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Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel 50ml

4.7 of 126 reviews

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4 instalments of $27.42


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What is Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel? Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is an overnight moisturiser that contains a unique combination of active ingredients that work to give you a renewed, glowing complexion. 

This product contains: 

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

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Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

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4.7 of 126 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nice surprise sample


I got a great sized sample and a lot goes a long way. I’ll definitely be buying a full size when my sample runs out. I used as directed in combination with the alpha h liquid gold. I wake up in the morning refreshed.

Most Helpful Criticism

Strong on sensitive skin


I have slightly sensitive skin yet having used a retinol product from Skinstitut, I was excited to receive this as a sample. My first few experiences have felt tingly on my skin and left my skin feeling good for the first 24 hours - but then super sensitive to the sun followed by dryness over the next few days. Great for an immediate lift, but I’d definitely recommend investigating the right type of retinol product for your skin if sensitive at all!
  1. Clear skin no more


    I’m not sure why this product doesn’t like my skin as I never have reactions like this. But I have used this peel twice now this week since receiving it. & my whole face is covered in little pimples and raised bumps all over my face. My skin is normally very clear with a few blackheads but my face didn’t like this product at all. Not very happy for the $110 price tag.
  2. Nice surprise sample


    I got a great sized sample and a lot goes a long way. I’ll definitely be buying a full size when my sample runs out. I used as directed in combination with the alpha h liquid gold. I wake up in the morning refreshed.
  3. Fast results, great product


    I have pigment prone skin, this product has made visible changes to multiple elements of my skin.
    My skin always feels smoother and looks clearer the morning after using and it has made a significant difference to pigmentation. I used to occasionally get random pimples and redness but this no longer occurs EVER!
    Highly recommend. I used 1-2 weekly. Never experienced any irritation or issues and it smells amazing.
  4. Wow!!


    Wow! My skin looked amazing the morning after using this! It was glowy and clear and felt great. I didn’t suffer any reaction to it or peeling, and I am not overly familiar with peels and don’t use them so I would say this is quite gentle but it has great results
  5. A great nightly treat


    Use this once or twice a week, it really will help your skin look more radiant and less tired. I like to use it on Thursday, so I don't look so tired on Friday! It's a lovely cream, soaks in well and you wake with rested skin.


    I've never left a review for a product before, but I just CAN NOT recommend this peel highly enough!! I've struggled with hormonal acne for years, but after the first time using this product I noticed a big difference in my skin (smoother, plumper, pimples had shrunk), and now after about 2 months of use, my skin has literally never looked better. I've barely had a pimple since using it, my skin is glowing, and it feels really hydrated. The peel is a little expensive, but it is completely worth it!
  7. Amazing


    This treatment is amazing. So light on the face, not heavy or sticky at all, can apply right before bed and no need to wait and rinse. My skin feels so nice in the morning. My absolute favourite product in the Alpha H brand.
  8. Love this peel


    This is by far one of the best peels I've used. I have acne-prone skin and redness and scarring from acne and I can say I've noticed a huge difference since I started using this peel. Can't recommend it enough. Worth every $$
  9. Gorgeous


    I received this as a gift, I wouldn't have chose this usually as my skin can be sensitive. However, I feel no irritation when I apply and I wake up with my skin looking noticeably different! Magic.
  10. Best at home peel I've used!


    I couldn't recommend this product more! Whilst I only use this a maximum of 1 night per week at the moment (I'm adjusting to retinal products - still finding some irritation the days after using my current Ordinary Granactive Emulsion even though it's gentle) I find it's been gentle on my skin, clears and exfoliates and finally an answer to my more clogged pores. The pores around my nose have reduced significantly and this is heightened in the days following my Thursday night use of Beauty Sleep Power Peel. I will definitely re-buy but would recommend a slow build up in usage unless your skin is very tolerant to retinal products! The glow is next level but I'm sticking to a gradual gradual build when using this strength of product on my combination skin.
  11. Renewed Skin!


    I received this as a GWP and it’s another smash hit from alpha H. I am obsessed with their liquid gold, cleansers and Hyaluronic 8 Serum and this is right up there! After using my skin felt firmer and my pigmentation (post acne marks) appeared reduced. I don’t normally use a Retinol and this didn’t make me red or sensitised. Love it!
  12. Received as a gift - will need to repurchase!


