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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller

4.5 of 175 reviews


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4 instalments of $9.99


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Enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine with the SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Face Roller. Designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Rose Quartz, this stone represents unconditional love, opening the door to all types of love, including love from ourselves. 

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Eye Concern:

  • Puffiness

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

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4.5 of 175 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Super calming and relaxing when I use this. The way it massages my skin is heavenly. Plus, I love using this instead of my hands to rub in moisturisers as its more hygienic!

Most Helpful Criticism

S'alright but...


I really enjoy face rolling with an oil or serum - it's very relaxing and I love the cool feeling. This is a very pretty roller BUT I think, for the price, the quality of the metal components could be a bit better. I haven't had mine long but the plating is starting to come off and leave discolouration around the quartz - makes it feel and look a bit cheap.
  1. rid of that morning puff


    I use this every morning to apply my ordinary caffeine serum and i can see a huge difference in inflammation around my eyes. I also use it with my other products as a morning face massage which feels amazing.
  2. Cooling


    This felt nice on the skin it was cooling and easy to use with my serums and oils.
  3. calming


    Super calming and relaxing when I use this. The way it massages my skin is heavenly. Plus, I love using this instead of my hands to rub in moisturisers as its more hygienic!
  4. Like a facial, but more affordable


    I love this! Initially I thought it was gimmicky and really contemplated if this was worth it. Its is great for depuffing, massaging and feels amazing.
  5. Really Works


    I bought this cute product a week ago and I must say I was pleasantly surprised . I was a little hesitant but so happy I purchased it . I use it first thing in the morning to reduce the puffiness of a good nights sleep ( and a not so good sleep ) and last thing at night with a serum . All you need to do is gently roll over your problems areas , nothing too harsh and I wouldn't be rolling backwards...
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  6. Not too sure...


    This face roller is smooth and feels nice on the skin, but I haven't noticed any differences in my skin's complexion or inflammation. If anything, when I use it in the morning, it seems to make my face more puffy.
  7. Morning essential


    Although i prefer the gua sha tool to massage and circulate the blood in my face, this is so good to use in the morning for a quick fix of the puffiness around my eyes and cheeks.
  8. S'alright but...


    I really enjoy face rolling with an oil or serum - it's very relaxing and I love the cool feeling. This is a very pretty roller BUT I think, for the price, the quality of the metal components could be a bit better. I haven't had mine long but the plating is starting to come off and leave discolouration around the quartz - makes it feel and look a bit cheap.
  9. Pretty as a picture


    I didn't think this would do much but i now use the rose quartz to apply my serum daily as it feels so nice gliding on my skin.
  10. LOVE!


    Loving the rose quartz face roller! I’ve been using it for only a week and have already noticed my skin is much brighter and firmer. I use it together with my regular face oils every night.
    Definitely recommend trying it.
  11. Excellent


    I was hesitant to purchase this as I thought it was a bit gimmicky. But it has really helped my serums and moisturisers absorb well into my skin and minimise pilling to almost zero. I use it at night before I go to bed and it’s very relaxing. beautiful product.
  12. Best to calm the morning puffiness


    I gey puffy eyes in the morning and this is great to calm this down. Although the gua sha is preferred in the evening when i have more time for my skin care routine
  13. Amazing


    I adore this! It looks really pretty, and the description does exactly what it says. I love how my face feels. It gives a great massage & im overall very happy with it. Can not find a con about it !


    Best thing to use at night. Feels amazing and helps products really seep into the skin. Very relaxing as well so it's perfect to relieve stress.
  15. Perfect Gift for your BFF


    Purchased this gift for a girlfriend. I think it’s perfect to go with something else. The product is super pretty. The feel and size are great.
  16. Good but not great


    It's overall a great go to tool to give yourself a mini facial/massage.
    Works wonders when you put it in the fridge prior to use. I soothes tired and puffy skin in a flash.. the only downside is the build quality.
    I wouldn't recommend traveling with this as it appears to be pretty fragile (my roller snapped off the metal part :()
  17. Its so pretty


    I love this roller, look so pretty. It give good massage for my skin and feel like the skincare products sink into the skin better.
  18. Amazing!


