Should I Use Powder on Mature Skin?

Setting powder, a classic makeup staple, needs a bit of a makeover when it comes to application for mature skin.

With great new setting sprays on the market, powder is no longer a necessity. But if you prefer powder, you may be wondering if you have to stop using it once you reach a certain age.

No worries: no one’s saying you have to put your setting powder down for good. But it would benefit you to change up the way you apply it, and you may need to switch formulas. Follow these tips for using setting powder on more mature skin, and you’ll look fresh no matter how old you are.

Anti-Aging SkincareAnti-Aging Skincare

Avoid Light-Reflecting Particles

Take a look at the package or label of your setting powder to see if the formula includes light-reflecting particles. If so, you may want to consider another product.

Ageing skin tends to lose a bit of its natural radiance due to the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin. Oftentimes, the impulse is to pop a little glow into your powder or foundation. Shimmer and luminous pigments, however, tend to emphasise fine lines and imperfections in the skin.

The ideal setting powder for more mature skin is a loose, translucent, matte-finish mineral powder. A bit of a mouthful to say out loud, but it gives the most natural finish to skin that may not be as plump and youthful as it used to be.

Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powderis an ideal choice, as is Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder. Both fit the criteria above and provide an additional benefit to the skin via hydrating ingredients.


Use A Light Hand To Apply Face Powder

If you’re going to use setting powder over setting spray, less is more. Gone are the days of using a big, glorious brush to apply powder.

Once your skin begins to show signs of ageing, you need to be strategic with your application technique as well as the amount of product you’re using. Try to limit powder to only the areas of the face that truly require it—in other words, areas that get shinier throughout the day.

Control your setting powder, highlight or contour. Real Techniques Setting Brush gives a soft, blended finish for a perfect look, whether you need a photography-ready finish or you want to look naturally beautiful all day long. Designed with pro makeup artists and YouTube celebrity sisters Sam & Nic Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine cruelty-free technology with artistic innovation for a flawless finish.


When All Else Fails, Switch to a Setting Spray

If you still find that setting powder is causing your fine lines to be more apparent, consider switching to a setting spray. Sprays are light formulas that usually leave no trace at all on the skin but set makeup just as efficiently as powders do.

If your skin is mature and dry, you should absolutely switch to a setting spray. Powder is really only suitable for mature skin that's still a touch oily. A prime example of a great setting spray for mature skin isEstée Lauder Set + Refresh Makeup Perfecting Mist.

Now that you’re armed with this info, you can confidently go forth with long-lasting makeup that doesn't make you look older. Best of luck, gorgeous!


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