    I have been using this about once a week after receiving in a goodie bag. My skin feels amazing after! I will be repurchasing as regular product - and I also love its potential as a travel product. A little goes a long way to make my skin feel great!
  13. loving it 4 weeks in


    I recieved a delux sample of this in a goodie bag - so its still going. I used way too much the first few times. A regular sized dollop is enough for face, throat and decollette. I love this product - there is a kind of tingly feeling when i first put on - face is very smooth and soft - i have been using for 4 weeks now. some enlarged pores are noticebly reduced, face is very smooth and my sun ravaged decollette (child of the 60s years of skin destroying sunbaking which has left me with a decollette like a creek bed) looks just that bit softer
    I am seriously considering purchasing this
  14. Love it!!!


    Loving this peel. My skin is so clear and smooth my pores are noticeably smaller.
  15. Like an in salon treatment


    This really does work. Best way to use it is to put in on over a night where you have nothing to do the next day and leave it on for a full 24 hours with nothing else. Two days later there is some peeling but skin looks amazing! Definitely causes initial redness and a bit of a sting on my sensitive skin, but the end result is worth it. Once a fortnight is enough for me.
  16. It made an instant difference


    I got a sample of this recently as a free gift. I have acne prone skin and haven’t used much of the Alpha H range before. Waking up after using this my skin tone had evened out and some of the acne scars look smaller. I am definitely going to continue using this twice a week.
  17. Leaves face feeling smooth


    This product left my face feeling very smooth. It is nice to apply, doesn't sting and doesn't smell bad. It says on the pack to use twice a week however I am dropping back to once a week as I did get some dry patches using twice a week.
  18. Rapid Results! Overnight Bright!


    I received a premium sample of this product in an Adore Beauty Goodie Bag. I've seen this brand advertised regularly but never got around to trying it.

    I've been using this power peel for just on two weeks and IT. IS. AMAZING! My skin is clearer, brighter and fuller! I just love the results! Especially given that I'm in my early 40s with the age clock starting to tick. I'm so impressed that I've decided to buy the liquid gold to try.

    Even with my sensitive skin it's easily tolerated.
  19. Leaves Skin Soft & Radiant


    I have mature age acne prone skin. I use this peel 3 nights per week and love the way it leaves my skin soft and radiant in the morning. It has helped with lightening purple scars from a recent acne outbreak.
  20. Fantastic


    Alpha H products have never really been on my radar. I tried this product on a friend’s recommendation and I’m so glad I did. I applied it in the evening before bed and woke up with glowy, glassy skin. My skin was plump and hydrated and yet my pores were so much smaller. I have spent a lot more money on products that haven’t made any noticeable difference to my skin. This product delivers, and is amazing value considering the results. I am now trying other products in the range.
  21. clears texture


    Got a sample of this and I have to say, it works amazingly at clearing up hyperpigmentation! Would recommend trying it out - I got super soft skin after 2 weeks of use (texture cleared up)
  22. amazing


    This makes my skin feel nice and soft in the mornings
  23. Good


    This makes my skin feel very soft and dewy after I've used it. Feels very hydrating
  24. Amazing results!


    I use this at night and wake up with dewy soft skin that is dramatically more glowy. It improved my texture and brightness of my skin dramatically and improved my pigmentation issues. Would highly recommend to someone who wants to transform their skin!
  25. Luxe Night Peel


    I can not fault this product. After deciding to step up my skin regime, I added this power peel to my routine and have not looked back. It leaves my skin feeling radiant and smooth. Although it is quite strong, don't be afraid. It is money well spent!!!
  26. great results


    Love this. Wear it twice a week- wake up and skin colour is all consistent- ie reduces redness and patchy skin tones. I always wake up fresh faced and smooth and get compliments on my skin. Skin can get dry and flakey 2 days after use if I dont use a rosehip oil or moisturise intensely. highly recommend
  27. Immediate!


    Results are immediate! this works so well. you can see results the next morning. I love this product and I love how thick and nourishing it is, its like a balm that sinks into your skin and doesn't sit on top.
  28. LOVE IT


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  29. Good for all skin types


    A great treat for your skin! I love to use this mask 2 nights a week, and choose nights when I am late for bed, and don't have as much time to apply all the night creams and serums! This mask is great for wrinkle, acne, and skin does look rejuvenated in the morning.
  30. Packs a punch for perfect skin


    This is one supercharged cream, I think its perfect for any age and any skin type (can irritate my sensitive skin sometimes). When they say power peel they mean it. I love it so much, honestly its one of those products you put on and the next day you can see a difference and it just keeps getting better. I use this once a week and only use hyaluronic acid under it and then I use this, sometimes I add a little oil on after (trilogy very calming restoring oil works perfect with it). With both Retinol and Glycolic Acid I can see a massive difference in my skin the next day and even more the day after, I like to use this on a Thursday as by Saturday my skin is clearer, less congested and looks and feels so smooth and radiant. It is well worth the price as it lasts for ages
  31. Definitely recommended


    I love this peel. It does exactly what is expected, as per the description. It smells good and leaves no residue on the skin.
  32. I was skeptical but absolutely love it!

