Viviscal Women's Supplements 3 Pack

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Viviscal Women's Supplements 3 Pack by Viviscal

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Achieve fuller, longer, healthier hair with Viviscal Max, the #1 selling hair growth supplement in the US. Designed to promote hair growth in women with thinning hair, this scientifically proven regrowth treatment is fortified with biotin, zinc, and a proprietary marine complex for thicker, stronger hair.


Key benefits:


  • Drug free supplement contains no harmful chemicals
  • Features naturally-based botanicals you can feel good using
  • Clinically proven to reduce hair shedding and thinning over time
  • Stimulates natural hair growth from within
  • Non-invasive, surgery free alternative
  • Can be used on all hair types


Key ingredients:


  • Amino Mar C is a proprietary marine complex that has been clinically proven to help reduce hair shedding and strengthen hair, while promoting new growth.
  • A potent cherry extract, Acerola powder is chock full of Vitamin C, calcium, and Vitamin B3. It helps to fight oxidative stress and makes hair strands visibly stronger and healthier.
  • Rich in selenium, Horsetail extract helps to regulate hair growth.
  • Biotin is used by the body to help manufacture amino acids. These acids are converted to keratin, which is essential for healthy nails, skin, and hair.
  • Millet extract stimulates new hair growth and is proven to minimise hair loss.


How to use:


Take two tablets each day, one in the morning and one at night. It is recommended to take each supplement with food and water.


What is this hair growth vitamin formulated WITHOUT?


Viviscal is formulated without unnecessary fillers, preservatives, artificial flavours or dyes.


Is this hair growth supplement safe for everyone?


While this is a safe, naturally-based product, it is not advised for children, nursing, and pregnant women. Those who have cardiovascular issues should ask their physician before taking any hair growth supplements. As this product contains shellfish derivatives, anyone with shellfish allergies should not take this product.


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It works! - 28-09-2017 by

I have been using this for 31/2 months and the thinning areas of my hair are less thin and don't lose nearly as much hair as I used to. I am over 60 and wondered if it would work on older hair and I think it does.

Consistency is essential - 27-09-2017 by

Good results if you stick to the recommended dosage of one tablet twice a day = less breakages, maintaining and strengthening the hair you have, and encouraging new growth.

Noticed my nails are stronger/thicker after taking the supplements

Works - 31-08-2017 by

When taken 2 times a day at least for 2 weeks - you can definitely see the 1st result. I had quite a hairloss for some time and it definitely stopped it and i lose way less hair now ( some hair loss is natural) and after 2-3 months now - i can see lots of new hair growing.
It is expensive and it was the first time i paid that much for a supplement - but i think it is great and it works. Best to take a 3 months version rather than 1 month just becasue it takes time for your bosy to react to it.

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