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Sigma Beauty F80- Flat Kabuki™ Brush

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Sigma Beauty F80-  Flat Kabuki™ Brush by Sigma Beauty

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One of Sigma’s best-selling makeup brushes, Sigma Beauty F80- Flat Kabuki™ Brush has very soft and very dense fibres, giving you total control over your foundation application. Amazingly versatile, this brush works to blend cream, liquid and powder foundation formulas, buffing it into the skin for an even, high-definition finish, without any absorption or excessive loss of product.

Exclusive Sigmax® fibres are developed with thermoplastic engineering polymer, meaning that they are created and tested to show state-of-the-art durability. These super-soft, super-strong brushes are chemical and heat-resistant. The patented 3-ring brush ferrule that holds the bristles (Patent No. D718060) is made with high performance SigmaAlloy™ for long-term strength.

Sigma Beauty F80- Flat Kabuki™ Brush is made from sustainable resources, and painted with 8 coats of paint to achieve a glossy, scratch-resistant and lasting coat. The white-tipped flat brush will be the perfect additional to your professional brush kit. Length: 15.8cm.

This product is one of Adore Beauty's best-selling makeup brushes. We recommend cleaning your Sigma Beauty makeup brushes regularly to avoid excess product and bacteria buildup - this will ensure your makeup application is optimal and brushes will generally last longer and remain in perfect condition. Avoid using detergents and soaps to clean your brushes, use specialised brush cleaning solutions or cleansers.

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great brush - 17-01-2019 by

i found this brush to be a great alternative to sponges. applies foundation with very little streaking, only time if left streaks was when i mixed a little bit of oil in to a matt foundation.

Great for applying liquid foundation especially estee lauder double wear - 17-01-2019 by

This brush is my favourite for applying my liquid foundation. I use estee lauder double wear and it buffs it in perfectly without using access foundation! I've tried other brushes with double wear but this one is by far the best! And it loses no strands of hair!

Awesome - 15-01-2019 by

I have never used a flat brush before, what a difference this brush makes to your foundation coverage! I love it, took a moment to get used to it but now it’s a doddle.

Best foundation brush - 07-01-2019 by

This is by far my go to favourite foundation brush! Makeup application is flawless with this little beaut

Life changer - 17-12-2018 by

As a makeup artist I have always used flat foundation brushes. I decided to try a kabuki and am SO glad I did. The application is so much smoother and I don't have to spend as much time with my beauty blender. This is my first sigma brush and it definitely lives up to all of the hype. It is of a high quality and the bristles are really soft. It spreads liquid foundation really well. Highly recommend :)

Amazing - 15-12-2018 by

The best brush for foundation. It’s amazing

Amazing - 14-12-2018 by

This brush gets into every crevice! It allows you to stipple, buff and blend perfectly every time!!! Much quicker than a beauty blender and the same effect (at least for my combo skin).
Couldn't be happier!

Favourite - 05-12-2018 by

My favourite foundation brush!! Love it

Awesome Brush! - 29-11-2018 by

I'm in love with this brush! Totally worth it.

As good as a beauty blender - 27-11-2018 by

I have always used a beauty blender to apply foundation and powder, and have never really been into foundation brushes. This brush really surprised me, this is just as good. I find that I can get better coverage with this brush compared to the beauty blender. I now use this brush to apply foundation then blend out lightly with the beauty blender to get a natural skin texture. The brush also washes and dries well.

Make up made easy - 27-11-2018 by

This brush is amazing for applying my foundation, I have always been a fan of the beauty blender but this brush was recommended to me so I decided to give it a go. Makes my skin look absolutely flawless and you can build your foundation up without going overboard.

A Foundation Tool Must Have! - 20-11-2018 by

After hearing about all the hype about this brush, I decided to get it. It was definitely worth the hype. My foundation has never looked so air brushed. I've replaced the beauty blender with this brush

Amazing Quality foundation brush - 16-11-2018 by

This brush makes foundation application so easy to apply as it allows the foundation to absorb into the skin due to the brush hairs being so compacted and firm. Which in turn doesn't allow the foundation to slip and slide and you actually use less product to obtain maximum results.

