  2. A lovely spray


    verified purchaser
    This was fantastic in the summer, I kept it in the fridge and after exercising outdoors it was so refreshing to cool down my skin.
  3. A pick me up

    about mi

    verified purchaser
    When your skin feels a little de-hydrated, this is the product to go to! after a few sprays. Colder weather means drier skin, but this product plumps up my face again and makes it feel so refreshing!
  4. Great Product


    verified purchaser
    This is a great facial mist. Makes your face feel refreshed and hydrated. Will be continuing to use.
  5. amazing


    super good for refreshing during the day, and adding glow back to your skin
  6. Refreshing and works well on sensitive skin


    verified purchaser
    Overall I thought this spray is refreshing and calming. It is great for a little boost through the day or at night. Whilst it isn't extremely long-term moisturising, it doesn't irritate my skin either. While I dont think I will buy this all the time as it isnt necessary, it is nice to have and would be great to take during travel etc.
  7. like it


    It works well as a mist, with nice scent, hydration, and fine spray.
  8. Refreshing but no skin benefits


    Refreshing spray to use throughout the day, however I have seen no benefits since using this spray. Good for someone with extra money to spend on skincare but not an essential product.
  9. Refreshing and hydrating!


    I feel so fresh every time I use this fantastic product. I really recommend this and I do only use this sometimes but each time I use it I just feel refreshed.
  10. not good


    its basically just scented water, and it broke out my sensitive skin
  11. Simple Skincare


    An easy to use face mist, leaves you hydrated and calm. Spray mechanism is one of the best I've ever used, really great application and doesn't require too much pressure. A great base for skincare application.
  12. Great on hot days


    Love spritzing this on a hot day. It’s really refreshing and instantly moisturizers my face
  13. Nice and Refreshing


    A nice mist to refresh your skin throughout the day, keep in the fridge during the summer months to cool your skin. Has a nice smell to it, not overpowering.
  14. Basically just fragranced water


    This does very little to improve the moisture content on my skin, and it doesn’t leave it feeling plump and refreshed like most other toners. I guess if you like aromatherapy this could work for you because it feels like its just fragranced water.
  15. Must have!


    Refreshing and calming! Leaves my skin feeling nourished whilst the smell has a calming effect.
  16. Refreshing!


    Light feeling when sprayed on, leaves you feeling refreshed!
  17. It's ok


    Nice mist, didn't really get anything else from it and have found I don't really use it compared to my other mists. Its a nice summer mist over make up :)
  18. great for summers

    Perfecting Skin

    very useful in the summers as it didnt let my skin get dry and cooled it after every use
  19. so hydrating and refreshing


    just fantastic. I would really recommend this and I do only use this sometimes but each time I use it I just feel refreshed.
  20. Great hydration


    Amazing for hydration. I found it did cause me to break out a little, so definitely not an everyday product for me.
  21. refreshing


    I applying it after my shower, when my pores still opening and moisturized. love the smell and keeping the moisture in.
  22. Wouldn’t go without this product!


    I love this product! I use it as toner, setting spray and just to refresh through out the day! It’s my absolute go to product as soon as I’m out the shower or if I’m hot and bothered or feeling my face is a bit dry! I just absolutely love everything about it.
  23. Hydrating and fresh


    This mist is good to freshen up my face and add extra hydration when I can’t physically moisturise. Great for hydration top ups during the day. Smells great and doesn’t affect my foundation if I spray it over the top. Great value also.
  24. Kind of gluggy


    I am not a fan of this facial mist. It feels a bit sticky and heavy on my skin.
  25. Love!


    While I don't like the way it sits on my face throughout the day it is my absolute favorite mist to use after I wash my face day and night. Smells great and my skin loves!
  26. Great all rounder


    I really like this spritz, it has elements to help all skin concerns from dry to breakout
  27. Well priced facial mist


    I use this alongside serum application, and think the price point is excellent. It definitely sprays as a mist, and I would like it to be a more targeted spray but the mist is fine. Good price-point.
  28. best mist of my life


    THIS MIST IS MY NUMERO UNO - it’s so light but so effective. Some mists that I have used spray out too strong but this guy is perfect. I feel cool and hydrated after using it. I keep one on my bedside for a quick spritz here and there which is perfect in the summer time!
  29. Refreshing


    Great way to refresh your skin throughout the day
  30. Refreshing but not much else


    I apply this in the morning to wake up as it is very refreshing, however I haven't noticed any changes in my skin since using it.
  31. Great !


