7 Best Eyelash Curlers

Open your eyes to new possibilities and lift your makeup look with these top tips and expert eyelash curlers.

best eyelash curlers - Tweezerman Rose Gold Lash Curlerbest eyelash curlers - Tweezerman Rose Gold Lash Curler

Who doesn’t love a big, doe-eyed look? Luscious lashes are an eye-catcher that no one can resist.

Even on your most tired, time-poor, down day, quickly curling your lashes and adding a lick of mascara for length and volume will open your eyes and help you look more awake.

A good mascara will always make your eyes pop. And fake lashes might give you the boosted look you’ve always craved. But you can also keep things super-simple with an eyelash curler.

Safe, fast, and effective, a good eyelash curler will help make stubby, short lashes look longer and more prominent. Instead of weighing your lashes down and constantly piling product on them, trust a stainless steel eyelash curler to open your eyes with minimal fuss.

Wondering how to get a good eyelash curler before and after effect? We’ve found some of the best eyelash curlers around and listed them below for you to comb through.

So, are you ready to make your eyes pop?

How to choose an eyelash curler?

Choosing a good eyelash curler will go a long way in making your eyes pop, even on a no-makeup day! Whether you’re looking for the best eyelash curler for almond eyes or the best curler for long lashes, it’s important to pick up a tool that you feel comfortable using.

A good rule of thumb is, if your curler pinches or yanks at your lashes, it might not be the best eyelash curler for your eye shape.

Everyone’s lashes are different, so it makes sense that some curlers are going to better suit you than others. From strongly curved designs to flatter curves, there’s an eyelash curler design to suit you listed below. Often user-friendly and quick to use, a curler that suits your lashes makes your routine a cinch!

Best Eyelash Curlers - Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash CurlerBest Eyelash Curlers - Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler

What is the best eyelash curler for short lashes?

If you have shorter lashes, you might love your eyelash curler more than the average person does. Working hard to lengthen the look of your short lashes, a good eyelash curler will instantly give you more confidence and a little drama.

With short lashes, you’ll have to move the curler very close to the lashline to get a good effect. Just be careful not to pinch your eyelid! A less curved design will help you avoid tugging at the little lashes. And a heated tool will lengthen and curl without any harsh clamping.

Whether you’re looking for a curler for little lashes or the best eyelash curler for long lashes, we’ve found the tools that you can really trust.

Regardless of your eye shape or lash length, the elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler will help you achieve the lash look you crave. Cruelty-free and vegan, this carefully crafted, curved design takes an innovative approach to lashes to suit every eye shape. Affordable and super-effective, this tool includes a silicone pad to ensure each eyelash is gently curved and cared for. A design everyone can enjoy, this traditional eyelash curler won’t ever let you down. Perfect to use when you’re in a rush, this curler will help each lash look lengthier for longer.

When it comes to a good eye-makeup look, curling your lashes is an essential part of the process. Perfect for all ages to enjoy, this easy-to-use, traditional curler will help you look more awake on even your sleepiest day. If you have straight lashes that are tricky to curl, you’ll love the way the elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler grips each lash and gently teases it upwards. Always curl your lashes before you apply your favourite mascara to keep them at the optimum length all day long. To make the curl last longer, lightly heat the tool with a hair dryer before using. Make sure you don’t apply the curler when it’s very hot though!

If you’re bored of your traditional eyelash curler, you might want to try something completely different. The Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler will help keep your lashes dramatically curled all day. Designed to really open up the eyes, this tool works on all lash lengths and eye shapes, and it’s super-easy to use. Turn the heat up on your look with this heated gold lash curler. Loved by many, this model helps curl stubborn, straight lashes that are hard to manage. If you find that mascara just isn’t getting the job done, you’ll love the lengthening effects this heated curler offers.

The Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler has twin heat pads, which change from red to clear to signal that your curler is ready to use. For best effect, use the heated tool on clean, dry lashes, and alway apply your mascara after use rather than before. To take your lash look to the next level, this unique curler will help define and separate your lashes. Because it’s battery-powered, this curler doesn’t need to be charged before you use it. Simply hold the curler in front of you once it's warmed up. Place the pads at the roots of your lashes. Secure the lashes and press down gently to achieve the long-lasting results you crave.

Not all eyelash curlers are made the same. Some suit shorter lashes better. Some suit almond eyes better. And some heat up. The Tweezerman ProCurl Curler has been exceptionally crafted to suit every eye shape and make any lashes look longer. Universally effective and loved, this award-winning tool will help you make the most of your lashes. Plus, the rose-gold design will look great on your vanity table. Crafted with comfort in mind, this device works to open the eyes without inflicting too much force on the lashes.

