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4 instalments of $10.50


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Say hello to the Tan-Luxe The Gradual Illuminating Tan Lotion, a revolutionary lotion and oil hybrid that delivers a natural, build-able colour for the face and body. Within one hour of application, colour will begin to warm as skin is left feeling moisturised and soft. 

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4.4 of 34 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

So amazing!


I have very pale skin so it’s always very exciting when I find a fake tan that doesn’t leave my skin orange and patchy. When I tried this tan that exciting feeling was there! This tan is amazing! It makes my skin nice a bronze and dark, it goes on so easily, smells so nice and dries so fast! I definitely recommend this product to everyone, whether you have pale or dark skin, this one is perfect!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favourite


Definitely a great moisturiser but doesn't give much colour to the skin at all. If you have really light skin then it will probably work a lot better for you. Unfortunately I don't think I will be repurchasing! But I do think this is a fantastic brand!
  1. So amazing!


    I have very pale skin so it’s always very exciting when I find a fake tan that doesn’t leave my skin orange and patchy. When I tried this tan that exciting feeling was there! This tan is amazing! It makes my skin nice a bronze and dark, it goes on so easily, smells so nice and dries so fast! I definitely recommend this product to everyone, whether you have pale or dark skin, this one is perfect!!!
  2. Gorgeous tan colour


    This is SO GOOD. I love this brand and how gorgeous the colours of tan come out. Definitely a must have in my tanning routine! Yes!


    Only takes me around 10 mins to apply, super easy & really fast drying, so your not left feeling sticky.
  4. perfect


    Very nice and natural application! It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards! I always take this with me when I’m travelling for a nice glow, highly recommend!
  5. My go to tan


    I have tried SO many different kinds of fake tans in a never ending search to find one that has great coverage and doesn't smell. Since finding this product over a year ago I don't need to try anything else. It doesn't stain my sheets, it provides a medium shade tan with one layer that looks incredibly natural, it doesn't have that terrible fake tan smell and it fades naturally and doesn't get patchy!!! I just re-apply it every 3-4 days, it has made tanning so easy for me now, I find if i put it on in the evening and don't wash it off the next day it continues to develop into a darker tan. Although it is a little pricey, a little goes a long way and one of these bottles usually lasts me around 2 months.
  6. Not my favourite


    Definitely a great moisturiser but doesn't give much colour to the skin at all. If you have really light skin then it will probably work a lot better for you. Unfortunately I don't think I will be repurchasing! But I do think this is a fantastic brand!
  7. Luxurious


    Love this product, gives you a nice slight bit of colour. Make sure you exfoliate before using as it can build up and look a little patchy
  8. Such an easy to use product for those who are scared of fake tan


    I'm scared of using fake tan. The fear of putting it on, only to find patches hours later which are hard to get rid of is enough to put me off using it.
    This product however is wonderful! I'm fair skinned and don't want a strong tan, just a "I've spend a couple of days in the sun" look. One or two max applications of this gives me this look.
    It also smells lovely which is a bonus - I'm onto my second bottle now.
  9. Brilliant find


    Love love love this product. It's totally foolproof, gives a great colour and no fake tan smell. It soaks into my skin almost immediately so no scarecrow stand waiting for it to dry. Couldn't be happier.
  10. Amazing maintenance


    I have tried maaany tans in my life. This is one of my favs. It is not a strong/dark tan, but it is perfect for summer/maintenance. The tan smell is almost non-existent, it's non-sticky, and it lasts.
  11. Light tan


    This one is very light, natural and builds a nice glow
  12. Decent gradual tanner


    I have VERY porcelain skin, and the colour of this works well for me (I still have to mix it with some moisturiser or it’s too dark) but I imagine it would show only minimal colour for darker skin tones. It goes on streak free as it says, and certainly gets darker with each application. Smells great too. I like to exfoliate all my tan off each week before starting again, but this tanner is pretty stubborn to get off, which I suppose is a good thing!?
  13. gives a nice glow


    great for a slight tan. doesn't get really dark but its super easy to apply and doesn't feel sticky.
  14. Gradual Glow


    This gradual tanner develops slow enough that it doesn’t look obvious your using tanner! But gives a glow straight away. The consistency is thin and absorbs into the skin with minutes and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.
  15. 10 Stars!


