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SK-II Pitera Essence Set

4.7 of 154 reviews


4 instalments of $24.75


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4 instalments of $24.75


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Is this for you?

Your journey towards crystal clear skin begins with the miracle of SK-II Pitera™. This much-discussed brand has made waves in the beauty world and now it’s your turn to try some of their best-selling products yourself with the SK-II Pitera™ Essence Set.

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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SK-II Pitera Essence Set

SK-II Pitera Essence Set

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 154 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

this set is my favourite set


i started the journey with SK2 early in my 24, at that time, i don't really see any difference, so i stop using them but now i am 30, i found that it really have a better change for my face condition.

Most Helpful Criticism

Hmmm...not sure about this!


I wish I could say it magically improved by ageing skin but...in all honesty, I don’t think it did anything for me. Maybe you need to be under 40 to get a result with this one! It made me feel like I was spoiling myself which was nice. It’s great value if it works for you though. Just not for me.
  1. this set is my favourite set


    i started the journey with SK2 early in my 24, at that time, i don't really see any difference, so i stop using them but now i am 30, i found that it really have a better change for my face condition.
  2. Great set to try


    This is a fantastic value set to try the SK-II products to see if they are for you before splurging. I am glad I did because I found that the famed Treatment Essence wasn't quite for me. The texture and everything was lovely but the product seemed to give me slight irritation (like little red spots) whenever I used it although it also seemed to hydrate my skin and give it a glow at the same time? Nonetheless, I enjoyed the mask and I don't think this is a bad product, just didn't work for me.
  3. My no. 1 anti aging tool


    If I could only spend money on one ‘luxury’ item of skin care it would be this. The essence specifically but this pack is a great way to get it. I’ve been using the essence for years and whenever I stop (due to price) I notice a different in my skin texture. Must cleanse properly though for this to work. It feels so light and fresh and I notice after about a week of daily use my skin gets its glow back. Can’t live without!
  4. great


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! Been a favourite of mine for a while! The hydration with this is beyond insane!
  5. so good


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! An important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  6. Will continue to repurchase


    When I was using my first bottle, I didn't really think it did anything for my skin and so I stopped using it when I finished it. However, during the period when I stopped using it, I started to get a few breakouts and now I am left with acne scars. I thought about what products I used when my skin was clear and decided to repurchase this, hoping for it to soothe and clear my skin. Ever since then, my skin has been clear so far and I will continue to be repurchasing this. It may not seem like it is doing much at first, but I miss using it as soon as it is not in my skincare routine. In my opinion, I think it is worth a shot if you are considering it and I think this set is also better value than purchasing the full size essence itself.
  7. Pretty


    Good, and I get a $15 voucher after buying it. The set is worthy, especially the mask!
  8. Pretty


    I‘ve already bought it twice, it's cheaper than shopping mall's and the product is good
  9. Good value set


    This set is good as you can try a few products from SKII. The essence is super light and non-sticky, I feel like it does hydrate my skin and acts as a great toner layered under moisteriser.
  10. Very good set


    That's so good for me to try these products. The treatment essence is suitable for me but smells not good. I also like the mask.
  11. Best product


    My skin is now brighter and more hydrated. My skin is more plump and radiant. This product is phenomenal! Never going back to my old timers.
  12. Great for dry sensitive skin


    Love the sk2 products, specially this package. Very gentle and does not cause any break out on my skin. The mask also very hydrated.
  13. Value Set


    I tried the lotion and essence before.Honestly I haven't seen much difference on my face.I bought this set because it is value for money and I want to try the famous mask as well.
  14. Great for Dry Skin, Wonderful Value


    This set is terrific value for your money. I have dry/sensitive skin that not only gets flaky easily, but is hard to treat as so many products irritate my skin. This means toner has always been a no-no for me, as astringents are typically too harsh.
    I love the SK-II facial treatment essence, as it’s non-irritating and immediately stops my face from feeling tight when I’m having a particularly dry day. I’ve been consistently far less flaky and dry since I started using the facial treatment essence, which is a very welcome change!
    I bought the set so I could try the mask, which is beautiful and very hydrating, but recently curiosity got the better of me and I tried the clear lotion. To my surprise, my skin can tolerate it! I’ve now used the entire bottle from the set, and my pores are clearer and smaller than they were before use. I’ll be purchasing the full size bottle as I’m impressed with the results, but this pack is a great way to trial before committing to additional products in the Pitera essence range.
  15. Full size essence with sample mask and toner


