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Ultra Violette Lean Screen SPF50+ Sunscreen 50mL

3.8 of 62 reviews


4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.25

Or 4 instalments of $11.25 with LEARN MORE

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Is this for you?

A mineral-only, zinc-based, mattifying SPF50 you're going to love, in a cute electric-blue-and-lavender outfit that's gonna look SUH CAYOOTE on your bathroom countertop. 
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF
  • Sulphate Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

GOOD - 64% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Ultra Violette Lean Screen SPF50+ Sunscreen Reviews

3.8 of 62 reviews

64% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


Emily McDougall

Love this sunscreen! Bought it for the first time a few weeks ago and was pretty scared to use it as I have acne prone, oily skin and trying new products is always a worry. But this agreed with my skin so well! The only issue I have (and it's not a big deal) is that when I first apply it, my skin gets a bit of a coloured cast over it, maybe just from the tint? Unsure! Nothing crazy, but I just notice it when I first put it on. Will definitely buy again though.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not convinced


This got such great reviews, and after trying clean screen I was excited for an even better product. However, like clean screen, this feels heavy on the skin and under makeup. I have tried it with and without other skincare products on the skin, but it always pills and flakes, to the point that I just can't rub it in without getting flakes and crumbs all over my face. Not a smooth finish at all, and for the 'matte' finish it claims to have, my normal skin begins to shine within an hour or two, even after powdering, because Lean Screen is so thick. I think i'm better off using the cheapest Nivea body sunscreen on my face at this point.
  1. Love

    Emily McDougall

    Love this sunscreen! Bought it for the first time a few weeks ago and was pretty scared to use it as I have acne prone, oily skin and trying new products is always a worry. But this agreed with my skin so well! The only issue I have (and it's not a big deal) is that when I first apply it, my skin gets a bit of a coloured cast over it, maybe just from the tint? Unsure! Nothing crazy, but I just not...
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  2. One of the best


    I rally love and repurchase this sunscreen. I like that it provides sun protection and evens out my skin tone without watering my eyes. I'd give it 5 starts but sometimes I get weird clumpy bits.
  3. Mineral magic!


    After testing this while still using my OG mineral based sunscreen from Elta MD (costs an arm and a leg) this has officially replaced it as my new everyday facial sunscreen. As someone who is very fair and has skin issues such as redness, spots and hyperpigmentation this is a godsend! Love the slight tint as well to prevent the ghostly zinc finish in usual mineral sunscreens. Love the inclusion of...
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  4. Broke me out


    I have sensitive skin and it reacted badly with this sunscreen! Recommend only to people with normal skin type as it has SPF50+ and does the job
  5. Not sure what the fuss is about?


    I really don't rate this SPF. I thought this would be perfect for my oily skin but it doesn't feel like its sinks into my skin and leaves my face and make up feeling like an oily mess.
  6. Best zinc based sunscreen

    Sensitive Sally

    For someone who has to wear zinc based sunscreens, this is the best I’ve found. Yes, it’s not as dreamy as clean screen but my skin was irritated by that and I had to reluctantly stop using it. I like the tint as well, but I have fairly pale skin so it may not work for everyone.
  7. Love love love this!!!


    Love love love this brand they do not dissapoint! I have sensitive skin and i have no problems with it. And I love that it is tinted and makes me feel great at the beach. And the protection is amazing.
  8. The rotten egg


    Oh no... I have gone through so many tubes of the supreme screen and cannot fault a thing with it (other than the tube size and amount of product you get). I thought I would give this one a go, as there was so much hype about it when it was released. It’s so thick that when you apply it it doesn’t rub in properly and drags along the skin. It’s patchy, it balls and you can’t put anything over the t...
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  9. Perfect sunscreen!