Fav foundation brush ever - 05-11-2018 by

This brush is by far the best compared to any I've ever used. I use this for liquid foundation and also mineral makeup. I also have the F82 but I prefer this one because it somehow just seems to work better for me, maybe because it's flat top. I clean it usually once a week with castille soap. It lasts ages and I can't see myself using any other brand of flat top kabuki brush.

Best foundation brush - 31-10-2018 by

This is the best foundation brush I’ve used. I’ve had mine for ages and with regular cleaning it doesn’t shed. Great quality.

Dream brush - 19-10-2018 by

Ugh this brush is a dream! So easy to use and no more wasting products. I’ve been switching between a beauty blender and another “foundation” brush for a few years now but always ended back at the beauty blender as the brush came out streaky. Decided to buy this brush as I find the beauty blender just wastes so much product, so glad I did, this brush blends amazingly, doesn’t waste product and is just all round 10/10

Staple foundation brush - 02-10-2018 by

This is such a staple foundation brush, and is beginner-friendly. One of my first foundation brushes, and you can't go wrong with this product! 4 stars because the fibres in the brush can start to 'ease out' / you will see some bristles become longer than others because its on its way to falling out -- be extremely careful with the direction in which you clean your brushes and it should last you a long time

Love it! - 28-09-2018 by

Love this brush! Applies foundation flawlessly and evenly and does not shed at all! Great quality

Best foundation brush ever! - 26-09-2018 by

Before using this foundation brush, I used Beauty Blender sponge for concealer and foundation etc. I didn’t like using the brush due to streaky finish however when I read tons and tons of positive reviews of Sigma F80 kabuki, I decided to purchase this and give it a try. Within two days I received this brush and tried it straight away, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! This dense and soft brush with just one pump of foundation liquid gave me divine flawless finish and medium-heavy coverage on my skin. Compare to the sponge it gave me satin and light-medium coverage and I always use two pumps of foundation liquid so now I only use F80 brush to apply foundation, concealer and Illuminator with very little amount of them on my face since the products aren’t cheap at all. Highly recommend this brush!

Excellent brush - 25-09-2018 by

This brush is great for any kind of foundation, its densely packed bristles give a smooth finish once buffed out, and if I use a blending sponge for any finishing touches if needed. Deserves the hype!

Favourite brush - 12-09-2018 by

This brush is so perfect for giving me a great even finish of foundation. It applies so smoothly and evenly, it doesn't leave any brush strokes. It also feels super high quality and durable. I keep this in my makeup bag at all times! I highly recommend this brush!

Must have! - 12-09-2018 by

Sigma brushes are all amazing quality. This kabuki brush is amazing for liquid foundation, it blends out so easily and doesnt leave any weird brush strokes.

Great brush - 11-09-2018 by

Really soft and dense just nice for foundation. Did not regret getting this! The surface is so big that you can just apply your foundation in seconds!

Amazing - 10-09-2018 by

This will be my go to for foundation. The bristles are so soft and the brush is really dense. Makes my foundation look flawless.

Favorite foundation brush - 07-09-2018 by

This is my go to brush when using liquid foundation. It's very easy to use and blends the product evenly. Would definitely recommend it

The best - 05-09-2018 by

This brush if one of the best purchases that I have done. It’s the best foundation brush, the foundation blends beautifully and it’s not necessary retouches

wow! - 04-09-2018 by

such a great makeup brush to apply foundation so smoothly and flawlessly! Highly reccomend

Holy grail foundation brush - 04-09-2018 by

This brush is amazing, it always leaves my foundation looking flawless.

Awesome brush - 14-08-2018 by

I am in love with this brush. You can apply your foundation smoothly and it really buffs the foundation to looking flawless. LOVE IT

Makeup artists recommend - 14-08-2018 by

I used to work in the David Jones cosmetics section and would ask everyone which make up brush they used for foundation and they would say this brush. Sigma F80 is the best for applying sheer or matte foundations. Just make sure to wash this brush regularly to prevent product buildup and to lengthen the life of the brush.

