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Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof - Very Black

4.3 of 121 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.49

Or 4 instalments of $5.49 with LEARN MORE

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This fresh liquid formula captures lashes from root to tip for a full-fan effect.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof - Very Black Reviews

4.3 of 121 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best mascara to hold curl


I have very thick and long lashes that are always straight at the end of the day even though I curled them in the AM. This mascara is the only one I’ve found that can hold the curl!!!

Most Helpful Criticism

good but nothing special for my lashes


I know this is a very famous mascara and has lots of great reviews, however it did nothing special to my lashes. Just another black mascara. It still bleeds a lot when used on the beach too so not that waterproof I guess. Bonus points: doesn't irritate eyes like some other mascaras.
  1. Go-to


    This is my go-to mascara because for the price it's pretty amazing - I love the way it makes my lashes look and I've been using it for about 4 years now. Pros: makes my lashes longer and more voluminous and holds curl well. Cons: Does smudge under my eyes after a while (especially if I'm more active). Would still continue to repurchase. For reference, this is one of the mascaras that I think is ge...
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  2. good but nothing special for my lashes


    I know this is a very famous mascara and has lots of great reviews, however it did nothing special to my lashes. Just another black mascara. It still bleeds a lot when used on the beach too so not that waterproof I guess. Bonus points: doesn't irritate eyes like some other mascaras.
  3. Pleasantly surprised


    At first thought this was wet and clumpy and I wasn’t a fan. After about 2 weeks and some perseverance it dried a little and was amazing! Much more manageable. Lengthens my long but sparse lashes nicely. Would purchase again.
  4. Looks AMAZING


    Freaking adore this mascara and find it really versatile - you can definitely lather it up and get a really VA VA VOOM look, but can also you can just go in lightly and get a nice natural look. This really volumizes as well as lengthens. It gives my lashes a GREAT natural looking curl without using an eyelash curler.
    Downside is: this smudges on my hooded eyes (the upper eyelid flesh/hood p...
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  5. Best mascara to hold curl


    I have very thick and long lashes that are always straight at the end of the day even though I curled them in the AM. This mascara is the only one I’ve found that can hold the curl!!!
  6. it is a nice mascara


    Best mascara ever! It gives VOLUME, LENGTH & CURL to my medium length sparse lashes!
  7. Long lashes


    verified purchaser
    Have used this for years and like it. Just wish it wouldn't transfer on my skin sometimes.
  8. Better than high end mascaras and half the price!


    Absolutely love this mascara! I tried the benefit mascaras previous to this and actually liked this one a lot better and its half the price! A must buy!
  9. a classic


    gives such great colour and formula. the mascara formula doesn’t clump and the brush works so well in separating the lashes. definitely recommend this for the price too!
  10. Favourite


    This mascara is EVERYTHING I want in a mascara! It’s dramatic, super black, lengthening, volumising, doesn’t flake off or give me panda eyes AND hold the curl perfectly throughout the whole day! Fave mascara for sure
  11. Teen year love


    I loved it as a teenager. Good mascara for starters. Affordable and good quality
  12. As good as I remember


    Wore this back in my high school days and received many compliments. It gave me a lot of curl and definition, tried it again years later (now) and it's still as good as I remember it. Curl your eyes beforehand for that extra definition and your eyes POP
  13. Not bad


    It lengthens and doesn't go clumpy. It's not the best mascara I have ever used but it is pretty good.
  14. Pretty Lashs!


    This is really nice to help to fan out your lashes and hold them in place!
  15. It’s ok


    To me it was nothing special, it does what it says it will. Abit too clumpy for me, I like my lashes looking more natural
  16. Must have!


    This is one of my favourite mascaras! It brings a lot of length to my eyelashes and makes them look really dark. I really love this one
  17. A good dupe for Benefit Roller lash


    This is a pretty decent mascara, I purchased it as a dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash. The only thing this mascara lacks is that it doesn't build volume on my lashes at all.
  18. Favourite mascara


    This is my favourite mascara. Have tried many more expensive brands and keep coming back to this one. Doesn’t clump, gives a natural look and can build up for a fuller effect.
  19. Good


    I curl my lashes and only apply this to my top lashes and it lasts all day without smudging and my lashes remain curled. It can transfer if you apply it to your lower lashes so I avoid that
  20. Not Bad


    This product is great if you have long eyelashes, but I found it did weigh my short eyelashes down.
  21. Original tops it


    The original version of this mascara is my all time fav! The waterproof one is a little clumpier but it does an amazing job at being waterproof as I find it really difficult to remove
  22. Love this!


