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Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque 120ml 120ml

4.4 of 85 reviews


4 instalments of $15.00

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4 instalments of $15.00

Or 4 instalments of $15.00 with LEARN MORE

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Deep cleansing clay masque for most skin types. This clarifying masque should be used weekly, or more often on oily skins, and is an excellent refresher for clogged or abused skin.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque 120ml Reviews

4.4 of 85 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Received as a sample... I absolutely love this product. The masque provides a tightening sensation after 10-15 minutes, once it has dried up. After rinsing it off, it leaves my skin smooth and fresh.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells good and leaves skin refreshed


To be honest, I think I’m just a sucker for the smell of this. I sometimes use this when I want a little pick-me-up for the skin. I don’t really know if it’s doing anything, but it sure does smell good and my skin always feels clean and refreshed after using it.
  1. Smells good and leaves skin refreshed


    To be honest, I think I’m just a sucker for the smell of this. I sometimes use this when I want a little pick-me-up for the skin. I don’t really know if it’s doing anything, but it sure does smell good and my skin always feels clean and refreshed after using it.


    Received as a sample... I absolutely love this product. The masque provides a tightening sensation after 10-15 minutes, once it has dried up. After rinsing it off, it leaves my skin smooth and fresh.


    I first tried this mask as a sample and I WAS AMAZED. It smelt beautiful and my skin was left feeling super plump and soft.
  4. Fantastic for problem skin/acne


    I hardly ever write a review, but felt that I had to with this product. My daughter has acne prone skin; I have never found a better product for acne. She puts it on and leaves it for 30-40 minutes and it has almost been miraculous in terms of what it does; her skin is glowing. I really felt to share this with others, so that you know how good this product is. Absolutely sensational!
  5. Love this!


    One of my fave masks. It shrinks my pores and leaves my skin clean and supple. Tingles a little at first but leaves me with the cleanest skin. Highly recommend for slightly oilier skin.
  6. Super Deep Cleansing Mask


    This mask does what it's supposed to. Deeply cleansing the skin and really purifying it. I will say it can get tight at times, and sting a little bit. So for me it's a once a week treatment or on occasion that I need to deeply cleanse the skin.
  7. Fresh


    This mask has a lovely scent that's not too overpowering. I've received a couple of samples and used it, it's really cleansing, didn't strip my skin and left my skin feeling fresh. A little expensive for me but I reckon would be worth it!
  8. Highly recommend


    Like all Aesop products, it smelt amazing! Quite expensive but a nice treat, left my skin feeling fresh and clean.
  9. Lovely mask


    I received a few samples of this product and I really enjoyed using this mask. It has a lovely scent (as per all Aesop products), and my skin felt super clean and soft after use. It's great for me as I have normal/dry skin so I don't need a heavy detoxing mask, however this still gives a great clean feeling without stripping the skin.
  10. Will repurchase


    I have very congested black head prone skin, so need to use a mask 1 -2 days a week. I also have sensitive skin, and have tried so many masks that leave my skin red and rashy after... This mask does not do that and is gentle enough to use a couple times a week.

    It is also super effective, it draws the gunk out and helps me keep on top of my blocked pores...will definitely repurchase....
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  11. Good for men too


    My husband who has oily skin enjoys this. Although he generally hates skincare I can get him to do a mask occasionally. It’s purifying and leaves his skin clean. I wouldn’t use too often as the clay can be a bit drying.
  12. Aesop Facial Cleansing Masque


    The Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque gives your face a deep clean! It tingles at the beginning but that's when you know it's working. After you clean it off your face feels super clean. Great product to use after a weekend of heavy makeup!
  13. Lovely


    A great product that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean!
  14. Doesn't break me out


    Cleans my pores out really well, doesn't break me out and doesn't cause any redness.
  15. Very refreshing


    I got a sample of this mask with my recent adore beauty order. I doubled cleansed before I applied it and I found the masque very refreshing, especially with all the make up and sunscreen I have been wearing recently, my skin has been a bit congested. I really recommend this to anyone looking to freshen up their complexion!
  16. Cleaning and not drying


