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Tan-Luxe takes a next generation approach to self- tanning, making tailor-made, glowing skin a reality.


Working in synergy with your existing body and skincare regime, each Tan-Luxe product is packed full of skin boosting ingredients including Raspberry Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins B, C and E, alongside unique naturally derived tanning actives.


Taking the uncertainty out of self-tanning, Tan-Luxe delivers effortless glowing skin with No Streaks, No Smells, No Drama.

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Incredible tanner

Oh my god! Obbssessed! Wish I had found this product sooner. Love that I can create my own colour tan by adding drops to my moisturiser. No smell and develops into a great self tan. This product actually works out to be great value for money too!

Gives colour and moisture

Added to your face moisturiser this great smelling oil develops into a natural tan colour and doesn’t leave your skin dry like some tanning products. I found I needed to add at least 4 drops to get the desired shade but if you used daily it may build to a deeper colour, I just used it as needed when my face tan was fading.

10/10 product. I’m never going on the sun again!

Amazing product once you get used to it.

I have olive complexion and I’m half asian with yellow undertones. I purchased the medium/dark as I read multiple reviews stating the light/medium doesn’t do anything on slightly tanned skin.
I had never used a self-tanner before so the idea of a serum that tan’s your skin without leaving stains on white sheets or clothes was a godsend. Also, the normal smell of fake tan is SO off putting in my opinion so I’m glad Tan Luxe has developed a more current and appealing product. Initially, the scent is fruity/tropical. Once applied, you have a slight fake tan scent.

Here’s my system- have a shower at NIGHT and exfoliate your body. The reason I don’t do it in the morning is 1) bras and tight jeans will rub the serum and you’ll get darks spots between boobs, knees etc and 2) you’ll sweat and smell like fake tan during the day and the result won’t be as even.
I use a ratio of 2 pumps of neutral moisturiser (anything will do, but I like Aveeno) to 5 drops serum. That’s enough to cover 1 leg or 2 arms or front torso or back. I also just use my bare hands, but moisturise your hands first, it acts as a barrier so the serum doesn’t sink in. Once you’ve done your whole body, I wash my palms vigorously in warm soapy water, but only rub the bottom so the top stays tanned. Then I use an astringent on a makeup pad or just alcohol wipes (strong toner, etc- anything with alcohol) and go over your palms and top of your wrist VERY thoroughly. Then I sleep in loose clothes. Try to do this at least two hours before bedtime so the serum dries completely before getting in to bed.

The next morning, you’re tanned and glowing and ready to go. I have another shower that morning so the smell is all gone. Just remember to moisturise everyday to maintain. I usually repeat this process once a week but I’ve also done twice a week which is fine.

5 drops for me created a sunkissed, deep caramel tan- like a one day in Bali result. I could do more, like 6 or 7 drops but I’ll wait until Summer. I would start with 3 and work your way up.
I have had some awkward results of super dark patches in between my fingers, and on my toes and ankles so just be careful with these areas and do them last when there’s minimal product on your hands.

I also don’t apply this to my face, I stop application at my jawline. I use alpha H acids and serums, which would drastically alter the result anyway. It’s perfectly fine to have a lighter face than body and nothing a five minute application of your summer foundation can’t fix.

That’s all folks.

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