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The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer 30ml

4.3 of 159 reviews


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$3.48 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

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4.3 of 159 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

my oily skin doesnt agree with this because its very sticky and makes my skin look even oilier. a little bit does go a long way and id recommend it for people with drier skin types

Most Helpful Criticism

Terrible scent
If you can get past the terrible plastic/silicone scent of this primer its actually not too bad. Its cheap and good for days where you dont want to waste expensive primers. I use it for when I go to work and gym. I have since stopped using it only because I went through a stage of breakouts and was using this primer at the time - it probably wasn't the cause im just paranoid of using it again now.
  1. Good value

    Wasn't expecting much from this but I was pleasantly surprised! Does a pretty good job at holding my makeup in place for the day and keeps my face from getting too shiny
  2. Awesome

    my oily skin doesnt agree with this because its very sticky and makes my skin look even oilier. a little bit does go a long way and id recommend it for people with drier skin types
  3. pretty good

    Amazing!!! This product is my go to when I need my make up to stay all day into the night! Really smooths everything out and so cheap!
  4. For dry skin

    This a great hydrating primer that makes my skin look good. However i have oily skin so my skin starts producing oils after a few hours
  5. nice

    I like this, but I think i prefer the other primer from the Ordinary. I suspect this one is better under powder, and the other one for me is perfect with very minimal cream products
  6. Like it

    I love the ordinary. This makes my skin more even, smooth, toned, and soft! An amazing product for the price and lasted a fair while considering the size of the bottle!
  7. Smooth finish

    I have dry skin so find that I need a good primer to achieve a smooth, non cakey finis. This primer achieves that and makes applying foundation a breeze. Great price too!
  8. Good for the price

    I have super sensitive, combination skin. This product worked well, kept my foundation in place all day but I have gone back
    to using my MAC primer as it has a bit of highlight mixed in for a bit of glowy goodness.

    Overall, awesome price. Does the job well. I’ll use it again when my MAC runs out.
  9. so smooth

    so smooth and silky. makeup applies so good on top
  10. Great

    Works better than a lot of my high end primers. Im impressed overall
  11. Nice Primer

    Its quite smooth and I love how my make up looks when I use this. However, I don't particularly like the smell but in saying that, it doesn't last long. If you can get past the smell then its a nice primer to have and very affordable.
  12. Terrible scent

    If you can get past the terrible plastic/silicone scent of this primer its actually not too bad. Its cheap and good for days where you dont want to waste expensive primers. I use it for when I go to work and gym. I have since stopped using it only because I went through a stage of breakouts and was using this primer at the time - it probably wasn't the cause im just paranoid of using it again now.
  13. My favourite primer ever

    I have tried numerous high end primers and have only found one I liked being the too faced hang over primer, I have been searching for one to dupe it since it’s so expensive. This primer is hydrating and my makeup apply smoothly and stays on all day. A little goes a long way so I’m sure this bottle will last me a long time, so great for the price would definitely recommend!
  14. So Silky Smooth

    This primer glides on softer than a baby's bottom! I love the feel of it on my skin, but I am still unsure whether or not I love it as a primer. It may be due to the type of foundation I wear as this primer should be used with silicone based foundations. I am still doing somewhat of a trial and error with different foundations to see what works best.
  15. A good primer that does what it says it will do

    I find this primer makes an almost silicon feel to my skin which means makeup glides on very smoothly afterwards, however I now am looking for something a bit more natural, so I don't use it as often any more and try to use a face oil or similar under a lighter mineral makeup.
  16. Okay primer for combination skin

    I didn't find anything incredible with this primer. I have combination skin and don't feel like it helped the foundation slipping on my skin or breaking up. Feels lovely though!
  17. High-Spreadability & High-Quality!