    This mask is lovely, really nice to apply, smells good and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and taut afterwards. My skin feels cleansed and refreshed afterwards.
  17. Great basic mask


    Nice face mask. Left my face feeling soft and smooth, no irritation. Wouldn’t say it brightened my skin or helped with spots, but gives more of a freshen up.
  18. feeling fresh


    I have only used this masque once - but am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow (aiming for once a week). It stung when I first put it on for about 60 seconds. So I was a little concerned -but decided to stick with it. After a minute or so the stinging stopped and I kept it on without any issue for 15 minutes. I love to see how a masque dries to see how its working. I could see it was soak...
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  19. Tightening mask


    Apply a thin later, initially I got a slight burning sensation to my face before the clay began to dry - leaving on for approx 15 minutes! After washing my face, my face felt tightened and looked clean. Received a sample to test, would likely use again
  20. Refreshing and gentle


    I received a sample of this mask and enjoyed the way it felt on my skin. It smelt great, didn't cause any irritation and had a pleasant firming effect. It was easy to remove and it made my skin feel rejuvenated. A nice pampering treat!
  21. Good cleansing mask


    Got a sample of this. Good cleansing mask.
  22. A good & thick moisture for combined dry skin


    It is suitable for me in winter cause I am combined dry. although it feels thick, it can be absorbed quickly and hydrate. I would recommend if you have the combined dry skin, otherwise it may be too oily or less hydrate.
    But it does not contain SPF, so I do not use it now.
  23. GLOW


    Love this masque! After I use this I literally glow, my skin is also clear and it balances oil. However, there are definitely other masques I would choose over this one, thus, I will not repurchase. This product is good for someone who wants something simple and a little pick me up as it doesn't have many ingredients and all ingredients are very gentle on the skin.
  24. Great if your skin is feeling oily


    A lovely cleansing mask and really does help if your skin is oily, feeling hormonal, have any pimples, pores or grease issues. I use twice a week and it really helps clear my skin
  25. Beautiful but not the best for dry skin types


    This cleansing masque left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, and it has a really lovely, relaxing smell to it. However, after a few minutes my skin became increasingly tight. I have pretty dry/sensitive skin - so not the best if you need hydration from your mask. Recommend it otherwise!
  26. not that great


    I found this tingled a little bit when I put it on, also it didn't exfoliate or cleanse like I was hoping it to
  27. Clay mask


    Lovely smooth feeling clay mask. Has a strong herbal scent (which I love). I do find that I can not exfoliate or deep cleanse before using this or it does sting a little for a minute or two when first applying.
  28. a good product


    I use it twice a week and my skin looks better. It seems can be used for a long time.
  29. wanted to love :(


    I love aesop but this is a no from me. It smells gorgeous and goes on nicely, but left my face so red and bumpy on the cheeks. I have quite average skin, slightly combo, but not super oily or dry and I was so sad to remove the mask and have my skin feel dry and tbh sore and aggravated. It smells soooo good though but I just wouldn't use it again after having that experience. It lasted for a few da...
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  30. Average face mask


    I've used a number of face masks and generally really like Aesop products. I have normal-dry skin and found this mask to be too harsh on my skin. It stung a little when I used it and it left a little bit of dryness around my cheek area. Maybe more suitable for people with oilier skin types
  31. Too strong for teenager


    I bought this mask for my daughter who is only 14, she finds it too harsh on her skin. Then, I started using it, I find it doesn’t dry out my breakout, no improvement on my congested skin. Once I finish the bottle will not repurchase.
  32. Good


    I really like how long this clay mask lasts. Comes in a cute glass jar packaging and a small amount goes a long way.
  33. lovely product


    a very light cleansing mask, leaves my skin so soft and clean after, texture is just a bit thick though but overall, really really good!
  34. great scent


    I love the scent of primrose but I'm not sure if this masque really cleanses my face effectively. will give it a few more tries but at this stage i don't think i'd repurchase
  35. Great decongestant


    This clay mask is pretty good! I don’t have blemish prone skin at the moment but it does help clear my pores! It isn’t too messy for a mud mask - I received it as a sample. I’m not sure I’d purchase it, only because my skin (dehydration and fine lines with some pigmentation) benefits from other masks.
  36. Smooth Clay


