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Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel 50ml

4.6 of 198 reviews

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4 instalments of $27.42

Or 4 instalments of $27.42 with LEARN MORE

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What is Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel? Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel is an overnight moisturiser that contains a unique combination of active ingredients that work to give you a renewed, glowing complexion. 

This product contains: 

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

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Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel

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Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel Reviews

4.6 of 198 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love it!


I’m loving this! I got it in a goodie bag and it’s very nice on my skin! My skin looks brighter and skin tone more even, it is very expensive though!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for sensitive skin


I feel my face is very soft and smooth next morning, but the skin turns to be very dry after around 2 days. I am not sure whether this is because this product started to work? Or it’s just too strong. My skin is not very sensitive, so be careful if you have very sensitive skin.
  1. Love it!


    I’m loving this! I got it in a goodie bag and it’s very nice on my skin! My skin looks brighter and skin tone more even, it is very expensive though!
  2. Match made in Heaven


    Some exfoliants make me break out but not this one, the retinal seems to counter an of that. Love it!
  3. First Time


    I turned 70 this year and have always cared for my skin. I received a sample of this product and used it for the first time last night. I love the result the next morning, so I'll continue to use it and will certainly purchase the full size tube. It had a slight sting on application but nothing more. My skin is so smooth and firm to the touch and I believe a worthwhile purchase.
  4. So good!


    I received a decent size sample of this a few months ago and I still have heaps left in the tube. It has been a wonderful product to try. The morning afternoon using this I find my skin looking glowy plumped up and just overall fresh looking. I didn’t experience any burning or tingling with this
  5. Hmm, not sure!

    Jamie B

    I had high hopes for this treatment, but it didn’t do an awful lot except irritate my skin. :(
    It’s good great ingredients though, I’m sure other people will find it to be amazing to smooth out and brighten skin tone.
  6. Truly incredible!


    I'm 39 and am seeing the first signs of ageing (slight collagen loss, fine lines, discolouration). My sister recommended this to me as she was blown away by the effects. I bought it and have also been completely blown away. My skin looks so glowy, plump and tight in the morning after using it. If you are starting to experience the first signs of ageing, I can't recommend this product enough. It is...
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  7. Wake up new!


    verified purchaser
    Greaaat sleep power peel - really works at renewing your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells etc. I personally feel i have to do a big of a double cleanse the morning after to ensure there is nothing stuck in my pores. However its a great little skin reset. I only use it once a week.
  8. wake up with good skin


    Use before going to bed at night, only need to smear a thin layer, wake up will have a good skin condition.
    It absorbs well, just like using a face cream, it doesn't stick to your face and pillows.
  9. Wake up in good skin condition


    Use before going to bed at night, only need to smear a thin layer, wake up will have a good skin condition.
    It absorbs well, just like using a face cream, it doesn't stick to your face and pillows.
  10. Early days of testing


    I've only been using this for about 3 weeks so it's still early days but it's a soft velvety texture putting it on and it only tingles for 1 to 2 minutes after applying. I'm excited to see results after using it for a few months.
  11. Gamechanger


    This product is way better than I was expecting even after reading the reviews. Despite only using it twice a week as recommended, I can honestly say it is making a huge difference to my skin. A couple of weeks into use I did find that I was seeing a fair amount of new pimples forming on my chin (normal trouble spot) however I think this was just my skin purging itself as it's now been a couple mo...
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  12. Can’t live without

    Ness P

    I love this product! It leaves my skin smooth, bright and clear + reduces lines.
    I use 3 times a week and see the difference.
    Slight sting going on but fine after a few minutes.
    I’m 38 with visible signs of ageing.
  13. Will purchase again


    Love this product. My skin looks and feels noticeably smoother and clearer the morning after applying it. I’ve tried a lot of different products in the last 12 months- this is one of a handful I will buy again.
  14. Nice product


    I had wanted this for awhile but I was hesitant to pay the price. I’m glad I did, however it’s not a product I’d have to have religiously. When the tube is empty I possibly won’t buy another one for another 12 months. It has a slight tingling. Not an unpleasant smell. Skin feels soft and smooth for a couple of days after using. Small noticeable changes in skin texture and possibly hyperpigmentatio...
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  15. Hmmmm


    If I'm honest, I see no change. I didn't really even feel any sting (as others have) when applying it, and I consider myself to have fairly sensitive skin! Upsetting due to the price point and the fact I so love Alpha H products. I guess somethings only work for certain people.. oh well!
  16. Careful if you're sensitive


    If you have sensitive skin, be careful! It goes on stinging quite a bit, but it only lasts about 5-10 seconds and after that it's fine. Still does great things for my skin but definitely a caution!
  17. Game changer!


