We've Picked Out Our Top 6 Concealers for Men

Here’s the situation: you’ve got a date tonight. Your hair is pomaded to perfection. The outfit looks good. But then you notice a zit on your chin or zombie under-eyes. Yikes!

Don’t worry. Concealer to the rescue! Wait, can men wear concealer? Of course!

More and more men are turning to this lifesaver on those days and nights when they need backup in the looks department.

Concealer won’t leave you looking like you’re wearing makeup. You’ll just look like a better version of yourself.


Feeling unsteady in your first foray into concealer for men? How do you even apply concealer? I’ve got you covered.

All you need is one of the top concealers for men in a shade that matches your skin tone and complexion needs. Add the best blending tool out there: your fingers.

To apply men's concealer, start by strategically placing the concealer where you need it (usually the odd pimple, red splotch, shadow or dark under-eyes). Then dab dab dab it in with your finger. Simple!

If you're wanting to step your game up ever-so-slightly, you can also try blending your concealer in with a little makeup sponge, also known as a beauty blender. Just wet it a bit before use and make sure to clean it regularly.

With little labour, you instantly look like you’ve slept eight hours and downed green smoothies since childhood.

Now keep scrolling to find the best men's concealer for you...

Concealer for Men's Acne Scars and Blemishes:

When you want to cover breakouts, look for a product that’ll help treat them simultaneously. This cruelty-free covers even your most gigantic pimple with its full-coverage formula and speeds up the healing process. Bye Bye Breakout is perfect for you if you have oilier skin because the product won’t crease or fade throughout the day. The formula includes superstar ingredients Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Kaolin to treat breakouts. You get top-secret treatment and coverage in one. Brill!

The vegan option for dealing with unwanted guests on your face
The vegan option for dealing with unwanted guests on your face

Jane Iredale’s vegan, cruelty-free formula is ideal for slightly drier skin that’s prone to congestion. This formula lets you layer it for customisable coverage that doesn’t look heavy on the skin. A hygienic metal applicator is included for easy application. Zap&Hide also helps treat pimples throughout the day with its mix of Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark Extract. Moringa Extracts help soothe inflammation. It’s like skincare that hides precisely what you need it to hide!

Men's Concealer for Redness:

If redness is your problem (especially on your cheeks), the It Cosmetics formula is for you! This formula has been designed to counteract red tones in the skin and is perfect for those prone to redness, rosacea, and scarring. It’s a tinted cream full of skin-loving ingredients that calm the skin while you wear it. It’s full of Colloidal Oatmeal and Chamomile to soothe. Pop this cruelty-free formula on top of your SPF in the morning to cover and soothe all day long.

If you want to cover any redness without it being obvious, the Make-Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer is perfect. Designed for use with 4K cameras, it’s designed to look invisible on skin in even the highest resolution. This makes it the perfect men’s concealer as nobody will know you’re wearing it. The fragrance free formula is great for sensitive skins. It also sets itself for 12-hour wear meaning once it's applied, it's with you all day. Use the doe-foot applicator to keep it localised to where you need it!

Men's Dark Circle Concealer

If you want to cover dark circles, redness, or the occasional pimple while fighting fine lines and wrinkles, this one's for you! Cordyceps Mushroom is full of antioxidants and amino acids to protect skin from free radicals. Indian Tree Root reduces inflammation. This formula is super-thin to look invisible on the skin but is intensely pigmented, so less is more. The precision-tipped applicator keeps you from using too much or accidentally dabbing the wrong area.

Some days, you just don’t have a lot to cover and don’t want to have to waste time layering up a concealer. That’s when this budge-proof and crease-proof formula comes in handy. It’s perfect for darker under-eye circles and other areas you struggle to cover. Yet this concealer still looks natural and hydrates skin thanks to Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter. Use only a tiny amount of this one and blend it in thoroughly. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan, and perfect for all skin types.

We hope this guide has shown you there are concealers perfect for men. Whether you want to hide pimples, redness, or dark circles, there’s a formula for you!

And no, you won’t look like you’re wearing makeup. You’ll just be ready to face the day with a fresh face and more confidence.

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