Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfol.

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Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfol. by Alpha-H


Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant is a fast absorbent lotion moisturiser which assists in the natural renewal and refinement of skin texture.

With 10% Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and brighten the skin and the added benefit of Hyaluronic Acid to lock moisture into the skin for continuous hydration, Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant eliminates the need for a separate neck cream and exfoliator.

The appearance of fine lines and scarring is diminished while age spots pigmentation fade away as this hard working moisturiser refines and beautifies your skin.

Bursting with antioxidants like Green Tea and Vitamin E to brighten and protect, and Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe skin, the Alpha-H 10% Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant does it all! Can be used day and night by normal to oily skins or combination skins; normal to dry skins can use Alpha-H Rejuvenating Cream at night.


Refer to the product images to see an Alpha-H recommended skincare routine for Combination Skin. 


Aqua, Glycolic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Potassium Hydroxide, Cetyl Alcohol, Cyclomethicone, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Sorbitol, Ceteth-20, Stearic Acid, Peg-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearyl Heptanoate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolysed Collagen, Tocopheryl Acetate, Menthol, Piroctone Olamine, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract.


Apply Alpha-H 10% Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant to cleansed skin, gently massaging in an upward circular motion. Avoid using around eyes if sensitive; otherwise, use sparingly. In the morning, follow with Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser 30+ or for drier skins, Alpha-H Ultra Protector SPF30+ to protect against sun damage.

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Reviews (17)
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Best moisturiser I have ever used. - 17-01-2018 by

I am always unsure using moisturisers with such a combination skin and oily T zone, I tend to find some products too greasy and leaving me with more breakouts than I started.

I purchased Alphah Balancing Moisturiser with a sense of caution, but I had nothing to lose as the last brand I purchased ended up in the bin and I was in need of something new. So far its been amazing. I feel my skin is soft and has a dewy finish but not greasy. It leaves my skin tingly for the first few minutes and then it feels hydrated. I put a bit extra on at night on my neck. I have been alternating between this and they hydrating gel as its summer, but I can't wait till winter to put this on and see how well it takes care of dry spots!

One for keeps! - 18-09-2017 by

I've got combination skin with breakouts in the past but I noticed my skin tends to be abit drying now instead of oily as I aged. Regardless, I've been using AHA products for many years as it helps to control breakouts/acne.
I needed to change moisturizer with AHA as I've been using my current one for many years and feel that I need a change. I finally found this with the same content of AHA level.
Just started using it for nearly 2 weeks and am loving it! There's a very very slight tingling/cooling effect when I apply it but it goes away very quickly. I actually enjoy the feeling as it's telling me the product is at work. It feels abit thick when applying initially but it's not greasy and it absorbs into the skin immediately.
Skin feels soft afterwards. Will purchase again! :)

Alpha-h products are my new skincare everything - 12-09-2017 by

I love this moisturiser, it can be a little harsh if you have used the liquid gold, but if you just use one of their face washes and then this it feels amazing. I wake up with brighter skin. It's also helped a lot with my small amount of acne scarring (I don't have a lot of it but the scars are quite deep and this is literally plumping them out. I honestly cannot believe that every Alpha-H product lives up to its claims (for me anyway). I have spend thousands of dollars on my skin trying to fix the scaring (with skin needling and fillers - the skin needling did help but the fillets just ended up desolving over time). This skin care range has changed my whole face. I would 100% reccomded this. Think about what your skin needs and you can even go to the website and look into the products more and find what you think you need and then come back to Adore Beauty and buy them, start with one or two products and build that's what I did and then I kept adding and adding and I don't get any facials done anymore (I use to get them done monthly) and no more chemical peels. It's by far the best skincare range on the market and even better it's AUSTRALIAN OWNED!!!!

A special moisturiser! - 10-06-2016 by

I really enjoy using this product! My skin feels great! It is SUPER fast absorbing so you do not need to warm the product in your hands first!

Not what I expected - 17-08-2015 by

I purchased this from a recommendation from a friend. It didn't do for me what I thought it would. I previously used SKII stem power which is great, but they are so different. Doesn't feel like it moisturisers enough for my liking.