    I had seen a few people recommending this product but I was hesitant to bite the bullet because of the price. After using this for the past few months I can honestly say that this cream has changed the appearance of my skin! It leaves my skin SO soft and all-round just looks supple and healthy. I have acne-prone skin and this product helped get rid of small breakouts and didn't irritate or cause a...
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  18. Love love love!


    Absolutley love this product! I put on in the evening as my last product, you dont need a moisturisier when you use this as it is a creamy consistency, You wake up in the morning feeling so smooth and glowy. Would recommend to anyone!
  19. Good


    Great. I started to see a difference just in a week. This product does wonders for acne prone skin.
  20. Good


    Great. I started to see a difference just in a week. This product does wonders for acne prone skin.
  21. Magic Product


    I received this as a sample from AB but it lasted me a couple of months as you do not need to use a large amount, and I will definitely be repurchasing. My skin looks so much more refined the day after I use this. I tend to get very deep spots that take a while to heal and this definetly helps them fade.
    This is a great product to use if your skin is looking dull or if you want to reduce th...
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  22. magic


    I love how this makes my skin feel overnight - plump, hydrated and somehow just all round better. Will repurchase


    I purchased the power peel as my normal moisturiser was running low. I use this on alternate nights to my vitamin c moisturiser which works a treat to my normal/sensitive skin. When I wake up, my skin is refined, clear, bright and nicely hydrated. Will certainly continue to repurchase, I'm hooked!
  24. My new hero – Love! Love! Love!

    Josie Bones

    I just love this product. It really packs a punch: low effort, high impact, no irritation. I bought it hoping for the anti-aging effects. And while it definitely seems to be helping in that area, what I really love is that it's relieved my more general skin "congestion" issues. My skin just feels so damned soft. And any blemish marks are healed so much more quickly. I hesitate to spend so much on...
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  25. Obsessed


    Another product bought from listening to the products which have proven to be a great recommendation!
    Made my skin so glowy! Breakouts were reduced with one use. I get so excited to use twice a week.
  26. My skin is plumped and feels so smooth


    My very dry skin just loves this. Its a lovely product, smells nice. I worry about these sleep peels being drying but this seems to resurface your skin overnight without drying. Highly recommend it.
  27. Another Alpha-H winner


    I tried this late last year and it turned out to be a lot better than I expected. I initially thought it was only really suited for ageing skin but it did give some good results for my young skin as well. Only thing is it would tingle and cause sensitivity in the beginning but now I can use it just fine so I can't wait to see more of a glow with continued usage.
  28. Fantastic


    I received a sample of this peel and have thoroughly enjoyed using it, I love the scent as well as the feel of it on my skin. Each morning after use my skin appears and feels softer and has such a lovely glow.
  29. Power peel extraordinaire


    I use this once a week and it has definitely made such a great difference to my skin. My texture is really smooth now and glowy and my blemishes have cleared up, absolutely love this product!
  30. Love!


    I've been using this once a week for about two months and feel like the results get better with every use! I love it and will keep using eventually working up to twice a week. I have very dry skin so was a bit nervous about whether this would dry it out with so many actives but it's been great!
  31. Hydrated and glowing


    I originally got this in a sample and bought it straight away. After I use this in the morning my skin is so soft and looks so hydrated and glowy! I generally use 1-2 a week. Highly recommend
  32. Feels good on but no results


    I loved the original but this is lackluster- ok but not the same results.
  33. Will repurchase!


    I have sensitive, oily skin and was weary of using a product that had this many active ingredients. I patch tested and had no reaction so included the product into my routine once a week. 4 weeks later I’ve increased to twice a week and I am loving the results!

