Best Foundations For Photo Shoots

When you’re having your photo taken, you’re freezing a moment in time, but you need a timeless makeup look. These foundations make you look your best in pictures.

When you’re having your photo taken, you’re freezing a moment in time. Hair and clothing styles come and go, but a gorgeous complexion never goes out of style.

We’ve compiled a list of our best foundations to give you a classically beautiful complexion. Even if your half-shaved lavender ombre hair doesn’t stand the test of time, your foundation always will.


Best Foundations For Photo Shoots


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick


This instant classic from Bobbi Brown comes in an amazing range of shades. You get a killer creamy-but-natural finish, medium-to-full coverage that’s super-buildable, and a lightweight feel.

This makeup never looks heavy or caked on, and with no SPF, you won’t see any flashback in your photos. Its convenient stick form goes anywhere in case you need a mid-soiree touch-up.


Best Foundations For Photo Shoots


Kryolan HD Micro Foundation Smoothing Fluid


Professional-quality makeup isn't easy for most people to get their hands on. Thankfully, Kryolan has given us the gift of being able to purchase what the pros use.

This long-wearing HD foundation is meant to look good even in high-definition resolution, making it absolutely perfect for photos. It smooths, perfects, and provides an overall gorgeous finish in pictures.


Best Foundations For Photo Shoots


Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation


If you're concerned with keeping oil production at bay or wary of any foundation that isn’t oil-free, this is the choice for you. With a gorgeous silky finish and a wide range of shade options, Laura Mercier provides a fantastic option for any skin type, but particularly the oilier faces in the crowd.

Not ready to commit to a new product? Got tons of foundations on hand already? No problem. When searching your stash for a photo-ready foundation, just be sure not to use a foundation with any SPF.


Best Foundations For Photo Shoots


Many sun-protection ingredients have a tendency to cause 'flashback', or an unsightly white cast on the skin, in photos. It’s widely debated whether all sunscreens and sunblocks causes flashback, but just to be on the safe side, steer clear of SPF altogether.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is pop on that foundation and pose. You’re ready for your close-up!


Best Foundations For Photo Shoots