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The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

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The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer  by The Ordinary


The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer is a lightweight serum-like formula that increases the spreadability of subsequent complexion makeup to help avoid the unnatural and uneven accumulation of pigments especially around the eyes and on dry skin. Ideal for application before concealing, or applying full coverage foundation for a more natural look.


The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer also acts as a light, non-oily surface hydrator for a natural dewy look.

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We suggest this product be used within 12 months after opening.

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LOVE IT! - 21-06-2018 by

I usually don't see the fuss with primers as I have insanely sweaty skin and sweat bleeds through all the primers I use no matter what. However this stuff is AMAZING. As soon as you put it on, you can see your skin has a blurred AND mattified effect so you know you're in for a thrill ride.

I have not stopped using it despite all the other primers I own, I love it. Plus I love the ink bottle gimmick for this primer, it works wonders and makes you feel like a chemist LOL.

Surprisingly Great! - 20-06-2018 by

Being in the market for a new primer, I decided to try The Ordinary's High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, for use under Mac foundations that were both thicker and thinner consistency. I have always found choosing the right primer difficult as many work well with only one of your foundations.

This primer is so good and so affordable! A little goes a long way, it is smooth on the skin and does not leave on oily film (it does feel a little oily or feels as though it will leave a layer atop the skin but settles in so well). What I found super impressive is that it helps not show up my dry spots around the corners of my nose, where my nose meets my face.

I'm not sure about if it extends my foundation wear, as I don't really suffer much from an oily T-zone or anything but at this price, it is worth trying for yourself!

Works well, Bad smell - 19-06-2018 by

I bought this because of the cheap price and good reviews. I have dry/ combination skin and I still found the primer very oily on my skin. Would not recommend this primer to anyone with oily skin. The smell is not great, however, after applying foundation it is not too noticeable. The primer tends to hold my foundation well. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a cheap primer, however it is not the best one I have tried.

Good primer, good price - 13-06-2018 by

I really like this primer - it has made a big difference under my Nude by Nature Mineral Cover and making it sit much more nicely on my skin. I haven't used a primer for a while but this one had good reviews and I'm glad I bought it, It's not too expensive and sits nicely on the face. Would recommend.

Messy! - 04-06-2018 by

The primer works well - if you can apply the right amount. The fluid is quite thick and has an eye dropper applicator. Imagine trying to draw up thickened cream in an eye dropper. It ends up down the side of the bottle which I then put on my face and apply too much - resulting in my make up clumping. I am now wiping the bottle and excess and throwing it way - the applicator is messy and wasteful. Not recommended.

I will use up what I have and change to something else.

Going to try again - 21-05-2018 by

I bought this primer because I liked the packaging (less plastic) and the brand doesn't test on animals.

When I first used the primer I was amazed because it felt sooooooo nice on my skin. It was so smooth and mattified my skin but wasn't drying.

Then, I put my foundation on... My foundation DID NOT like this primer. It kept moving around and wasn't smooth at all. I wiped it all off and used some of my old primer instead.

After reading some of the reviews on here, I am going to try it again but not use as much and not wait so long in between. Hopefully I'll have more luck.

Love it! - 20-05-2018 by

Easy to apply. Needs to do it quickly thought as it dries up pretty quickly.

Less is More! - 18-05-2018 by

This product has quite a strong smell, but once you get past that its not a bad primer. Definitely better in small doses. I found if I used too much my foundation was a little greasy. Use sparingly and you will get a good matte look finish.

Unsure - 16-05-2018 by

I find that this primer makes my foundation pill, however it looks amazing on the skin without any makeup over it. It is great at minimising the appearance of pores and combating oiliness.

Great value for money - 15-05-2018 by

I bought this as I thought it was worth a try for such a good price, I was not disappointed ! Just one small drop goes such a long way. I’ve found it balances out my skin and helps my foundation stop settling in fine lines such as smile lines. Definitely recommend!

Essential to have! - 14-05-2018 by

This primer is really nice and smooth, it’s very light and helps blend foundation out. My makeup asts all day when I use this primer.

A little bit goes a long way - 12-05-2018 by

Found it to be better than the primer in the tube (also by the ordinary). Little goes a long way. great base for makeup

AMAZING - 08-05-2018 by

I couldn't rave about a primer enough. I LOVE this. My makeup has never looked better when using this primer. I would get horrid dry under eyes, foundation would always separate. All my foundation worries went away instantly!

Won't be repurchasing - 08-05-2018 by

I'm not a big fan of this primer, and am going back to my old brand. I don't like the way it feels - it's a bit tacky and unpleasant. Plus the packaging is down-right annoying.

One of the best! - 08-05-2018 by

I've used several primers, both high end and drug store and this is MAGIC. It's so easily blended into my skin and you only need a small amount (less than a pea size) to cover your forehead (and I've got a doozy!). I don't even use the dropper and just take some product from the dropper wand itself. It is sort of like a serum/gel like consistency and spreads well.

It has AMAZING staying power for the price and my makeup doesn't separate as it has done with other primers I've used.