    Until I started listening to the Beauty IQ podcast, I never wore sunscreen (bad, I know!) I tried the ultra Violette lean screen and absolutely love it! It's such a nice consistency and covers the skin beautifully and feels nice on the skin. You have to be careful with what other products you apply underneath as it did pill, but a bit of trial and error and now it's perfect!
  10. Bit Of A Fan


    I was surprised to read so many negative reviews. Pilling only occurred rarely for me and never if I used a basic moisture lotion first (no serums) and allowed to soak in for 10 min before applying. The pilling could be because the product people are using under or over is not good quality. This product so good I can wear no make up over it. I have tried with both liquid foundation over the to...
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  11. Pretty good for a physical sunscreen


    This is the best physical sunscreen I have used so far as it doesn't leave a white cast. It leaves my face quite matte with a slight sheen. My only critique is that you have to rub it in quite a bit as it is fairly thick.
  12. Amazing but need bigger size!


    I love this product and have been using it every day for a few months now. I would definitely recommend it but, I do have an issue with it and it’s a big one. I go through a tube so quickly - much more quickly than the clean screen or supreme screen because it is so thick. It’s expensive but more importantly that is a hell of a lot of plastic. I really wish that there was a bigger size or that the...
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  13. The best sunscreen


    I love all of ultra violettes suncreens and use this one when my skin is flared from sensitivity, redness and dryness. I have eczema and this works well for me with no stinging etc.
  14. The best!


    I recently tried this after being loyal to another Australian brand for a very long time. I am so impressed, I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Awesome sunscreen and goes really nice under make up. A nice simple product that works well with my other skin care products and make up.
  15. The Ultra Violette Failure


    Lean Screen is definitely the black sheep/failure of the Ultra Violette family. As many reviews note, the pilling and balling when applying the sunscreen are a nightmare and it always leaves me wondering if I have even applied enough sunscreen given half of it goes to waste when it balls up on the face. I love Supreme Screen, Queen Screen and Extreme Screen, and thought this would be a good one fo...
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  16. Least favourite!


    I love Ultra Violette but among all the products this is my least favourite. Maybe because I have drier skin.
  17. Orange


    I love ultra Violette products, but not this one. It makes your face orange, it’s very heavy and feels horrible on the skin and you can’t put makeup over it cause it doesn’t sit well underneath. I’m trying to use up the rest of the bottle by mixing it with other sunscreens. Wouldn’t recommend.
  18. Not my first preference


    I dont mind this sunscreen, I do like the shade of the tint and I find if I take my time in the morning and space out the application of my products it won't pill and clump. But overall I have found this a little annoying as it it quite heavy and prone to pilling if I use a face oil or vit C underneath and don't allow enough time before carefully putting this on. I don't think i will re-purchase.
  19. Finally something that won’t clog my pores!

    Bec (Adore Beauty Staff)

    As someone with easily congested skin, finding a sunscreen that my skin doesn’t hate is so hard! No matter how lightweight they claim to be I’m usually left with clogged pores that take days to correct and scare me away from being sun safe. I’ve been using Lean Screen all summer and haven’t had one dull, clogged morning after, what a relief! It’s quite thick but warms up and spreads on the face we...
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  20. Wear it daily


    I love this sunscreen, it is quite thick however it rubs in easy and doesn’t leave a white cast at all. It is my fav mineral sunscreen to date, and I have tried A LOT!! I just wish it came in a bigger bottle.
  21. Yeah noice


    I was in love but I go through it so quickly! This leaves the skin looking so so nice but definitely is thick and I would say heavy. Delightful under make up just can’t justify how quick I go through any ultraviolette product with the price (and the environment!!)
  22. The pilling is exhausting


    The only way I can get this product to work is if I apply the SPF on my face without any other skincare products underneath. Which I’m not willing to do. I’ve used Queen & Supreme versions which I prefer over this as the amount of pilling and balling up this product does is infuriating. EVERY TIME. And let’s be real, nobody needs to be that worked up when applying skincare & SPF. So for that reas...
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  23. Needs very specific application


    I love what this sunscreen is about, that it’s zinc based and make to take care of your skin. But it is super finicky and prone to pilling so quickly. I have found if I work in sections and don’t rub too much it will not pill. However I can’t apply make up over the top or apply a full face quickly. I prefer other products in this range.
  24. Not convinced


