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Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex 15 ml

3.8 of 31 reviews

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Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

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3.8 of 31 reviews

58% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Highly recommended
This is so necessary after a sleepless night, it really settles any puffiness, I purchased this for my mother too and she is also loving the product!

Most Helpful Criticism

I used this for a while but to be honest it dries quite sticky and doesn't feel pleasant through the day. It made my eyes itchy as well. I always thought it was a day eye gel but maybe it would be best used at night, I don't know.
  1. Highly recommended

    This is so necessary after a sleepless night, it really settles any puffiness, I purchased this for my mother too and she is also loving the product!
  2. Sticky

    I used this for a while but to be honest it dries quite sticky and doesn't feel pleasant through the day. It made my eyes itchy as well. I always thought it was a day eye gel but maybe it would be best used at night, I don't know.
  3. Moisture

    It really hydrates and moisturises your under eyes but I did not notice a reduction in the lines under my eyes or a reduction in the dark circles.
  4. I’d recommend it

    I’ve only recently started to notice fine lines appearing under my eyes. At first this eye product didn’t impress me, but after thinking about it, my fine lines have basically disappeared. I’m pretty young so it’s not a miracle cure but it’s doing what I need it to do.
  5. Lasts ages and really hydrates the under-eye area

    Love this eye cream. It's super moisturising and I can’t go without it. I apply it at night and in the morning results are amazing.
  6. Nice smell and feel

    This eye gel has a nice cooling effect and sinks in well and doesn't have an overwhelming smell, I kept mine in the fridge for extra depuffing. I haven't seen much in terms of line or wrinkle reduction so won't repurchase.
  7. Good

    I have dark circles so I like to use an eye cream that can help with that issue. I didn't find this eye cream to really help with that, I also would not recommend that you use this eye cream under make up as it dries down a bit sticky. However it is very hydrating and I would recommend it as a night time eye cream.
  8. Good

    I love it. It works just as it says it would. My eyes always look rested every time I use it. You don’t need much. Just a little pat on your eyelids & under the eye area. I also use it under my eyebrows. Would order it again once it’s available!
  9. It’s okay

    I have really dark under eye and this seemed to reduce that plus some of the puffiness I have. In saying that I found cheaper products that work just as well. I was using for over a year won’t be buying it again as it’s just not worth the price.
  10. okay

    I wasnt as impressed with the eye cream as the other Alpha H products. Not sure if Id recommend but I haven't used it for a really long period so ill give it a chance.
  11. Very average

    I have combination skin and I usually get dry under eyes.

    I received a sample and used it for few weeks, I used half of a pea sized and apply on under eye and then pat gently until it’s dry properly. The result hasn’t changed much but it just gave a cooling sensation and kind of moisturised my under eyes. Therefore, this eye cream is ok but I wouldn’t purchase it due to the price for such a little amount but a little goes a long way though.
  12. Feels nice but no other benefit

    This product doesn’t made my under eye feel nice but nothing else. So the product don’t do anything for me
  13. okay

    Its no miracle, but it does make your eyes feel nice and reduce some fine lines. I haven't seen any major change over the last month unlike the images shown on the internet. Dont hate it at all but not in love.
  14. Nice but not amazing

    I was hoping to love this based on reviews but after purchasing a sample size of this eye gel, I'm not really that impressed.
    It's a slightly runny gel like consistency which seems to hydrate the eye area, but I haven't found it to be anything more than a refreshing eye gel. I don't feel it's worth the price tag.
  15. Okay

    The eye complex is good and does fell lovely and like its working, but doesnt cause a really noticeable difference like it claims.
  16. love the SPF

    I have sensitive skin, so I am careful with my creams. This one was recommended by a friend and I am glad I tried it. My skin always plays up a little when I change products, but after a week of using my skin settled. There were no tingling or dryness.

    It feels soft and gentle is great before bed!
  17. No irritation

    No irritation on my sensitive eyes, most eye cream make me cry instantly or during the day as they absorb closer to my eyes. Made eye area look more awake
  18. Great Eye gel

    Very good product, reduced dark circles and fine lines almost instantly, plumped up under eye skin, Would purchase again
  19. Good

    Like most of the Alpha H range this product has an innovative application method, a tube with an angled surface with the hole in it so you just swoosh over the eye area.
  20. works well

    I am not usually one who goes for expensive (ish) eye creams but once I tried this one I was convinced. I love the consistency of the formula makes the eye area feel super hydrated. It's not oily at all which is a concern of mine as some eye creams are. My only dislike is the size and when it gets almost empty it's very hard to get the product out of the packaging. I would repurchase though.
  21. Fantastic eye gel!

    I haven’t used an eye cream/gel before but noticed now I’m a new mum the bags under my eyes and fine lines appearing. This eye gel is really soothing and feels refreshing after applying. I’ve noticed my eyes look less puffy and feel hydrated throughout the day. I use morning and evening and loving the results. I definitely would recommend this product if your looking for a soothing and hydrating eye serum.
  22. Feels good

    Have used this a few times. No difference as such yet to my eye area.