    I like to use this on days that I dont exfoliate (or it can sting a little) and it has this beautiful smooth consistency that doesn't seem to irritate my skin like other clay foundations. It also doesn't dry with that terrible chalky flakey clay feeling. I usually only need to use the tiniest amount it goes a long way.
  37. Helped clear my acne and redness


    This masque has been so great at helping clear up my acne. It has reduced my redness and breakouts after beginning to use it 2 times a week.
  38. Soaks up oil


    I was a little hesitant to spend $60 on a mud face mask but glad I did because this has lasted me months and im still going. A tiny bit goes a long way and I only use it on my problem areas on my chin and nose. Its smooth and really seems to draw out the oil.
  39. still on the fence


    I adore Aesop's range as it's all natural! I wasn't as impressed with this product as I thought that I would be. I have extremely oily skin and it didn't assist with producing less oil over time. I would recommend others to get cheaper clay masks on the market!
  40. Great for oily skin


    I have pretty clear skin but constantly get breakouts on my chin, mainly blind pimples from excess oil. I use this as a mask on my nose and chin ONLY because it does have a slight tingle and burn/heat for a minute initially. Its super smooth and easy to apply and really draws out all the oil and makes my pores feel cleansed and tight. Really happy with it. I use a more hydrating facial at the same...
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  41. Gets it done


    Unlike most masks this was really easy to apply and remove. Its smooth and even when dry easily wipes off. I usually use a brush to apply and leave for 10-15 minutes. Skin feels tight and cleansed after.
  42. Nice therapeutic mask


    I tried a sample of this out in one of my recent orders, I loved the scent, a herbal rose/orange fragrance. It was easy to apply, and I actually found the tingling when you initially apply quite satisfying it felt like it was getting deep into my pores.

    However I didn’t notice anything miraculous afterwards like I have with other masks I own, not a smoother or more refined complexion...
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  43. In two minds


    Pros of this product are: It smells good, it applies very smoothly in a nice thin layer, when it dries it shows where the oil has been drawn out of the pores (so satisfying), it’s not too drying, it does clear pores a little bit.
    Cons are: It BURNS for the first 2-5 minutes after applying, its expensive, it clears pores but only minorly (even after multiple uses), and alcohol denat is the fo...
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  44. Smooth


    Unlike most masks this was really easy to apply and remove. Its smooth and even when dry easily wipes off. I usually use a brush to apply and leave for 10-15 minutes. Skin feels tight and cleansed after.
  45. Lovely smooth clay mask


    Smooth textured clay mask. Has a nice herbal rose scent. Easy to apply and to take off because its so smooth and thin. The jar is quite large so lasts for such a long time even when using daily.
  46. One of my fave masks!


    This is one of the only masks that I notice a big difference with my skin after every use. Although it is a clay mask it doesn’t harden too much or feel too drying. When I wash it off my skins feels so smooth and soft and really helps to heal breakouts and calm the skin. I actually find this mask more effective for acne than the Chamomile Anti Blemish mask from Aesop. And a little goes a long way,...
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  47. Love this to bits


    This masque has a beautiful cooling feel to it. I would also have cucumber slices on my eyes and allow a good 20 minute lie down. The smell is just divine, like at a beauty treatment salon. It leave my skin supple and feeling really clean. Tip: keep in fridge for summer use. It feels amazing!
  48. Not Messy!


    Although I quite like the feeling of my skin after a clay mask, sometimes the messiness of it deters me from using it as often as I would like to. However with this mask, I found that unlike other clay masks ive tried, the mask dries very quickly and spreads to a very thin layer on the skin (almost invisible). Removal of the mask was also very easy without any residue left over. Although my skin d...
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  49. Skin felt plump and tight afterwards


    This mask really made my skin feel so cleansed and plump and tight afterwards. It does have a little bit of a tingly sensation on the skin when first applied but that goes away after a few minutes. Has a really nice rose herbal scent to it and consistency is like a smooth creamy clay. I apply this nightly before bed and loving the results.
  50. Best mask ever!!