    I wash my face, apply this product (which tingles a little on application but the feeling goes away after a few minutes) let...
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  34. This is amazing. !


    I have used alpha H products for some time and recently decided to add this to my routine. It is truly amazing. My skin feels so plump and glowy when I wake up! Love it !
  35. Smooth Skin!


    I have struggled with break outs and uneven skin tone and smoothness. I was hesitant to spend this amount of money on this product but since using it 2x per week I have noticed a huge difference in my skins appearance, and very happy with the results!!
  36. Not for sensitive skin


    I feel my face is very soft and smooth next morning, but the skin turns to be very dry after around 2 days. I am not sure whether this is because this product started to work? Or it’s just too strong. My skin is not very sensitive, so be careful if you have very sensitive skin.
  37. Very nice, not drying


    Lovely product, smells nice. I worry about these sleep peels being drying but this seems to resurface your skin overnight without drying. Would recommend
  38. Hydrated and supple skin


    I've only used this product several times but have found an improvement in the appearance of my skin the next morning! It applies smoothly, absorbs well and didn't irritate or sting.
    It's still early days but with most Alpha H products the results become apparent with continued use.
  39. Probably the best skincare product I own!


    Wow wow wow. Completely loved this after the first time I used it! Its been a few weeks now and I am still in love. My skin feels so smooth and plump the morning after using it and my complexion is visibly clearer. Definitely worth spending the money on this one if you have any aging concerns or problems with texture/acne.
  40. Talk about power peel!


    I was lucky enough to receive a good sized sample of this from Adore Beauty. I use it twice and week and absolutely love it. I have 'mature' combination skin. I love the tingle from the Glycolic Acid, it really feels like it's getting into my skin. Love the addition of retinol too. This is a twice-weekly treat for my skin. Love it!
  41. Super Power Peel


    I received this as a sample, my first Alpha H product.

    I’ve been using TheOrdinary which I love but this is next level. I use it once a week or so at night, and my skin looks and feels so much smoother the next day. Love the convenience of being able to sleep in it and not having to sit by the timer.

    For a 10-15ml sample, it has lasted such a long time. I’d never usuall...
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  42. Nice glow


    Very happy with this ,woke up with my skin glowing I use this twice a week.
  43. Love at first try!


    I love a good resurfacing product! I've been a long time fan of the Alpha H Liquid Gold, so was excited to try this out when it arrived, and it did not dissapoint. I was very pleased with the texture of my skin in the morning, it felt so soft and supple, it also looked brighter. I used the product by itself after cleansing, and toning, found my skin didn't require any additional moisture. I have s...
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  44. Sold


    The cocktail of active ingredients sold me this product and it delivered!

    Amazing. I recommend everyone to read the reviews and treat yourself.

    You wake up feeling plump and pampered. You won't be disappointed!
  45. Amazing results


    I received a free sample of this peel. It is amazing. I thought my skin was already in good condition as I use good products. I didn't really expect too much from this. I was so happy and surprised to see me skin when I woke up. I have sun damaged skin that sometimes reddens and freckles. My skin tone was even and light after using this product the first time
    It did sting for about 15 minut...
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  46. very relaxing


    this mask feels amazing on my skin and relaxes my face so much and i wake up feeling so refreshed. Definitely recommend!
  47. Must have


    This product is worth its weight. I use it twice a week and especially after my skin needs a little pick up. It keeps my skin in check and I credit this product for the good condition of my skin.
  48. Worth every cent!!


    Got this as a free sample and I am hooked!!! Glowy, dewy, hydrated skin the morning after.
    A bit stingy going on, but nothing too extreme. Some redness post application, but seems to be normal for a retinol product - gone by the morning.
    I got asked a lot if I had had a facial after using this - all overnight from this product!
    Literally scraped every bit out of the tube, and ...
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  49. Nothing Like It


    This is one of the very best skin products I've ever discovered. It's a potent kick-start for getting my skin in better condition when it's been neglected, and for maintenance. It not only improves the condition of my skin, it also moisturizes at the same time, which is probably the reason why the irritation factor is very low for me.
  50. Awesome product