    Feels good to use though.
  23. Seems okay so far

    Feels very nice at first and I love the texture of this cream/gel. I got a very warm sensation didn't hurt but was slightly uncomfortable.
    Now it feels like it's tightened the skin I can't wait to see long term results.
  24. Cooling tip

    I like the tip which feels really nice to apply and keeps the eye area cool and help to depuff a bit in the mornings. However it doesn't seem to do too much. For the price I pay its not worth it. I much prefer my Niod eye serum which although is expensive really works!.
  25. Not for me

    I'm a 28 year old woman who adores Alpha H. Since I started using their products, my skin has never looked better, and I wanted to love this product so much. Unfortunately this eye product actually makes my under eye area look so much worse! I have no idea why this happens, I use a small amount and as directed, and I don't have particularly sensitive skin, and it is definitely more on the oily side under my eyes.
    For some reason, this gel makes my under eye area so dry looking, and actually makes it appear like I have wrinkles I didn't think I had. It is crust and really unflattering. I have read only a few other negative reviews of people who have had similar experiences, and some people seem to think that the gel is so sticky that it tugs on the skin and creates fine lines and wrinkles just from the skin being pulled and held in a different position and sort of stuck to itself.
    Others seem to have great results, so I'm not sure why I can't get this to work, but the price is far to high for me to justify repurchasing this one.
  26. Not for sensitive skin

    I have sensitive skin around my eye area and found this product too harsh for me. Its stung and caused irritation around my eye area.
    Wouldn't recommend if you have sensitive skin
  27. Great formula but couldn't continue using

    I'm in my 20's and have deep set eyes with very dark under-eye circles. This product had great reviews so I decided to try it and see if I can improve the lines and darkness. I loved the gel consistency, it was cooling and comfortable. As it started to absorb into my skin, it would become tacky (not just a little bit, a lot). This is a problem for me since my deep set eyes mean I have deep lines around my eyes when I smile. As silly as it sounds, this eye gel would stick the skin around my eyes together when I smiled and it drove me crazy. I tried using only really small amounts, or putting it on right before bed, but I still noticed it happening. I only used it for about a week, which wasn't long enough to notice any change to darkness or fine lines. I have since given it to my mum who, with a different eye shape, doesn't have the sticking problem. No word yet on whether she has noticed a difference using it.
    TL;DR - this stuck the skin together in my under-eye area when I smiled. If you don't have deep-set eyes, this will probably not be a problem for you.
  28. Best eye product

    This is the best eye product I have ever used, it tightens but it doesn't feel stiff works perfect under make up and I use it morning and night. I have noticed a reduction is lines which is amazing ❤️ this.
  29. Bit disappointed

    I began using Alpha H products around 8 months ago. I was so impressed with Liquid gold and the fast consistent results that i decided to try the cleanser, exfoliator, mask and eye cream.
    Im 34 and have normal to dry skin, but on the sensitive side.
    All have been wonderful although i feel the mask and eye serum are a bit too much. As in they are very tightening for my face.
    With this eye cream, you only need the tiniest bit and youre good to go. Immediately after dabbing it on you feel the gel really tighten and firm the eye area. It does brighten the eye area and somehow make it look taut as soon as it dries. It feels as though its really stretched out the undereye area. I only use this in the morning, as i need a more richer, more moisturising eye cream for night.
    I also find that afterwards any concealer or foundation i use tends to ball up.

    I was hoping to find an eye product i could use both day & night. Again i feel i need something more hydrating and moisturizing for night. Its not comfortable for me to use at night.
    I definitely think if you are looking for a tightening effect thats immediate and are not prone to sensitivity then this would be good.
    Being on the pricey side i dont think i will repurchase just for use in the day time.

  30. Great eye gel for use day and night

    I'm 25 years old and have been searching for an eye cream that would moisturise my eye area without the heavy, oily look of others. Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex Gel is great for fresh young skin, as it's moisturising and soothing.

    I’ve been using Alpha-H Eye Gel for 3 weeks now and have noticed a difference in the fine lines under my eyes. The skin around my eyes would also be become dry and itchy, and this gel has also solved that problem. Great eye gel.
  31. Fantastic

    This product is amazing as is the entire Alpha H line of products !
    I love it.. a tiny amount goes a long way and you can really see the difference. It truly delivers what it promises.
  32. 8 hours of sleep in a bottle!

    I get very little sleep (my work means I am up all day until unearthly hours of the night) so I'm very used to seeing dark circles and puffiness when I drag myself out of bed in the morning.

    This gel is light yet hydrating, and absorbs quickly into the skin. I use it in the morning and my eyes immediately look so much more rested and awake. The subtle shimmer does seem to reflect light away from my dark circles.

    Note that this is not a concealer, so don't expect it to erase dark circles! It is a fantastic primer for makeup, though — my concealer doesn't work as well without it.

    It may look expensive but you need the tiniest of dabs for both eyes. I've been using it for a month and I haven't made a dent in the bottle.
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