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Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque 60ml

4.6 of 183 reviews


4 instalments of $11.75

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4 instalments of $11.75

Or 4 instalments of $11.75 with LEARN MORE

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Fast acting, purifying masque to combat unwelcome blemishes.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque Reviews

4.6 of 183 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Pretty fantastic masque


Love this one, have repurchased multiple times. Nice to apply, smells great. I don't have an extremely blemish prone face but for what is there seems to be cleared out and feels smoother.

Most Helpful Criticism

Great blemish product


Good to use when your skin is breaking out and also prevents blemishes!
  1. Not for sensitive dry skin


    I received this as a sample and know Aesop to be a quality brand. Unfortunately this product actually irritated my sensitive dry skin making it even drying. I had to remove it pretty quickly after application. I appreciate Adore Beauty providing samples like this which is great to try & discover whether to purchase or not.
  2. A nice treat


    I recently received a sample of this aromatic mask. It felt quite soothing on my skin, and I was surprised that it didn't cause any dryness like a lot of other clay masks tend to do. I don't have any blemishes currently, so I can't comment on its anti-pimple properties, but this mask would be a good one to have in your stash for when mask acne strikes!
  3. Bye pimples


    Very good for breakouts and acne. Has all the right natural ingredients without over doing it
  4. Pretty fantastic masque


    Love this one, have repurchased multiple times. Nice to apply, smells great. I don't have an extremely blemish prone face but for what is there seems to be cleared out and feels smoother.
  5. Comfortable but not that useful


    This is the most comfortable clay mask that I have ever used. The texture is a bit laminar and it contains sufficient moisture, so I did not feel dry or tight after using like most of other types of clay masks. However, it seems not that helpful with extracting the oil from the pores. Not that strong but yeah we should balance hydration and cleanse. I used 1-1.5 time per week in average and I shou...
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  6. wow


    verified purchaser
    this face masks does everything it states in the title. i had a few blemishes and after one use of this they were dramatically reduced and not red and inflamed. this is a go to of mine now


    verified purchaser
    As someone with very sensitive skin I am always very cautious about clay masks as they dry out my skin. But this mask is a miracle! It soothed my skin and the redness of my breakout was reduced after just one use. This is the best clay mask I have ever used, and the price is definitely worth it.
  8. nature best friend


    Overall it is good dripping. After using it, it is tender and tender. It feels real not greasy and easy to absorb. I look forward to the effect of long-term use. It is very good! Like~
  9. Great product


    deep cleansing & smoothing, great for acne skin, loving the natural herbal scent of Aesop product
  10. LOVE


    I love this as an overnight spot treatment, although as a mask I definitely feel my skin is calmer/less red afterwards as well. Seems pricey for the size but lasts AGES
  11. Absolute lifesaver


    Arrived just in time! Recently having a lot of breakout, immediately have 2 spot treatments and wow the redness subsided and seem to have act on it as it become drier now.
    Was skeptical and hesitated to purchase in the beginning based on the price per gram you get in this product but after using it, I must say I am pleased with it as it is really calming and smell good too.
  12. Small but mighty


    I was wondering how effective this would be and was worried about the price initially however I use it as a spot treatment and once in a while I use it all over the face and redness is reduced and a glow is visible! Very nice mask with clean ingredients!
  13. Great blemish product


    Good to use when your skin is breaking out and also prevents blemishes!
  14. Works Great!


    I've never had a product that has continued to work on my skin, I usually get breakouts and dry skin. However, I've been using this product for 2 weeks and my hypersensitive skin has not reacted and I'm happy to say that this stuff actually works. This clay mask is quite gentle enough that I could use it every second day with no problems. When you apply the mask it will harden and you will be abl...
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  15. Calming


    This is a gentle mask that I found helpful in calming my skin. I didn't see any radical changes in my skin but felt like it was nice addition to my skincare routine.
  16. Great Mask


    Love the feel of this mask. I use it as both an all over face mask and an overnight spot treatment for new pimples. It's calming and dries out pimples but doesn't seem to over dry the skin. Skin feels soft afterwards.
  17. really like it