    Hiking Mum

    I am usually skeptical about products like this but I absolutely love it! It feels a bit thick & slightly greasy when first applied but very quickly soaks nicely into the skin. It has a slight tingle initially but soon settles down. Once applied there is no residue that comes off on bedding.

    I love that I just put it on before I go to bed & wake up with such fresh looking skin. It really makes a difference! Very happy with this product.
  33. Great


    his product is amazing! Skin is smoother after just one application. I developed a rash the first few times after using it so I let my skin rest a few months. Now I can use it regularly. Love the Alpha-H range.
  34. Holy grail product


    I have been using this peel two-three times a week for several years. Initially I was apprehensive to give it a try as my skin can be sensitive, however I haven't experienced any issues. It has quite a thick texture which I like. In the morning after use my skin feels as though it was been really well exfoliated and is super soft and also completely re-hydrated. A miracle product really!
  35. Fresh skin in the am


    Skin feels so smooth and moisturised in the morning - necessary for those winter days!
  36. Amazing results but not for sensitive skin


    The results from this were great but my skin reacted very strongly to the active ingredients.
  37. Tingle your way to results!


    Tingling sensations have always proved to me that a product is working so no need to be put off by that. Build up the amount you use if you are new to retinol! A power peel that gives results on uneven skin, fine lines and texture because it's packed full of power house ingredients.
  38. love it but does make my skin breakout a bit


    really loved this product but each time I use it I wake up with a spot on my face ! it seems to break me out but at the same time it makes the rest of my skin feel amazing and soft!
  39. Amazing results!


    After the first couple of uses my skin adjusted to the retinol (I have sensitive skin) and I have never looked back! My skin is noticeably improved in texture and I use it religiously twice a week. I’m 40 and rate this as my No.1 product
  40. amazing results


    this works so well. you can see results the next morning. I love this product and I love how thick and nourishing it is, its like a balm that sinks into your skin and doesn't sit on top.
  41. Amazing


    I am obsessed with this product. Over winter it’s easy for me to become dry and patchy and my makeup cakes and sticks but honestly the morning after using this my skin is plump and glowy. In summer I’ve found it helps just as much but rather helps my skin battle the congestion of long hot sweaty work days. Honestly love it


    I bought this night cream peel two months ago . I was really nervous if I will get results from using it

    Now this is my secret for my glowy and healthy skin every time I use it

    I am more than grateful
  43. Love it!


    I got this as a sample and loved it so much I bought it.
    Love the smell, very slight tingle with application - and in the morning I feel my skin is firmer and well moisturised.
    Really love it.
  44. Great


    The perfect combination of glycolic acid and retinol - works straight away i.e. you can see a difference in your skin after the first use.
  45. Noticeably Different


    The perfect combination of glycolic acid and retinol - works straight away i.e. you can see a difference in your skin after the first use.
  46. Strong on sensitive skin


    I have slightly sensitive skin yet having used a retinol product from Skinstitut, I was excited to receive this as a sample. My first few experiences have felt tingly on my skin and left my skin feeling good for the first 24 hours - but then super sensitive to the sun followed by dryness over the next few days. Great for an immediate lift, but I’d definitely recommend investigating the right type of retinol product for your skin if sensitive at all!
  47. Great of treating Milias


    I usually have milias all over my forehead and have tried so many products to get rid of them since going to the dermatologist for an extraction is pretty expensive and it only helps as a one off. After using this product for about 2 months my forehead is no longer bumpy! It the beginning it stung a little bit but after using it a few times you no longer feel the sting.
  48. Worth the money


    After using this my skin is the best it’s ever looked. I wake up with bright and refreshed, glowing skin and I’m so happy with this product.
  49. Gorgeous skin rejuvenating cream

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I’ve been using this cream almost every night for the last couple of months.
    I love how it feels when I apply it at night, my skin feels firmer and has never looked clearer.
    I love this product.


