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O&M Original Detox Shampoo Mini 50ml 50ml

4.5 of 47 reviews


4 instalments of $3.24

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4 instalments of $3.24

Or 4 instalments of $3.24 with LEARN MORE

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Designed specifically for oily hair, this is also a great clarifying shampoo.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Oily hair
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Colour protection
  • Product buildup

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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O&M Original Detox Shampoo Mini 50ml Reviews

4.5 of 47 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Squeaky clean


Definitely aces at removing all product buildup. Leaves hair squeaky clean. A little too harsh for everyday use, and you need an intense hydrating masque after, but is good for a ‘detox’.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good cleaner


This product did what is was meant to, although I did notice my ends were a bit dry after using it. Next time I use it will use a treatment conditioner on the ends to solve that problem.
  1. Good cleaner


    This product did what is was meant to, although I did notice my ends were a bit dry after using it. Next time I use it will use a treatment conditioner on the ends to solve that problem.
  2. Squeaky clean


    Definitely aces at removing all product buildup. Leaves hair squeaky clean. A little too harsh for everyday use, and you need an intense hydrating masque after, but is good for a ‘detox’.
  3. Terrible bottle - good product


    O&M's bottles are beyond frustrating to use - almost designed so that you cannot actually get the product out. This product is quite good though to clean oily scalps and is free of nasty ingredients.
  4. Great detox


    I purchased this after my hairdresser used it in my hair. I use lots of products like serums and dry shampoo and this is fantastic to use every second wash or so to remove the build up of product that forms at the roots. It gives a nice tingle on the scalp and you can really feel it working. I don’t think it is suitable (for me anyway!) as an ‘every wash’ shampoo. I have dry hair and this does not...
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  5. Love it


    Absolutely love this shampoo! Smells so good and leaves hair fresh silky and voluminous
  6. This whole range is excellent


    This shampoo is amazing. I’ve struggled with oily hair and flaky scalp and this minty shampoo soothes and cleanses while leaving my hair feeling fresher for longer than any other shampoo I’ve tried.
  7. Smells like peppermint candy


    This shampoo is so good and it does exactly as what it says on the bottle. Unlike other clarifying shampoos I find with this one , it doesn’t dry out my hair that much but still gives my scalp the cleanse that it needs. Hair feels so much more cleaner and lively after every wash . I’ve got hair which has been bleached as I went lighter during summer and now I’m going darker so the only issue I hav...
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  8. Fav shampoo

    Viv W

    My salon uses this on my hair and I had to have it at home. It’s got such a refreshing feel when you’re lathering it up - I don’t use as my everyday shampoo but more for when I’ve used lots of product/dry shampoo and need a really thorough clean, or as my first shampoo.
  9. Minty


    I have bleached blonde hair from asian black and wanted something to refresh my scalp in between my purple shampoos. It has a wonderful smell and is free of all the nasty stuff which is great. The bottle design is also very sleek and looks nice in the bathroom. The actual shampoo works okay but I feel like I have to use a lot more product than with other shampoos I have used.
  10. Perfect for all hair


    I love this product because it leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean yet still hydrated and soft. I’ve been blonde, brunette and my natural colour and works a treat for all.
  11. The best!


    Best shampoo I've used on my hair. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling soft.
  12. Hands down my fav shampoo ever


    By far my fav shampoo. I love shampoos that give you that clean & fresh feeling & this definitely does that. The peppermint gives a nice ‘cooling’ feeling. Only bummer is that they don’t do this in a conditioner anymore :(
  13. Great


    if your hair is too oily this is nice, first wash no bubble but second wash bring cool sensation on your scalp. love the mint smell, and it is does not content ingredient such as paraben, i love products which is paraben free
  14. Good


    if your hair is too oily this is nice, first wash no bubble but second wash bring cool sensation on your scalp. love the mint smell, and it is does not content ingredient such as paraben, i love products which is paraben free
  15. Great


    Within one use, I have noticed a huge difference in my scalp health already. The only critique I would give this product is that you really need to shampoo, rinse then shampoo again in order to get a lather. Of course, you still gotta follow up with conditioner to bring back any loss of moisture after using this. All I can say is if you have hair and scalp problems like me, I would definitely give...
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  16. Worth it


    I have long medium thickness hair, and found this product great to use a few times a week. The smell is amazing and really made my hair feel clean.
  17. Intense clean


    This is just the smell of heaven, absolutely beautiful peppermint scent i love strong scents so this one is a must. i really feel as if this is getting all of the build up products i use within the week out, it leave my hair feeling refreshed and ready for my next hair care step.
  18. AMAZING!