    This is probably one of my favourite mascaras! I have tiny lashes that tend to be straight, this product is my fave for volume and length and it keeps them curled for a long time.
  23. amazing


    I love how it doesn't flake and clump my lashes. It makes my lashes look thicker and longer. I love the wand and how it gets all my lashes
  24. Incredible mascara for curl!


    I prefer using the shorter side of the brush on the inner corner and the longer side to add length to my outer lashes. Holds curl all day and doesn't smudge, but is quite hard to remove without using an oil cleanser or micellar water!
  25. Smudges


    This did absolutely nothing for my lashes.
    Some definition but no lengthening or volumising, I was so disappointed.
    It's also a very wet formula so doesn't dry down quickly and is easily smudged when applying.
    It also smudged throughout the day.
    Thoroughly disappointing.
  26. Good


    This helps my lashes stay curled all day but it can flake and clump at the base of my lashes but it is otherwise good
  27. Go to mascara


    I've been using this for years! Has never let me down
  28. Great


    I have oily skin and apply this on my upper and lower lashes but this does not transfer. It makes my lashes stay curled all day
  29. Perfect


    This mascara keeps my lashes curled all day and does not smudge. Beats many of the other expensive mascaras i have used
  30. One of the best


    So good, I actually find it to be one of the best.
  31. Great


    This is one of my fav mascaras. Third buy. Only downfall is some smudging
  32. Lovely


    It is a great mascara & gives a sensational finish, making the eyes stand out & pop. Just so lovely. I would recommend
  33. Great!


    Such a good mascara, doesnt run or transfer to below your eyes and doesnt crumble. Really makes my lashes look so much thicker and longer
  34. Great


    This helps my lashes look long and curled all day. However it can smudge after 8 hrs but I have oily skin
  35. Great


    I have very straight lashes and after curling them, this mascara holds it so well
  36. Okay


    This isn't the best mascara I've used, but it gets the job done. My eyelashes are naturally quite long and the formula is quite wet so I end up with mascara smudges on my eyelids. I do enjoy the shape of the brush, though!
  37. Very waterproof


    I just wish adorebeauty sold the normal version of this as it’s amazing but I find the waterproof version a bit clumpy. This does however definitely waterproof as it’s really hard to remove
  38. Lovely product!


    Great mascara, makes my lashes look so much longer and holds a curl well.
  39. Good affordable mascara


    This mascara really lengthens and volumises my short lashes. The formula is slightly wet which makes it super quick to apply - you just have to avoid sneezing or blinking too hard for a few minutes later!
  40. Volume & Strength

    Kirsten M

    This is the mascara you need if you have short lashes and don't want your mascara to budge. At all. Even in you were stuck in a rain storm.
    Adds serious volume and length to my short and straight lashes.
    The only downside is that ironically also that it doesn't budge! So for someone that hates the idea of sleeping with make-up and mascara on, it can cause breakages when trying to remov...
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  41. Good


    This mascara makes my lashes look longer and thicker but it can sometimes smudge underneath my lower lashes
  42. Excellent


    I always use this Mascara and I find it is excellent for my needs. Great mascara. Highly recommended.
  43. The best


    Maybelline have some of the best mascaras in my opinion, and this one is no exception. It doesn't clump up my eyelashes and makes them look long and full. One of my favourites
  44. not for me


    I dont have much eyelashes to start off with, so maybe that's why I didn’t love this mascara it left fallout under my eyes and was hard to take off
  45. Thickens the lashes


    This mascara is really good at making your lashes look longer and thicker, but it does look a bit clumpy when I bought a brand new one.
  46. Good


    This is an amazing mascara and it makes my eyes look great but it can flake a bit
  47. A nice mascara


    This is a solid mascara. It provides a good amount of colour to my lashes but I find that it doesn’t lengthen as well as a lot of other mascaras I’ve used. It doesn’t clump or irritate my eyes but I think I have other favourites at this price point.
  48. 10 years on and still using


    This was one of the first mascaras I bought when I got into makeup about 10 years ago, and I still repurchase it alongside higher end mascaras. Works amazing on the lower lashes and seems to layer perfectly with any mascara for added length and volume.
  49. Pretty good but a bit flakey


    This is quite a good mascara. I love the colour and the brush is great for applying. It's definitely waterproof but it flakes on my unfortunately which I don't enjoy. I would repurchase it if on sale
  50. It is OK


    Pretty average but I liked the brush as it was still able to catch the thinner and smaller lashes. No dramatic effect so pretty good for every day use. Will smudge a bit after 8 hours though.
  51. Decent mascara


    I had a love affair with this mascara a few years and for some reason fell out of it and moved on. I remember buying this when it just came out and really enjoying it. It has one side that has got long bristles and the other side shorter bristles. The long bristle help with lengthening my lashes and the short one separates and gives me volume at the base. It is a thicker type of brush so it can ge...
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  52. Better than some high end mascaras!