    Whilst the smell can be off-putting at first, you can definitely look past it once your makeup stays on all day!
    It sits so nicely on the skin and feels very smooth and not at all drying.
    I use this in conjunction with the Ordinary Foundation and it works a treat and a little bit goes a long way!
  18. Pretty good

    I didnt expect much from this primer because it was so cheap, it surprised me. It applies really smoothly and easily which is great when im in a rush in the morning. I dont like the scent of it (its a strong silicone like scent). But for the cheap price I would happily buy again to use as a day time primer. I would probably stick to my more expensive primers for events/nights out.
  19. Don’t mind it

    I liked this when I first tried it but ended up not using it as much because of the scent. It smells pretty bad but I think makes my pores look nice and small. Kind of on the fence!
  20. Makeup applies so smoothly

    Such a nice primer. It has the consistency of a thick clear gel and has that silky silicone feeling. A little goes a long way, I only needed a few little drops to cover my face but used the little bit more because its so cheap. My makeup applied so smoothly and easy. Feels great on.
  21. Smooth and affordable

    I tend to usually use high end primers but tried this one out because I wanted a cheap primer to just wear to work each day. Amazed at the quality and price of this. I love that it comes in a little dropper, made it easy to use just the right amount of product. Its a smooth silicone thick liquid consistency. Has an odd scent to it but very minimal. Was really easy to apply to my face because of the consistency and felt hydrating. Great day time primer and I will 100% purchase again.
  22. fantastic

    tried many primers but rate this as best value for money,can't be without it !
  23. Incredible

    I don’t wear make up often due to irritation and settlement into my eczema patches. We had a wedding and I bought this due to their other products I use being great for sensitive skin. WOW. I was SO happy with the result. Straight after application it feels amazing, then make up goes on flawlessly. I danced and drank all night which would normally dehydrate my skin quickly, but every time I went to the bathroom I was shocked at how hydrated and smooth my make up still was! When I took the make up before bed it felt like my face had been conditioned, even before washing and remoisterising!
  24. Nice

    A great every day primer to avoid 3pm slide! This has become a part of my daily routine and I love it, my skin feels hydrated and great afterwards and makeup wears extremely well over the top.
  25. Its pretty good

    I like the feel, and it definitely makes my makeup look better and doesn't break me out
  26. Not for me.

    Got a really strong smell to it that I can’t stand.. and depending on the type of foundation you’re putting on top, a lot of the time it pills really badly so I no longer use it. Love The Ordinary products but this one is definitely a no from me.
  27. Fantastic primer!!

    I was keen to try out this primer as I have quite oily skin and find my makeup doesn't last all day. I've used this during the day after applying my SPF and I am very pleased with the results. It creates a nice and smooth base for your foundation and definitely seems to help my makeup last longer throughout the day. I'll definitely purchase again after this bottle.

    I love this primer! I have oily skin, and I bought it to try because of the price and its great! I travelled the US for a 5 weeks and used it every day and it lasted the trip. It made my skin look blurred and kept my foundation on all day and night! For the price, its amazing. I have repurchased and will continue to do so!
  29. Want a comfortable primer? This is it!

    Im not so much for primers. Im really not sure if they actually do anything for your skin. Well that was until I found this little beauty! It makes my skin feel so soft and subtle and makes my foundation just glide over my skin! And it made my makeup look like it had just been applied all day. Would recommend for sure,5 out of 5
  30. Great price for great primer

    Smooth, non-pilling formula that feels divine on the skin and seems to make my foundation go further.
  31. Great primer for a great price

    Primer works great if applied correctly!! I use make up daily and find it sits great using this primer but have also heard amazing reviews about their other primer which I will try next and see what I prefer for my skin type. So far highly recommended this product
  32. Good value

    A good basic primer, but hard to get the last bits out of bottle.
    Certainly diid provide a good base but I prefer a more dewy look
  33. Nice primer but packaging is a bit annoying

    I did like this primer on the skin, it reminded me a bit of hourglasses's mineral veil. However it seemed to go off or gluggy in the dropper bottle really quickly and was hard to use all the product up with the dropper so i feel like a lot ended up going to waste. Would be good if they would put it in the same packaging as the high adherence primer
  34. Good primer good price

