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      Meet your moisturiser’s new best friend. TAN-LUXE THE FACE is a tanning concentrate that transforms any moisturiser, serum, or face oil into a custom self-tanner.

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      TAN-LUXE THE FACE 30ml

      TAN-LUXE THE FACE 30ml

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      TAN-LUXE THE FACE 30ml Reviews

      4.4 of 64 reviews

      88% recommend this product

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      Most Helpful Positive

      Fav face tan


      This product had been recommended to me and I cant wait to buy more, it is expensive but deffs worth it

      Most Helpful Criticism

      did not love this


      did not love this, super expensive and was messy. I prefer just using normal tan on my face
      1. Fav face tan


        This product had been recommended to me and I cant wait to buy more, it is expensive but deffs worth it
      2. Disappointed


        verified purchaser
        I was really looking forward to this product, it is a true hit and miss. There are days where the morning after application it can look nice and subtle, other days it comes out all streaky and patchy making me look orange.
      3. Just what l wanted


        verified purchaser
        Never tanning my face but always using a gradual tanning body moisturiser always left me a bit two-toned without make-up on. 2-3 drops of this in my moisturiser at night brings my skin tone to exactly the same level, and I use it about twice a week. I've not had any reactions to my skin, and find it blends really well when rubbed in well-no tan lines. Was tossing up whether to get dark, but with a...
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      4. Lives up to the hype


        verified purchaser
        I bought this because I used to use a face tan that I would have to spread on with a cotton pad, and I wanted to reduce my wastage of cotton pads. I love this product, it's easy to use, easy to tailor to your skin tone and doesn't smell at all. The colour it produces is really natural, not orange at all.
      5. Love it


        I was recommended this by a friend and it is great product to give you a natural glow you are looking for, without causing your skin to breakout like other fake tans do, very easy to use to add to my nightly moisturiser.
      6. Overpriced and totally unimpressed


        verified purchaser
        I use lots of fake tan products on my face, and after the girls spoke about this product on the podcast I was really keen on trying it. However I put off buying it for a while because it was so pricey, and my current fake tan regime (lightly spraying my face in the morning, 20 mins before BB cream, with fake tan every couple of days) was working well.
        However, I finally gave in and bought t...
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      7. did not love this


        did not love this, super expensive and was messy. I prefer just using normal tan on my face
      8. so glowy


        makes your skin nice and glowy, matches a fake/natural sun tan super well and doesnt clog the pores
      9. Always leaves me glowing


        verified purchaser
        The only tanning product I use on my face. I add about 4 drops into my moisturiser at night and apply so that the coverage is even. I always wake up with a nice healthy glow. It's pricey but it lasts for so long!
      10. Enjoyed


        Glowy smooth finish
        Colour developed within 8 hours
      11. A little goes a long way


        I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and it is great for evening out skin tone so you don't need to wear foundation. I use it every other night, and only use two drops, in my night cream, three tends to be too dark. You do have to be quite conscious of where you rub it in - it is very obvious if you miss a spot!
      12. The only thing I can fault is the price tag


        The only thing about this product I can fault is the high price tag. The product itself is great and makes your face tan on point! But I have also tried another product which is half the price tag which I love more because the actual product is just as good you couldnt tell the difference.
      13. Great product


        Makes your face glow
      14. The GLOW is real


        I have been using Tan- LUXE the Face for a few months now and its the only fake tan I use on my face. I use the Medium / Dark colour and I am truly obsessed, In summer it gives the best glow so I dont have to wear any make up at all. It develops really quickly and last days without looking patchy, I have also never broken out on my skin whilst using this. Can't recommend this Tan enough.
      15. It’s a good color, but for the price I expect it to last.


        This is definitely something that has to be applied nightly... I put it on overnight and when I wash my face the very next night , it’s completely gone. You use SO much because it just doesn’t last. I will be looking for something else, but unfortunately it’s the only thing that I’ve found that doesn’t break me out.
      16. The best.


        This definitely does what it says.
        The first night I used it, I woke up with the best face tan ever.
        My only suggestion is to not let any drip down your neck because it dries quickly.
      17. Great natural looking colour


        Love this oil. Gives my skin a nice hint of colour and looks really natural. Would buy this again
      18. Love this !