    This mascara does an amazing job at curling, lengthening and thickening my lashes. I find it doesn’t smudge as much as other mascaras and lasts all day. It does get a bit clumpy if you apply too much but a quick brush with a spoolie will fix this.
  53. holy grail mascara


    I love this mascara as it helps my short straight asian lashes hold its curl ALL DAY. Even though it is waterproof, it still smudges underneath my eyes but since I have oily lids, almost all mascaras smudge on me.
  54. Great mascara


    I'm a fan of many Maybelline mascaras and this was another great one. Brush made it easy to fan out lashes, especially on the ends.
  55. Good


    The wand gives my eyelashes a dramatic effect but it can clump up at times. However it adds immense volume because of the wand and I like the finished look after removing the clumps with my fingers.
  56. Well priced


    Maybelline mascaras are so great. This one in particular is good at curling and lengthening the lashes, and it is still so easy to remove which is always important to me!
  57. great drugstore mascara


    Maybelline mascaras are so good. This one is no exception. Great at curling and lengthening the lashes, and it is still easy to take off which is always important to me!
  58. Beautiful


    This is a fantastic mascara. All Maybelline mascaras are phenomenal at their price point. The brush really defines and separates my lashes
  59. Good for a bold eye


    For my everyday makeup, I wouldn’t r such for this as I like a more natural look, but like as introduced to this by a friend when going out one night and she always has the best bold and thick lashes. Perfect for a night out.
  60. Pretty good but not amazing


    I didn't like this at first but after using it for a while now it has grown on me. It makes my lashes look nice and I love that it's waterproof. My only con is that it doesn't give any volume. Would be good if you're after more of a natural makeup look
  61. Nice and natural


    Gives your lashes a natural looking lift and volume. Good for light make-up days
  62. Great


    Great cheap mascara that really lengths and thickens your lashes for a dramatic effect
  63. Volumising and lengthening


    This is a great mascara when it is on sale. The brush had 2 different bristle sizes, the shorter one gives volume and the longer one separates and gives length. I was surprised by how good this actually made my lashes look. Highly recommended.
  64. nice


    gives lashes a full/wispy look which i love. unfortunately, this mascara doesn't keep my stubborn eyelashes curled or lifted. that being said, the only mascaras which do are waterproof ones so i'm sure this mascara would be great for people who don't have eyelashes as straight as mine!
  65. nice


    gives lashes a full/wispy look which i love. unfortunately, this mascara doesn't keep my stubborn eyelashes curled or lifted. that being said, the only mascaras which do are waterproof ones so i'm sure this mascara would be great for people who don't have eyelashes as straight as mine!
  66. its alright


    i tried this out after everyone raving about this product to find out personally that its just alright, the shape of the mascara wand is great for helping keep curls up but i found that the formula wasnt the best for heavy straight lashes.
  67. The best damn mascara on the market


    I fricken love this mascara. It lengthens, curls and adds volume to my lashes all at once. I get compliments about my lashes almost all the time, BECAUSE OF THIS MASCARA. I have fairly average lashes, yet this completely transforms them. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this. I don't like the waterproof one at all though, because I don't like waterproof mascara's in general. I HIGHLY...
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  68. Looks Like I'm Wearing Falsies!!!


    This mascara does a really great job of accentuating my lashes and making them look longer.
  69. Wasn’t for me


    This mascara just wasn’t a hit for me. It didn’t really give me the length or dramatic look I was after. More subtle for daytime wear
  70. Clumpy mess


    I have fairly long lashes naturally but this mascara just clumps my lashes together and makes them look flakey and dry. The wand is a great shape on this mascara, but the product is just very drying. I would highly reccomend the colossal mascara by maybelline instead of this.
  71. My go-to waterproof mascara!