    Tried this a few times and it does make my foundation sit a lot smoother on my skin. I find my foundation doesn't cake up or settle throughout the day so that's a plus! The price is also fantastic, definitely worth a try!
  35. Good

    Just tried this after following a review. Good quality for the price. Recommended for an everyday primer
  36. Ok primer

    I use a lot of skincare from this brand and rarely find an average product but this is one of them. I don’t think it extends the wear or improves the appearance of any foundation and it tends to ball up easily if not applied well.
    I’ve got forty plus dry combo skin for reference.
  37. Lovely Product

    This is a wonderful primer that is easy to use and at a great price point.

    I do find that sometimes it will cause moisturisers to peel but I have just mixed and matched with different products until I find something I am happy with.
  38. A primer that works

    First time I purchased this primer and really like it. It goes on like a dream, silky smooth. My skin is mature & on the drier side. I’ve noticed that base goes on better with this primer, which gives a slight blurring effect. I can also apply a glowing primer over this and still works awesome. I previously purchased the other Ordinary smooth primer in grey bottle and that didn’t do much for my skin. This one is great , almost similar to the Smashbox primer. Great price too
  39. Not best fit for my skin

    I’m half way through a bottle. I love how smooth and easily the product goes onto skin, however I feel that it is not the best fit for my skin especially as I live in the tropics where my skin is always sweating causing my makeup to slide off. It might be different in cooler weather.
  40. Beautiful primer

    Just received this and already love it. I just love how smooth and beautifully it goes on! Makes the foundation (The ordinary coverage foundation) really slide on well and doesnt dry my already dry skin out. I'm still yet to see how it goes with lasting (although living in Indonesian humidity is a hard task for any primer/fixing spray) I will probably still use fixing spray on top of make up to help. But already a big fan, and such a good price!
  41. Hydrating for skin

    I really like this primer! Goes on smoothly and makes my makeup application very easy, lasts well throughout the day - I have oily skin and sometimes other primers leave me quite oily by the end of the day, but not this one! Only downfall is the smell of it, but gross, but it does what is meant to do so I think this will be my new regular primer!
  42. The worst primer I’ve ever used

    This has to be the worst primer I have ever used.
    What I look for in a primer is staying power, mattifying and doesn’t break me out. As I have combo skin with a slight oily T zone. By lunch time I was a shiny mess and my foundation was sliding down my face. Then I got worse as I developed tiny bumps all over my forehead.
    I threw it in the bin.
  43. Very effective for the price!

    A fantastic primer, especially for the price! It works really well in ensuring my make up lasts all day long! Easy to apply and an overall great product!
  44. Good value primer

    I have been using this primer for a week and really like it so far! It has this lovely smooth velvety feel upon application. Helps to keep my foundation in place all day. Great price too!
  45. Great product for this price point

    This product is great for the cost. It does help makeup last longer. I do not believe it is moisturising or gives a dewy finish like some other users although my skin is sensitive/ can be dry.

    I've tried so many different primers and this one has given me a unparalleled smoothness then any other.

    Makeup has lasted longer using this and my skin feels fresh and moisturised
  47. Good primer for the price

    This primer goes on super smooth, doesn’t break out my skin and definitely helps my makeup last longer. What more can you ask for in a primer so cheap?
    Will buy again, way to good value to not!
  48. Really like it but not everyday

    I'm not very good with makeup and just wear a tinted Moisturiser but my friend recommended me thus product to make my tint last longer. My face looks so smooth and has a beautiful matte finish for me. But I found my pores were a bit clogged and needed a deep clean after. So I just use on work days or nights out. Not all the time or everyday.
  49. Love it

    This is definitely the best primer I've used. It's very lightweight and makes applying foundation super easy. I love the texture of it too- it's so silky.
    Will buy this again!
  50. Nice primer but it blocked my pores