    This got such great reviews, and after trying clean screen I was excited for an even better product. However, like clean screen, this feels heavy on the skin and under makeup. I have tried it with and without other skincare products on the skin, but it always pills and flakes, to the point that I just can't rub it in without getting flakes and crumbs all over my face. Not a smooth finish at all, a...
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  25. The hype is real


    Love love love this sunscreen. I tried the clean screen and found it nice but not amazing, however, I have read such amazing reviews about ultra violette so I thought I would give another one a shot and I must say this is a fave and every day staple for me now. The consistency is perfect and it is the perfect sunscreen/primer in one.
  26. Not for me but my sister liked it


    I love Ultra Violette’s hydrating sunscreen and was excited to try their mineral sunscreen. Unfortunately it just didn’t work for my skin. I have combination skin, and prone to breakouts. It didn’t break me out which was great but it kept pilling on my skin no matter what I did! On the other hand, I also ordered some for my sister who has more mature skin than I do. It worked well for her and she ...
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  27. Not for me


    This is so hard to blend and the worst under makeup as it just splits and doesn't last. It's also veryy thick and feels too rough blending on my skin
  28. Very thick


    I appreciate it's difficult to formulate a physical sunscreen with spf50. Good points: it rubs in easily and doesn't leave a white cast. But it is very thick, and leaves me shiny all day. I have oily skin that breaks out when I use this, and clears up when I stop. For me, Clean Screen is a better product.
  29. Be careful if you have light skin


    Be careful if you have light skin as this product is tinted and might be too dark for the skin and also as it is a thick texture try not to apply too much at the same time. Just a dap on the skin a bit by bit like a foundation.
  30. Perfect for oily, acne prone skin!

    Mrs Snuechle

    I asked my husband to buy me a tube of this for Christmas (as I’m a little tight when it comes to expensive products). He decided to make it more of a surprise by buying me two, which I was a little nervous about in case I didn’t like it. Well, I needed have worried. As a 46 year old with oily/combination skin prone to the occasional breakout and plenty of t-zone shine, I couldn’t have been happie...
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  31. Exceeded my expectations


    I was skeptical about this product but I decided to take a chance on it anyway and I really quite like it. The sunscreen is a bit thick but I find it melts into my skin quite easily. It is tinted but I didn't notice the tint once I applied the product to my skin and rubbed it in a little. You have to be careful once you've applied it because even though (IMO) the tint isn't noticeable, it will sti...
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  32. Feathers


    I heard amazing things about this brand but this particular product left me disappointed. It is thick, difficult to rub in, and it feathers so I doubt it's that effective for me. Maybe one of their other products would be better...
  33. Disappointing product


    The texture is a little bit thick. It is not suitable for layering - I used a moisturizer before this sunscreen and it left a lot of white casts and felt flaky. The sunscreen also transfers all over the face mask (due to the current situation, I wear a face mask most of the time), which could influence sun-protecting effects.
  34. Too thick


    I fell for the marketing hype with this product.
    First of all its tinted. For my white skin its too dark and makes me look slightly orange. Im NC15 in mac colours.

    Second of all, the most annoying, its very thick. I have trouble spreading it around my face.
    I prefer the green topped tube in the ultraviolette range.
  35. Best sunscreen


    It is the best sunscreen in the market. I enjoy using it under makeup or even on days when I don’t wear makeup,. Doesn’t leave a white cast doesn’t irritate my skin
  36. So good that I’m suspicious


    Most zinc sunscreens make me look like a ghost, this one does not, so I’m going to write to the company to inquire about how in the world they get this sunscreen to be so good. It disappears into my skin and doesnt loook like I’m wearing sunscreen at all and I’ve tried tinted ones before that weren’t as good as this. Plus, it doesn’t make me itch, which is another concern of mine. Seriously- it’s ...
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  37. The Best Physical Sunscreen


