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Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryer by Parlux


The new Parlux 3800 Ceramic/Ionic Hairdryer is the first environmentally friendly dryer. Parlux 3800 Ceramic/Ionic Hairdryer is recyclable, ionic/ceramic, and will perform exceptionnally for 2000+ hours. The fabulous new Parlux 3800 Ceramic/Ionic Hairdryer is lighter, quieter, more powerful than any Parlux to come before it. The Parlux 3800 Ceramic/Ionic Hairdryer has been designed with a patented silencer to reduce noise, a light but strong 2100 watt motor, and more airflow. With 4 speeds and specialised heat settings, making it the perfect hair tool for all hair types.

The Ceramic/Ionic technology leaves hair feeling soft, shiny and free of frizz. In addition, all components and packaging use recyclable non-toxic materials. Available in six stylish colours, you can select a shade that reflects your decor. Every Parlux 3800 Hairdryer comes with a 2 year warranty. 

Available in Black, White, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Silver.

We recommend using a heat protect spray prior to blow-drying to avoid unneccessary damage to the hair during styling.

  • Cable Length: 3 metres 
  • Weight: 520g
  • Dimensions: 18.5cm
  • Voltage: 240v
  • Handle Design: Ergonomic
  • Nozzle Type: Clip On

Learn more about the Parlux 3800 here.

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Reviews (11)
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The switches are not out to get you - 16-05-2018 by

I read a review before i bought this product saying the switches are a con and havent stopped laughing about it since. I know switches can be a complex balance of pulleys and levers so I thought I should keep everyone updated.

Nobody panick. This holy grail hairdryer was delivered with the switches already on.

Phew. Hope this helps a few people.

Excellent and efficient - 08-05-2018 by

I have fine hair which is prone to fly-aways. I’ve found this dryer to be excellent and I believe my hair is smoother. The switches are easy to operate with one hand and it is nice and light to hold. I chose classic black and it looks great in the bathroom. Excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Game changer - 07-05-2018 by

This hairdryer is fantastic - it drys my hair incredibly fast which cuts down on styling time. I'll never use a different brand after trying this!

Quality product for professionals... confusing for first time buyer! - 23-01-2018 by

- does the job
- four settings
- relatively quiet

Cons (perhaps these are only cons for beginners)
- quite heavy so difficult for me to practice styling
- i didn't understand the switches because this is my first hairdryer. (i thought the product was faulty because no air came out when I flipped the red switch to MED. I didn't realise the blue switch controls the air speed and the red switch controls the heat, and nothing will come out at all until you flip the blue switch. there aren't any easy to find instructions regarding this...)

A Quality Product - 24-08-2017 by

I had my old Parlux for 12 years! Quality lasts, I have fine hair that tends to kink and frizz however my Parlux hairdryer put an end to this problem my hair now thankfully stays straight and smooth and its condition has really improved, I was a little dubious with my first purchase as I thought it was a little pricey but now know it was well worth the extra expense so did not hesitate when a replacement was needed, I bought my new Parlux 3800 from Adorebeauty for a really good price compered to other retail, Love my new model its lighter than my old one and still gives great results.

Why did I not buy one of these years ago... - 25-07-2017 by

As someone who lives in humid Sydney with semi-curly (read: feral and frizzy) hair, pre-this hairdryer my morning routine involved blow drying then straightening my hair. Fortunately given my old hairdryer blew up - this is my routine no longer! Not only is it much quicker, my hair is now much smoother and healthier-feeling. Its definitely worth it - I wish I had of bought one of these years ago.

Impressed? Yep. Blown away? ABSOLUTELY! - 19-06-2014 by

When my 12 year old Wahl hairdryer died, I felt a little lost, as is always the way when you are so attached to something. I googled hairdryers and asked friends lots of questions before settling on this one. Turns out I have been missing out all these years, I had no idea things had improved so much. Ceramic, ionic, eco friendly ... it's just a hairdryer! Or so I thought. My long thick hair can be dried quickly, with minimal fluff and goofiness. I've actually found that I don't need to put my GHDs through afterwards to smooth it down. I was hoping to be impressed and am thrilled to be blown away.

Makes doing your Do a breeze! - 14-08-2013 by

I had been holding off getting a new hair drier for years - I have had an old Parlux since I was about 15 and it was still going strong. However I knew that it was probably singeing my hair a little and it was so heavy I avoided using it to dry my whole head (thus living with my messy wave day in day out). I saw the new 3800 on Adore Beauty for such a good price I thought what the hell! Well, haven't I been missing out! It is a beauty of a drier, SO light and SO quick at drying my hair, and straightening it with body so easily! I definitely recommend not putting it off any longer - it's one appliance that definitely needs an upgrade (who knew your hair could be so Frizz Free with this new technology!) and this model is just awesome!!
PS. the purple rocks!

salon professional - 11-08-2013 by

I used to think I was seriously unco at styling my hair, but now, after buying the parlux, I realise it was my hairdryer that was unco not me! I was always so frustrated that I couldn't seem to achieve the same sleek and smooth style that a professional hairstylist could, no matter how intently I observed their craft I just couldn't achieve the same result at home. That was until I bought the Parlux 3800 and realised it's all about the hairdryer.

I have naturally frizzy hair and my hairdryers in the past certainly didn't help with that. Although the parlux is quite expensive it's very much the salon professional dryer you would expect. It takes less time to blow dry my hair as it's quite powerful and creates less frizz which means less styling. When I use a roller brush while blowdrying I achieve a beautiful smooth and sleek result, often doing away with a straightening iron (depending on how straight a look I'm after). I'm so happy with it. A good hairdryer is a serious investment. The parlux is worth every penny.

Best Blow Dry Ever! - 06-08-2013 by

OMG, for 43 years I've had bad hair days, and then the Parlux 3800 arrived and my bad hair days disappeared. Seriously, I have a lot of flyaway mildly wavy hair that needs a good straight blow dry to make it look any good. My old hairdryer (which I've had for 10 years) I realise now was crap. The Parlux has good temperature and blow, great directional nozzles so that I could actually glide it down my hair like hairdressers do. Throw your old hairdryer in the bin ASAP and replace it with this one. I can't guarantee an end to bad hair days (like has happened for me) but I will guarantee the best home blow dry ever. :)

Quick-drying but not that quiet! - 17-06-2011 by

This hairdryer is fabulous! It dries my thick hair in half the time of my old dryer and doesn''t scorch it as much as other dryers can. The only drawbacks are that it''s not that attractive-looking and it isn''t as quiet as the manufacturers would like to have you think.

Q & A
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  • From Parlux 3800 Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryer at 20/12/139:51 PM
    • Q: HI, just wondering if this comes with a diffuser? And other nozzles?
    • A: Hi Kerry,

      Thank you for your email. I can confirm that the Parlux 3800 comes inclusive of two nozzles. The diffuser is sold separately:

      Please don't hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance.

      Kind Regards,

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