    Makes me feel very hydrated and refreshed I have one in my work bag and always apply it before, after and during work :) makes me feel a lot more wakened and just extremely refreshed :) The price is so affordable and 100% worth it.
  32. Super hydrating and refreshing


    My skin routine has always consisted of just cleanser. I decided to add a few new products into my facial routine and am super glad to have purchased this! It makes my face feel clean, refreshed and hydrated whilst adding a natural glow to my complection.
  33. Perfect toner!


    I wanted to try a new toner as my previous one had a weird smell - absolutely love this one! Nice and light, doesn't take long to sink into skin so you can continue next skin care step, and the price is amazing!!
  34. Nice and cheap


    I bought a few bottles just for using it wherever and whenever I want to feel fresh and hydrated
  35. Mist


    This facial mist is really refreshing with a light lovely smell! its great to spritz on your face during the day for a pick me up!
  36. Excellent Hydrating spritz


    Excellent Hydrating spritz, super easy to use first thing in the morning to ensure that your skin gets some moisture in for the day.
  37. Nice


    This face mist gives my skin an extra hydration. Nice.
  38. Love this!


    This mist is perfect for a pick me up in the office around 3 pm when I need a little refreshment. Coming into Summer and I will no doubt be using it several times a day. It has a very light scent which is great because sometimes I find I do not like heavily scented skincare. I am on my fourth bottle now and will be buying this for several friends for Christmas.
  39. Really nice to use first thing


    I apply this first thing in the morning. It gives my skin some instant hydration and creates a good skincare base for the day.
  40. Hydrating and refreshing!


    A great base under hyaluronic acid and the rest of my skincare regime.
    Feels refreshing!
    I am pretty new to the face mist step on my program, but so far so good :)
  41. Refreshing


    I don’t know why I bought this but I am so glad I did. It’s so refreshing on a hot summers day. On in winter when I feel hot flushes on my cheeks. I spritz this and I instantly feel cooled down and relaxed
  42. Nice little hydrating sprtiz


    This product will not transform your skin in any way, however it is hydrating and refreshing. Perfect for travelling/hot climates.
  43. The Best Product!!


    This boosting facial mist is the best! It is exactly what you need in the morning just to refresh yourself. A small spritz of this mist goes a long way and I apply it after I’ve applied my alpha h moisturizer/sun screen. It just leaves the face feeling fresh and cool. Would definitely recommend this product and will be sure to buy this again.
  44. Help to keep pimples at bay!


    Helped to hydrate my acne prone skin, whilst keeping my pimples at bay. Very refreshing and the smell is lovely. Would be great to see this in a larger bottle size as I did find I used it up quite quickly.
  45. Did the exact opposite of what it was menat to


    I have used a few different Alpha-H products and had a good experience but this one was terrible. My skin is by no means sensitive so this doesn't happen often, I used this spray twice and my face had such a bad reaction, I wish I took more notice the first time I used it because it definitely dried it out a little that time... but after the second use it wasn't just dry, my skin was red, itchy, s...
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  46. Nice and refreshing


    This is lovely after a day in the sun or when your skin needs that little bit of extra moisture. Other reviewers say there isn't a smell, however I find a subtle pleasant scent that reminds me of a mild sunscreen.
  47. Refreshing


    This is nice and refreshing and good value for money as a facial mist.
    Really refreshing in summer and also provides extra moisture in winter. Not sticky and smells nice.
    My skin is combination but a bit sensitive and this does not inflame it at all or make me break out. I have also used it after having sunburn and it feels amazing and soothing.
  48. I apply this to my skin before putting my make up on


    I apply this to my skin before putting my makeup on. I find it makes my makeup have a nice, glowing, dewy finish.
  49. Light


    I love this toner! It's a hydrating one - doesn't strip your skin at all and is so easy to apply with the spray bottle. The cap is a little clunky for my taste, but it looks like an expensive toner
  50. Hydrating spritz


    Lovely to use as a toner, or even over your makeup (but before mascara) it really refreshes and adds hydration to your skin,k a nice makeup setting spray
  51. Lightweight & refreshing