    I've been looking for a mineral sunscreen for so long, as I have sensitive skin that gets irritated by chemical filters. This one is so amazing! It's got a subtle tint but it fades out (I'm pale and it's not orange at all) and absolutely no white cast. It also goes on super easily (not thick or too silicone based like some physical ones I've tried are) and has no fragrance, which is even better fo...
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  38. Great mineral sunscreen overall


    I have been using Lean screen daily now for a couple of weeks and am happy with the product. It is not perfect but for a 100% zinc mineral sunscreen I think it performs very well overall. Here is a summary of my thoughts ( nb. my skin is sensitive and on the oilier side):

    -Not irritating on the skin or around the eyes
    -Didn't cause any breakouts on my skin
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  39. Best Sunscreen Ever!


    I have incredibly oily skin and this goes on like a dream with a beautiful matte (but not flat) finish. Its not sticky or smelly and just feels like a second skin. I'm amazed and will definitely repurchase.
  40. Not for me


    I really tried to love this sunscreen but I just can't. No matter what I do - wear on it's own, mix with moisturiser, layer on skincare - it balls up on my skin. It's incredibly hard to blend and although it feels fine to wear on the skin it's way too difficult to work with. I've tried other UV sunscreens and much preferred those.
    One star because it does feel light on the skin and doesn't ...
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  41. Not for layering


    I really want to love this product because on paper it's perfect for my skin but unfortunately it doesn't quite live up to the hype. I have tried every combination and no matter what this product pills every time which results in me having to wipe most of it off anyway. When applied with no skincare it's a great product but not good enough to sacrifice my whole routine for
  42. Great for Oily Skin


    I love this. I have pretty oily skin and it's amazing as a base under makeup and makes my skin look better even when I'm not wearing makeup. I trust its SPF because of how scrutinised Australian sunscreens are and I am so pleased with it being 100% mineral & fragrance-free.
  43. Heaven on sensitive skin and eyes.


    Best sunscreen I have tried yet. Doesn't cause irritation around my eyes like most sunscreens do. No white cast. Not sticky, oily or shiny, but still gives you that glow. No problem layering with make up.
  44. Love love love


    This is amazing and one of the best I have used! Will be buying when I have finished my other sunscreens
  45. Great finish


    This has a beautiful mattifying finish on my normal/sensitive skin. I was a bit worried when I first pumped it out, with a thicker than expected texture, but it went on and dried down so easily.
    I prefer to use this product without make up, as the finish gives my skin a blended and matte feel
  46. A bit too yellow on me


    I quite like the consistency of this SPF, and it does give a nice matte finish in comparison to so many other thick zinc sunscreens, but unfortunately it makes my pale skin look a bit too yellowish, which is a shame because I like the feel of this. Otherwise it's a nice sunscreen that I'll continue to use, but I probably won't repurchase.
  47. Nope!


    This sunscreen is extremely thick and gloopy. It rubs in fine without leaving a white cast (one star is purely for this). It sits terribly on the skin, stays sticky all day! No amount of hydration made this stay on any better.
    Adore beauty has very very poor returns policy. No sample so the only option is to spend $45 and be stuck with it when you don’t like it! I’m done with both UV and Ad...
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  48. Finally


    After years of searching, finally found this beauty! A physical sunscreen that provides high SPF protection, leaves a perfect matte finish and no white cast at all. Will definitely repurchase.


    I really wanted to like this sunscreen given I am a huge fan of the Clean Screen but felt it was far too thick!!! It feels like it takes forever to rub in and I can feel the heaviness after I have applied. Not a fan

    I think I will stick to the Clean Screen instead as that one is incredible and feels like you're wearing nothing
  50. Not one for layering


    I’m sure this is a great sunscreen, but it’s not suitable for use over serums... goes all flakey and gross. I’ll stick to original in same range and continue to layer away!
  51. Was excited to try this but was disappointed