    Not only this looks pretty, it does what it says too. Definitely one of my best beauty tool. The reviews says it all, my own personal experience proved it. I love the feeling on my skin with the cooling effect. Really helps the absorption eventhough not as the textured ones, but definitely works wonder on your skin. I use this alternating with the textured jade. Really worth it, the little roll fe...
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  19. Love My Rose Quartz Face Roller!


    I am very happy with my purchase of my Rose Quartz Face Roller.
    I have pimples breakout on my chin, I have found that they have started to clear up fast since using my roller.
    Nice and relaxing! like a little face massage!
  20. Face roller


    I love how they make my skin feel! The cooling effect leaves me depuffed and plump is all the right places.
  21. Good for morning puffiness


    My eyes and cheeks get so puffy in the morning, this is a quick and easy and cooling way to get rid of the morning swollen face. Especially good after a night of teary eyes... But can't say its the most groundbreaking thing.
  22. Nice pampering touch


    It's cool to the touch (so good for depuffing) and fun to use. Nice as a pampering self-care touch, but not a necessity. I'm not really sure about any huge skincare benefits
  23. A must have product!


    This roller helped me get rid of my morning puffy face. I keep mine in the fridge so when i use it in the morning it feels like you've already had your morning coffee! Best way to wake your face! I went and bought one for my mum and my sister. Great product!
  24. Good for circulation


    I was recommended this by a friend and am so happy that I got it. I use it after I put my moisturiser/serum on and I can feel that the roller makes the product absorb into my skin so much better. It also helps with circulation and reducing poofiness in the morning. It's an added bonus that using it feels so luxurious and the roller looks so pretty!
  25. One of the best face rollers!


    I was excited to try this for the first time after reading some of the reviews, and wow! It feels so lovely when paired with a serum. I keep my roller in the fridge to stay cool. I'll continue to use this for all my serums. Really helps with the application.
  26. Skins best friend


    Love this roller, especially whilst being pregnant as it gets rid of my puffy face when I wake up
  27. Massage for the face


    The product looks beautiful and luxe. I used it over a serum and I feel it really helps liven my complexion. I keep mine in the fridge in warmer months so it’s so nice relaxing and cooling using it.
  28. Love this


    I love using this even if my hubby does look at me weirdly. I feel so luxe rolling this on my face. It’s so cooling and feels great. I think it’s helping with my circulation, not too sure! I just love using it!
  29. Love


    Feels great on my skin to really get the blood flowing. It's just like a massage for my face.
  30. Relaxing!


    Love the coolness of this on my face, especially under my eyes. Was a bit worried as when I got it as the big roller had come out, but I managed to get it back in quite easily. Hoping that's a normal thing. Looking forward to encorporating this into my routine!
  31. Good


    I feel this really helps the circulation in my face and prevents my pores from clogging with the product I put on. Great for acne and oily skin
  32. good


    Good for calming down my sensitive skin after products. Good for plumping my skin and adding and soft glow
  33. Feels luxe!


    This is so heavenly on the skin!
    I keep mine in the fridge to cool down my skin when rubbing in serum and gosh it feels amazing!
    Great at de-puffying the skin and cooling the skin down!
    such a great product for summer coming up and think it works a treat and makes your skin feel like you have just left a spa!
  34. Takes your at-home routine to the next level!


    Pop this in the fridge and them use it for an amazing at-home facial. It leaves my skin feeling plumper and I feel like my products absorb better when I use them with the roller. Great price too!
  35. Not sure if it works but i like it!


    I'm not sure if this actually provides any benefits for me but it feels lovely and cooling, and makes my face feel less puffy and hot in the mornings. It is a bit expensive as opposed to other places like ebay but you're paying for the brand name!
  36. Feels heavenly


    I find it cooling and soothing for my skin. Helps to reduce puffiness especially during the day. A great gift for friends too!
  37. So Pretty


    It looks exactly like the picture. I've started using it more and more. It's the perfect size as well and looks so pretty. Only have to be careful of dropping it
  38. Great gift idea


    I gave this to my sister as a birthday present and she's really loving it! Its a great little thing to give someone that they might not buy themselves
  39. Bye bye eye bags


    This roller makes me feel so luxurious! I love that it has two different sized rollers so that you can address different areas of your skin. It really helps my under-eye area in the morning when my eyes are all puffy. I like to keep it in my fridge so it’s extra cold but the stone is usually pretty cold if I leave it on my bedside table. The roller makes it so easy to massage your face to remove p...
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  40. Works best with a little added pressure....plus it's so pretty!