    This is the same price as the essence by itself, which I have bought previously by itself and love, so I was very happy to get in addition a mask and small size toner. I have never used a sheet mask before but it seemed to stick to my face quite well. The toner seems to be basically the same as the essence so I haven't used it as I prefer an AHA toner but I will probably buy a full size pack of the masks.
  16. amazing


    See a difference and its only been like 4 days and my skin feels amazing
  17. the value is more than its price


    SK2 Essence is literally a must-have for every girls, especially those who are prone to have breakouts. The lotion and mask included in the kit are best partners of essence
  18. Hmmm...not sure about this!


    I wish I could say it magically improved by ageing skin but...in all honesty, I don’t think it did anything for me. Maybe you need to be under 40 to get a result with this one! It made me feel like I was spoiling myself which was nice. It’s great value if it works for you though. Just not for me.
  19. Awesome product.


    I am normal to combin skin, ance-prone skin, this is a perfect light-weight essence for me for the all time. It has changed my skin condition and it definitely worth the money I invested.
  20. Interesting but not a game changer


    I was expecting big things from this brand. It’s nice but not a game changer for me. I haven’t seen any noticeable differences in my skin as yet, I’ve used 1/2 a bottle. I am 40 with combination/oily skin.
  21. Don’t know what all the hype is about!


    I have heard these products are suppose to be amazing so l was expecting big things haven’t really seen a difference in my appearance. Maybe next time l’ll try the cream.
  22. Noticeable difference


    I’ve been using this product for a week and I honestly do think it’s made me skin more supple!! I use it every night and as a second step after toning
  23. Love sk ii


    i love sk ii especially the essence. This set is great value when you want both the essence and clearing lotion.
    The face mask is lovely too but not something i would buy on its own again due to price
  24. Pretty good


    SK-II is the best gift for all girls. The mask is wonderful but too expensive, so I choose this set. The essence can balance and refresh my skin. I enjoy using it.


    I have been buying this set for approx 5+ years now. This site is the cheapest place to get it. I love using this product. My skin feels amazing, i use this everyday. And the mask is sooo nice
  26. Good started

    Regina Fuentes

    Good starter kit if you want to try out the product. Also good as a small gift to your friends or family.
  27. Great value


    Definitely recommend. A lovely product, feels so hydrating. The mask is fabulous too. So we'll priced
  28. Best for clear radiant skin


    I can't remember why I stopped buying SKII, probably to try something else. So glad I bought this set, my combination skin was suffering, dull, dry and acne, but no longer. Skin is clear and bright and well hydrated. SKII cleaners are a little harsh on my skin and I only use the Facial Clear Lotion every second day; its the Essence and the mask that make the difference. Well priced for the 3 products. Of the 3 the Pitera Essence is the one I will keep buying, feels great on the skin.
  29. Best deal for lotion


    I bought this because it’s best deal !
    I know it’s bit pricey but worth it money for me.
    My skin is so much better than before.
  30. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and these products keeps my skin very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone despite the price
  31. nice kit


    this is the classic sk2 kit that includes the key products in a valuable way. and this website sometimes has some promotions so that the price is good in here
  32. Great product


    very great product. fourth bottle in use. will keep using it
  33. Nice Mask, struggled to see a difference with the other products


    Lovely mask, skin felt very soft and rejuvenated after use. The essence I haven’t seen any noticeable difference when I use continually and then when I stop. Wouldn’t repurchase the essence or lotion, however the mask was really nice and noticed a difference in skin texture with this.
  34. I will never be without!