    I am a big fan of Alpha H products but honestly this product makes other products fairly redundant. Worth the money! My skin is feels amazing after using this treatment and has a beautiful glow to it. Feels nourished and healthy.
  51. Good


    The perfect combination of glycolic acid and retinol - works straight away i.e. you can see a difference in your skin after the first use.
  52. Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel


    It arrived yesterday and I used it right away. I woke up this morning with a visibly smoother skin. I know it's just one use but Wow, I didn't expect to see something different right away.
  53. little results at an expensive price


    Leaves skin feeling smooth and dewy, however the results don't justify the price. Liquid gold is more effective and affordable
  54. Wake up with beautiful skin


    I wasn't too sure what to expect from this product but after using it one night I woke up obsessed with it. Leaves your skin so smooth and fresh.

    Helped a lot with my pigmentation.
  55. Not as good as liquid gold


    I’m 39 with combination skin. I use a few Alpha H products and overall this product is lovely, but extremely expensive for what it does. I prefer to use Liquid Gold. I feel no difference in my skin in the mornings than when I use liquid gold. It is smooth and dewy, but at double the price of LG, id recommend to purchase that instead.
  56. Great


    The perfect combination of glycolic acid and retinol - works straight away i.e. you can see a difference in your skin after the first use.
  57. Dewy, soft skin after use!


    I also received this as a promo from Adore & loved it from first use! It smells lovely and glides on the skin without feeling oily or overpowering. Go to sleep and wake up with healthy looking skin. I love that it's so easy to use with instant results.

    Note: it says to use twice weekly however I found that on my fair skin combined with living in a warmer sunny climate that the retinol contained in this peel made my skin extra sensitive to the sun (as does retinol in any product). Due to this, I only use this peel once a week and it's the perfect dosage without making my skin extra sensitive.
  58. Love,Love,Love!!!!


    Worth the investment of your $$$

    This product. Wow!!!

    I have freckled,pigmented skin, Am in my early forties & this just does things for me... from brightening,smoothing and I swear my pores look minimised after use.

    I use this the recommended 2 times a week after cleansing. It can have a slight sting after application but this is momentary and makes me feel like it is penetrating easily and getting to work straight away

    The testimonial really is when I didn't use this twice a week, I noticed a difference of dull skin and begin craving its use.

    Ill be repurchasing for sure. Mum in her 60's will be getting one for Mothers day too after a trial and being impressed
  59. Wake up and smell the new skin!


    I first received this product as a tester when I purchased Alpha H Liquid Gold and I must say, I love this product even more! The next morning my skin feels fresh, smooth and "plump". I never knew what that word meant until I used this product.
  60. Amazing Product!


    I absolutely adore this product, in fact I love the entire line of Alpha-H, but this one, ah what a winner!
    On my combination skin I didn’t follow the directions on the second week. I used this two nights in a row and gained an extremely fine skin peel. No pain, no irritation, just fine peeling I couldn’t see, but could feel. I used my Clarisonic to clear the dead skin away and was left with beautiful glowing soft skin. I know not everyone would want to do this, but it sure was worth it. I’m doing it again this weekend and know I’ll have plumped skin for a good couple of weeks.
  61. Definitely recommend


    I use this product just before bed, the cream smells amazing and I feel instantly relaxed applying it.

    My skin feels plumper and glowy the next day
  62. Worth every penny


    I use this product two nights per week as recommended and by itself after cleansing. My skin feels smooth, hydrated, and plump when I wake in the morning. Since using this peel I have no dry patches and my skin feels hydrated. I don't every spend this much on one product but for me, it is definately worth it.
  63. Love


    Love this, you wake up feeling fresh and soft and it really clears the skin!
  64. Exceeded my expectations. Love this!


    I received this as a promo from Adore and I didn’t expect too much from the product as I have found other Alpha H products not as suitable for my skin and a bit of an average range but after using this product, my faith has been restored! I will definitely be buying again, this is an amazingly life changing overnight product! I found it to draw out and clear my blemishes. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels super plump and hydrated. I love this product so much and I will DEFINITELY be buying it again!
  65. Loved it


    I got this as a free gift in my purchase!! I have been looking for a great mask or peel to help with my scarring and oily skin. I have to say after only one use my skin feels so soft, moisturised and smooth. I will definitely be doing it twice a week as suggested and see what the results will be. But so far, I would buy it again and love it. The jar is quite large and the cream is thick so you don’t need much of it to spread.
  66. Overnight improvement in skin


    This product is incredible. When my skin is disastrous, I know I can apply this overnight and that I will wake up with renewed skin. Major game changer.
  67. Better than micro dermabrasion