        Love this product, its a great way of getting a healthy natural looking tan on your face without going in the sun. It also does not come across as orange.
      19. Rate it!


        I never put my face in the sun. So adding a couple of drops of tan-luxe into my moisturiser at night gives me a nice glow the next day. I repeat this every couple of days. Bonus is this product doesn't make me break out!
      20. Love it


        As a long time user of fake tan, this was recommended to me by a friend. I use dark generally so picked the med/dark shade and it is dark! Make sure you’re blending it well with your moisturiser and into your skin evenly. Once I mastered using it, I love it! It doesn’t clog your pores like other fake tan brands and it smells beautiful. Great value for money as you don’t need a lot to get a nice gl...
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      21. Best facial tan product!


        I recently switched from another brand to this one and it is amazing.
        I used 4 drops of the light - medium and the next day my face had a fantastic colour and a lovely glow.
        Highly recommend
      22. Really effective


        I have very pale skin but often wear fake tan and find that my face becomes pale very quickly because of all the products I use (retinols etc.). I have previously tried other face tan waters that didn't really work for me, but these drops work super well! I mix about 3 drops with my serum every couple of nights and it gives me a nice colour (I bought the light-medium one). Will definitely buy agai...
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      23. my go-to


        I love this in the light/med as it looks natural and matches my body shade as I like to keep my face out of the sun.
      24. Gorgeous glow!


        I received a deluxe sample of this in light - medium and it is amazing!
        So easy to use and gives a noticeable tan! Love it!
      25. Best face tan


        Ive been on the hunt for a really good face tan product and I love this one.
        The colour is really natural and because its in a oil I find its easier to spread on my face, which gives it a flawless finish. It also allows me to be able to wear it without having to mix it into other products.
      26. Summer must have


        These drops are incredible!
        Mixed into any serum/moisturiser overnight and in the morning your glowing. Super easy to use and I've never had any issues with patchy colour.
        Perfect for summer and holidays.
      27. A great face tan


        Bought this as I liked it being a serum with some additional benefits. I really like it. It smells good and mixes well with my usual serums. I just add a few drops and wake up with a bit of a glow. I did get a bit excited with it two days in a row and came out a teensy bit orange one morning, but it only lasted a day.
        It also does have a mild tan smell in the morning, but it's nowhere near ...
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      28. Orange and patchy as it fades


        This product is ORANGE if you use too much. Use sparingly and be careful of your hair line/nose contour area. I found this tan sticking to my hairline, my nose contour and fading very patchy/orange. I don't hate it as it doesn't cause me breakouts, but after having it on my face for about 2 days it looks awful and needs to be scrubbed off.
      29. Yes yes yes!

        Emma Loves Skincare

        I loveeee this product! As someone highly addicted to tanning (I pretty much tan every week), my face is constantly mismatched against my tanned body as I use a fair bit of retinols and acids on my skin to keep it clear. So this product is just perfect for me. Only a small amount is needed and I've really enjoyed it so far

        For reference my skin is oily/combination and I am 30 years ol...
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        I never put my face in the sun. So adding a couple of drops of tan-luxe into my moisturiser at night gives me a nice glow the next day. I repeat this every couple of days. Bonus is this product doesn't make me break out!
      31. A must have


        Love this product, gives your face a healthy glow without the sun damage! It can go patchy so make sure you blend really well. I mix a couple of drops with my serum, super easy.
      32. Great, easy product to use.


        This has been the first “face tan” I have used and I love it. It’s super easy to use, I just add it in before or after my serums and it slowly build up to a gradual natural looking tan. This winter I actually had people commenting on my chest/neck/face tan which was nice. Just remember to wash your hands, because it feels like a serum, it’s easy to forget and you end up with a nasty brown/orange p...
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      33. Great way to match your face to your body tan for an even tone


        Great way to match your face to your body tan for an even tone. I found this one really easy to use.
      34. A MUST


        I have probably bought 5+bottles of this - used over the years. It's the perfect tan for the face, i use it at night (maybe every 3 days) and don't then need to wear make up unless for work, it gives my face the perfect tan to not wear anything especially on holiday! I have fair skin and always tanning, this is very natural, I use light/medium
      35. Gives colour and moisture


        Added to your face moisturiser this great smelling oil develops into a natural tan colour and doesn’t leave your skin dry like some tanning products. I found I needed to add at least 4 drops to get the desired shade but if you used daily it may build to a deeper colour, I just used it as needed when my face tan was fading.
      36. Best tan drops!