    This is hands down my most favourite mask from any brand and second favourite Aesop product, gives a superior clean and smells absolutely divine! The clay pulls the oil from your skin and helps keep congestion at bay. It does tingle, so I would only use a light layer to start with first then build up from there. I use in conjunction with the chamomile anti blemish mask, which is not as strong as t...
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  51. Great


    t's the best cleansing masque I've ever used. Leaves my skin gentle, soft and my skin looks brighter after usage. I will keep using it!
  52. Not for sensitive skin


    I love all of the AESOP facials - from the herbal scent to the smooth texture. Be aware that this facial has a bit of a hit or a sting to it at fist and I would not recommend to anyone with sensitive skin.
  53. Daily mask


    Lovely daily mask - skin feels tighter and cleansed after leaving on for 10 minutes and rinsing. Beautiful herbal scent.
  54. Cleansing


    I usually dont like clay facials because they irritate my skin and leave that horrible gritty feeling while drying. Not this one. Its super smooth and silky and applies nicely. Has a beautiful natural herbal aroma to it. The jar is really decent size too. I usually apply after a light cleanse of the skin and BEFORE exfoliating because it can sting a little on my skin using it after.
  55. Firming and Cleansing


    I would describe this facial as 'firming' and 'cleansing'. The consistency is like a smooth mud facial but it doesn't have that irritating feeling, it actually felt really smooth and soothing on the skin. Has a beautiful herbal/rose scent to it. The jar was quite a big size and I have found I dont need a lot of product to cover my entire face so I think it will last months. 10/10.
  56. Firming


    I decided to try this product after purchasing the 'Chamomile Aesop' facial and loving it. Just has happy with this one - really firming and cleansing feel to it. Doesn't irritate my skin either. Really happy with it.
  57. Firming and cleansing


    I've been using this facial daily now for the past week and love it. It has a smooth mud consistency and applied really easily to my skin - didn't have to use heaps of product either. The jar was quite big so I was happy. My skin feels so firm and refreshed after every use and it leaves that nice clean feeling. Has a nice rose/herbal scent to it.


    I have been using this masque for about a month now and have noticed a huge difference! As someone with bad acne this has caused my skin to look and feel really smooth and my acne is much more calm and less enflamed. it’s also is super easy to rinse off and doesn’t feel tight when it’s dry.
  59. Wonderful Masque


    This cleansing masque is wonderful and makes my skin feel beautiful. I would recommend this product if you really wanted to treat your skin.
  60. Refreshing


    So great for those with congested skin. Leaves the skin super refreshed and nourished
  61. Pretty good


    A super refreshing mask that makes my skin feel amazing! Love the smell too
  62. Lovely


    My face felt clean and 'lifted' after this, it definitely was looking rested and my pores had reduced in size.. worth the purchase.
  63. Enjoyed


    I thoroughly enjoyed this clay mask as it noticeably cleansed and purified my skin, particularly my nose region. As it dried, you could see it drawing out the impurities where there had been congestion. It was strangely satisfying to watch. After removal of the mask I used the Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment oil which proved a winning combination for me as I have dry skin.
  64. Beautiful fragrance


    This masque smells beautiful and definitely gives you a nice deep clean. I did find it to be drying though unfortunately. My skin is already dry so I think this would be better suited to oily, normal or combination skin. I would buy this as a gift though.
  65. leaves skin nice and soft


    I love this mask. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean after every use, not ever overdrying my face too. Will recommend if you have oily skin
  66. Love it


    This mask is recommended to me by friends because I always complain about dry skin. Skin is sooo soft and more radiant after using this mask. Will repurchase!
  67. Good


    This is great for a deep clean. I have a slightly oily T and slightly dry cheeks but this product always leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh all over. This isn't too harsh for me at all even in winter (I use it once a week as this is all I need). I also love the scent so it feels quite indulging when I use this. I will definitely repurchase.
  68. Love this masque!