    I use this product everyday, after I cleanse. It's hydrating and helps with my redness.
  52. Nice for the office


    My office heating and cooling can really make my skin feel dry. I tried this mist and while it's not as good as my favourite by Jurlique, this is nice too. It has a very light scent and is a great refresher.
  53. Very hydrating facial mist


    I've been using every few days and I can see the difference in my skin when I haven't used it. This mist is lovely and hydrating for toning the face. A great spray for the handbag when your face is feeling a little dry.
  54. Great hydrating spray


    I really enjoy using this, very hydrating and no strong smell. Only downside it’s more a spray then a mist, which is a personal preference. Still love the product just have to spray a little further away.
  55. Very refreshing


    I Love using this product throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated. It’s been wonderful for my skin.
  56. Toner


    This mist is lovely and hydrating for toning the face. I feel like I use toners more when I have them in a spray so this is perfect
  57. Does what it says


    This mist is amazing. I have combination skin and it has help keep my face hydrated and soft. I've been using every few days and I can see the difference in my skin when I haven't used it.
  58. nice


    this mist is nice after wasing your face or having a shower, it doesnt smell like anything though, I wish it did
  59. like it but not sure it’s that hydrating


    I spray this on after cleansing my face and serums, like the convenience of it and before my moisturiser, feels nice on the skin, not sure it’s that hydrating but i spray during the day over my makeup as well
  60. Great on dry days


    A great spray for the handbag when your face is feeling a little dry. I love it at work as an afternoon pick up when the aircon get a little to much.
  61. Perfect pick me up


    This mist is great value for money! It has a pleasant but not overpowering scent. The spray disperses evenly on my skin and is perfect for an afternoon pick me up at the office or when you're out and about. I am a skincare addict and this is a staple for me. I have very dry skin if I do not care for it properly. Highly recommend this!
  62. Good


    Very hydrating facial mist. Makes my face feel soft and smooth after
  63. calming


    affordable and hydrating mist. the mister is quite fine and gives a decent spread of the mist across the skin. calming on sensitive skin
  64. Perfect for the office pick me up


    I have this in my desk drawer at work. Perfect for a boost of hydration and refreshment for me! It's now become a staple!
  65. Awesome


    nice and refreshing touch up for during the day for my dry, flaky skin, highly recommend
  66. So refreshing


    This mist is so light and refreshing. Love how I can spray over my make up without smudging or melting any of it. Has a light lovely scent
  67. Calming and moisturising


    This a gentle cooling, calming pleasant way to moisturise the skin. I will be buying this regularly now after trying it. I also have slightly sensitive skin and have found no problems at all. very enjoyable.
  68. Refreshing


    Refreshing spray. I use to dampen my face before applying serums.
  69. Heaven in Winter

    Regina Fuentes

    I get really dry face during winter so this helps keep my face moisturise throughout the day. A bit cold to us during winter but it keeps you wide awake
  70. Refreshing


    I love using this face mist! It is very refreshing. I like using this first thing when I step out of the shower. Highly recommend!
  71. I use this before I put foundation on


    I use this before I put foundation on, I find that it makes my skin look nice and hydrated. I recommend this one if you want to achieve as similar look.
  72. Great for travel


    Perfect for the midday pick me up and also perfect for travel;ling after being on a plane! Highly recommend
  73. Very hydrating yet light


    I love this mist & continue to repurchase. It is a great price, and very hydrating yet mists on really lightly over make up so doesn’t disturb your make up. I find it a lifesaver on planes, & in the afternoon when my skin is getting dry & needs some moisture. It also gives a slight lovely glow to the high points of the face & if you have used powder make up it gives it a lovely fresh natural finis...
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  74. Instant moisture


    one of my new faourite facial mists! luxury feel for a really good price.
  75. Loved it ... work as magic


    Happy that o gr my hands on this
  76. Light and refreshing


    So soft on your skin, light and refreshing. I use this just before I go to work, and it is beautiful on my skin. Lovely for those north of 40 :)
  77. Hydrating and light


    I don't normally like hydrating mists, however, this one smells great and is light on the skin plus adds needed moisture. I use this daily and will repurchase
  78. Great refreshment