    Really great in theory- being someone that is allergic to chemical sunscreens, however, it made me break out and skin always felt super dry after using it no matter how much I moisturised or prepped skin.
    I have never lasted longer than 2 hours with the sunscreen on, as my skin feels reptilian after applying.
  52. Not as great as their other products


    I’ll start by saying I am a huge huge huge fan of the Supreme Screen and Queen Screen products from the Ultra Violets range so I was very excited to try this product. Unfortunately, it did not work for my skin. I got this product as I ran out of my other SPFs so was using it everyday and it gave me the worst breakouts. That’s not to say it will do the same for others but if you have sensitive skin...
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  53. Cannot say enough good things about this


    I was advised to use a physical sunscreen rather a chemical one and this one is sooo good. Doesn’t make my face red when I wear it over vitamin C . I am just so glad that UV came out with the physical sunscreen.
  54. My new go to this summer


    I immediately purchased this when it came out as I’m a big fan of the brand, (but was having to powder several times a day to lose the sheen from queen screen I was getting as the weather warms up). I don’t get greasy with lean screen, and I haven’t noticed any colour issue (I only use two pumps though), and I’m light-medium neutral colouring. Haven’t noticed pilling, but it does take some effort ...
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  55. A decent zinc-based sunscreen


    1. High spf - I like that it’s spf 50+ which will be perfect for summer
    2. No white cast - I’ve been wearing mineral sunscreen for years and ultra violette has done a good job in removing the ghostly cast that comes with zinc oxide
    3. I didn’t find any pilling even know I wear the the ordinary Niacinamide + zinc serum underneath.
    4. I find that the sunscreen is thi...
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  56. The sunscreen I've been waiting for


    I was VERY impressed with this sunscreen, far more than past Ultra violette sunscreens which were oily/shiny. This does not leave a white cast and is very matte. The pricetag is hefty but I believe this may be my new go to.
  57. Okay...


    I find this product IMPOSSIBLE to rub around/into my skin. I end up rubbing too hard & causing irritation. It’s also super matte (yes, as advertised) BUT it dulls my skin completely. I NOW mix Lean Screen with my ‘Supreme Screen//hydrating’ and it’s perfect! Supreme screen was TOO hydrating previously (made me shiny)...mixing them together...absolutely GENIUS!!!
  58. Tint Alert


    I used it only once and had to wash it off a couple of hours later because of a strangely dull complexion it created on my face. I am fair to light, with yellowish undertone and this tint is really too dark. I can see the manufacturer’s effort in counterbalancing the classic white cast of a zinc sunscreen but this is too far — unfriendly to lighter skin tones. So maybe they can think of adding a ...
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  59. Love it


    This will be perfect for my summer holiday days where I want a stronger coverage. It is thick, and goes on delightfully, it does feel a bit minerally to touch on the face. It is sunscreen though, so can be expected. Great tint for my fair skin.
  60. Meh, Ok


    Had high hopes for this. Its a thick formula, but it does smooth and sink into your skin quickly. Not overly matte, still has a sheen. I liked how it applied and felt. My problem was after around 2-3 hrs of wear, it separated all of my foundation on my chin. I am a combo skin type and when my natural oils came through and combined my foundation looked horrible. I have tried a few different foundat...
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  61. Don't let initial texture put you off


    I have been searching for a good 50+ physical face sunscreen for a long time. This feels very thick and sticky at first, at first application I thought I was going to hate it, but it leaves no white cast and absorbs beautifully to leave no residue and quite matte ready to slather on my dewy makeup. This is what I reach for each day and looking forward to testing it out in the hot summer months!
  62. Best mineral sunscreen I have tried


    I absolutely am in love with this SPF. Ultra Violette has really done this well. Every mineral SPF I have tried, even with relatively low inputs of zinc oxide or with 'clear' zinc has been thick, casty, and very greasy. This could not be further from that. It is a pretty thick cream, and it takes a second to warm up and spread on the face, but it is by no means difficult and the finish is almost i...
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  63. So disappointed :(


