My Night Skincare Routine For Dry, Acne Prone Skin

My go-to night time routine for the 'good skin' days!

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I'm a makeup artist of over 5 years and specialise in skincare. I'm all about that fresh, dewy, glowing healthy-looking skin.

I'm Caitlin, I'm a part of the Adore Beauty customer service team. My skin type is extremely dry and prone to the occasional hormonal acne flare up. This my evening skincare routine for when my hormonal acne isn't acting out like a naughty child in a supermarket, and and I can just focus on treating my dry and dehydrated skin to keep it super juicy and plump.

Evening Skincare Routine For Dry, Acne Prone Skin - Cosmedix Oil CleanserEvening Skincare Routine For Dry, Acne Prone Skin - Cosmedix Oil Cleanser

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How Do I Find Acne Treatments That Won't Dry My Skin Out?

Working at Adore Beauty means a lot of training and keeping up to date with the best beauty tips. I absolutely love having fresh, dewy and glowing skin but in the past have struggled to find acne-treating products that are suited to my dry skin. I've found that most products that treat acne prone skin are formulated to reduce oil production and are targeted to oily skin types, meaning they actually dry my skin out even more. So when I look for acne treating products, I go for the ones that contain hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin B and Hyaluronic Acid. Products with hydrating ingredients help me to clear up and treat my acne prone skin and still have a juicy, glowy complexion. So now I'd like to share with you all my go-to evening routine.

My Night Skincare Routine For Dry, Acne Prone SkinMy Night Skincare Routine For Dry, Acne Prone Skin

The Night-Time Routine that Works Best for My Dry & Acne Prone Skin

Step 1: Cosmedix Oil Cleanser

Step 1: Cosmedix Oil Cleanser

I use the same cleanser in the evening! Cosmedix Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil is amazing at removing makeup that I may have been wearing during the day, or any other environmental debris. It deep cleans the skin and removes all traces of dirt and grime but leaves the skin feeling so nourished and not striped at all. I love to double cleanse with this cleanser so I apply one pump to a dry face and use a tiny bit of water to emulsify the cleanser and then I rinse my face and I repeat that process again and then gently pat dry.

Step 2: Aspect Vitamin B Serum

Step 2: Aspect Vitamin B Serum

I use this exactly how I do in the AM – I love to use Aspect Extreme B 17 both morning and night as I find I see the best results using it twice a day. This serum is an absolute skincare must-have for AM and PM, I cannot live without a good vitamin B serum and this one is up there with one of the best there is. I apply one measured pump to my entire face and follow with my other serum. This serum targets fine lines, wrinkles, redness, oil levels, and skin is left firmer, brighter, and smoother.

Step 3: PCA Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Step 3: PCA Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Everybody needs a hyaluronic acid serum in their life and this one is the Rolls Royce of HA’s. PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum can improve anyone’s skin. This serum is designed to boost your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels in three unique ways - plumping the surface skin, boosting deeper skin, and improving your skin’s hyaluronic acid production for longer lasting improvement and it seriously does all 3! I apply one small pump all over my face, making sure to push the serum into my skin.

Step 4: Aspect Moisturiser

Step 4: Aspect Moisturiser

When my skin is feeling super dry and lacklustre I love to use the Aspect Super Moisturising Complex 50g - it's my favourite night-time moisturiser. It works to deliver intense hydration and nourishment with super-rich Aspect Super Moisturising Complex moisturiser from the Aspect skin care experts. It packs my skin full of moisture for a smoother and plumper look and feel. It’s packed with a vast variety of nutrients and cell-targeting molecules (Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, Peptides, Antioxidant Green Tea, stable Vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, and Canadian Willowherb to name a few. I apply 1 – 2 pumps (depending how dry I’m feeling) to my whole face in an upwards moving motion.

There are a few little extra goodies that I like to use and incorporate in my routine when I feel like my skin needs some extra TLC.

On alternating nights, I like to change it up a bit and use either the Alpha-H Liquid Gold or the Aspect Probiotic Mask – I use these both 2-3 times a week.

Before special events, I'll use the Société Rejuvenating Peptide Mask before my entire usual routine.

Alternate A: Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alternate A: Alpha H Liquid Gold

When using Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I will simply just cleanse my face with my face wash, pat my face dry with a towel and then use Liquid Gold on a round cotton pad and apply it all over my face. I like to just use liquid gold on its own, so I choose not to follow with any serums or moisturisers afterwards, as this can “water down” the effects of the Liquid Gold. When I use this at night, especially if I’m breaking out – I wake up the next day with the most radiant, smooth skin and most if not all my blemishes are significantly improved. It works to soothe and brighten the skin whilst retaining moisture levels for improved skin texture and clarity.

Alternate B: Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask

Alternate B: Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask

When I use the Aspect Probiotic Mask, I simply just swap it out with my nigh time moisturiser. So, I cleanse my face, apply both my serums and then apply a small amount of the Probiotic Sleep mask over the top. This powerful face mask is designed to comfort and soothe skin immediately while firming, moisturising and providing skin with nutrients throughout the night. This leaves my skin feeling super plump, hydrated and nourished in the morning.

For Special Events: Société Mask

For Special Events: Société Mask

Société Rejuvenating Peptide Mask are a MUST before any event! They give you the most beautiful, juicy, J-Lo like skin. These masks are the epitome of luxury. A gentle yet complete rejuvenation gel sheet mask for all skin types. It reduces any redness or irritation and is an instant hit of hydration to the skin! If used before an event it preps the skin amazingly for a flawless makeup application. I simply cleanse my face and apply the sheet mask to my face and try to leave it on for as long as possible (preferably 30 minutes) and then I remove and rub the excess product/serum into my face. I then follow with the rest of my skincare routine. If you have the time to do this mask at least once a week, then DO IT!

My Night Routine for Dry, Acne Prone Skin

When my skin isn't flaring up, I'll use this set of products most nights.

  1. 1. Gentle Cleanser
  2. 2. Vitamin B Serum
  3. 5. Alternating Treatments
  4. 6. Before a Special Event
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