If you love the look of long lashes but struggle to find a curler that works well for you, give the Tweezerman ProCurl Curler a whirl. Guaranteed to tease even stubborn lashes into shape, this curler will have you falling in love with your lashes. The narrow top bar helps the curler reach even the littlest lashes and suits most eye shapes. The curved black pad is wider than standard eyelash curler pads, so it curls without crimping. Ergonomically shaped, the curler will feel firm between your fingers, giving you complete control.

Loved by professional makeup artists across the globe, the MODELROCK Professional Lash Curler is an essential tool for anyone who wants luscious lashes. The sleek, black design will always look good, no matter how much you use it. Cruelty-free and vegan, this tool has been conscientiously made. From lashionistas on a mission to makeup artists with a job to do, everyone will enjoy the curling effect of this handy little tool. Achieve the perfect curl every time when you use this professional lash curler.

With so many types of eyelash curlers available, it can be hard to know which is best for you. The MODELROCK Professional Lash Curler has been exceptionally crafted to suit everyone of any age. The comfortable shape gently hugs even the smallest lashes. Even a complete lash novice will be able to achieve a fuller lash look with this easy-to-use tool. Take your lash look to the next level with this effective lash curler, which helps you create the perfect curl every time. Top the look with a volumising mascara for a flutter that’s sure to attract attention.

We lead such busy lives; some mornings, makeup is the one thing that just won’t make it out the door with you. On days where you’re seriously time-poor, get a more wide-awake appeal by simply curling your lashes to make your eyes pop. A fast and effective way to liven up a tired face, the Tweezerman Rose Gold Lash Curler is a classic favourite that never lets you down. Now available in a luxurious rose gold finish, this reliable tool lets you create the lash look of your dreams. Recommended and loved by experts and lash queens across the globe, Tweezerman helps you create a beautiful curl with this design.

Perfectly designed to curl each one of your lashes, the Tweezerman Rose Gold Lash Curler is ergonomically crafted to help you create an expressive eye look. The rounded silicone pad won't pull or stick to your lashes, and the design perfectly merges with almost any eye shape. Crafted for a sturdy finish, this curler includes 3 replacement pads, so you can keep your lashes in good condition. The smooth opening and closing functions will keep your eyelids super-safe (no pinching!), and you’ll love the difference the curler makes to your lashes after just a couple of uses. Always apply your mascara after curling to keep each lash healthy.

When you want your lashes to flutter like no other, it’s important you choose the right tools to give you a helping hand. Rather than rely on false lashes and eyelash serum, you can create a full lash look with the help of a reliable eyelash curler. The Napoleon Perdis Curl Girl Lash Curler offers a soft, effortless lift to even straight stubborn lashes that are hard to curl. The firm but gentle rubber pad helps the tool grip the lashes. You’ll soon notice how much wider and more open your eyes look when you use this device. You don’t need to be a lash expert to create a fuller, longer lash look; you just need the right tools and a little patience. You’ll be able to create the lash look of your dreams in no time with this curler.

The Napoleon Perdis Curl Gurl Lash Curler is an Australian-made product that you know you can rely on. Designed to open up the look of your eyes by gently curling the lashes up, this tool will instantly lift your look with minimal effort. A device that’s loved by professionals and consumers alike, this eyelash curler feels comfortable to all who use it. Whether you’re in your teens or your platinum years, you can revamp your style with a bold eyelash look. This device works perfectly with mascara and will never harm those delicate little hairs. Give your look a more dramatic edge when you use this glamorous, gold eyelash curler.

Designed to deliver the perfect amount of heat to your delicate lashes, this curler won’t damage or dry your hairs out. You’ll be able to reach even the tiniest lash (the inner corner lashes are alway tricky to curl) and you won’t have to pinch or apply any pressure. Curing you lashes doesn’t have to be boring! When you see the visible results, you’ll be glad you made the effort. The sleek, compact design fits neatly in your purse for an afternoon pick-me-up. The protective guard ensures it stays safe to use and you’ll love how long and extravagant your lashes stay looking. Your eyes will look brighter when you curl your lashes with this handy little heated tool.