    I am over 40 & have combo skin.
    I have been using this kit for the past 5 years and my skin has never looked better, I believe these products are the reason!
    I’m addicted to the facial treatment essence and use it morning & night. I just splash it on like a guy would apply after shave but to the face, neck & backs of hands. Provides a dose of moisture & anti-aging ingredients. Leaves skin moist and ready for next item in skin care regime. I love to use the mask before a special event or as a treat! I always have a backup of this kit in my bathroom!
  35. If you want to try skii


    it's definitely worth to try this beginner set, you get a full size 75ml of essence, so basically the lotion and mask are for free. Haven't tried the mask but the other two namely essence are great so far. I feel like my sebum production has lessened a little? not sure if due to skii, but pores always looks kinda smaller now. Only my first week into it. will recommend. (p.s Adorebeauty delivery arrived the day after my order !!! love it)
  36. Great value set


    Love this set. The essence is the hero! After about a month I've noticed improvement in my dark spots and pigmentation and my skin overall just looks much brighter!
  37. Recommend


    This set is fabulous, worth every cent and will go a long way! In 2 weeks I see a difference to my skin
  38. Beautiful


    This brand is super expensive but it’s so so worth it! I love the skincare and how amazing it makes my skin feel! Definitely love this!
  39. Essential kit for clearer, smoother skin


    This SK-II Pitera Essence Set comes with a Facial Treatment Essence (75mL) (also known as miracle water), Facial Treatment Mask (1pc) and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (40mL). These products contain its signature ingredient/formula called Pitera. I have been using this for the past month or two and have really been enjoying it. I initially tried the FTE on its own and it was average to me, but since using this in conjunction with the FTCL, I think it has produced better results.Since using these three products (in addition to cleansing my face 2-3 times a week with my Clarisonic Mia), my skin is smoother in texture, clearer, looks more even and feels hydrated. The fine lines on my forehead and laugh lines are softer in appearance and my pores are also smaller.
  40. Great starter kit


    Excellent starter kit for anyone looking to try SK-II. The mask is a lovely treat, but the real winner is the facial treatment essence - this stuff is $100 for a bottle on its own, and with this kit you get the mask and a trial size of the clear lotion too. My skin felt lovely and smooth after starting these products, and I think it cleared up significantly as well. I've purchased this set at least three times now and will continue to do so.
  41. Didn’t notice any change


    I wanted to try this for a while, I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my skin slightly dryer if anything. I have only used for one month but I won’t buy again.
  42. Good starter set


    I quite like the toner, remove lot of dirt after my double cleansing. Not dry out the skin.
    I dont find the essence is hydrating enough, but very gentle on my sensitive skin.
    Do not love the price tho.
  43. A must have!


    I was gifted this set for Christmas and its definitely worth trying! My skin feels very smooth and hydrated. I saw a difference on my pigmentation after a straight week of using the serum. The price is up there but definitely worth the investment. it does go a long way too because of its watery texture so the skin actually absorbs it very fast. highly recommend!!


    I was skeptical at fist, and now it's my 5th bottle! i think my skin just loves pitera. Over time, you'll notice a brighten on your face, not like whitening, more like your skin became transparent. In my case, one of the reasons i like it that i noticed my pores are smaller. Btw it really doesn't smell good and doesn't help with breakouts.
  45. Great essence to try for


    I received SKII essence today and I have used just in the afternoon, the result is incredible, my skin is completely bright just few minutes after applying. I would recommend this for anyone who are having prone skin problems.
  46. Love these products


    Absolutely top-notch products. The mask leaves me a little puffy the next day if I leave the remnants on my face over night, but it subsides within a few hours of waking.
  47. Great little set!


    This is such a great little set if you're wanting to try SK-II for the first time. I especially recommend the essence - this is one I will be repurchasing. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and I have noticed a difference in the blotchiness of my skin - it is less red and a lot more soothed after I use these products.
  48. Struggling to find any noticeable difference


    I have combination skin, that can be both dry and oily. I’m normally pretty lucky I don’t have acne or pimples and have soft healthy skin. I’ve recently tried to up my skincare game and wanted to try this cult favourite. In the past I haven’t really done much by way of skin care using a cleanser once a week and some vit c moisturiser and that’s it! The first couple days after using this, I got a break out on my forehead and after a couple of weeks I didn’t really notice any noticeable change. I probably won’t be repurchasing, but these findings may just be because my skin is simple and doesn’t really like much being done to it. I am only 20 though, so maybe this will be of help in another 5-10 years but for right now I’m not sure this is worth the investment.
  49. Great introductory set

