Geometric Nail Art Tutorial Using Essie Nail Polish

This geometric nail art routine using Essie nail polish is edgy in more ways than one.

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Shake up your nail game with this stylish negative space look using red nail polish to create striking nail art. 

A geometric or negative space look is usually created with a sheer or clear base and then a strong strikethrough colour used to create a geometric design or shape. 

In this routine, Chelsea Bagan from Trophy Wife Nail Art shows us how to use one polish to create a simple but effective design.

Shop the Look:

This is one of the easiest nail tricks to try at home if you’re bored with a basic block colour look. 

Easy Nail Art Tips: 

  • Always start by cleansing the nail with a cotton round and some nail polish remover to pick up any oil, dirt or debris. 

  • Clean up mistakes and sharpen lines with a flat top brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Our guide to geometric nail designs:

Step 1: A thin base coat

Step 1: A thin base coat

Start with one layer of a thin base coat like the Essie Nail Polish Gel Treat Love & Color Gloss Fit. This is an excellent base coat as it reduces peeling and breakage.

Step 2: Bold colour

Step 2: Bold colour

With this look we are creating a slightly angled geometric tip. Take the essie nail colour - bordeaux and remove the excess before applying. Start in the corner of your nail and stroke straight across to the opposite tip, creating a diagonal line.

Step 3: Fill out the edges

Step 3: Fill out the edges

Once you’ve created this line you can continue to use the essie nail colour - bordeaux to fill out the edges. Then, you can go in and apply a second coat. Keep the colour thin and consistent.

Step 4: Clean up the line

Step 4: Clean up the line

Go back in with a clean flat angled brush to tidy up the edge of your shape and any mistakes you may have made. 

Step 5: Gel top coat

Step 5: Gel top coat

Follow up with a thicker gel top coat like the Essie Nail Care Gel Setter Top Coat, for a shiny finish

The Finished Look: Shiny & sharp nail art

The Finished Look: Shiny & sharp nail art

We hope you enjoyed this negative space nail design tutorial and hope you find it easy to recreate at home! This routine is particularly straightforward as it only requires one colour that you can alternate with any polish you have in your stash!

How do I remove nail polish at home?

Removing nail polish at home is easy with the right products, but you might need these tips if your nail polish is being stubborn

Simply take some nail polish remover and some cotton balls and rub off the nail polish. If you find the polish is difficult to remove we recommend soaking the cotton balls in an acetone based nail polish remover before leaving them on the nail for 3-5 minutes wrapped in aluminum foil.

For an easy alternative option try the butter LONDON Scrubbers 2-in-1 Prep & Remover Wipes and simply wipe your nail polish off in a single stroke. 

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