    I'm not sure about this primer. I'm a huge fan of The ordinary products but this one was just a little meh to me. First of all the packaging with the dropper does not work at all. The formula is too thick for the dropper to suck it up and work as a dropper so I have to dab the product off the side of the dropper. You only need a small amount of this and it does go on nice and smoothly and makeup wears nicely over the top but I also found that it was clogging my skin and I started to get blocked pores. Since I stopped using it my skin cleared up again.
  51. Nice

    Like this primer, its light, easily spreadable, a little goes a long way and very affordable, good stuff. Sometimes i mix a drop in my moisturizer to save time and works great.
  52. Didn't work for me

    I have normal skin with some dry patches usually. Normally my issues is that my foundation flakes or catches on my dry spots. This was the opposite. I was oily and shiny, and it made my foundation seperate in 20 minutes. This one is not for me.
  53. Great alternative to the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer!

    This is a pretty incredible product for its price point. I used to use the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer as I love the velvety feeling it leaves as a base for foundation. This has the same affect and I find that it really helps my foundation go the distance!
  54. glides on perfectly

    another Ordinary product i am super happy with, have been using the primer for about 8 months now and its my go to primer, leaves my face feeling ready for my foundation which glides on so well! definitely think it helps keep my makeup on and staying fresh for longer!
  55. I Hate Running Out of This Primer

    When I thought that The Ordinary was going to close earlier this year I was most scared of losing this primer so I may have stockpiled a few bottles ... I love how easily it glides on and makes applying makeup so quick.
  56. The Ordinary Fluid Primer

    This primer go on really easily and creates an ideal base for your foundation. Nice light coverage and makes your foundation last so much longer
  57. Hydrating affordable primer.

    This primer is so hydrating for my dry skin. It acts as a great base before I put on my face of makeup each day. Amazing price point, definitely a dupe for a high end primer like this one.
  58. Better than high end primers

    This is seriously better than benefit, Estee Lauder and mac primer. Although only use a tiny bit because it can be quite thick. My skin looks hydrated and clear from just using the primer
  59. Great primer for price tag

    Really great product makes a lovely smooth finish for a base and for the price just a great product
  60. Good makeup primer

    This is a good makeup primer that's affordable and doesn't make my skin breakout!
  61. Not fantastic like their other products

    I don’t care for this primer - it applies fine but seems to do nothing to increase foundation wear time and also it can pill when layered over other serums.
  62. Nice

    It is a nice primer and a great price. Skin feels good and looks good too. For the price I would recommend.
  63. Lovely product

    This product goes on easily and feels great. I purchased the foundation as well and am very very pleased with the result. Excellent products. Great prices
  64. Best primer!

    Accidentally added this to my order and so glad I did! Very light primer that doesn’t have the greasiness or thickness of other primers. Perfect to use with The Ordinary foundation.
  65. Beautifully light and silky

    Like other reviewers I have tried a few primers but this is the best so far.
    The reason I like this is because it is lightweight yet delivers a silky canvas to apply my foundation.
    I have dry 50+ skin and need to ensure my foundation does not get stuck in the dry spots.
    Have used it with:
    The Ordinary Serum
    Designer Brands Luminous Hydrating Foundation - excellent for older skin
    Revlon Photoready.
  66. First time using Primer

    Having combination skin I wasn’t so sure what a good primer were to be for me however I did stumble across this primer a) because it was affordable and b) because it said it would leave your skin still looking and feeling dewy after foundation application. I wouldn’t say it did still leave my skin looking dewy but it did make some areas of my face look much more smooth.
  67. Best so far

    I've tried many different primer in my life. I thought I had found my favourite, but I was wrong. I took the plunge to try this product and it works 100% in making my skin smooth so that my foundation looks perfect. I'm going to stay using this primer as the price and the result really impressed me.
  68. So affordable and easy to use

    Loved this product - never used the brand before but after reading and hearing about I thought I'd buy some stuff to try out as it's so affordable and the primer was one of my buys - absolutely love it! Not only is the price point wonderful and affordable but the quality of the product is great - so easy to use and a little goes a long way! I usually use it directly on my face before foundation etc but I had one particular foundation that is so hard to spread so I mixed the primer directly with the foundation and then applied on my face and it spread like a dream! Makeup definitely lasts longer. Highly recommend! I've used lots of primers much more expensive and I'll never waste my money again!
  69. Great product