    Rhea Fuentes

    Bought this set for a friend who was wanting to try Sk-ii before investing on full-size bottles... she absolutely love it!!! Her skin texture has improved so much and became smoother. She was impressed with the performance of the brand that actually bought a full size bottle of the essence!!! Overall, a good price for Sk-ii starter or for travelling.
  50. Great sampler


    I wanted to try SK11 but didn’t want to spend a fortune to start off. This little package gave a sense of what the overall range was like. The essence is absolutely beautiful and the toner is gentle. I found the mask to have plenty of product in the pack and it left my skin feeling fresh and rehydrated. I have since bought other beautiful products.
  51. Amazing!


    This product has saved my skin! I've noticed my skin is glowy, my lines on my forehead have reduced and my pores are significantly smaller(my main concern) and has cleared my breakouts. Feeling grateful and so happy
  52. You don't know you need essence until you use essence


    This is a great value set and i often buy it when they are running the free travel set offer. I've been using the FTE for about 3 years. I bought it at a loss, i had cystic acne and was pretty close to seeing a doctor about it. The FTE worked so well to calm my skin and made about 70% of it go and stay away. Now that my skin is 98% clear (due to a combo of products) i use it for the anti-aging benefits and in the hopes it will help my scarring. It was a long time ago now that i saw the dramatic results, but i will be loyal to FTE and the brand for life.
  53. Great products. Will buy again


    Trying SK-II for the first time ever. Have heard great reviews but had to try for myself.

    Bought this set as it had all the most-raved about products in a reasonable size.

    The essence is exceptional!

    Prior to my order arriving, I had a massive break-out all along my chin and jawline. This is the first time this level of breakout has happened and doctor reckons it's just a 'change in skin' that happens with age.

    Used the essence every night for 3 weeks and the breakout cleared. I have been using the essence 3 times a week (daily seemed excessive) and my skin has been great! Yes I still get breakouts during that time of the month but it's more controlled. My skin is definitely brighter and colour is more even.

    Only downside. It doesn't smell very nice!
  54. A good gift

    Lilian D.

    This gift set is a good entry level to the SK-II brand for those who haven't tried it or wish to gift it to their loved one. The products itself is very moisturising and brings your skin to back to its optimum hydration. You may see good results at the start however, it may plateau with continual use as it only is to bring your skin to its optimum level. Overall, great product to give your skin a healthy boost.
  55. Excellent gift for skincare starters


    Bought this for my mother for xmas. If you have anyone just starting out with skincare, this is a great fancy set for them to try out.
    It's a great set for the price. The essence bottle is nice and large which will last her ages.
    I know SK-II is a great brand with excellent formulas for older ladies and my mother really likes how it's been for her skin.
  56. Highly recommend


    Been using this product for just under a week and I can already notice a difference! I’ve been breaking out a lot for the past couple of months and thought I’d try something on the pricier side. This was the perfect product. I’ve noticed that my skin has completely calmed down, my acne is pretty much all gone and my skin has a beautiful subtle glow every morning. I have very sensitive skin as well, but this product seems to be working perfectly on my skin.
  57. Great buy and great skincare


    Im 32 and skin type is combination. I get pimples maybe once a week, specially on period weeks. But after i have use this product I never get pimples at all. And the small lumps on my face are gone. It’s an expensive skincare but really worth buying and trying. Will definitely buy again. This is my 5th times purchasing.
  58. Holy grail


    An absolute essential for your daily beauty regime. Has been using this for more than 3 years and just can’t get by without it. Love love love!
  59. Value+++


    Absolutely love SK-II products and this set is such great value. The essence treatment is literally magic in a bottle, and in this set, the rest is basically free. Talk about great value. If you want smoother, clearer, brighter skin, this is the set for you.
  60. This bottle doesn’t last for many uses