    Incredible results after only 6 applications. Pore size have reduced. Smoother, clearer skin. Results on par with microdermabrasion for a fraction of the price. Highly recommend!!!
  68. Not a fan


    I got a small sample of this and was so excited because I’d been putting the full size in and out of my cart for months and never following through with the purchase lol so glad I didn’t buy the full size because I really didn’t like this product. It is a peel, which I knew, but my skin was peeling so patchily for over a week post usage, and mostly on my cheeks. My makeup would be flaking off throughout the day even if I exfoliated my skin the night before. My skin was softer but I just found the aftermath to be a bit of a nuisance
  69. great night cream

    Lil kym

    i received a free 15ml sample of this wonder cream with my last purchase. Initially thought it was a serum but it is actually a cream texture which is great. I am always searching for a good night cream. Feels great on my combination skin, highly hydrating. I wake up and my skin still feels highly hydrated. Most likely invest in a full size of this sleep power peel! Highly recommended.
  70. Noticeable results


    I'm a skincare addict, but feel like I rarely see such noticeable results overnight from a product. The pump top jar is absolutely perfect, I wish all my products came with this packaging! There is a citrusy scent, it lingers a little, I don't personally like citrus scents but this one isn't especially unpleasant. I have dry and slightly sensitive skin but still have breakouts and problems with skin tone. The morning after using this I definitely feel more radiant and my skin is smoother. I use this 2-3 times a week at the moment. I have already recommended this product to a few friends and will purchase this one again myself.
  71. Amazing product


    Bought this just on 12 months ago and a little goes a long way!!! I use many alpha-h products and this is one
    of my favourites. I use this once a week as apart of my skin care routine and it instantly lifts and brightens my skin. Well worth the money and the longevity of the product makes it a value for money purchase.
  72. A peel without the skin peel!


    Love this product. I use this twice per week and find I waste with ultra smooth and hydrated skin.
  73. Fantastic product


    I love this product, makes my skin feel smooth, definitely improved my skin texture. I have normal combination skin type. It seems to last a long time too. Will be buying it again
  74. Great for mid 50’s skin


    I bought this for my mum who is in her mid 50’s. She has fantastic skin as she has always been a skincare fanatic. She uses this every Sunday night and reports that her skin is softer than ever and she can see a noticeable difference. I can as well and would recommend for anyone looking for smoother, softer skin.
  75. Silky soft skin in just 1 night

    Jo M

    I use this product once a week to get rid of the dry top layer of skin. You wake up with silky smooth skin. Occasionally I use 2 nights in a row & it feels like it would after an expensive dermabrasion without the expensive price tag. This is a must try!!
  76. Nice product, not sure if it’s working


    Nice product. Makes my skin soft (I have aging, acne prone skin) but not sure it does much more than that. It has a strong scent so I think it might have some irritation oils in it. Tingles a little when you put it on which is usually a sign of a good amount of glycolic acid.
  77. It burns but in a good way


    I have sensitive skin and good lord this cream re-confirmed that. After cleansing and all that jazz I applied this and it felt like tiny beauty ants were biting my face for the next 10 minutes. I was red the whole next day BUT skin feels smooth as heck now. The product warns it can be intense for sensitive skin and it is not lying. Will absolutely keep using it however.
  78. A peel that smells divine


    I got the Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel because of all the great reviews that I read. My skin was dry and dull and overall uneven skin tone. The first time I used it, I was pleasantly surprised at the soothing and calming fragrance. The texture was light and my skin felt comfortable after application. The next day was skin did look a bit fresher, however the peel did cause flaking, in particular dry skin around the nose and forehead. I would recommend using only once a week if your skin is sensitive and to just apply a thin layer until your skin gets used to the product. Overall a good peel although is it a little pricey.
  79. Love it

    Ms Z

    Finally bit the bullet and purchased this product love it can’t wait to see the difference to my skin after few weeks
  80. Mmmmmmmm not bad


    I've been using this product for 2 months ago and I can say it is doing good I using it twice a week, peel my skin whole night gave me good smooth and glowing skin BUT it's not work for my pigmentation or pores or make any difference to my skin just give you glowy skin next day but not to much change.
  81. Love this


    Love the way my skin feels in the morning after using this product. I have combination skin and it can look dull but after using this peel my skin looks fresh and so smooth. You only need 1 pump to cover your face and neck and I find it enough. Highly recommend
  82. A bit too heavy for me


    This is quite a rich night cream and a little heavy on the shea butter for me. I'm all for using a retinol product though as the benefits a noticeable with regular use.
  83. love love love !


