Is Skin Virtue This Year's Most Underrated New Skincare Brand? Here's Our Verdict...

Skin VirtueSkin Virtue

Earlier this year, we made a Big Call.

According to our Brand & Content Manager Hannah Furst, a humble skincare product named Line Filler would be the best serum of 2021. It was only February. Details.

But Hannah was right, and Skin Virtue Future Advanced Line Filler 30ml ended up selling out three times in a matter of days.

But what is this Skin Virtue brand and why aren't more people talking about it? Let's find out...

What Is Skin Virtue?

Skin Virtue is a Sydney-based cosmeceutical skincare brand available on Adore Beauty.

They're all about optimising a healthy skin barrier (tick), supporting your skin's longevity (double tick), and helping your skin to do its job to the best of its ability (tick, ti- you get the idea).

The brand actually has three separate collections to target different skin types and concerns:

  • The Super Clear Collection - Best for oilier skin types or even younger skin showing the first signs of ageing (e.g. irritation, inflammation, acne and pigment).

  • The Pure Anti-Ageing Collection - Specifically designed for anti-ageing in normal/dry skin types with ingredients to support the skin's barrier function.

  • The Future Advanced Treatment Collection - A range of products designed to zero in on specific concerns, including fine lines, discolouration and structural volume loss.

Basically, think of Skin Virtue like a super supportive but results-driven tutor for you skin, no matter where you're at.

Best Skin Virtue Products.

OK cool, but which other Skin Virtue products are worth a try?

To find out, I asked around the Adore Beauty office for Skin Virtue fans to volunteer their faces and thoughts for this article.

Here are our favourite Skin Virtue picks, from five Adore staffers with different skin types and skin concerns.

1. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening.

Skin Virtue Future Advanced BrighteningSkin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening

Who: Hannah, Brand & Content Manager.

What: Skin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening 30ml - A highly-concentrated moisturising cream that targets the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone, promotes collagen production and protects against the appearance of premature ageing.

Why Hannah loves it:

Skin Virtue is THE Brand I Didn't Know I Needed. I've tried a number of their products over the last few months, and none have disappointed me. The Advanced Brightening moisturiser is the perfect all-rounder.

The formula contains a gentle form of vitamin C, niacinamide (vitamin B3), hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and vitamin B5 (panthenol), so it literally does everything. Plus, it's suitable for all skin types and you can apply it in the morning and/or evening on top of any other serums.

2. Skin Virtue Super Clear Purifying Crème Gel.

Skin Virtue Super Clear Purifying Crème GelSkin Virtue Super Clear Purifying Crème Gel

Who: Christine, Assistant Lifecycle Manager.

What: Skin Virtue Super Clear Purifying Crème Gel 50ml - An ultra-lightweight gel-cream moisturiser for sensitive, pigmented, sun-damaged and/or blemish-prone skin.

Why Christine loves it:

For the lazy among us (myself included), this product is basically an active serum and hydrating gel moisturiser in one. The formula contains anti-bacterial Zinc PCA, a gentle form of vitamin C, soothing vitamin B5 and botanical extracts. And it has a luxurious feel - not something you always get from 'acne' products.

The smooth jelly texture skins into the skin easily and doesn't pill under sunscreen. The scent is also subtle and fresh. I've been using this morning and night when my acne-prone mug needs some TLC.

3. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask.

Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming MaskSkin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask

Who: Gin, Recruitment Specialist.

What: Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask 75ml - An intensely-concentrated face, neck and décolletage mask to hydrate and nourish the skin, and target the visible signs of premature skin ageing.

Why Gin loves it:

Having reached the milestone of turning 50 last year, I'm into anything in skin care with the word 'firming' on the front.

The Future Advanced Firming Mask is highly active yet gentle, and is filled with vitamin A, peptides, antioxidants, vitamin E, shea butter and sweet almond oil (yum!). Sounds thick, but it's super lightweight on the skin. I leave it on for 15 minutes and after removing with warm water, my skin feels soft and supple.

4. Skin Virtue Pure Eye Radiance Cream.

Skin Virtue Pure Eye Radiance CreamSkin Virtue Pure Eye Radiance Cream

Who: Karin, Copywriter.

What: Skin Virtue Pure Eye Radiance Cream 15ml - A brightening and de-puffing eye cream that also has anti-ageing benefits thanks to peptides, vitamin A and E, caffeine and antioxidants.

Why Karin loves it:

I've been on the hunt for an eye cream that's not too heavy, but not too light. This is The One. I use this product AM and PM after toner, and the texture is so soft that it sinks into the skin super quickly.

Also, this is one of the few eye creams that doesn't seem to trigger milia in my under-eye area. Love it!

5. Skin Virtue Pure Radiance Glow Serum.

Skin Virtue Pure Radiance Glow SerumSkin Virtue Pure Radiance Glow Serum

Who: Amy (me!), Senior Editor.

What: Skin Virtue Pure Radiance Glow Serum 50ml - A leave-on gel exfoliating serum that gently sloughs away dead skin cells using glycolic acid (an AHA or alpha hydroxy acid) for a more even tone and texture, and enhanced radiance.

Why I love it:

This is the kind of skincare product you apply at night if you want to wake up with a new face. Not in a peeling your face off kind of way, but it just makes my skin look infinitely smoother, brighter and plumper.

Apply a thin layer of the cooling gel texture over the face in the evening (avoiding the eye area), and either jump into bed like that or add a layer of moisturiser over the top if you're not experienced with glycolic acid. Wake up and glow. That's it.

You can learn about skincare ingredients like peptides and ceramides in our YouTube video below.

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