    Nice refreshing hydration boost. I love it at the end of my skin routine!
  79. Great price


    This is so nice as a mid day refresher and as a toner... and is smells lovely!
  80. Refreshing


    It is lovely and refreshing to spray, not sure if it is making any actual skin change
  81. Divine Mist


    I never been a big fun of mist, but since I love this brand I decided to give it a chance.. and I am so glad I did it!! This is another great product from Alpha H, the best mist I ever try. It makes my sensitive skin very happy
  82. Beautiful face mist


    With sensitive skin and oily skin I struggle to find Mists that don't make me shiny or irritated, this is a lovely pick me up during a hot day to refresh the skin. I find it more soothing a hydrating then having a huge anti-aging effect
  83. Great price point, lovely lavender scent!


    I love Alpha H’s Hyaluronic Serum and Liquid Gold and I am a huge fan of face mists so was keen to try this! It has a lovely lavender scent which I adore and gives me an instant refresh when I feel tired or my makeup is starting to look powdery. Very happy with my purchase.
  84. Good for all day glow


    I love to apply this spray over my makeup in the morning, its not only sets my makeup but also wakes me up, and makes the makeup look better, more glowy and definitely refreshed and revitalised.
  85. Fab product for the price


    I usually use the alpha h vitamin mist in conjunction with the multivitamin moisturiser. Swapped this instead due to the price and I won’t be going back, love it! Keeps my skin hydrated al day in a heavily air conditioned office, I think this would be a gem product to take on holidays also.
  86. Okay


    The mister on this is nice and it is refreshing to spray, although I have to admit I didn't notice it making any drastic changes to the hydration of my skin. It is nice for what it is though!
  87. Great for the price


    I keep this in my bag and spray my face throughout the day when it needs a little pick me up. It smells nice, hydrates the skin and feels nice on the face. Definitely worth it for the price!
  88. Hydrating


    Beautiful mist, feels very hydrating and goes well in summer and winter. It feels luxurious.
  89. Amazing facial mist


    It has been so easy to incorporate this item into my skincare routine, it instantly moisturises your face and leaves it feeling smooth and supple, definitely my new holy grail!
  90. Best mist


    I never been a big fun of mist, but since I love this brand I decided to give it a chance.. and I am so glad I did it!! This is another great product from Alpha H, the best mist I ever try. It makes my sensitive skin very happy
  91. Refreshing


    I’ve been a long time user of Alpha H but only just purchased this mist. Wow it’s so lovely and refreshing and has a very pleasant smell and the mist is nice and fine. I’ve been using it before applying my TO Hyaluronic acid. My skin is so plump. I also have a few sprays around 3pm for a bit of a refresh. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  92. Good


    love this product, so easy to apply and my skin has improved heaps. I have has this for 2 weeks now and use it morning and night and have hardly used dented the supply
  93. Yes!


    I loved this! Not bad for the price too!


    This is Fantastic especially when you are having those tropical moments.
    I have found this misting spray a god send, it instantly cools you down almost straight away
  95. Lovely scent


    This facial mist is in a generous size bottle and is beautiful first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I use it after my infrared sauna. It would be lovely in the summer kept in the fridge or in your handbag. Not sure of the benefits it's more of a feel nice product and it's handy for the gym too!


    This is simply the best as its great when you get those hot flushes on the face and your skin feels hot.
    This certainly calms down your skin straight away and feels so cool and hydrated.
    Fantastic product wouldn't be without it
  97. Refreshing and adds a fresh glow


    This so good in the morning after my skin care routine. On makeup free days I make sure to do a spritz of this to add a fresh glow to my skin and brighten up my complexion a bit. I don't have any issues using this on top of makeup and haven't noticed a strong scent.
  98. a drink of water for your skin!


    refreshing & cooling this beauty is great to spritz before makeup or before bed. Great in summer for sunburnt skin also.
  99. Calming on the skin


    This feels amazing on the skin in the morning or even just through the day as a pick me up. Has a minimal scent which is hydrating and feels calming on the skin. Also great that the mist is really fine and light.
  100. A Very Hydrating Treat!


    An instant refresher for my face! It instantly restores my skins dryness and makes it look super hydrated and glowy! Perfect for those hot humid days and for an instant skin pick-me-up! Love it and will continue to use!
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