    Smells super good and I feel that if my skin is starting to break out or become oily, if i apply it at night and rinse it off, my skin looks a lot better the day after
  18. Started using on underarms... love it


    After using this on my face for a few months and liking it, I decided to use this as a mask for my underarms as I started using a natural deodorant and the transition process is... rough. I love it a multi use mask!
  19. blemish masque


    as someone who struggles with acne a lot, this mask is an absolute lifesaver. It's still gentle and calming but it dries out my pimples and draws them to the surface. Can't recommend enough
  20. Calming


    This felt nice on my face and wasn't overly drying. It calmed my skin, especially my acne. I used it as an all over mask.
  21. My blemishes disappeared


    I received this as a sample and using it when I noticed a few angry red pimples popping up. This mask took away all redness and dried out the pimples. Would be great as a spot treatment, but is not too drying to be used as an all over face mask. Will definitely be purchasing!
  22. Nice for the dry skin


    This is the second bottle that I got.
    It’s nice for dry skin, I didn’t feel so dry after wash it off
    And I like the texture, u just need to use very slight layer on your face.
    I think it’s better than K/ Ori.. brand.
  23. nature ingredients


    really good mask helps to calm the acne prone skin, i use like a spot treatment as well, helps to heals the pimple without drying the skin, love it.
  24. Great mask for blemishes


    This is a great mask for blemishes! It stings a little but you can tell it improves the severity of the appearance of acne and breakouts. The only downside is that I fear it is a little Too drying for my skin (normal to combination oil). If you have oily skin, this is definitely for you.
  25. My go to for breakouts


    I received a sample of this and was pleasantly surprised that it worked really well on my hormonal breakouts. I'm in my 40's and have been experiencing occasional but horrible hormonal acne. I use this mostly as a spot fix and keep it on overnight - by the morning the redness has gone down - but not disappeared. It's not a miracle cream but it does a great job.
  26. lovely


    my skin has been freaking out the last couple of months with some quite angry spots. i read all the reviews and chose this aesop masque, and so far no regrets. it's super gentle and calming, tingles a touch when put on but nothing too bad. i have also been applying it to my spots overnight and i can definitely notice the difference in the morning. really enjoying this and excited to keep using!
  27. Like it but be careful


    When I initially used this product, I would use it as all over mask once a week which worked nice. I would always apply a thick moisturiser afterwards though because trust me, you'll need it. I then started getting a really bad breakout from another product and started using this as more of a spot treatment mask... Nice in theory but I think I overdid it because I broke out even more. I think my s...
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  28. really good


    When I use clay masks I tend to get burning sensations and redness. This masks did give a tingling feel on my first use but there were no redness. In fact, the bumps appeared calmer and my skin felt clean and soft.
  29. gives skin a deep clean


    this gives my skin a deep clean and leaves it feeling fresh. Not sure if it really helps with blemishes though
  30. Great for acne!


    I love this one! It smells so nice and fresh and it really helps with breakouts. I have a couple of these!
    And you don't feel dry after use either! Love it!
  31. Pimples be gone!


    I received this as a sample recently and decided to instead of use it as an all over mask, to use it on specific spots/pimples on my face I want cleared up. I put it on any spots and pimples before I go to bed and then wash it off in the morning and the pimples have greatly reduced and/or gone altogether. Great product and would definitely consider purchasing in the future.
  32. Excellent


    I love this mask.
    I’ve got dry combo skin and it’s hard to find masks to clear out and purify it without drying it out. A delicate balance indeed. This mask does it beautifully.

    No tight or dry feeling later. Just soft and supple skin that feels very clean but not artificially stripped and tight. The scent is wonderful, it dries quickly, it’s easy to use. And the pot lasts for...
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  33. Amazing!