        I absolutely love these tan drops. I gradually build up my tan by using a few drops mixed with my face cream. There is not a horrible bad smell normally associated with tanning products.
      37. Healthy glow in no time!


        Love this product, gives your face a healthy glow without the sun damage! It can go patchy so make sure you blend really well. I mix a couple of drops with my serum, super easy.
      38. I love it!!


        I cover my face whenever I'm out in the sun so I use this product on my face now and then to match my body colour. Lasts a while and love that you can use it with your own facial creams. I normally use it with a night cream right before bed. I also recommend buying the medium to dark one so you use less and the product lasts longer.
      39. Liked


        I have normal skin and i purchased the medium to dark as i really wanted to notice the colour. It's ever do slightly orange if i added more than the 4 drops required. I has a slight 'fake tan' smell but again nothing unbearable. I loved the colour and glow it gave my pasty skin but instead that it sort of sat in my pores and made them look darker also
      40. Works perfectly!


        I really love this product. I pop 3-4 drops in my moisturizer before bed and wake up glowing! When I have this on I don't really feel the need to wear makeup everyday as it just evens your complexion and gives you colour to your face. I fake tan my body every week and have the Dark colour which is perfect.
        It is quite pricey in comparison to similar products on the market but it does work r...
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        Flawless, Even and Glowing tan every time without fail! Dries rapidly and develops a beautiful bronzed colour.
      42. Healthy glow


        This is the first fake tan I have ever used. I bought the Light to Medium shade. I add just 2 drops to my face cream at night and it gives me a soft natural glow to my pale skin. So easy to use and also smells great. There are no streaks at all and blends into my combination skin so nicely. I've received many compliments about how healthy my skin is looking! Does not break out my sensitive skin - ...
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      43. Better skin


        This product looks amazing on my face and neck and makes me so confident going out makeup free. It is also super hydrating.
      44. Best tan I’ve ever used!


        This is the best fake tan I have ever used, there is no strong smell, no patches and it looks so natural! Make sure you remember to wash hands after as I put it on a patch of mosturiser on the palm of my hand and naturally it leaves a mark!!!
      45. Amazing!! Love this stuff


        This is the best invention! And one bottle lasts forever! I just use 2 drops of medium - dark and I have olive skin, gives a nice glow and I can use it with any moisturiser!
      46. Good


        Great product, gives your face a nice healthy glow. It can go patchy so make sure you blend reallllyy well otherwise it wont work out so well!
      47. My glowing skin secret


        I have gone through 3 bottles and about the purchase my 4th. I LOOOVE it!
        Hydrating but lightweight, no smell, no streaks and no effort. I've tried multiple products that are similar but nothing compares to this.
        I'm naturally quite fair but love a deep golden complexion so I love the med/dark, but I use the light/medium in winter for a golden glow.
        I find my makeup always looks ...
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      48. Subtle tan


        Adds a nice glow, makes me feel much better going make up free
      49. A small amount goes a long way


        This product is really nice but I can’t stress enough to only use A COUPLE OF DROPS as it develops quite dark! I mix it with a little moisturiser and apply before I go to bed and wake up with a healthy glow. Just be sure to blend blend blend as it can go a little patchy (hard to see as it’s an oil and not a pigmented self-tanner) also make sure to wash your hands after applying or you will have or...
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      50. Great face tan


        I really liked this face tan! Woke up with a nice glow! Did possibly make me break out a little though so I stick to the eco tan face water now but I do have the most sensitive skin on the planet so would be perfect for someone who doesn’t! Nice tan
      51. Pros and cons!