    My hair looks oily the day after a wash. I've struggled to find a shampoo that removes all the oil & keeps my hair looking clean for more than 24hrs. But I've finally found it!! From the first time I washed my hair with this shampoo I felt & saw the difference immediately. Never looking back.
  19. Excellent for oily scalp


    I work outdoors and also train for short course triathlons. I use this weekly after my long (2hr) runs when my hair is at its oiliest all week, and it instantly removes the sweat even using a small anmount masaged into scalp. I have long, thick hair, and following this with O&M shampoo and treatment mask (masque) gives the best results and leaves my hair clean, light (not dry) , shiny, soft and it...
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  20. Not for me !!!


    I bought this shampoo to reduce my oil and to treat my scalp, as thats what the description claimed to do.

    My scalp has slightly improved from being itchy a day after washing to being itchy a few days after washing but the condition of my hair has decreased. I was using kevin murphy before this and could go a long time without a hair cut with next to no split ends.

    I hav...
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  21. Hailee


    I first used this product a few years ago. When the bottle finished I decided to try others to see if I could find a better product for value etc. I came back to this after no time! The smell is divine and heavenly. I love the smell so much and the freshness of the scent. It leaves my hair so clean and keeps oil at bay which is a huge problem for me. My hair feels lovely and strong and I managed t...
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  22. Love Love Love


    this is a game-changing detox shampoo. so many that I've tried have ended with feeling like i was losing a whole head of my hair with the fallout. this one is a thin consistency that goes a long way when used in a 3 step system with the hydrate and conquer shampoo and conditioner. Looking forward to trying other items in the range
  23. Deep clean - hit reset


    This shampoo is fantastic! I have very oily hair and once a week this shampoo gives me a deep clean and re-sets my strands. I use it as a treatment rather than a regular shampoo because heavy use makes my oily hair super dry. The smell is a divine hit of pepermint. When used in combination with the O&M Maintain the Mane conditioner this works a treat to breathe life and body back into drap and dro...
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    Love the menthol feeling on my scalp, and the extra clean feeling after I have washed my hair, would definitely recommend this shampoo to anyone wanting to remove any nasties from their hair to start fresh :)
  25. Medium


    My hair will be super oily 24hrs after washing it, but the ends fill be a little dry and frizzy. I got this shampoo hoping to increase 24hrs into at least 48hrs. And that is what it did. However instead of my hair feeling oily, it didn't feel soft or anything. It felt pretty dry actually. and then at the end of 48hrs it looks the same as with regular shampoo, if not a bit grosser. So I wouldn't sa...
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  26. Great to remove product build up


    I like to use this weekly to remove product build up in my hair, especially root powder. I use the moisture shampoo first then put this through to really give it a good clean.
    Great also to prep hair before using a silver toner. Just be sure to use a deep conditioner afterwards.
  27. Love it but too intense for frequent use


    I really like this shampoo but think it's a bit heavy duty for my dyed blonde, fine, damaged hair. Could be a good 1x monthly shampoo for people with hair like me but every wash (even if I wash 1x per week) was a bit too drying.

    It has a really lovely minty smell and leaves my hair feeling SO clean. Product build up is no match for this shampoo.

    In conjunction with anothe...
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  28. Thorough, deep clean


    O&M Original Detox Shampoo works wonders for my built up, conjested-with-product hair. It is ideal for hair that tends towards oily, and really gives a deep, thorough clean and takes your hair back to square one, ready for conditioning treatment.

    The smell is divine, too! Calming herbal peppermint, that really soothes my scalp.

    I don't know what type of hair the below rev...
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  29. Very average - unfortunately.


    I do not use a lot of styling products, just a little volumising spray each day, but this could not give me that squeaky clean feel or deep clean feeling, that I was hoping for.
    One wash did nothing at all, had to do repeat, and even then I did not feel that my hair "had had a good wash".
    For me, it was totally ineffective, and because a wash & repeat is required - that makes this very...
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  30. Cleanses and smells minty


    I use this on my son's hair. His hair is quite fine but unfortunately oily so it tends to look very oily the day after washing it. After using this for the last few weeks, he has been able to go without washing his hair for 3-4 days to his delight.
    I gave up on the flip lid and took the whole top out in order to get the shampoo out though.
  31. love O&M shampoo


    Love the shampoo. It really cleans your hair. It's great for my kids hair after
    They have been in the pool at lessons. The shampoo smells nice and is great value also there's no rubbish in the ingredients.
    I will keep using this shampoo as it works great for me and my family. Thank you you O & M
  32. Amazing Discovery of O&M


    Noticed instant results, hair was so shiny!