    When I first started using this I wasn't that impressed and gave up pretty quickly. Then I watched a few tutorials online and decided to apply a bit more pressure all over my face and neck (not too much obviously, but enough to get the circulation under my skin going). After 2 weeks I legitimately noticed how much tighter my skin felt, and was wondering why that was, when I remembered I'd been rea...
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  41. Dream roller

    Dream roller

    Only had it for a week and I’m absolutely obsessed. I suffer from really bad TMJ, so not only is it helping my skin and my moisturiser but it’s also an amazing facial muscle massager! Ever since I started rolling, my skin has been glowing!! Haven’t worn foundation in 2 days. Just brought my bf the green jade roller, as he is so jealous of mine!!
  42. LOVE IT


    Feels so nice on my skin and helps de-puff my skin in the morning. They make great gifts too!
  43. Great


    I put this in my fridge and always roll it on top of my serums at night. I find it very calming
  44. Put it in the fridge and you're good to go


    By putting this in the fridge and using in the morning, it feels like a morning salon massage on your face. It's beautiful in design and is great to push the serums into your face without wasting on your fingers.
  45. My new best friend


    While this roller is by no means a miracle worker, it really does help with de-puffing the face and skin around the eyes. I have had a some big nights recently and have been travelling quite a bit, and every morning evening I use to roll over my serum and then my eye cream - my face definitely feels a lot calmer and less puffy afterwards.
  46. Great product


    This product is great to get skincare products deeper into the skin and to massage the skin. Great anti aging tool.
  47. AMAZING!


    I love this roller it has changed my life! It feels amazing and my skin looks great. It also makes a great gift
  48. Like a meditation


    I had been looking to buy one of these for a long time and recently decided to try it out.

    The rose quartz feels cool and soothing until it starts to heat up from being in contact with my skin and then I switch to the other end and keep alternating.

    I’ve used it over oil based serums and over a hyaluronic sheet mask and it feels incredible. I didn’t realize how tight an...
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  49. So relaxing!


    A great roller - pop in the fridge to further enhance the depuffing action
  50. Love this


    I love this roller. I've had it for a year now and it's still going strong - no squeaks or sign of falling apart.
    What I love most about this roller is the calming effects it has on my red, inflamed skin. Whether my redness has flared up from the heat, using the wrong facial products or even from stress and anxiety, this always saves the day. It's very soothing and when used chilled it mini...
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  51. feels nice


    feels nice on my skin
    but I'm not really sure if it is making a difference at all
    little bit expensive for what it is
  52. Love!


    I've seen a difference with facial massage mostly in my jaw line with I love!
  53. Calming


    I love using this to refresh in the mornings. I use it to roll on my serums and oils and it feels so calming.
  54. Love this roller


    I love this roller, great for face massage and help all the skin care products sink into the skin better. Last .... forever is the big bonus.
  55. Great


    I love my face roller, it helps me wake up in the morning by reducing puffiness around my eyes and relaxing the muscles in my face. I recommend buying one!
  56. Feels good and is fun to use, not sure how well it works though.


    Feels good and is fun to use, not sure how well it works though. It's a bit overpriced as an experimental product. If you're curious give it a try. I feel like a face massage with your hands works as well.
  57. self care


    Its a really nice product to include in your daily skin care, it feels beautiful on the skin and has a really refreshing feeling. Its a great self care tool
  58. Like a mini massage


    Although I don’t notice much difference in my skin condition after using this it definitely feels nice and makes my skin care routine feel a little more luxurious
  59. Cooling


    I love the cooling sensation on my face and around my eyes, de puffs the face first thing in the morning. Really allows my oils to penetrate right into my skin.
  60. Feels good


    Keep it in the fridge - it feels really good in the morning after cleansing particularly around the eye area. I really think it does help to de-puff, but it’s a superficial treatment and I used to get the same results with a teaspoon that I put in the fridge over night. But hey, it’s cute and it works so why not!?
  61. Feels good


    Keep it in the fridge - it feels really good in the morning after cleansing particularly around the eye area. I really think it does help to de-puff, but it’s a superficial treatment and I used to get the same results with a teaspoon that I put in the fridge over night. But hey, it’s cute and it works so why not!?
  62. Feels Amazing!