    I was SO EXCITED to get my hands on this product.
    I had used Clean Screen in the past but really wanted 50+.
    For my extremely oily skin, Lean Screen sounded like the answer to all my prayers.
    But, Unfortunately this product pills.
    Even waiting 10-15 minutes after skincare to sink in, it completely balls up all over my face and neck.
    Im so ext...
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  64. Great for sensitive skin


    After loving the other two sunscreens in the range, I bought this one for the upcoming warmer months. It is, like all other sunscreen in the UV range, is easy to use and looks nice on the skin. It gives a subtly matte look and is not irritating at all on my sensitive skin and eyes.
  65. Another winner


    Was so excited to try the new sunscreen.
    A bit thicker then their other physical sunscreen but that doesn't bother me.
    No white cast, no smell, no aggravation, so far I love it.
  66. Ideal mineral sunscreen


    After the success I had with the original hydrating sunscreen I was really excited to try out this one since I have sensitive skin. The main pros is that there is no visible white cast, sinks into the skin relatively quickly and is not irritating at all. The negative is that it is too matte for my dry skin, but that is just personal preference.
  67. must have


    this is a must have product. feels so light weight on the skin and great on my skin that is very sensitive
  68. beautiful sunscreen but don't wear over products


    I really loved this sunscreen but I am in two minds about it. It is 50+, has a lovely matte finish and no funny smell (like some other physical sunscreen) but its quite thick and I feel like you can only put it on naked skin. If your AM skincare routine involves any sort of moisturiser or serum first then it balls up and is hard to rub in.....and don't even think if applying foundation over the to...
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  69. MIC DROP


    This is my all time favourite, G.O.A.T, MVP, rising star...EVERYTHING favourite sunscreen! I love that it's mineral and 50+ and it's just so light. No white cast, skin is soft to touch afterwards and there is no greasy finish. I'm an oily gal, and this just forms the perfect base for my foundation and helps to mattify and keep my skin looking fresh all day! Even if you're not oily, I think it woul...
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  70. The best sunscreen!


    I can honestly say this is the best sunscreen I have tried! I usually use La Roche-Posay Anthelios (Chemical sunscreen) but I noticed my pigmentation was getting worse. Chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays, converts the rays into the heat and release which can aggravate and worsen pigmentation. I was on the hunt for a physical sunscreen and came across Ultra Violette Lean Screen. I was a bit hes...
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  71. Best physical sunscreen for sensitive/acne prone skin


    I have been trying to find a high spf physical only sunscreen for my sensitive and acne prone skin that doesn’t have fragrance or too many ingredients, but most leave an awful white cast and are really thick. This is an absolute lifesaver! I finally have a sunscreen that my skin doesn’t react: breakout to and doesn’t leave a thick white cast! Thank you so much Ultra Violette!
  72. Good sunscreen


    Great sunscreen. I’m genuinely obsessed with this brand and have tried all of the sunscreens. This one is super nice and I always reach for it!
  73. Wanted to love but it’s a no from me :(


    I was SO looking forward to trying this but unfortunately UV have missed the mark with lean screen. Causes extreme pilling of skincare products, I even tried with a simple moisturiser left to sink in for 10 mins and still pilled! I’ll be going back to my trusty ol’ supreme screen which plays a lot nicer with skincare and never pills!
  74. Wanted to love it, but...


    This product is great in many ways - its zinc based, 50+ and no white cast.

    However, if I have any other product on my skin e.g. serum, moisturiser, then I found it will clump and ball. Therefore I can only use it if I layer it on top of other products - which is not ideal as I like to moisturise or add a serum first.

    Sadly, I will not purchase again.
  75. Didn’t work for me


    I was excited for a zinc based sunscreen by this brand. It says it rubs in clear... however for my pale skin it left a muddy tint and there is a clear difference between my face and neck. Also... I’ve applied on clean skin, over serums (let it sink in), patted it in, rubbed it gently but it still clumps/pills on my face and on my clean fingers. I’ve had no success with this sunscreen, nor their pr...
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    Georgia B

    I now own all of the Ultra Violette sunscreen products (im not joking..) and this is now my one and only!!!!