New to foundation brushes, & highly recommend! - 09-08-2018 by

I have never used a brush to apply liquid foundation, but now i will never go back to using my fingers! so quick & easy to apply, especially when im in a hurry. A lot quicker to use than a sponge too which ive tried & hated. Leaves my skin evenly covered & its so soft & gentle against my sensitive skin. I havnt used another brand of brush to compare, but im happy & will stick with it. Highly recommend thankyou!

amazing streak free - 26-07-2018 by

This is an awesome brush for buffing foundation into the skin. It is the only brush I've found that doesn't leave any streaks behind. I used to use the beautyblender but just love this more as it doesnt absorb my liquid products!!!

Nice - 24-07-2018 by

Overall a great brush.The brush picks up a good amount of product and buffs really well. I usually use it to apply powder foundation. However, given the flat edges I find it hard to do under the eye area.

Works but a little bit stiff - 17-07-2018 by

It works well for applying foundation, but the brush is a little but stiff, making it hard to buff the foundation on the skin. It gives a medium to full coverage, but overall not my favourite foundation brush.

Great for buffing foundation in - 09-07-2018 by

This is an awesome brush for buffing either liquid or powder (MAC Studio Fix Powder) foundation into the skin. It is the only brush I've found that doesn't leave any streaks behind so that you don't have to follow this up with a makeup sponge to finish the application. I generally prefer a makeup sponge (either the Beautyblender, ecotools sponge or real techniques miracle sponge) to apply foundation but find that sometimes this brush can help to apply product, particularly when my skin is dry and flaky.

Excellent brush - 04-07-2018 by

Before I purchased this brush I had only used my fingers or a beauty blender type sponge to apply foundation. Now I use this every day. It gives lovely even coverage. I only use a small amount of liquid foundation and blend it out with this brush and I can use less foundation than I was using before.

great foundation brush - 29-06-2018 by

this is the only brush that i use for applying foundation. since i generally prefer sponge for foundation, i find that applying foundation with brush is not as easy. but with this brush that's not the case. the bristles are dense but soft and it gives my skin such a flawless foundation coverage. thumbs up!

Love it - 25-06-2018 by

Every single day is a good day, with a flawless base! My foundation blends in so nicely and it's all to this brush I love it so much!

I've been using this for my foundation for 7 years! - 21-06-2018 by

Could not recommend this enough! I bought this brush in 2011, on a whim without prior knowledge of Sigma and their brushes, and it has been my holy grail foundation tool since then. It has not shed once, it hasn't 'lessened' in quality over the years with wear and tear and it is still almost exactly the same as when I first bought it.

Always remember to take care of your brushes! Just love the F80, I even bought a back up but it doesn't look like I'll be needing it anytime soon LOL.

Where have you been? - 20-06-2018 by

This brush! Stop using beauty blenders! Stop using anything else to apply foundation because this brush can do it 100x better.
The hairs are so soft and no matter how you use it, it will always apply the foundation perfectly. I literally had people thinking I'd applied powder, because the application was that even. You just can't do wrong with this brush. No stray hairs, no patches on the skin. I honestly have no clue how it does it, I've kinda just accepted its some form of makeup witch craft. Fair to say my days of battling with beauty blenders are far behind me.

Wow - 21-05-2018 by

I love this for applying my foundation when I want more coverage. It's such a smooth finish! I highly recommend this to everyone.

Holy grail - 18-05-2018 by

This has been and always will be my go to for foundation. The bristles are so soft and the brush is really dense - it makes my foundation look flawless!

Great brush - 14-05-2018 by

I love this brush so so much for blending out my foundation. It's so dense and disperses product so well! Defianlty a go to.