    This will last you about a month, for the price I think my skin hasn’t improved much
  61. This Entry Level Set Is Worth A Try


    This set provides you with an opportunity to try its renowned mask and the clear lotion which is the best pair of the facial essence. I like this 75ml bottle because it can be used up in time. Recommend it to any one who is new to SK-II.
  62. non-irritating, good for sensitive skins


    This product has no fragrance or coloring, good for sensitive skins. Although pricey, but I hope it can be a multi functioning product. It is light and easy to be absorbed. This is my second one.
  63. Its okay


    Bought this set try out SK II to see whether it can help to reduce pigmentation but sadly it hasn't made any changes to my skin after few months of use. Didn't mind the smell; think it's very faint and the products did not irritate my sensitive skin which is a bonus! It's definitely a great value set, just didn't do much for my skin...
  64. Great starter set


    If you have never used SK-II products before then this is a great set to try. I find the essence water if used correctly will leave your skin soft and hydrated. it can also be used as a mini mask in the summer to freshen your skin, Overall, this is a great value set and will keep purchasing!
  65. This set is bomb!!


    All three products in this set are amazing. I have bought this set to try the essence as it was hyped and truly it lived up to all the hype created around it.

    I have used this essence for a month now and can definitely write a review and say that it has transformed my skin appearance by making it tight, bright and has faded away my pigmentation marks to a good extent.

    If you are having skin problems especially ageing then do try this set. It's worth every penny.
  66. awesome product


    I am a first time user of SK11 Facial Treatment Essence. This is amazing combining the Treatment Essence with Facial Treatment Clear lotion, is THE BEST. My skin clear and smooth looking. Their Facial Treatment Mask is AMAZING, using the facial treatment mask twice a week in combination with the clear lotion and essence is highly recommended. I'll purchase again.
  67. Great value


    I've been using the essence for a few months now and it has been amazing. A little goes a long way, my skin clearer, brighter and the texture has improved. It makes a great base for underneath my foundation too. The kit is such good value ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  68. Sk11 Pitera Essence Set


    I'm a 61 year old that has always loved skincare. I've been a regular user of SK11 Facial Trearment Essence for around 12 months now. The SK11 Pitera Essence Set was given to me as a gift and I MUST say, by combining the Treatment Essence with Facial Treatment Clear lotion, is THE BEST. My skin has never been more clear and flawless looking. Their Facial Treatment Mask is AMAZING. Can highly recommend.
  69. Excellent SK-II Value


    I swear by the SK-II Essence; most people do. The fact that this set includes a facial mask and toner make it superb value! If you're on the fence about SK-II, start here. Be diligent, use the toner and essence everyday, and pamper yourself with the mask over a weekend. You WILL see a dramatic improvement in your complexion. Love SK-II.
  70. Transformed my skin


    This is the first essence and lotion that i have added to my skincare routine and i can attest for the fact that it has completely transformed my skin. It makes my skin so soft, hydrated and supple and i have found my acne scars are fading. I find that everything i put on top of the essence is amplified in it's benefits and i can nothing bad to say about these products! Highly recommend for all skin types
  71. Wonderful for balancing moisture levels


    I have acne prone skin and I love this SKII set because these products are excellent for controlling oil production without overdrying my skin. The piterra essence is great for preventing dryness so that I can actually skip my moisturiser (I can’t moisturize because my pores tend to get clogged).
  72. Great set of individually amazing products!


    I love the Essence on its own but you also get an amazing sheet mask and a travel sized product which I carry with me for after the gym.
  73. Game changer!


    After going to Japan last year, I saw this product every where and decided to give it ago. I am 30 and I have adult acne, but since using this product my skin has cleared right up and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend this to others and this set is good value especially cause you can buy just the essence by its self for the same price.
  74. Amazing products


    I have never been religiously into my skin care routine. Maybe because I never saw much results in the products I was using. Since use SK-II I’m obsessed with my skin. It is amazing. After 3-4 weeks my skin was smoother, softer, pores minimised and skin glowing. I’m now needing the SK-II moisturiser! This pack is a greater starter but you’ll be hooked.
  75. Miracle product- life changing!