    I got this in a sample, and tried it out when I had a HUGE blind pimple coming through on my chin. Could not BELIEVE how much it cleared my skin up, and all traces of the pimple were gone the next day. It is definitely super stripping and drying so like others I would recommend a quality moisturiser after using, but it smelt amazing and left my skin feeling wonderful. I also have slightly sensitiv...
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  34. Nice


    This was a free sample in one of my orders. The mask was not drying or harsh and left my skin feeling clean but not striped. However I prefer my aspect clay mask.
  35. One of the best Masque for blemish skin

    Julie Bui

    I tried a sample of this product and fell in love with it.
    My skin feels deeply cleaned after using this product and the skin doesn't feel dry at all

    Love Aesop
  36. Soothing


    This makes my skin feel nice and soothed, while drawing out any impurities within. Love the smell also
  37. Glowing skin


    This is such a nice, cooling and cleansing sensation. I love relaxing with this on and it makes my skin so nice
  38. Soothing


    My skin felt hydrated and soft after using this mask! Camomile is the best
  39. So far so good

    Claudia LR

    I used this product 3 times and I really like the feeling of my skin afterwards. My skin irritations got better so I definitely recommend it.
  40. Nothing special


    I used a sample of this product and didn't notice any changes to my skin. I have cheaper anti-blemish serums and masks that do a better job.
  41. Improves skin in a day


    I have sensitive, and acne-prone skin and this mask calm it down the next day after using. Already on my second jar and would definitely buy again
  42. Chamomile is great for sensitive skin!


    I am the biggest fan of using skincare products with chamomile and this product certainly does not disappoint. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and this product make such a difference to my skin. It is very luxurious and great for a pamper session.
  43. great for acne prone skin


    this mask has helped with my acne so much and i can see a huge difference when i use it. Definitely recommend!
  44. Nice and natural


    Received as sample.
    Will definitely purchase.
    Loved the feeling of my skin after.
    Aesop beautiful , natural products.
    Thumbs up.
  45. Nice and gentle mask


    I found this mask a nice more natural alternative to other masks. I did not find it drying or harsh in any way. It left my skin feeling clean but not tight. Not sure if it prevented any breakouts but I did like the way it left my skin feeling
  46. Aesop does it again!


    Love this mask, cleans and clear skin. Less redness of blemishes after use, and like all other aesop products it smells amazing!
  47. nice mask


    Received a sample of this. Good for reducing blemishes. My skin is clean and brighter after using it.
  48. Great for oily skin


    Nourishing and soft on my pimple-prone skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it!
  49. Good


    The product suits for all skin type. It cools the acne skin and make it less infected, helps recover sooner. The smell is also nice. Easily applied on face and easily to wash off. Highly recommended.
  50. good masque


    A good mask which helps clear blemishes and stops new ones from emerging
  51. Works like magic


    This works like MAGIC. My breakouts have definitely been reduced since using this regularly for about 4 months
  52. Bright and Clean Skin!


    I've received two samples in my last two orders and saw an immediate difference - brighter, clearer skin, smaller pores, no blemishes! I'll definitely be purchasing a full size of this baby.
  53. Free sample?


    I recieved a free sample of this and it hooked me. The luxurious feel of this mask and the ease of washing it off ticked all the boxes for me. I could feel it tightening my skin and cleaning it and any dryness i felt afterwards was quickly solved with some moisturiser. Yassss buy it
  54. Not for all skin types


    I received a sample of this & the masque was nice, it felt sitting on my skin however it left my skin dry around my mouth area so I'm not sure I would use it for my skin type (oily but sometimes dry around the mouth).
  55. Hero Product.


    Love this. My skin has never looked so clear, I literally don't know how I ever lived without it
  56. Better as a spot treatment...


    This mask soothes the skin and a does a reasonable job in settling blemishes however, as others have mentioned, it can be somewhat drying even on my combination-oily. For this reason, I tend to use this mask as generally only a spot treatment.

  57. Luxurious


    Aesop products always feel a bit luxurious for the skin, and whilst i liked this product, i probably wouldn't use it as an all over the face kind of mask, but rather, targeted towards specific areas with blemishes as it can be a bit drying.
  58. soothing but dry


    My skin is combination and lately I've been getting some breakouts. Got a sample of this and I like the soothing/cooling feeling when it's on. It does however make my skin feel very tight and dry afterwards.
  59. Love!!


    Love this mask, I find it really clears up any blemishes and it smells great. A mask I actually find a difference when using.
  60. Good for blemish skin


    This mask is good for blemish skin. It sucks out all the impurities and leaves my skin clean and clear.
  61. Spa treatment in your own home!