    My mum and husband commented on how shiny it was! They even said on separate occasions that it looked like I just had a hair colour, that's how healthy it looked.

    Very happy! I also used the original detox conditioner, the power base and frizzy logic. All are awesome!
  33. Great one


    Really like this shampoo. It specifically to treat oily hair. And works pretty good...
  34. Fresh minty breeze every time

    emily tsang

    Original and Minerals Original Detox Shampoo is one of the most natural shampoo's that I have ever purchased on the market with no added nasties in its formula's.

    The packaging of this shampoo is so modern, so sleek and just adorable to look at every time. The lid is a push in lid which the product is then dispensed with a slight squeeze in the middle. I also love how not too much pro...
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  35. Beautiful shampoo for oily hair


    LOVE this shampoo, I have used so many different shampoos for oily hair and I think I have found my favourite! The fact that it is so good for you too helps! I love the smell and my hair feels light and refreshed after every wash. You only need a small amount as well so I can see this product lasting for sometime. Can't wait to try other shampoos out in the range as well!
  36. A gentler alternative to regular chelating shampoo


    I generally find that chelating shampoos knot and dry out my foiled hair no matter how gently and sparingly I use them though they leave a fabulous squeaky finish. This shampoo is a great alternative. It gently removes product build up though not quite as squeakily well as other chelating shampoos, doesn''t knot my hair, smells great and is free of sulfates and parabens. I think this shampoo is be...
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  37. Cleaned up my scalp


    I received this little beauty as a gift from Adore Beauty and it is a great detox shampoo. I only got into detox shampoos in the last few years, understanding what they do. I don't use many hair products, but after a while I will get a build up and flake over my clothes which is so embarrassing! A couple of washes with this bad boy and it's gone! I might just have to go out and buy the big one now...
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  38. lovely for travel


    great for a weekend away fi your going somewhere and don't want to lag around a big load of all your hair products. I can easily get probably 10 uses from one of these minis, which is fairly decent I think! smell is incredible as usual and lathers up quite well which I like.
  39. Great


    I purchased this shampoo as it's a detox, clarifying shampoo. I felt I needed to be quite generous and leave it in my hair for ages and use a really good moisturizing conditioner. Despite all that time and effort, the result was great, it took a while, but nevertheless, the green was gone!
  40. Absolutely dreadful


    I had hoped for so much more from this product. The reviews had said it didn't really lather so I was expecting that, however I was not expecting to feel I was washing my hair with what felt like slime. The feel of it was awful, I had to use it twice for my scalp to feel clean but the ends of my hair were left feeling like tangled, wet wool. I reverted to my normal shampoo to get rid of that and ...
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  41. A delightful detox


    I love everything about this product; from the unique packaging, the gorgeous fragrance and effectiveness, to the fact that it's a cruelty free brand.

    I bought this at the start of summer because I wanted to switch it into my rotation of colour care shampoos over the warmer months. It didn't disappoint, With every wash, my scalp felt clean and my ends felt silky in equal measure.
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  42. Fresh and clean


    I’ve been having problems with my hair getting really oily very soon after washing. I can’t say this product has overly helped with that but it definety left it very fresh and clean after using. The peppermint scent is lovely too! The only thing I would add is it seemed like I needed to use a large amount of product to get my hair washed properly.
  43. Great as a Cleanser -- Probably Not For Everyday Use.


    I really do love this shampoo. It's smells great, it's super refreshing, a little tingly on the scalp, and my hair feels super clean after using it.

    I have very thick hair, and I use this as a cleansing/detox shampoo, to clean out build-up in my hair. And it does the job. But I suspect it might be too harsh for frequent use.
  44. Worth the money


    My hair type is straight, with oily roots and dry ends. I find this product to cleanse the scalp perfectly and leave it feeling fresh even a day or two after shampooing. I have dyed hair (permanent colour) as well and even though it's a deep cleansing shampoo, it doesn't interfere with it. My only criticism is that if your ends are dry, this will dry them even more. This can be solved with a good ...
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  45. Great product!


    I love a good shampoo & conditioner with no nasty chemicals. This one is no exception! Smells great and leaves hair smooth and manageable.
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