    I have very sensitive/problematic skin and this peel is effective yet gentle enough for my skin.My skin looks brighter and has a more even tone. Highly recommend!
  51. Fresh face guaranteed


    I am in love with this product. I use it once or twice a week depending on my skin. I love the lemony scent, fresh tingly feeling when I put it on my face, but most importantly the way my skin glows in the morning. This product goes a long way, i'm so impressed by how long it has lasted!
  52. Everything you need and more


    This product is so handy! With the bombardment of all the info on stuff you should be putting on your skin, this is a one stop shop of all the top priority goodies. It feels lovely on your skin and I always wake up with my skin looking refreshed and calm.
  53. Sooo good


    My skin looks amazing the next morning it’s so glowy and cleat. hasn’t irritated me at all
  54. Better than sleep.


    Slight tingling sensation straight after application and I wake up looking firm, plump and incredibly well rested. Has made quite a dent in my fine lines on my forehead with regular use twice a week. Used with other alpha-h products in a rotating routine, I’ve noticed quite a difference in my pigmentation as well. In my opinion far superior to Liquid Gold and this will be the item I re-purchase in...
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  55. super nice product


    feel so thick but sinks right into skin and has amazing results when you wake up the next morning
  56. Good (but not as good as the liquid gold)


    For the price, I much prefer the liquid gold. While this really transforms my skin over night, I find it a bit harsh and only able to use it once a fortnight.
  57. Sleep Power


    Love this product. Has really helped my skin and makes me feel awake in the morning. Highly recommend
  58. Love this on my mature skin


    I was lucky enough to receive a good sized sample of this from Adore Beauty. I use it twice and week and absolutely love it. I have 'mature' combination skin. I love the tingle from the Glycolic Acid, it really feels like it's getting into my skin. Love the addition of retinol too. This is a twice-weekly treat for my skin. Love it!
  59. Wonderful product


    This is a great product which combines multiple actives and is so easy to use. It produces a great result in terms of skin exfoliation, plumpness and brightness without irritation. I use this twice a week and this is so easy to use. I found the Alpha H liquid gold quite irritating and strong, this product though, is perfect.
  60. Excellent results


    I use this once a week and it has definitely made such a great difference to my skin. My texture is really smooth now and glowy and my blemishes have cleared up
  61. WOW! Great product!


    Received a 15ml sample with an order I placed with Adore and let me say, I will probably be purchasing this in full size when I finish the sample. Which by the way, has gone a long way. I am using it twice a week, when I'm not using my other retinol products but it does have 0.5% retinol in it so I don't feel like I'm missing a night of retinol...GAINS! GAINS! Plus the glycolic acid in it mean...
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  62. Good But Not For Me


    I love Alpha-H but this product was a bit too strong and intense on my sensitive skin. I felt very warm and a bit pink after using, but can see this being loved by those with less-sensitive skin.
  63. Lovely bedtime ritual but it's not liquid gold


    I purchased this product hot on the heels of my original purchase of and subsequent love affair with AlphaH Liquid Gold, I LOVE that product. I was hoping it would boost the effect of the Liquid Gold even further, however I feel that it is a nice complementary product instead. I haven't, perhaps yet, noticed any radical effects to the overall appearance of my skin.
  64. Liked the sample

    I buy too much makeup

    I got a sample of this in an Adore goodie bag. I'm not a fan of the liquid gold formula as I find it too harsh, but found this nice to use one night a week. It seems gentler and yet just as effective.
    Undecided whether I will purchase full size.
  65. Prefer liquid gold


    Bought this as I thought it would intensify the effects of the liquid gold, whilst it was good, not as good as the cult favourite!
  66. Amazing! Immediately saw Results!


    I received this product in a Goodie Bag and loved it! I immediately saw results of firmer, clearer, smoother skin. Fabulous - Highly Recommend!
  67. My new Smooth skin go to


    Only recently started using Alpha H products and this is one of my favourite bi weekly treatments. Leaves skin incredibly smooth the next day. Only slight tingling sensation when first applied to skin but not irritating. The next morning skin is left glowing, hydrated, plump and super smooth.
  68. It certainly peels!