    The smells emanating from this lil' beauty take you back to those infrequent times you treat yourself to a lavish spa treatment. Every time I put this mask on, I feel relaxed AF. Oh, it also does wonders for oily/acne prone skin but it is pretty drying even on my oily skin so I always make sure to moisturise intensely afterward.
  62. No change


    Used weekly on blemish prone skin and found no change
  63. Drying


    The name makes it sound like it would be slightly soothing and calming but it didn't feel like that. I didn't notice any difference in my skin after using this, but I did find it was slightly drying.
  64. A great mask


    A very good purifying mask, with clay benefits that purify and help treat and calm skin irritated by pimples. I use this twice a week on my chin, where my hormones deliver the spots, and it helps calm treat and heal the skin.
  65. Good for oily breakouts


    I have been using this for years, great for a little pamper night. Does dry out the skin a little but for oily skin it is fine! Helped me with break outs and as per usual with all aesop products, smells amazing
  66. drying


    I don't mind this mask, but it is very drying, so best to use it only on problem areas
  67. Best Buy!


    Worth it! Applying this masque prevented me from having breakouts. if have, it makes it dry the next day!
  68. Clay mask


    Lovely smooth feeling clay mask. Has a strong herbal scent (which I love). I do find that I can not exfoliate or deep cleanse before using this or it does sting a little for a minute or two.
  69. Can't fault this...


    This brand is always high quality and you get what you pay for. The ingredients really works to help reduce the blemishes when I do have a breakout. It also calms my skin down.
  70. Instant cleanse


    Skin looks instantly clearer and brighter after each use but it did dry out my dehydrated yet oily skin. I now only use it in problematic areas.
  71. Fantastic


    This mask s great for someone with combination/acne prone skin like me. it helps to soothe the redness and inflammation. I use it twice a week and I can feel my face is less oily. Love it
  72. Such a fantastic masque!


    I’ve been using this masque twice a week for 6 months and I love it! I started noticing an improvement in my skin straight away. It doesn’t completely stop my breakouts, however it does significantly reduce the severity of them and makes my skin feel soft!
  73. Great for combination skin


    This is a great clay mask with a neutral scent. I have a combination skin and it definitely looked refreshed after using the mask. Helped with blemishes and didn’t dry my skin out. I used it in summer and felt like my skin wasn’t as oily.
  74. Beautiful packaging


    I love the AESOP packaging looks so lovely in my bathroom. This masks does pack a little punch if I deep cleanse or exfoliate before applying but otherwise has a really smooth clay facial texture and really makes the skin feel clean.
  75. Beautiful


    Absolutely beautiful mask that really soothes your skin, reduces redness and any inflammation. Very calming and lovely on your skin
  76. no difference


    I only have a few blemishes and I was hoping this would help clear them. I haven't seen instant results after using it 3 times, didn't really make a difference but will give it a few more tries
  77. Good but not great!


    I received this as a sample and waited until I had some blemishes before trying it out. Unfortunately I didn’t notice any real difference to the blemishes and it did feel a bit drying. Perhaps it’s better as a spot mask or maybe for people who don’t have dehydrated, ageing skin like me!
  78. Beautiful mask


    This is one of the best mask I have used. It is very gentle and really effective for acne prone skin. It helps to improve and soothes my skin and clear blemishes. Definitely recommend
  79. great gentle mask


    I love placing this mask on areas where I'm suffering from blemishes! It's very gentle but still gets the job done. Would definitely recommend to people with sensitive acne prone skin
  80. Beautiful soothing mask


    I loved this mask! It was so soothing and not too harsh (like most masks that claim to help with breakouts). I used it weekly and felt my skin definitely improved with continued use.
  81. Drying


    Not sure if it helps blemishes but it was very drying and as a result I wouldn’t care if it helps blemishes. Having a product helping blemishes but drying out your skin is contra productive as it will ultimately cause your skin to try to produce more oil. No thank you. Also. Barely enough in the sample for one use.
  82. Draws out oil


    Really helps draw out the oil in the skin. I get blind pimples often on my chin and use daily (alternating with the Aesop primrose clay facial) it doesnt fix anything overnight but definitely helps cleanse calm and reduce.
  83. love