        This feels wonderful to apply- smooth and hydrating gel texture and it smells amazing. Gives a good amount of colour and a healthy glow but not quite the right tone for me. It is a slightly reddish brown on me rather than gold. On others I expect the tone would be better- I often get quite a yellow toned foundation. I used the light medium. I have only used twice. The first time I used it I did ha...
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      52. Best face tanner


        This is the best face tanner I have ever tried....such a beautiful long lasting glow...worth every penny .....i have tried so many different ones and this is the best !!so happy ....wish I could give it more stars!
      53. Just not for me :(


        I was so excited to try this face oil after reading all the wonderful reviews however my skin broke out terribly after using. Such a shame as it really felt lovely going on but was rather expensive.


        OMG this product is no joke. Literally was so scared to purchase this and use this the night that it arrived - but thank god I took the risk. I woke up looked as much as a bronzed godess as my pale skin would allow. but wow this was nowhere near orange or streaky. It applied to my skin very evenly and i am so so impressed. although the glow doesnt last longer than 2 days, this is seriously great!!...
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      55. Great self tanner


        Great colour and nearly to no smell. But DO NOT put on w bare hands. I got the light to medium and my skin is fair. I used Peter Thomas Roth face moisturiser, Water Drench. Which is very light texture. Not a thick cream at all. I used 4 drops and it was definitely enough to give me tanned colour. A thicker cream may need more drops though. But my hands are badly stained. My palms, the sides of my ...
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      56. My favourite fave tan!


        I absolutely love this! I just purchased my second bottle (the first one lasted for at least 4 to 5 months when used regularly every couple of days). It is expensive but lasts a long time. I love how you can just add it to your normal skincare routine - makes it super easy! Doesn’t make me break out or anything. I use the dark one (about 5 drops) - I have light skin and it works well without being...
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      57. Never been easier


        My new must have. Sooooo easy to apply, great natural looking tan and smells beautiful. Just pop a few drops in your moisturiser and apply, a great result for such little effort. Another new staple in my beauty regime, thank you tan luxe and adore

        Courtney (Adore Beauty Staff)

        Wow oh wow!! This is the best face tanner I have ever used! I am obsessed with fake tan and this tops any tan I have ever used (and I have used a lot!) I apply a couple of drops every second night to my moisturiser and the next morning I am looking so radiant, I am in love with the glow I get from this product! <3
      59. AMAZING


        Honestly this is the most amazing face tan in the whole world. I usually get ugly streaky tan on my face, it usually clings to my dry patches and my eyebrows, but this face tan oil is so incredible! I woke up looking like I’d been in the sun and it even made my blemishes look less pronounced! Could not recommend this more!!!
      60. Amazing!


        Quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread. This product is foolproof to use, and gives lovely, natural results.
        Have been using a couple of drops every few days to maintain a natural glow - does not dry your skin as your regular moisturiaer forms the base.
        The beauty product I’m most likely to rave about to friends!
      61. Best face tanner I've ever used.

        Kate Morris (Founder & CEO of AdoreBeauty)

        Seriously, the best face tanner I've ever used - and goodness knows I've tried a few.
        Super easy to use, you just mix it in with your normal moisturiser. I use either one drop every day, or 2-3 drops once every few days. Usually I find the Light/Medium shade in most brands doesn't give me much colour, but this is perfect - I look like I've been on holiday but not like I've overdone it. Sm...
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      62. Seems expensive but lasts forever and is high quality!


        I use this every two days or so to get a bit of colour in my face - mix it in with my moisturiser, give it a few minutes to dry before i head to bed, and I definitely find that it helps my face seem a bit livelier (my face is quite pale but the rest of my body tans pretty easily - thanks for the confusing genes, mum and dad!) which makes me feel more confident on the no makeup days.

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      63. Worth trying

        Louise (Adore Beauty Staff)

        I'm obsessed with this tanning product. It is super easy to apply - I mix mine in with my moisturiser at night after tanning my body. A tiny bit goes a long way for me so I've also used it in my body lotion for an extra glow. It smells amazing and doesn't leave my face feeling dry like I've had in the past with other facial tanners. :)
      64. Try it!


        Terrific for the face. I mix mine with Paul's Choice Hylaronic Acid Serum (thanks Wayne Goss! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6DXR2Kr0og) and it's very natural and gives off a lovely colour. Very happy with this product. Won't be re-purchasing the Tan-Luxe body serum though (overrated and priced).
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