    this is my favourite night product ever! my skin feels amazing, definitelyy worth the hype, im so glad I tried this!
  84. beautiful product


    Love how nice your skin feels after using this peel, makes such a difference to skin my pimples have gone down heaps and my face has cleared up since using this peel would definitely recommend this product and will be repurchasing after I’m finished.
  85. Pretty good


    I tried this as I’m a big fan on the Alpha-H gold. It is definitely powerful and gives the skin a glow the morning after. Love the super hygienic packaging. Wouldn’t be great for sensitive skin. A decent product but not my fave overnight peel
  86. Disappointed


    I really looked forward to trying this after reading about it, but it was a let down for me. When i apply it on my skin it tingles quite a bit and it almost feels like it's burning my skin. This is greasy for me when I apply it and when I wake up in the morning my skin still feels quite greasy, there are better products out there for me, I wouldn't purchase this again
  87. Love this product!


    Absolutely love how this makes your skin feel. Wake up the next morning feeling so firm,clear,bright and smooth. I wish you could use it every night, although it is pricey so lasts longer by using a few times a week.
    Really think it helps keep the fine lines at bay also. Might need to use in combination with a moisturizer if you have dry skin. Lovely product.
  88. Lovely sleeping masque


    This is fantastic-it works while you sleep. Helps with reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and any unsightly breakouts. It also prevents them which is amazing, absorbs quickly and doesn't smell strong.
  89. Amazing!


    My skin is combination and I am obsessed with glowing dewy skin. After using this product overnight, I wake up to the most amazing glowing skin. The pores and blackheads on my nose have reduced and my skin looks so clear.It tingles and burns on the first application but your skin will get used to it. I would recommend easing yourself into this product (once a week first) and using healing skincare afterwards.
  90. Not my favourite


    I have used this product three times now and I am still shedding skin like dandruff. I have tried gently exfoliating but it keeps coming back. I have applied a vast amount of moisturiser, which has helped slightly.
  91. Peel Power!


    I love love love this product! The Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel feels amazing on the skin and leaves my face feeling fresh and firm. This product is fantastic and my make up always applies perfectly the day after a peel. Thank you Alpha-H!
  92. Not an overnight miracle


    This overnight peel with 14% glycolic acid and 0.5% retinol has a thick moisturiser texture which is not my preference. I found it remains sticky without fully drying down. While the instructions say no need to apply a night cream but personally I found it wasn’t moisturising enough. Results wise I found although it did not irritate my skin I did not see much in way of improvement either.
  93. Great overnight mask


    I have combination skin with dry cheeks and oily t-zone. I only have a few fine lines beneath my eyes and no other signs of aging. I think this is made for more mature skin as I haven’t seen a whole lot of difference to my skin. I always alternate between a retinol and AHAs each night so I think this would be good used on its own or on more mature skin. In saying that it does keep my skin soft and has not caused me to break out.
  94. Quick & effective!


    Love this cream, so easy to use & so very effective. After using this, I wake with super soft skin. I’m definitely buying another when I run out!!
  95. Soooo amazing!


    This is very similar to the liquid gold except better! I have combo skin and I feel it hydrates my skins lot more and i wake up in the morning with no rednesss in my skin and pores are so refined and my acne scarring is slowly reducing every time I use this! Pretty expensive but very worth it and has lasted me months! I use this twice a week.
  96. Pretty Good!

    Peter C.

    The thing I love about this product is how low maintenance it is. I'm often forgetful and a lot of beauty routines can fall out of vogue, but with this I apply twice a week. Easy as. And the results are immediate. I always wake up looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Is it worth the price? I'd say yes. The 50ml bottle lasted me months.
  97. Amazing.


    I love this! I use this once a week as a total skin overhaul, makes my skin feel soft, plump and refreshed. I love that it's a mix of different treatments all rolled into one. One of the best products from the Alpha-H range.
  98. great quick fix


    makes my skin feel smooth and even the next morning but I prefer to use my retinol and acids separately I think, definitely a great quick fix product though if you're looking for instant results :)
  99. unsure


    This product I thought would be amazing on my skin as i had recently gone through an awful breakout that caused my skin to scar. I thought I'd try this at night to see if it would repair the damaged skin but I just woke up feeling that the results werent there. It also is a light yellow colour and I noticed it left my pillow a little yellow after sleeping with this on.
  100. Must have


    Instant results.
    Resurfaces your skin, wake up with a lot more plump skin, looks and feels refreshed. Hands down must have
  101. Review & Earn
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