    Love this product it helps a lot with my breakouts.
  84. Tingle/heat


    This is quite a small jar but it lasted me months. Its a very tingly/heated feeling on first application and goes away after a minute or two - I only apply it on my problem area on my chin - I don't apply it on the rest of my face. I use a hydrating facial on the rest of my face. I leave this on my chin for 10-15 minutes and rinse off and my skin feels tight and it definitely helps reduce redness ...
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  85. Sunday Ritual


    I use this mask every Sunday to forgive my weekend sins and re-set for the weekend. It's a great detox mask and I find my skin feels clear without being entirely stripped.
  86. Nice but don't love


    I really wanted to love this product because of the price tag but I just don't.

    you can tell it is very natural and feels good on pimples except it can be too drying and 'sticks' to my pimples and kind of hurts to take off. would be very good for a blind pimple or someone with oily skin might love this
  87. Helps clean pores really well


    I use this if I feel like I'm getting a break-out and find that it cleanses my face and makes my pores feel really clean, it can be quite drying, but that's to be expected with a product like this so always make sure to follow up with something hydrating
  88. Great for dry skin


    I have combination skin and most clay masks completely dry out my skin, but this one doesn't. It works wonders with the thinnest layer of product, so you definitely get value for money, and don't have to worry about stripping your skin. It clears out my pores, and is very calming and soothing as well so also great for sensitive skin!
  89. Helps with blemishes, but relatively drying


    I purchased this in hopes that it would get rid of those pesky breakouts I seem to be prone to. It has a beautiful scent, although it is a bit harsh on my sensitive skin, and leaves it a bit thirsty. I won't be purchasing this product again, although I can see its merit for someone who has less sensitive and dry skin.
  90. fantastic product


    I am a huge fan of the aesop range and thought this would be a good little investment. It is a little pricey but i will say it has improved my skin dramatically as im finding im not having huge breakouts with blind pimples. Ive been trying to use this twice a week before i go to bed for better results, but for anyone with sensitive skin i would 100% recommend this too. jsut dont over do it cause i...
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  91. Herbal scent


    My skin felt really cleansed after using this mask!
  92. Clay Mask


    Lovely little clay mask. Smooth texture. Smells really herbal and natural. I only apply to my chin area with this one as it can feel a little heated or tingly.
  93. Miracle Worker


    I like to use the masque when there is a breakout on my face, it works wonders! It cleans up blemishes on my chin, and my cheeks look so much clearer after using it.


    I use this mask every Sunday to give my skin a good refresh for the week. It's really soothing and really calms my skin.
    It's a must have for everyone.
  95. Great for chin


    Really great mask for chin and break out areas. It does have a little bit of a punch to it and can feel heated/tingly initially on sensitive skin but that goes away after a few minutes. Smells really herbal and has a smooth refreshing clay feel to it. Love the natural herbal scent too.
  96. Good but quite drying


    I like this mask as a spot treatment only, as it's quite drying otherwise. I don't have to use much each time, and find it works quite well. I have had mine for a while and can't see myself finishing it any time soon, a little goes a long way!
  97. Great for breakouts


    This product I use 2-3 times a week on my breakouts and wash it off. It's good for oily skin and I always have breakouts which I think it's perfect for me. I also use B Triple C gel after washing this masque, it really helps the breakouts to go away before they are broken.
  98. Love this product


    I received this as a sample and I’m so glad I did. I had a lot of blemishes on my chin, applied this at night and the next morning the redness had dramatically faded. Smells amazing too, I will definitely purchase this
  99. Good


    in little more than a week it has highly contributed to my skin exponentially clearing up. Just this one change in my routine has changed my life, I no longer have any acne, only remnants and old blemishes. Great product, smells nice, quality ingredients, and a very good price for what it has done for me.
  100. Soothes breakouts


    I only break out on my chin and this mask is so great at reducing the redness and helping it to clear up. I apply on the area and leave for about 10 minutes and afterwards my skin feels so firm and cleansed. Usually after a few days of using its all cleared up. Does have a little bit of 'heat' or slight 'sting' to it if you have sensitive skin but really works.
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