    Tried this for the first time today and I already love it. I usually don’t go for clay masks because they can get a little irritant but this one didn’t. My skin just felt fresh and plump. Would definitely recommend.
  69. yum


    It's the best cleansing masque I've ever used. Leaves my skin gentle, soft and my skin looks brighter after usage. I will keep using it!
  70. Nothing spesh


    Surprised by the rave reviews here tbh. This masque has never done much for me by way of treating congestion. I got it as a gift and I use it when I feel like being posh, at most I'd say it makes my skin a little brighter. There are much better masques out there for deeper cleansing (without drying), especially at this price point.
  71. My favourite masque


    This masque really makes my skin feel great! I have very oily skin and this masque works wonders. It really cleans my pores but doesn't feel like my skin has been stripped like many other masques do.
  72. Loved it


    I loved this product. Never been disappointed by any of Aēsop’s stuff. Skin felt amazing and a tiny bit goes a long way. Love love love it
  73. Sweet and gentle


    I really enjoy this mask. The smell of the ingredients is just beautiful. As I put it on it is relaxing and the sensation of the mask is cool and gentle. It does not go tingly on my skin just very comfortable. I generally have red skin so I do this mask once a week. You only need the smallest amount for your face a neck so the jar lasts a long time. I wish it came with an applicator as I fee...
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  74. Such a nice mask


    This mask is fresh and cleansing. It refreshes the face without drying the skin at all. It has a strong but natural smell. The pot lasts for ages.
  75. Midweek Mask Ritual


    I have combination skin so usually benefit from using a clay mask. This one is no different! It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean without completely stripping me of my natural oils. Like all of the products from Aesop, the products smells delightful and is a little bit of luxury for throughout the week.
  76. Love it!


    I have not used masques for years as I find them drying generally. I received a sample of this and just knew I had to have it. I have problems with blocked pores and felt that after using this product once, my skin was so refreshed! It is a large jar that will last for ages as you only need a small amount - this is what sold it for me as I think its quite expensive. Another point to make is that a...
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  77. Fresh as a daisy!


    I have pale, ultra sensitive skin. And I mean ULTRA sensitive.

    I'm allergic to every generic brand skin care and have had reactions so bad from "sensitive skin friendly natural etcetc" products before that I had to be prescribed health department approved creams for my face, eyes and neck in order to make it somewhat bearable and take down any swelling and irritated rashes.
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    I got a sample of this with an order and I loved it so much I bought a large jar. My skin felt soft and smooth after using this product, it smells great! I've gone as far as giving my mum and a friend of mine a sample of it out of my own jar to share the love!
  79. Anonymous

    A fabulous cleansing mask. After using, my skin feels clear, clean but still soft. Plus, it's green, which I think is ideal for a face mask! Handy tip: pop a smidge on a pimple before going to bed and in the morning, the pimple will be smaller.
  80. Anonymous

    I received a free sample of this and really liked it. I was hesitant to buy this as it's pricey...but after using the product for a few weeks my skin has really changed, it's very smooth and less congested. The mask smells divine and it doesn't dry your skin out or leave residue like other clay masks. Would probably buy again as I can't resist it!
  81. Anonymous

    Very deep cleaning clay masque which works very well. It is however, very drying so it's important to moisturise well afterwards. It reminds me of the Blackmores masque which was huge in the 90s, in fact if you put it in a Blackmores tub, I'd think it was the same one! It works really well however I don't think it's worth it for the price when you could just go and buy some kaolin clay and es...
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  82. Anonymous

    Wow this mask cleared up my breakouts fast. Leaves the skin feeling clean yet soft. Don't need to apply a thick layer like some masks and it smells pleasant unlike others I have used. Will be purchasing again.
  83. Anonymous

    An okay clay mask. Unfortunately I found I was sensitive to Geranium after using this product, so experienced itching and burning. As always, lovely packaging, this will last you for ages!
  84. Anonymous

    I use this mask as a spot treatment as I choose not to believe that there will ever be a better mask then my beloved Alpha-H clay mask, but as an overnight spot treatment this is fantastic!! Clears the spot up dramatically and will go within 1 to 2 days. I am going to buy a bottle of this just for this purpose.
  85. Anonymous

    Lovely masque! My skin felt very clean and refreshed after using this and it helped keep the oilies at bay all day!The clay is very smooth and goes on super easy,dries very fast but doesn't give you that tight,itchy feeling that some can.
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