    This is always my go-to when I want a reliable waterproof mascara. Wearing this has saved me many times over when I've cried and I have never gotten worried about the mascara running down my face or flaking throughout the day. With that, it is a bit more challenging to remove compared to normal mascara, but I've found that using coconut oil easily gets rid of it.
  72. Great mascara


    I really like this mascara and it does a great job at giving volume and length. The pigment is great and easy to remove at the end of the day. The waterproof formula does require a little more work to remove. The wand works best on curled eyelashes. I found the formula did make my eyes sting a little though.
  73. Good but not great


    This is a decent mascara for separating and lengthening lashes however I won't repurchase as I have other favourites at this price point.
  74. dupe for roller lash


    i feel like it lengthens and thickens in a similar way to benefit roller lash which is a favourite
  75. Love


    My all time favourite drugstore mascara that lengthens and adds drama.
  76. Full fan lashes


    This mascara gives my lashes great length without being too dramatic for a natural makeup look. I use it every day. The unique double sided brush makes application easy and fans out the lashes. I haven’t had too many issues with clumping after getting the excess of the brush. Great drugstore mascara!
  77. Does the job


    This is my back up mascara. I typically use Lancôme but if I run out in between or am travelling, I’ll pick up this one to use. It’s waterproof as it says, stays on and provides a good lash lift when I need it!
  78. Too wet


    This did not work for me. The formula was too wet and took too long to dry.
    It would smear and smudge everywhere.
    It would not stay in place all day.
    The brush was strange too and also got product all over my eyelid.
    I like a lot of Maybelline mascaras but this was not one of them.
  79. My favorite of all!


    My favourite drugstore mascara!!! I have gone through so many of these.. Its the only mascara that works for me. It curls, gives volume and darkness to my thin lashes. It really is such a good formula.
  80. Amazing


    Love this mascara so much but it’s impossible to remove! Lengthens and thickens great though.
  81. Lengthening


    Amazing mascara but the last bottle I received of this seems clumsier than usual, hope the formula hasn’t changed
  82. Honestly the best mascara you will ever use!


    I cannot recommend this mascara more! I have been using this and this only for more than a year and I have tried so many mascaras and can say this is my favourite by far! The fan shape of the brush is what makes it incredible, it curls your lashes whilst lengthening them. People constantly think I am wearing false lashes when i'm wearing this mascara, it's fabulous!
  83. Long lashes


    Best mascara ever! I now always choose this over expensive brands, only problem is it doesn’t stay good for long and I find myself repurchasing it every month or so.
  84. Best mascara ever


    This is my favourite mascara of all time. The formula and brush work like a dream together to help curl the lashes and keep them lifted. The formula doesn't clump or flake under the eyes and holds a curl for the whole day. An absolute must for everyone.
  85. Love the brush


    Separates the lashes like no other!! Perfect for people with naturally long lashes who just want them to be dark and separated. Love this especially for the price!
  86. Long lashes


    Makes my lashes so long and lasts all day and night, it’s actually really difficult to remove. This has never once smudged or flaked for me
  87. Smudged and flaked


    Maybelline mascaras are my favourite and I only ever buy waterproof so that I feel secure that they will last all day with smudging. I was really excited to try this. The packaging is wonderful and looks great. Unfortunately this mascara smudges really badly under my eyes literally everytime I wear it! Its so bad. It also flakes and I always find black specks have fallen onto my cheeks. I've tried...
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  88. Good but not great


    This was an average mascara. It did it's job but it was nothing special. It didn't separate my lashes very well or lengthen them. It wasn't worth the price tag.
  89. My everyday mascara


    It makes my lashes look darker and longer, not overly dramatic, which is exactly what i look for in a mascara. I use this everyday, now on my second tube! My first tube lasted for a year!!
  90. Falsies in a tube


    My favourite mascara ever! People ask if I have lash extensions with this, my lashes look so long. Very waterproof, stays on all day so it’s quite difficult to remove.
  91. Very waterproof!


    This is mascara is very nice for my straight lashes. Building up volume is so easy with the brush. I find it easy to avoid clump buy applying mascara at different angles using the brush. The best of all, it's waterproof. I went to a water park with this on, and my face got soaked, but when I saw myself in the mirror, my mascara didn't even move. Highly recommend this product.
  92. Amazing


    This is and will always be my holy grail mascara, I’m sooo glad I finally found it. I’m on my second bottle. I’ve tried them all! Every brand and also expensive ones too and this one is the winner. It makes my lashes so full and long and wears perfectly till I take off my makeup at night. Love it
  93. Didn't work for me smudged!


    Heard a lot of great things about this mascara and unfortunately did not work for me! Smudged within a few hours although the curl hold was good. Only used twice and threw away.
  94. Amazing


    Hands down the best mascara I have ever tried. Perfect for everyday use or build able for those special occasions
  95. Great mascara


    This is a really great mascara and I like that it's waterproof because it definitely stays on all day! Makes lashes look great and doesn't crumble off, the only downfall is that since it is waterproof it is very hard to get off.
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