Apply it and let it sink into your skin before applying any makeup. I let it sit for around a minute, or until it feels velvet smooth.

100% buy!

Pretty good but the packaging doesn't fit the purpose! - 07-05-2018 by

I actually quite like this primer, it goes on very smooth and I think does a good job.

But the bottle/drip needs to be reassessed! I basically would need to use the drip tube to wipe primer onto my face as the product is too thick to actually be used via the drip.

Aside from that, I quite like it - trying the other TO primer that comes in a squeeze tube (less cute but more effective hopefully!) so fingers crossed I love that one too.

Surprisingly good - 07-05-2018 by

I am a die-hard silicone primer fan, so I did not expect to like this primer as much as I did. It is as the name suggests - a fluid primer that increases spreadability of your makeup. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't leave my skin feeling oily, and the lightweight formula was perfect for a light daytime look. You can't go past it for the price.

Disappointed - 30-04-2018 by

I got half way through the bottle and it started to smell off. I couldn’t use it anymore as the smell was really bad and had to throw it out. The lid was always put on properly and never contaminated the dropper by putting on the skin. Besides that I found it was an ok primer but certainly used better. Haven’t found any of The Ordinary products I’ve bought any good. Wish they were because of the price point.

Good, but not phenomenal primer - 30-04-2018 by

Good primer for the price. Creates a nice smooth surface for foundation application. Makes your skin feel lovely. Doesn’t do much for longevity.
For the price, it has a great quality feel.

In love with this primer - 29-04-2018 by

Reviews are accurate - this is a great primer! Love it's consistency. Spreads effortlessly over the skin and leaves a clean weightless base for makeup. Very impressed. I've just ordered more products from this brand based on how much I like this primer.

Good budget friendly primer! - 29-04-2018 by

Soaks well into the skin and helps blend the foundation well. Doesn’t last as long as my other primers but if your having a dry skin problem this would definitely suit your skin well.

Really smooth primer - 19-04-2018 by

This primer is really nice and smooth, it’s very light and helps blend foundation out very well. My foundation lasts all day when I use this primer. My go to primer every day!

Good price primer - 18-04-2018 by

Agree with some other reviews - this product is a similar consistency as the Hourglass primer, but with a much more reasonable price! It has a slight matte effect to it, and a little goes a long way. I still love my hourglass primer and keep that for special occasions, but The Ordinary primer is a good substitute for everyday/light makeup wear.

Amazing price, quality product - 12-04-2018 by

I have had such excellent results using this primer. I've tried a lot of primers over the years, this one is good for my dry t-zone & for the price is totally worth it. It lasts a long time as a little bit goes a long way. Perfect for week day work use & I save my expensive primer for weekend use.

Great primer, bad packaging! - 12-04-2018 by

I bought this primer after their High Afherence primer didn’t work well for me. I really like the consistentcy of the fluid primer it keeps my makeup in place, and you only need a very small amount. The price and how long a bottle lasts is really appealing as well. The only downfall of this product is the packaging. The bottle/dropper do not work well with a fluid primer! It’d be much better with a pump. But overall, great product!

Can't live without it! - 11-04-2018 by

I've been using The Ordinary products for just over a month now and recently added this to my everyday skin routine. My face gets quite oily and its tricky to find a primer that doesn't add to this oiliness BUT behold the The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer!

It is easy to apply and not a lot of product is required to cover your face. I've found that i don't have to use as much make up as before this primer. It doesnt make your skin oily and allows my make up to last for an entire day with little to no touch ups.

If you haven't tried it, and LOVE The Ordinary products already get onto this. You wont regret it!

Feels great on the skin and easy on the purse... - 25-02-2018 by

I tried this primer because I had seen reviews where people compared this to the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. I love that primer, but don't love the price, so gave this one a 17% of the cost of the Hourglass primer there was little to lose.

I'm happy to say that my money was not wasted. This one is a little thinner and is clear, not white - so I wouldn't say it gives exactly the same result, but it comes pretty darn close. For day to day wear I will definitely be using this one - Wow. It's a great product and offers fantastic value. I agree with comments about the packaging, it can be a little messy and unnecessarily difficult to get the product out of the bottle, but it's not a big enough issue to stop me using it.

great primer - not for oily skin - 25-02-2018 by

This primer has great spreadability and smooths everything out but if you use it with oily skin, you might have to set with powder and setting spray otherwide it will slide off your face within a few hours.

Great! - 19-02-2018 by

I also have the other primer from this brand and while I prefer that one over this one, this one is also just as good, I just find that I tend to have to use more of this one. That being said it is an amazing primer and goes on so smoothly and works well with any foundation. The price is great value for what the product does. Highly recommend

Best primer I've tried - 25-01-2018 by

I LOVE this primer. So similar to the hourglass and so much cheaper. Makeup goes on so smoothly. I have dry-normal skin and it works just great for me. Not too matte like many other primers I've tried.

First time user and loving it - 14-12-2017 by

A tiny bit goes a long way. You only need a tiny bit for it to cover your face. I recommend letting it dry before applying foundation.