    The Rose Quartz Face Roller is smooth and cooling when used with the mermaid facial oil, it's relaxing and helps with absorption of my moisturiser so well. Perfect to use before bed as part of your night time routine.
  63. Luxe AF


    I don't know if this roller makes a difference to the appearance and condition of the skin. I have only used it for a couple of weeks, I guess time will tell. But damn it feels good! Very relaxing and you feel like you are pampering yourself. This is a nice tool to have, I would recommend.
  64. Smooth, cooling face roller


    The face roller is beautiful and comes in a gorgeous package. I apply a few drops of oil or moisturiser to my face first then use the roller. Its lovely and cooling on your face and helps reduce puffiness. Plus it feels totally luxurious while using it!
  65. Love it!


    Don’t know why it works, but I notice the oils I use on my face are better absorbed when I use the roller. I have more of a glow then if I just massage the oils on with my fingers. I think it works on lymphatic drainage as my cheeks and neck look and feel more smooth. I find it great as self care time as it’s an effort to do. A bit of a mindfulness activity for me, instead of just ‘slapping on’ my...
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  66. fantastic


    Use this to get the ultimate results when using ordinary face skin care routine. It really feels like its penetrating my skin so much more when i use the roller.
  67. Is it working?


    While I have not seen dramatic results, this is nice to use, cooling on the skin and relaxing. I feel that more than a months’ use of this, will show results of lifting and more firmer skin. It’s an investment that should yield results in time to come.
  68. Wonderful!


    Was unsure of this product. After ordering and using it I am hooked! Leaves skin looking and feeling smooth.
  69. Beauty glow


    I was sceptical about buying this roller as I thought it wouldn't be worth it and just another gimmick however I am converted. It is a sturdy strong rose quartz roller in excellent quality. It has a really cooling effect and my skin instantly feels fresh whilst allowing my skin products to penetrate deeper with a lovely face massage.
  70. Cooling


    Love using this on my skincare pamper days. Very cooling and great for puffy under eyes. Love the pink!
  71. luxurios but doesnt suit my combi skin


    i seemed to have pimple as a result of using this, but i like the smell
  72. Lovely Roller


    This roller is perfect as part of your self care routine. Really cooling and relaxing, and the quality is good- product feels more luxurious than I was expecting.
  73. Hello Friday Pamper


    The Rose Quartz Face Roller is now a staple in my Friday night pamper routine. It makes sure all puffiness is lessened for the weekend. AMAAZE!
  74. Nice


    Helps with puffy, tired skin. I love the idea behind these but don’t know if they really work that well! It’s a nice little step in the skincare routine though.
  75. cute an tidy


    I bought this as a gift and was so impressed with the quality that I'm so going to buy one for myself. There's a nice weight to the whole product, the stones are very smooth.
  76. Help other skin care product sink into skin easily


    I wasn’t interested in this roller before as It seem like some thing “ must have” but after using for a months now, it definitely in my skincare routine. It help to massage the skin and increase blood circulation, also i feel like other product sink into my skin must better.
  77. Cooling sensation


    If youre tossing between rose quartz and jade, lets say this rose quartz gives you a longer cooling sensation, but the jade warms up the facial muscles better. Having said that, the difference is ever so minimal and honestly i just liked pink better.
  78. Gimmick!!!


    I bought it because I left its positive reviews convince me. I was quite skeptic.. and I was right!
    Yes it cools the skin, yes it’s cheap, yes you feel kind of relaxed.. but it does not do anything!!! The skin doesn’t improve at all!!! Waste of money.
  79. Silky and cooling


    These are great for puffiness and very cooling on pores
  80. Incredible effects.