    I got this as a sample and was a first time retinol user. Should have done my research because it was very strong for my skin and I peeled so much! Product is great, my reaction was normal but I’m surprised at how much my skin flakes and peeled when I don’t usually have sensitive skin. I have now used sparingly in moisturizer until my skin gets use to it.
  69. Tube of Goodness


    I love this product ! The Beauty Sleep Power Peel gives my skin the pick me up it needs. A little goes a long way with this product, the cream goes on smoothly and your skin soaks it right up. I always wake up the next after using this with noticeably brighter, firmer and happier skin. I love that you can also apply over the top of a serum for that extra oomph as well. Since using this I have noti...
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  70. Amazing


    This is a seriously fantastic product. I cannot believe how smooth and soft and resurfaced my skin is when I wake up. It does tingle a bit when you put it on, but you get used to it. It absorbs pretty well, and isn't sticky to go to sleep with. I will DEFINITELY be reordering!
  71. Gorgeous skin after


    I used this for the first time last week and then again over the weekend and wow I am super impressed. Each time I woke up with glowy clear plumped up skin. I had no irritation to it either. It hasn’t caused any breakouts either or peeling. It’s realy lovely
  72. Clear skin no more


    I’m not sure why this product doesn’t like my skin as I never have reactions like this. But I have used this peel twice now this week since receiving it. & my whole face is covered in little pimples and raised bumps all over my face. My skin is normally very clear with a few blackheads but my face didn’t like this product at all. Not very happy for the $110 price tag.
  73. Nice surprise sample


    I got a great sized sample and a lot goes a long way. I’ll definitely be buying a full size when my sample runs out. I used as directed in combination with the alpha h liquid gold. I wake up in the morning refreshed.
  74. Fast results, great product


    I have pigment prone skin, this product has made visible changes to multiple elements of my skin.
    My skin always feels smoother and looks clearer the morning after using and it has made a significant difference to pigmentation. I used to occasionally get random pimples and redness but this no longer occurs EVER!
    Highly recommend. I used 1-2 weekly. Never experienced any irritation or ...
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  75. Wow!!


    Wow! My skin looked amazing the morning after using this! It was glowy and clear and felt great. I didn’t suffer any reaction to it or peeling, and I am not overly familiar with peels and don’t use them so I would say this is quite gentle but it has great results
  76. A great nightly treat


    Use this once or twice a week, it really will help your skin look more radiant and less tired. I like to use it on Thursday, so I don't look so tired on Friday! It's a lovely cream, soaks in well and you wake with rested skin.


    I've never left a review for a product before, but I just CAN NOT recommend this peel highly enough!! I've struggled with hormonal acne for years, but after the first time using this product I noticed a big difference in my skin (smoother, plumper, pimples had shrunk), and now after about 2 months of use, my skin has literally never looked better. I've barely had a pimple since using it, my skin i...
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  78. Amazing


    This treatment is amazing. So light on the face, not heavy or sticky at all, can apply right before bed and no need to wait and rinse. My skin feels so nice in the morning. My absolute favourite product in the Alpha H brand.
  79. Love this peel


    This is by far one of the best peels I've used. I have acne-prone skin and redness and scarring from acne and I can say I've noticed a huge difference since I started using this peel. Can't recommend it enough. Worth every $$
  80. Gorgeous


    I received this as a gift, I wouldn't have chose this usually as my skin can be sensitive. However, I feel no irritation when I apply and I wake up with my skin looking noticeably different! Magic.
  81. Best at home peel I've used!


    I couldn't recommend this product more! Whilst I only use this a maximum of 1 night per week at the moment (I'm adjusting to retinal products - still finding some irritation the days after using my current Ordinary Granactive Emulsion even though it's gentle) I find it's been gentle on my skin, clears and exfoliates and finally an answer to my more clogged pores. The pores around my nose have redu...
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  82. Renewed Skin!


    I received this as a GWP and it’s another smash hit from alpha H. I am obsessed with their liquid gold, cleansers and Hyaluronic 8 Serum and this is right up there! After using my skin felt firmer and my pigmentation (post acne marks) appeared reduced. I don’t normally use a Retinol and this didn’t make me red or sensitised. Love it!
  83. Received as a gift - will need to repurchase!