Amazing primer for the money - 13-12-2017 by

I used this primer for the first time today and I was not disappointed, the smallest amount goes a long way and my face felt silky smooth after application. My foundation (the ordinary coverage foundation) was so easy to apply over the top and my makeup did not budge all day. For the price of this product you definitely cannot go wrong. It’s going straight to the top of my make-up drawer

Wanted to love this, but didn't - 13-11-2017 by

I have dry skin and need a primer to help moisturise and smooth out my skin before makeup. Something about the texture of this did not work for me. Didn't hate it but did not do anything for me either, I wouldn't repurchase for my skin type.

The only primer that works for me!! - 03-11-2017 by

This primer is soooo soft and smooth it's amazing. I had a really hard time being able to find a primer that actually worked to make make up look smooth, but this is absolutely perfect. It's definitely worth the purchase!!

Terrific primer - 01-11-2017 by

For the price and wearability, this primer is the bomb. I usually get flecks of skin lifted and enhanced around my chin whenever I wear foundation, no matter how much I moisturise, exfoliate and prime, or how high end the foundation is. I gave this primer a go because for the price; why not? Best choice I ever made. Made my foundation go on easily and didn't raise the dry patches around my mouth and chin. Love it.

Love it - 22-10-2017 by

Love the ordinary, and love this primer, makeup goes on smoothly and stays on all night, and especially love how affordable it is.

If you've never used a primer, this is where to start! - 22-10-2017 by

I've never used a primer before now and I wish that I had discovered this gem earlier! I used this for the first time last night and it was AMAZING! I applied by foundation over the top and did not have to use a sponge to blend it in for the first time ever. It kept my makeup in place, did not smudge or make my face feel too oily. Highly recommend!

Brilliant Primer - 16-10-2017 by

This primer is as good as the Hourglass I've been using for years, and at a fraction of the price! There is no scent and the formula dries to matte very fast. It serves as a great base to hold my makeup.

Amazing! - 02-10-2017 by

Found another awesome primer without breaking my bank.
It went on so smoothly, my foundation glided on so carefree and subtle.
I helped keep my makeup lasting all day

Love love LOVE - 31-08-2017 by

Hands down this is the best primer ive used by far!
Ive mostly used high end primers and thought they were nice but this one takes the cake.
The price is also fantastic but I would happily spend $100 on this primer if I had to.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone searching for the perfect primer.

GREAT AND AFFORDABLE! - 22-08-2017 by

As soon as you apply this primer it instantly makes your skin feel smooth and moisturised while also being very light weight. It also makes makeup apply and blend efficiently!!

Love! - 16-08-2017 by

Really loving this primer! I read the Adore Beauty Ultimate Guide to The Ordinary as I wasn't sure which of the primers would suit me best and the article was spot on! I love how this primer makes my skin feel and look, so silky and dewy (but not too dewy). I can tell it is definitely helping my makeup last longer and also helps to stop my foundation settling into smile lines. A great product for such a great price.

Soft smooth finish - 25-07-2017 by

Q. Is this the most affordable primer that actually delivers?
A. 3 x Yes
Helps blur lines - anti-aging! Which i need now more than ever!
Super soft finish - perfect partner to my becca foundation.
Super cheap but high quality product....almost too good to be true. Highly recommended to all my friends and family!

Winner Winner - 25-07-2017 by

The best primer I've used in forever. I'm a convert and I'll be using it for a long time to come...literally...high-spreadability is an understatement and the bottle will last me for a year, I'm sure. It creates a lovely smooth base and foundation glides on.

I'm recommending to anyone who listens to me - you won't be disappointed in this primer.

Great product - needs to revise packaging - 17-07-2017 by

This is the best primer I've ever used! I use it in conjunction with a silicone beauty blender and Too Faced Born This Way foundation and this primer really helps set my foundation, hold it all day and I find I use about half as much liquid foundation as I would have without it.

It goes on smooth, only needs a small amount and is non-greasy and long lasting. My skin feels hydrated and featherweight <3

The only but (and it's a pretty big but) is that the bottle it comes in means you can't actually get all of the product out. The eye-dropper can barely pick up the primer as it's too thick, and the bottom 15% of the product can only be reached by using a cotton tip or in my case, the end of a brush. It would definitely pay to change it's packaging into a squeezy tube so we can make the most of the wonderful product!!! I will absolutely continue to purchase it, but I'd really like to see a functional change to the packaging.

Best primer yet! - 22-05-2017 by

I've never been a huge fan of primers, but I thought I'd give this one a go when it popped up when shopping for makeup. I hate the feeling of silicone primers but this is not like that. It's definitely silky and feels similar to a silicone primer but doesn't leave the film over your skin that can disrupt some foundations. It does enough to smooth the skin and any texture without feeling heavy. On days where I don't wear makeup I often wear this alone to even out the look and texture of my skin. Would recommend this to anyone starting out with primers, and The Ordinary make such high quality products that are extremely budget friendly. Such an awesome brand.

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