    This has become my favourite product that I don’t think I can live without.
    The texture is so so light and refreshing and dries fast without a sticky feeling. Skin feels hydrated, soft and glowing. It instantly gives an illuminated look and the colour is beautiful!
    I wish they made this product as a full tan, not just a gradual.
    In love and hope it never gets discontinued! Best tanning product on the market.
  16. Smells great but...


    This smells great and makes my skin soooo silky smooth, but there is very little colour. If you are porcelain to fair it would probably be good. I am in the fair to light category. And it's expensive to be just a great moisturizer.
  17. Great


    Lovely, very natural looking. However, you should exfoliate and moisturise before use otherwise it going streaky and clumps!
  18. Hardly any colour


    This smells lovely and is moisturising but gives you hardly any colour at all. Having applied for three days it is barely noticeable. I am quite fair and was not expecting a super brown result but this was a bit too gradual for me!
  19. Where has this been all my life?

    Elle (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I was preparing for my Euro trip back in July, and complained that I needed a base tan before I could even think about stripping into a bikini. My colleague recommended I try this gradual tanner as she swears by it, and so I unconvincingly purchased it right before jetting off.

    My biggest issue with any types of fake tans is the smell. I can't stand it. I'm super sensitive to it and can spot a faux tan a mile away.

    I gave this a go and it soon became my best friend in Europe. After just one application, I had a golden tan. The more I applied it, the darker and more golden I became. The best part was that I could apply it every couple of days, and the colour would maintain without going patchy!

    I'll be honest, when applying the product, it smells great, but there is a light fake tan smell the next day. Once you shower, the smell fades away, so that's good enough for me.

    I absolutely love this product, and am about to buy my second bottle!
  20. Instant golden tan


    I love this product! It says its a gradual tanner, but i notice a beautiful glow within an hour of using the product. I rub it on just like moisturiser and leave it, doesn't leave your skin sticky or a smell!
  21. great gradual tan


    smells great goes on easy with a nice colour
  22. Doesn’t stain your sheets!


    I love using fake tan but I cannot stand waking up with stained sheets.
    This gradual fake tan smells amazing, looks amazing and best of all no nasty stained sheets.
    The colour is light and natural, so easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. Love love love it. Worth every cent.
  23. So easy to use!


    This is a great tanner if you want to maintain a gradual/subtle tan all the time, or for a once off to add a bronzed glow. It is not as dark as your typical dark mouse tanners, however it is so easy to use and doesn't go streaky. You can use your hands to apply, and as long as you wash them, they don't stain your hands! You can use a few days in a row to build up a darker tan.

    Will purchase again!
  24. Yep.. It's pretty awesome!


    When I saw the price tag, I was like "ummmm... That's pretty expensive, it better work" and sure enough, it did, and really well. It lasted a pretty long time as well. The smell is not over powering and tan is a nice color. I would be keen to try the drops you can just add to your every day moisturizer next!
  25. This is my HG of fake tanners


    I'm so in love with this tan. I love being able to put it on before bed and know that it's not going to leave colour guide on my sheets! I'm a very pale redhead with neutral undertones and this gives me a lovely light golden tan, no orange. I've had darker colour from other tans but I also tend to react to something in them and every few times I use them I get a rash, and I don't react to Tan-Luxe at all. I use mitts to apply and have never had trouble with streaking, though the lack of colour guide was a bit nerve wracking at first. I find it moisturises really nicely too and I only get a faint smell after having it on for a few hours, and also the next day. The bottle lasts a lot longer than I thought it would too. A bit pricey but I highly recommend it for a lovely natural tan!
  26. Lovely tan


    I have a fair complexion (Irish skin) and this day product gave me a lovely natural looking tan.
    One application was all I needed and it lasted about a week.
    It was a bit streaky at times but I think that was because I was rushing my application. Didn’t have an issue with putting on clothes straight after the application.
    It is pricey but I think worth it.
  27. I Stan This Tan