    I have adult acne prone skin and I bought this expecting a miracle and it worked! I soak a cotton pad with the essence and dab it on to my acne making sure the essence soaks into my skin. It cleans my skin and makes it feel smooth and hydrated. It’s always best to start with the cleaning lotion then the essence. The mask works best after exfoliating. This is the second time I have bought this set and it won’t be the last.
  76. great value


    This set is so perfect as a gift. I got this for my mum on Mother's Day and she absolutely loves it, she's been seeing immediate changes in her skin already. She said will continue repurchasing as she loves the facial treatment essence which itself costs the same as this set so you get the bonus face mask and lotion for free
  77. Love it


    This kit is definitely worth trying out, particularly if you have been debating whether to get it or not. The essence really balances my skin condition, and I think it's suitable for all skin types.
  78. Great value


    Great value. Great to know their SIGNATURE product -- FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE.

    Abbey May

    I’m 22 & I found this because of Cate Blanchett & her makeup artist Mary Greenwell & wow I’m so happy I did it’s incredible, easy & it works! 100% would recommend
  80. quality


    Exceptional kit for the price. Extremely hydrating and love the whole package. I can relax at home and use these products and my results are like I paid for an exceptional facial yet in the privacy in my own home. I will purchase again.
  81. Adore Beauty offers such a great deal


    - Adore Beauty offers such a great price for this kit. The FTE itself (75ml) would cost you $100 at Myer!
    - My complexion is brighter and my skin gets glowy after 2 months of use of the FTE.
    - The mask is magic. My skin get hydrated and plump and my pores disappear just after one use. And the effect last until the next day!

    - I'm not sure what the clear lotion does to my skin
    - Price
  82. Staple skincare


    This has been a staple in my skincare routine for a long time - it keeps my skin fresh & bright & toned much more effectively than other products. The set is the best value way of buying the essence as you get a free mask which is a super luxurious treat for the skin. Highly recommended.
  83. The hype is real!


    I was a little skeptical at first, but after using the facial esscence I've noticed a reduction in pimples and existing ones heal much faster, my skin overall feels silky smooth. You use such little product when applying this that I genuinely think this bottle will last between 6-9 months. I would 110% purchase again!
  84. Not sold


    Purchased this set after reading all the reviews and hype I heard about the brand and product. I’ve used this product for a recently months and really haven’t noticed any change in my skin.
  85. worth to buy


    the set price is the same with essential treatment only. It is worth to buy.
  86. GREAT!


    This essence is one of the best for acne prone skin and works very well with my other skin care products.
  87. Hydration boost +++


    I was first introduced to this product after reading great reviews. I love the glass bottle it comes in, looks stunning. I use this product twice a day before applying with my skii lotion. Once I apply a few drops to my skin using my hands I straight away feel a sense of hydration in my skin, it feels fresh, cool and I feel my skin is ready for lotion. Since using this product my skin is hydrated, no breakouts, pores are tiny and I feel I have a glowing bright complexion. I never use foundations just bronzers because I feel my skin is in such a good state.
  88. Great way to try a few products!


    All three products are beyond amazing! i'm so glad I got to try out the mask in this set. I just placed an order for 10 masks! I had really bad acne, and had accidentally burnt my skin with a lightning agent, and this pack and the sk moisturizer did a complete miracle on my skin and fixed it in 3 days!
  89. Such a great set!


    I really enjoyed using all of these products and I feel like they make my skin visibly softer and more hydrated. I am not so fond of the mask just because I think single use masks are never of much value, but the rest of the products I really love! Hopefully these will keep my looking young for as long as possible!
  90. Great


    Such a great value kit - really improved my skin. The Essence is my favourite product, the cloth masks are the best and I haven't come across a better toner than the Clear Lotion. Try all three products in this set is great and you can't beat the value.
  91. A real Investment!


    I’ve spent so much money on skin care products and this is the first product I’ve seen a big difference and improvement in my skin. Would definitely recommend
  92. LOVE!