    I keep my roller in the fridge as I want a super cooling effect and my gosh it works. I use it to apply my serums that I keep in the fridge and any general face creams go in better with this. I find it reduces puffy eyes when used correctly and for at least 5 minutes. I feel so relaxed after my little face massage. My mum who is having hot flushes tried it and ordered on for herself on the spot.
  81. Relaxing


    Cooling and refreshing. Helps to circulate blood flow on the face.
  82. Soothing and cooling


    This rose quartz roller is soothing, cooling and relaxing to use while being super affordable
  83. Love this and a great gift


    I purchased one for my sister and myself. It’s a great way to apply your face oil. It really helps with the absorption and is a great excuse to sit for five minutes in peace.
  84. Yet to see benefits


    Cant get a better facial roller for this price and quality. But im yet to see the benefits. Having said that, it is cooling and refreshing
  85. The stone clicks as it rolls


    I was really excited to get one of these, but the stone clicks as I roll it along my face which makes it not relaxing at all. I like that it is cool to the touch but the constant clicking is quite irritating and detracts from the experience when I use it
  86. So relaxing


    This roller feels so smooth and relaxing on the face. It definitely increases blood flow and gives a natural flushed look, however i haven't noticed any long term benefits yet.
  87. The best facial roller!


    So happy I got this. Such a great price point as some rollers are way overpriced. This does the job beautifully, the rose quartz is stunning and makes no noise when rolling either sizes. Love adding this to my night time routine or whenever I feel like a little pick me up. Would definitely recommend!
  88. Amazing and looks great


    I’m very happy with my purchase, this roller looks and feels great, and cool to the touch. Even my boyfriend used it!
  89. A beauty must have


    I wasn’t sure what the results would be like when I purchased this but wow I cannot believe how much better and smoother my skin is... I use it morning and night with a serum and have seen the most amazing results!!! My forehead it so smooth and all my lines have disappeared (a friend asked if I had had any work done)... So so happy with this purchase...
  90. Finally got one


    I’ve been skeptical about this roller, but reading the reviews made me want to try it.
    I’m glad I did, I think it does the job! My husband is into this as well, he uses it more than me!
  91. bright and even skin tone!


    this product is sooooo nice to use after your serums and moisturisers as it is a nice cold refreshing facial massage and after makes your skin nice and even without patchiness of redness! definitely makes your collection luxe for sure!
  92. Good supplement to skincare routine


    Not a must have or necessity.. but it does help to include in your skincare routine to help massage my stiff face muscles. Honestly i think i could still deal without having this, but its good to get circulation going in my face once in a while with this product
  93. A facial with the comforts of home


    I absolutely adore this product. It really helps my serum to sink in properly and it’s cool on the face especially I have red and sensitive skin. It really helps my skin to cool down. As for puffiness or lifting I would say if you use it correctly then probably it will help.
  94. Lovely to have


    Not a must have but certainly lovely to have. I’ve been using it mostly with my daily eye serum. It’s really good quality and sturdy (not cheap) and very cooling on the skin. Definitely worth a coveted spot on my bathroom beauty counter.
  95. not useful


    I'm not into this whole face roller craze. It doesn't let all the product sink in and I just don't find it useful
  96. So relaxing...


    One of the prettiest beauty products I’ve ever purchased, feels so lovely and relaxing to use, super cooling on skin, a nice addition to your beauty routine, especially when using at night after applying serum or moisturiser. Did I mention soooo pretty :) can’t wait to also purchase for friends, it really is a lovely little beauty tool which works so nicely!
  97. Personally love! Might not be for everyone


    I was a bit skeptical about this product but couldn't help myself and had to try it! I will usually use the roller after I have applied a serum or while I'm wearing a sheet mask. I love the cooling effect it has on skin and is perfect for mornings when you are looking a little puffy. I feel that this also helps with serums penetrating deeper in the skin.
    I personally love using the roller b...
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  98. Love this, maybe unnecessary but really feels like it adds something extra to my skincare routine


    Feels so nice and relaxing. Love using with serums and face oils, feels even better if I leave it in the fridge.
  99. Lovely!


    Helps with serums setting in. It is also sooo relaxing!
  100. Very cool and relaxing


    I absolutely adore this product. It really helps my serum to sink in properly and it’s cool on the face especially I have red and sensitive skin. It really helps my skin to cool down. As for puffiness or lifting I would say if you use it correctly then probably it will help.
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