My go to foundation brush - 08-05-2018 by

I was recommended this brush last year when I first started to wear makeup properly. I was a bit skeptical about using a brush when everyone was all about the beauty blender and how great that blended foundation into your skin. But I have to say that I use my Flat Kabuki brush more than my blender and I love the finish it gives me. I can buff my foundation in and it leaves no streaks and it spreads the product with ease. I would definitely recommend this brush to beginners.

nice brush - 08-05-2018 by

lightweight and nicely textured brush that applies foundation very evenly with a lot of buffing. Not sure how to best clean the fibres though!

Life Changing Brush - 03-04-2018 by

I am a makeup artist and have struggled to find the perfect foundation brush for myself and clients. I am one of those people who swear by beauty blenders and vowed to never use a brush for foundation ever again. However, I decided to give this kabuki brush a go. It was AMAZING! It applied the foundation flawlessly and was able to blend cream products effortlessly. I would recommend this brush to not only my friends but fellow makeup artists too. love love love!

First time using a brush - 06-03-2018 by

I did some research and this kept coming up as a great brush for applying liquid foundation. It's silly buy I was so nervous using a brush for the first time. OMG I will never go back to using my fingers. This gives a beautiful finish and I keep buffing for some time to really soak it into my skin and it lasts all day. Although I cannot compare it to any other brushes all I can say is I love this brush and will stick with it. Highly recommend.

Super soft. Everybody should have at lease one sigma brush. - 16-02-2018 by

I love make-up brushes and have some from many different brands. Sigma is right up there with my favourites. Even if you don't want to spend a lot of a full set, getting a kabuki brush like this one is worth it. It's dense and soft, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Best brush ever!!! - 07-12-2017 by

Received it today:) love love love!
Best reliable and fast delivery
Thank you so much

good quality so far - 03-12-2017 by

i've washed mine three times since buying it a couple of months ago (i don't wear foundation much) and i haven't had any problems with shedding. it feels soft on the face so it's not a problem if you're buffing for a while. taking off a star because i don't know if it would be as durable if used more regularly.

Really like it - 22-10-2017 by

This is my favourite foundation brush, buffs well and very soft- only problem is that some fibres have shed, but otherwise a high quality brush

"Flawless Base" - 18-10-2017 by

My Favourite Kabuki Brush hands down! Every day is a good day, with a flawless base! My foundation blends in so nicely and it's all to this brush! I loved it so much that I purchased the angled Kabuki Brush!!!

Love it - 17-08-2017 by

This brush is awesome. This is the first brush I have ever used. Love how no foundation gets caught in the bristles therefore brush seems to stay very clean.Once I decided I wanted to experiment using a brush for my foundation I started researching. I liked all the positive reviews the Sigma Brand received. Very happy with my purchase and no more applying foundation with my fingertips.

I love this brush - 04-10-2016 by

I have had this brush a few months now, and I love it. From the first feel, it is solid, and you can tell it is good quality. It stipples my foundation on beautifully and leaves no streaks or patches compared to other foundation brushes. I am also impressed that it has not shed a single hair yet. I love this brush so much, I have just ordered more Sigma brushes :)

Favourite foundation brush i've used to date! - 20-11-2015 by

I have had this brush for around 4 months now. The brush is a good size, its dense and super soft on your face - but the bristles aren't so soft that you lose precision. You don't lose too much product into the brush either, which is great! I much prefer this style of foundation brush to the paddle style brushes, it gives you an airbrushed type look. The brush rarely sheds - and after the first proper wash (I just use my purity face cleanser by philosophy), it hasn't really shed at all! Has worked well with all of my foundations and would recommend this brush to anyone!

Sheds from first use - 12-10-2015 by

I used this brush for the first time today and while it did apply my foundation really nicely, it shed pretty badly (3 hairs). I'd still recommend the brush because it is a decent price, but be prepared for the shedding.

Love this brush - 02-10-2015 by

This is the second Sigma F80 I have bought. I just love this brush. It buffs my makeup in beautifully, and is soft but firm enough to work perfectly. The first one of these that I bought, I have had for about 3 years, and it's still in good condition, but I wanted another so I could put one in my makeup bag if I wanted to take it with me for the day. The reason I am back at Adore today is to order an F80 for a friend. I have raved about mine so much, she just wants one!

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