    The others just couldn't get me through the day without my shininess coming through by lunchtime. I honestly nearly didn't purchase this one because I felt like the others were a bit of a let down in the "lasting all day" department, but I am so glad I did! It keeps my face ma...
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  77. Summer staple for oily skins!


    I was so excited to try this new product from UV! As an oily/combo skin girl, it's been a journey to try and find an SPF50 that won't have my face looking like it could fry an egg before even getting to the beach.

    I live in Melbourne so there hasn't been a day yet where the weather has been over 30 degrees but I have used this when i've gone on a walk where the weather has been over ...
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  78. Pills easily


    I was really looking forward to this release cause I LOVE Clean Screen but sometimes get the white cast that comes with a physical.

    But I’m pretty disappointed.

    This gets points for not having that white cast and is 50+ instead of 30+ but looses points because if you have anything on underneath like serum or moisturiser it pills so easily!!! You must carefully pat on th...
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  79. Amazing!!!


    Unlike any other mineral 50+ I’ve ever used. I’ve got sensitive and dry skin, but with a moisturiser underneath this wasn’t drying or very mattifying at all. A satin finish and not at all greasy Or thick. Sinks right in.
  80. New fav


    My new fav sunscreen by ultra violette. I have sensitive rosacea and acne prone skin and have been waiting for the release of a 50+ physical sunscreen! Doesn’t leave a white cast and rubs in easily. Recommend if you have easily upset skin
  81. Best physical sunscreen out there


    Ok, as a redhead I am a certified sunscreen obsessive and have at least five on the go at any given time in my search for ‘the one’.
    I especially wanted to see how this stacked up against Invisible Zinc’s Sheer Defence 50+ tinted, as I reckon that’s the closest current thing on the market.
    The verdict? This is better. Nice texture, good colour. It’s matte as opposed to sheer and shiny ...
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  82. AMAZING!


    This sunscreen is magical!

    I have pigmentation so am always on the look out for a great physical sunscreen!

    The hunt is officially over i have found the best of the best!
  83. Lovely zinc sunscreen, no white cast on olive skin


    After previously trying UV's Clean Screen and it having left a white/grey cast on my light/medium neutral olive skin (great finish just too noticeable of a cast on me), I was a bit apprehensive to try this new one. This one is fantastic. It has a mousse-cream texture that leaves a demi-matte finish which doesn't get greasier as the day goes on. With past zinc sunscreens I felt I was sweating under...
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  84. Balled up my skin care products


    I’m glad I tried this on the weekend or I’d have been late for work. I use several skin care products before applying sunscreen and this new one from UViolette completely balled up all of my skin care. It went on like a thickish soft paste and while it seemed to rub in alright that process was a skin care products disaster. It also managed to gather into balls and flakes some skin around my nose. ...
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  85. Best sunscreen I have ever used


    This is the best sunscreen I have used!! I have finally found my holy grail sunscreen. I’ve tried every sunscreen (even the most hyped/pricey) and this does not compare. I’ve been looking for a sunscreen that is fragrance free and doesn’t have Alcohol Denat as this can be so irritating for me and I came across the Lean Screen.

    Best for dry skin as it is moisturising. I love that it l...
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  86. My new fav sunscreen


    I just LOVE this sunscreen. I bought two, one for me one for my husband and we are both really impressed. My husband works outside all day and has felt really protected. I have sensitive skin and it does not irritate or break me out. I like that it sits on the skin quickly and dries matte. I do feel like I need to let my moisturizer sit on my skin for a little while before I put it on otherwise it...
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  87. Velvet Heaven


    I was already a huge fan of the Ultra Violette range, but my oily skin meant I was beyond excited to try their first matte finish product.
    I was a little worried at first when it was pumped out of the tube as very thick and heavy to the touch, although there ended up being no need for concern. The sunscreen was quickly absorbed and left a finish that was velvet in appearance and touch. Not ...
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