Easy to use and seriously innovative, the Blinc Heated Lash Curler helps you achieve luscious lashes in next to no time. Perfectly crafted to suit every eye shape, your curl will last all day when you use this design. You won’t need to clamp your lashes in a harsh fashion when you use this delicate heated tool. The stylish design will look great on your makeup table and you’ll love how gorgeous your eyes look after every use. Nothing works better than heat to set a long-lasting curl. You curl the hair on your head with heat and the same principle applies for your lashes. Eyelash curling is an easy step to skin, but if you want movie star eyes, pick up this super reliable eyelash curler.

Whether you’ve been curling your lashes for years or you’re a complete lash novice, you can further enhance your look with a nifty, new eyelash curler. You’ll love the way your eyes pop when you use an effective design. Stop shying away from eyelash curlers! Pick up a new design and completely transform your look.

How to use an eyelash curler?

A tried-and-tested beauty hack that instantly opens up your eyes, an eyelash curler will make a big difference to your look if you know how to use a lash curler properly. Designed to lift your lashes and make them look longer, a good eyelash curler will push each lash up and fan them all out beautifully.

A good tubing mascara will always lengthen your lashes and make them look more luscious. But you should never add product to your lashes before you curl them. Any mascara will make your lashes stiff and hard to curl. If you take your curler to your lashes after you’ve applied mascara, you might break them or even pull them out! If you’re wondering how to use eyelash curler correctly, the best tip to remember is to always apply mascara after you’ve curled your lashes.

Adding an eyelash curler to your makeup bag will help transform your look. Again, always remove makeup before you curl your lashes. Hold the curler up to your eye first to get familiar with it. With your eye open, clamp the lashes between the device and squeeze them for just a few seconds. If you have very long lashes, repeat a second time, clamping the lashes closer to the tips. But squeeze VERY gently!

How to use a heated eyelash curler?

If a traditional eyelash curler turns you off, you might want to consider a heated eyelash curler. Perfect for creating a lengthy lash look that lasts all day, a heated lash curler can produce some seriously impressive results. The best eyelash curler for deep set eyes, a heated design will perk up lashes that look a little stubby. While putting a heated device near your eyes might sound scary, used the right way, a heated tool is totally safe and effective.

When using a heated design, it’s important you make sure your lashes are clean and dry first. Wet lashes won’t hold a curl; and you'll waste your time and risk putting the lashes under strain. Always tap the heated curler against your finger before you apply it to your lashes to test the temperature. And always put mascara on after you’ve curled rather than before. Wiggle the curler along the lashes, and don’t overdo it. You only need to curl your lashes once a day for a long-lasting effect.

Is using an eyelash curler bad?

If you use an eyelash curler correctly, it will never be bad for your lashes. When curling your lashes, avoid clamping down too hard or too often—you might snap the delicate hairs in half. Unless you have very long eyelashes, always curl at the base of your lash line, and squeeze for a few seconds before releasing. A cruelty-free eyelash curler will keep everything super-safe. Also, keep the device as clean as possible. You don’t want to put a grubby tool near your eye or you’ll spread bacteria!

When using an eyelash curler, you might notice the little rubber or silicone pad in the tool. This pad enhances the curl and keeps even the littlest lashes safe. Over time, the pad will wear down, which could expose your lashes to risk of breakage. Swap a worn-out pad for a new one every so often to keep your curler in the best possible condition.

Does using an eyelash curler damage eyelashes?

Using an eyelash curler won’t damage your lashes. To be on the safe side, keep your eyelash curler clean by wiping it with rubbing alcohol once a week to remove gunk and dead skin cells (yep, skin cells love to cling to your curler). Never apply your mascara before curling your lashes, and don’t press down too often or too hard on the tool.

A good eyelash curler will instantly open your eyes and make you look wide awake. Make curling your lashes one of the first steps in your beauty routine to enhance the natural shape of your eyes. Gently pump the curler down onto your lashes rather than forcefully holding it there to make the curl last longer. If you’re thinking, This eyelash curler doesn’t fit my eye, when you’re using your old standby tool, you’re probably right. We’ve found some of the most versatile, adaptable curlers and listed them below for you to check out.

Can you use an eyelash curler on lash extensions?

If you’ve recently had eyelash extensions applied, congratulations! They look great. Rather than using a traditional stainless steel curler on your extensions, if you’re still craving some curve, you might be better off with a heated design.

Gently pushing the lashes up rather than clamping down on the extensions, a heated device will give your lashes the extra lift you’re looking for.

If you love the look of eyelash extensions and false lashes but hate the idea of the upkeep, you could try using an eyelash growth serum. With a serum, you’ll start to see growth over time, and you can still use all kinds of eyelash curlers safely. Top your curled lashes with a black or brown mascara to enhance the look and help it last longer.

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