    Wanted to give this a fair go before I wrote a review. I have been using the treatment lotion and essence for a little over a month now and I’ve noticed that my skin is brighter, softer and my pores are smaller in size. I have noticed that I have less redness on my face and the little small bumps I used to have under my skin (the ones you usually see under artificial light) have significantly reduced and my skin feels a lot more smoother. Not sure if that is due to the lotion or the essence or both used together but I would definitely recommend giving this set a go.

    Please note: I didn’t see a difference overnight - yes my skin felt softer and smoother the next day but it definitely took around 3 weeks to see any significant improvement (brighter skin and reduced pores). Would recommend trialing this for at least 3 to 4 weeks to see a significant difference in your skin.
  93. One of the best essence


    One of the best essence I have ever have, leaves my skin feeling super hydrated. Hope this best-selling essence can improve my skin condition in the long term. recommend!
  94. Skin Refiner


    The comments below relate to the FTE. Purchased this pack as I am frugal. You might as well go for this pack as you get the toner and mask for free. But to be honest I didn’t really rate these freebies at all.

    The FTE is very difficult to review because it doesn’t neatly fit in to any product category. It is subtle and mysterious.

    With a texture like water, you could be forgiven for suspecting that this product is useless and the hype is attributable to placebo effect (its easy to like something when you’ve just dropped $100 on it). Indeed, this product is not a heavy-duty remedy for stubborn and serious issues like acne, wrinkles etc.

    However - ! This product does improve the superficial appearance of the skin. It may be that it calms redness, or maybe just makes your skin more even. It’s hard to put my finger on the change, but sure enough, I’ve noticed my skin does look better in photos, even without makeup.

    Don’t expect it to correct any serious problems. But if you are after a light and easy to use addition to your routine, go for it. It may make your skin look more even as more heavy-duty treatments get in there to do the hard work. This will not do the high-pressure cleaning, the scrubbing, or even the mopping or vacuuming. It will straighten out the couch cushions and smooth out the blanket. But sometimes that can make all the difference to how a room looks!
  95. Meh


    I don't see the hype about SKII essence, I have used it on and off for many years and it breaks me out. I have young, dry/ acne prone skin, so i think this product is better suited for mature women rather than young women.

    Otherwise this set is great value, but i would not re purchase
  96. Will repurchase!


    I was hesitant to purchase this product mainly because of the cost. However I took the plunge and purchased this set. And I'm so glad I did! I will be repurchasing ALL of the products in this set. I'm waiting for a good site wide sale or some more of an incentive and then I will rebuy. It is so calming and soothing on my skin,both products work nicely together and absorb so fast.
  97. Essence lives up to the hype


    I thought it was about time I treated myself to the much hyped pitera essence to combat some early signs of ageing and general dullness, and it did not disappoint. After two weeks of consistent morning and night use my skin looks a lot brighter, firmer and more hydrated.
    The toner is okay, but I have others that do the same job for much cheaper, The mask is lovely so considering the separate price of the pitera essence, this is a great set for those looking to try some of SKII's range.
  98. Lasts ages!


    Amazingly moisturizing toner, leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated. I like to use this as a light moisturizer underneath my foundation in summer, definitely noticed a more unified complexion and a glow to my skin! This pack is great value for money!! Would recommend!
  99. Amazing for beginners


    If you never used SKII products, this is the one to get! Facial Treatment Essense has stablised my sensitive skin and it has also cleared up the blocked pores and acne on my chin. It doesn't suit everyone's skin so I recommend anyone who never used Pitera products before to use a small package to try it out. So this set is perfect, it cost the same as a single bottle of the Facial Treatment Essense but you also got two extra free gift! The mask is also super good.
    If you don't have too much money to get a large bottle of Facial Treatment Essence, this set is your best choice.
  100. must buy


    all the products of SK-2 are amazing and this set totally worth the money. I think for this set, $99 is the lowest price you can get all over the world(probably except Japan?).

    I use this set when I go 1 week travelling. it will keep your skin as good as before even if your body cannot get used to the environment.

    I have an oily acne skin and the products in this set all help hydrating skin, reduce oil. you can buy it as a entry then go for sk-2 essence.

    definitely worth!
  101. Review & Earn
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