    Goes on smooth and is a great base for make up
  70. So smooth

    This primer allows foundation to glide on smoothly and evenly. Improves longevity and gives a dewy glow.
  71. Fabulous

    I was surprised by this, but I really love it, my foundation definitely glides on better, and my skin glows with this!
  72. decent worth the try

    i have combination skin and this actually wasn't as bad as the other the ordinary primer. The smell of this primer is a fit funky" like earthy " but it works great i love the softness of this product and i feel this would be great on dry skin. i love the packaging too im a sucker for packaging. A little goes a long way with this product. If you after a primer from a great brand and have dry to combo skin i highly reccomend!
  73. ⭐️⭐️⭐️PRIMER⭐️⭐️⭐️

    After having been using primers for many years, I will never use another!! This is the best, smoothest and easily applied I’ve found. Love it!! Thank you The Ordinary and Adore Beauty
  74. Holy Grail of Primers.

    I will never use another Primer again, nor will I ever be without this product. No longer does my make up cling to dry patches or crease around my eyes. My foundation glides on effortlessly and my skin feels soft all day - this stuff basically erases pores and there is next to no wait time for it to set. A pea sized amount is more than enough too. For me, this is the HG of primers.
  75. Helps foundation not cling to dry patches

    I found this primer helps my foundation glide on without clinging to my dry patches. Previously my skin was so dry my foundation would just sink into my face but this product ensures it stays put. A little goes a long way.
  76. Good

    One of the best primers I have used. Doesn't make skin oily, which is perfect! Also leaves no skin feeling very soft.
  77. Smooth and silky primer

    A lovely product that gives you a great smooth base for makeup. It goes quite far so you dont need a huge amount!
  78. Great product for the price point

    I use this every day and it is a fantastic primer for the price. It goes on well and creates a smooth base for my foundation.
  79. Great Price, Great Product

    I have dry and sensitive skin, using this primer before a foundation or CC cream results in a smooth, even application; make-up doesn’t crease in my frown lines. Looove it.
  80. Average

    Feels pretty greasy when applying and doesn’t seem too absorb too well. Don’t think it makes much of a difference in terms of correcting my skin or ensuring my foundation is long lasting.
  81. On the fence

    Not sure how I feel about this one, but it gets 4 stars based on the price. If you get the amount right, it can feel nice and smooth on your skin. But if you use too much of this, or perhaps used too many other products in the same routine, the product pills/balls on your face. When that happens, you have to cleanse and start over as foundation won't go on very nicely.
  82. On The Fence

    I am of MEDIUM-TAN skin tone.
    I have DRY skin which sometimes feels quite tight.
    I sometimes have DRY patches and definitely have REDNESS on my face.

    I bought this primer along with my serum foundation as I thought they would work well together considering they are from the same company.

    Unfortunately I didn't love this primer but nor did I hate it.

    Upon application, the product has a silicone feel. It feels very nice and velvety whilst applying on my face and I guess it was nice to put the foundation on top but I didn't see noticeable difference with pores or dry patches.

    I do have moisturisers that can do the same thing as this primer so I would prefer to use those.

    I don't think I would repurchase this product but would only recommend to someone who is looking for a cheaper alternative who wants to try something different but I feel like it would be most beneficial for those who have minimal to no pores with dry-normal skin with no dry patches.

