How Can I Prevent Fine Lines and Wrinkles Around My Eyes?

Prevention is always better than a cure, especially when it comes to the signs of ageing. These 3 steps will help guard your eye area from those premature 'experience' lines.

The skin around your eyes will undoubtedly be the first facial area to reveal fine lines and wrinkles. At just 1/10 the thickness of skin found elsewhere on your body, eye skin is clearly vulnerable to damage. It's a fact you may know from years of being told to treat the skin around your eye area with the utmost care.

Skincare results are only guaranteed with correct and consistent use, and there's nothing quite like the threat of wrinkles to adhere you to diligent application. Which begs the question: how can you prevent fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes?

And you may have more questions: Which products are best to use and when? Should I apply sunscreen around my eye area? Do all eye creams help prevent ageing?

For a wrinkle-prevention routine, we recommend three types of eye care products:

  1. Sun protection
  2. Hydrating eye creams
  3. Eye creams with anti-wrinkle actives

How can I prevent fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes?


You can sometimes use facial products to treat your eye area. However, there are reasons why you may not want to.

1. Sun protection absolutely prevents wrinkles around the eyes—and everywhere else.

If you're serious about preventing the signs of ageing, your skincare routine must include diligent use of sun protection. The No. 1 cause of skin-related ageing that's under your control is UV radiation.

Out of the three types of UV light, UVA is responsible for damage caused to the deepest layers of skin. UVA doesn't cause obvious immediate damage, such as sunburn. Instead, deep damage occurs but appears years later. You can prevent premature ageing of the skin around your eyes by using sun protection daily.

Although you have a multitude of formulas to choose from, we specifically recommend mineral-based sunblocks. The thin skin surrounding the eyes is especially sensitive, and mineral sun protection pampers this area with mild protection.

Try one of our Adore Beauty favourites:


How can I prevent fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes?


2. Hydrating eye creams support wrinkle prevention in the eye area.

Effective wrinkle prevention works by halting or rewinding changes that naturally occur with age. One such natural change is loss of hydration. When skin becomes dehydrated, its resilience is diminished and microscopic sagging is promoted. These technical terms equate to the progressive development of wrinkles.

While you can use facial moisturiser to hydrate skin surrounding your eyes, we recommend a specifically formulated eye cream for the following reasons:

  1. Fast-absorbing formulas require less rubbing of skin.
  2. Eye creams are designed to be extremely gentle.
  3. Eye treatments specifically target dark under-eye circles and puffiness.


Choosing a separate eye treatment ensures effective wrinkle prevention in a mild formula, so you don't have to screen ingredients lists.

Add one of these hydrating eye creams to your anti-wrinkle eye care routine:

3. Targeted anti-ageing actives reverse eye-area damage to treat lines that have formed.

Mineral-based sun protection and hydrating eye creams are products we recommend for all ages. Add eye creams with anti-ageing actives at some point in your 30s, depending on your genetics and accumulated sun damage.

We recommend the following anti-ageing eye creams:

To learn how these anti-ageing formulas help to prevent wrinkles, head to our Ultimate Guide article, 'What's the Most Effective Way to Treat Eye Wrinkles Without Surgery?'


How can I prevent fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes?

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