Great product - 23-10-2014 by

I am currently using this moisturiser in combination with the Alpha H Face the day kit and my skin is feeling amazing.
My skin is combination and has dry patches as well as really oily sections, I have noticed that it is more balanced, not as oily anymore or dry for that matter. Very happy customer.

Perfect moisturiser for me - 24-06-2014 by

I still have combination skin in my 50's , and when researching a suitable moisturiser especially for oily areas I found this one and I love it. So true that a little bit goes a very long way. Thank you Alpha-H and Adore Beauty.

Radiance! - 26-03-2014 by

WOW - I have recently started using this as my night cream, and I've instantly fallen in love! A little goes a long way. I wake in the morning to glowing and radiant skin. My congestion has reduced already and my skin feels smooth to the touch. I would be hesitant to use this in the morning due to the AHAs, and wear my sunscreen religiously as it makes the skin more sensitive to UV damage (Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF30+) with additional SPF top ups throughout the day. I have combination skin, and the lightweight consistency works perfectly for me.

Amazing! - 03-11-2013 by

Absolutely amazing! I've never been so excited to see my skin clear up and my complexion become brighter, and I've only been using it for a week!
My skin isn't terrible... But a bit congested on the forehead and hormonal acne that just doesn't seem to want to go away. For some reason (this year) my skin has just started to want to stay like this forever.. until now! I started using it every second night by swapping my regular night moisturiser for this one. I didn't know how my skin would react to the glycolic acid, so I thought by having a break every second night I can assess how my skin is taking to it. My skin loves it! I wake up and my skin is soft and complexion is brighter.
I'm excited to see how my skin will look after using this moisturiser long term.

Great daily moisturiser - 24-09-2012 by

I love this moisturiser as a daily. It is light and absorbs into my skin instantly. I have quite oily skin and have used this one for years. I have not found another on the market that works quite so well. I would highly recommend it. And as with all Alhph H products, a little goes a long way.

Essential - 07-06-2011 by

I was introduced to this by a friend, and now I cannot live without it. I love this product, my dry skin is now smooth and my scars have minimised. My skin felt great within the first week of using it and it goes back to being dull if I stop. I''m not a massive fan of the price, but I love it too much not to have!

- 28-07-2009 by

This is an update to my last review. I found this irritated my skin over regular use which is odd as other Alpha H products with glycolic are fine with my skin. Also did little to improve my complexion. A little goes a lonmg way so great value but it did make my skin shiny and as mentioned in my initial review I prefer a product with more antioxidant/vitamin inclusions.

- 23-06-2009 by

This is lovely and lightweight - not at all irritating on my sometimes sensitive skin. Only drawback for me is that I prefer my moisturizers to have inbuilt vitamins/antioxidants which this does not have.

- 22-06-2009 by

I love this product! The first time that I tried it, I quickly discovered that a little goes a long way and the amount that I squeezed out to do my face did that plus my neck, chest area and the back of my hands. Due to its extremely light texture, I didn't think that this would be moisturising enough for my skin in the cold weather but I was pleasantly surprised and it certainly was hydrating enough. This product has made a huge difference to the texture of my skin, particularly on my neck where I din't usually use any active ingredients. I think that this will definitely become a must-have product in my collection!

- 22-11-2008 by

This didn't work for me. I was looking for something for breakout prone skin but unfortunately my skin didn't adapt well to this product causing redness and sensitivity and just generally feeling unsettled.

- 26-08-2008 by

For me this feels more like a 'treatment' than a moisturiser, even though it does moisturise nicely. The glycolic makes my skin prickle a little, but that only lasts for a couple of minutes. The cream itself feels a little greasy but I have only ever used it at night so it hasn't been a problem. It leaves my skin looking great the next day. One tube has lasted me nearly a year (although I don't use it every day). I would repurchase this for times when skin feels a little dull or congested.

- 10-07-2008 by

Oh dear, I'm the only dissenting voice on this one. Didn't work for me unfortunately - caused breakouts and flakiness. A shame, because I love Alpha-h! Fantastic that it works for other people though, good products are hard to find!

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