  83. Fantastic product

    This product is great. It leaves a silky smooth finish and works with my foundation fantastically. The price is also really affordable. Can not fault this product at all.
  84. Love

    I love this primer. It's silky smooth and provides a really great base for foundation. I haven't yet decided if i like this one more than the adhesive primer by The Ordinary, but I'm loving interchanging between the two!
  85. Perfect Primer

    This primer is definitely a life saver! I have dry, acne prone skin so this primer has been a miracle for smoothing out my complexion and ensuring product doesn't cling anywhere it shouldn't. This primer has given me the smoothest application yet and is perfect for hiding pesky pores. Not to mention the price point!
    Please note: a little goes a long way. My sister once used this unsupervised and couldn't understand why the product had balled up into a gloopy mess. She wasn't very impressed by my endless amusement at her clumped face. Moderation is key!
  86. amazing primer

    Lightly glides on! Super smooth & feels good for your skin. Doesn't clog! I always wonder if a primer even makes a difference but this one I love applying because it has skincare benefits...
  87. Amazing

    This product has cut my use of foundation in half. Now a little goes a very long way. I will be buying this again
  88. The name says it all

    This primer's runny formula makes it easy to use, and following make up easy to apply. It doesn't hide pores as well as a mousse primer, but I still love it. It makes blending foundation an absolute dream!
  89. Re-ordered several already!

    This primer feels EXTREMELY smooth on the skin and didn't seem to make my breakout worse. It also does seem to help improve the staying power of my foundation (I use Clinique anti blemish solutions), along with my MAC finishing spray - really important for me as I often have to wear a surgical mask, which rubs off a lot of makeup!
  90. Ok but not amazing

    Good for the price, but my face feels quite greasy and clogged after applying.
    Didn't notice a huge difference to my makeup longevity since wearing it.
  91. So smooth!

    I love this primer. Would definitely recommend buying it.
  92. Makes Makeup Application A Breeze

    I’m happy with how this product blends prior to foundation. I’m happy that this product helps smooth out foundation easier. Though the reason I like to buy primer is to provide longevity throughout the day for my makeup which I didn’t find that this product is better at doing. For price, the product is however value for money.
  93. Simple Primer

    This is a good, simple, silicon primer. Other primers often dry out my skin, but this one is very hydrating and really improves the appearance of the texture of my skin. It doesn't help my make up stay on longer, but it is very smooth and light to apply and certainly makes my skin look more flawless and soft. I worry with primers that they will cause a breakout since I'm prone to that, but this one hasn't. I use it under a foundation or even on it's own and just put a bit of powder over the top. It makes my skin look well hydrated and 'dewy'. A good, simple primer.
  94. Not for me, unfortunately

    I have classic combination skin, and have struggled to find a combination of primer and foundation that will last all day. This primer does well with my BECCA Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundatio, allowing it to go on more smoothly. But to be fair, that foundation lasts well on its own. Sadly this primer doesn’t last the distance with lighter foundations. So the search goes on!
  95. Ok product, would need to try it with silicone-based foundation

    This primer is silicone based so only use it if you have a silicone based foundation. I didn't realise this when I purchased, so it didn't work for me. Another thing to note is the texture is quite heavy and thick, it definitely feels like you're smearing plastic on your face! I'm sure it would probably work better with silicone based foundations but it very much didn't with my foundation (The Ordinary Serum Foundation)

    I guess this review is just a warning for those who, like me, don't own silicone based foundation and are thinking of buying this!
  96. Simple product

    Your standard, silicone primer, does the job at a reasonable cost. I have oily skin and use this with a liquid, water-based foundation. It makes a big difference vs no primer. It hasn't caused breakouts. What's not to like?
  97. Favorite primer

    this product have good liquidity, easily absorb by skin, will help the application of foundation, enhance lasting effect of foundation.
  98. Dupe for HG primer

    This primer is great quality and very similar to the hourglass primer but for a fraction of the price. It's a little thicker but feels so smooth on the skin. A little goes a long way and don't put too much otherwise can feel a little oily. The only downside is the dropper bottle. It would work much better in a squeeszy bottle because the formula is quite thick it's not so easy to use the dropper provided.
  99. Smooth base

    I've never used anything like this. Just one drop of the primer spread across the face makes it feel so smooth and ready for make-up. Really quick and easy, and wont run out of it any time soon!
  100. Love it

    I changed from NP to ordinary and my makeup stays on all day
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