    I bought this product after seeing it on the Adore Beauty instagram. I've been using Bondi Sands religiously over the years, and really sceptical of new tanning products after an unfortunate oompah loompah event. I thought it was time to switch it up, and spoil myself.
    I first noticed the consistency of the product. It wasn't purely cream based like a lot of gradual tanners, but includes oils. It makes your skin feel so incredibly soft and hydrated, to the stage where I couldn't stop feeling my arms and legs, and would ask anyone within a 5 mile radius of me to do the same. They all agreed, that I was really weird. BUT soft
    I had a few problems with streaking, but I put that down to user error and a rush job. Make sure you exfoliate, and moisturise elbows, ankles, and any other wobbly bits that get in the way of a perfect complexion. The colour was fantastic, and I only needed one application to achieve the desired result. It lasted around a week, and I used the ModelCo tan removal soap to get rid of any stubborn bits to start a new application.
    I think it's something that will really grow on me, but it is a little stubborn when it clings to areas (particularly hands/fingers. No one likes an orange digit).
  28. I’m not in love


    After reading an article about how great this tanning product was, I had to try it.
    Pros: it’s a milky like consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin without it being too oily, I am very fair and one application is the perfect colour without the need of going to get a spray tan, the colour is a lovely bronze colour without it being too yellow or orange on my pink tinged pale skin, a little goes a long way
    Cons: I still think it smells! (Particularly the next day), it’s pricey
    The pros outweigh the cons but I don’t get the hype. It definitely beats the drugstore gradual tanners out there but I would like to try the other products to see if it’s just this consistency that I don’t like. Tip: make sure you wash your hands after applying as like other tanners this will stain!
  29. Amazing tanner!


    Wow!...I received this product today and I am very, very impressed. I usually shy away from tanners because I have fair-ish skin and I have had bad experiences in the distant past where ended up with a day-glo orange hue instead of the desired sun-kissed look. However, I thought I'd give it a go because of the great reviews. This product is incredibly easy to use, smells amazing and gives a lovely tanned glow in an hour or so. A little bit seems to go quite a long way, so I imagine the bottle will last quite well. Couldn't be happier!
  30. Great gradual tanning lotion


    This lotion absorbs quickly and leaves no streaks or marks. The change in colour is gradual but you do notice a difference almost after the first application. It does help to moisturise well before hand and really rub the lotion in well when applying.This is one of the best tanning lotions I've tried and it's really easy to use.
  31. Gradual Tan MVP!

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I like this a lot better than most of the other gradual tanners I've used. It's a lot easier to apply and dries within minutes, just have to be careful to apply evenly with mitts and not miss any spots because there will be lines if you're not careful, and wash your hands afterwards! Good thing is the tan develops when you go to bed and doesn't stain sheets and doesn't smell like fake tan the next day either. Has a nice caramel buttery smell. Tan looks natural :)
  32. My holy grail tanner

    Bec A

    This tan ticks all of the boxes for me in a tanner. It dries quickly (no slimey feeling!), applies evenly, has a natural, noticeable colour from one application, and I actually get compliments on the smell! I can even use it on my face with no breaking out. I wouldn't really consider this a gradual tanner, it gives me quite a noticeable colour with the first application.
  33. Worth it

    Kate Morris (Founder & CEO)

    Usually I don't care much for gradual tanners - who can be bothered applying it every single day just to get some colour? However I found this product gave me noticeable colour after just one application, and a decent tan after two. It smells fantastic - no tan stink; the colour is excellent, it is a proper bronze colour that doesn't go yellow even if you apply it enough times to go quite dark. I also find it less drying than other fake tans I've used. So far I've been using it every other day for ~4 weeks and I still have 3/4 of the bottle left, so it seems to go a bit further and last longer than this sort of product usually does.
    On the whole I am a massive Tan-Luxe fan and will repurchase both this and the Face drops.
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