    I have been using this about once a week after receiving in a goodie bag. My skin feels amazing after! I will be repurchasing as regular product - and I also love its potential as a travel product. A little goes a long way to make my skin feel great!
  84. loving it 4 weeks in


    I recieved a delux sample of this in a goodie bag - so its still going. I used way too much the first few times. A regular sized dollop is enough for face, throat and decollette. I love this product - there is a kind of tingly feeling when i first put on - face is very smooth and soft - i have been using for 4 weeks now. some enlarged pores are noticebly reduced, face is very smooth and my sun ra...
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  85. Love it!!!


    Loving this peel. My skin is so clear and smooth my pores are noticeably smaller.
  86. Like an in salon treatment


    This really does work. Best way to use it is to put in on over a night where you have nothing to do the next day and leave it on for a full 24 hours with nothing else. Two days later there is some peeling but skin looks amazing! Definitely causes initial redness and a bit of a sting on my sensitive skin, but the end result is worth it. Once a fortnight is enough for me.
  87. It made an instant difference


    I got a sample of this recently as a free gift. I have acne prone skin and haven’t used much of the Alpha H range before. Waking up after using this my skin tone had evened out and some of the acne scars look smaller. I am definitely going to continue using this twice a week.
  88. Leaves face feeling smooth


    This product left my face feeling very smooth. It is nice to apply, doesn't sting and doesn't smell bad. It says on the pack to use twice a week however I am dropping back to once a week as I did get some dry patches using twice a week.
  89. Rapid Results! Overnight Bright!


    I received a premium sample of this product in an Adore Beauty Goodie Bag. I've seen this brand advertised regularly but never got around to trying it.

    I've been using this power peel for just on two weeks and IT. IS. AMAZING! My skin is clearer, brighter and fuller! I just love the results! Especially given that I'm in my early 40s with the age clock starting to tick. I'm so impress...
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  90. Leaves Skin Soft & Radiant


    I have mature age acne prone skin. I use this peel 3 nights per week and love the way it leaves my skin soft and radiant in the morning. It has helped with lightening purple scars from a recent acne outbreak.
  91. Fantastic


    Alpha H products have never really been on my radar. I tried this product on a friend’s recommendation and I’m so glad I did. I applied it in the evening before bed and woke up with glowy, glassy skin. My skin was plump and hydrated and yet my pores were so much smaller. I have spent a lot more money on products that haven’t made any noticeable difference to my skin. This product delivers, and is ...
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  92. clears texture


    Got a sample of this and I have to say, it works amazingly at clearing up hyperpigmentation! Would recommend trying it out - I got super soft skin after 2 weeks of use (texture cleared up)
  93. amazing


    This makes my skin feel nice and soft in the mornings
  94. Good


    This makes my skin feel very soft and dewy after I've used it. Feels very hydrating
  95. Amazing results!


    I use this at night and wake up with dewy soft skin that is dramatically more glowy. It improved my texture and brightness of my skin dramatically and improved my pigmentation issues. Would highly recommend to someone who wants to transform their skin!
  96. Luxe Night Peel


    I can not fault this product. After deciding to step up my skin regime, I added this power peel to my routine and have not looked back. It leaves my skin feeling radiant and smooth. Although it is quite strong, don't be afraid. It is money well spent!!!
  97. great results


    Love this. Wear it twice a week- wake up and skin colour is all consistent- ie reduces redness and patchy skin tones. I always wake up fresh faced and smooth and get compliments on my skin. Skin can get dry and flakey 2 days after use if I dont use a rosehip oil or moisturise intensely. highly recommend
  98. Immediate!


    Results are immediate! this works so well. you can see results the next morning. I love this product and I love how thick and nourishing it is, its like a balm that sinks into your skin and doesn't sit on top.
  99. LOVE IT


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  100. Good for all skin types


    A great treat for your skin! I love to use this mask 2 nights a week, and choose nights when I am late for bed, and don't have as much time to apply all the night creams and serums! This mask is great for wrinkle, acne, and skin does look rejuvenated in the morning.
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