5 Tips for Growing Out Eyebrows After Years of Plucking

You had every intention of shaping your eyebrows perfectly to enhance your face shape and features.

You grabbed your tweezers, stood in front of your mirror, and started plucking your brows into your ideal shape.

For many of us, this was the routine for years.

But now, you have a case of over plucked eyebrows.

They used to be relatively bushy but are thin and sparse now. Turns out you were going a little too hard with the tweezers.

You want to start growing out your eyebrows after years of plucking—after all, big brows are #trending! But do eyebrows grow back?

And how is it possible to regrow over plucked eyebrows? You also want to know how to fill in growing eyebrows and how to fix bald spots on eyebrows.

We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for, so let’s work through how to grow eyebrows back to their former glory.

Do eyebrows grow back?

The good news is that all hope is not lost. Growing out eyebrows after years of plucking is an actual option. You don’t have to rock over plucked eyebrows forever!

But you’ll need to exercise patience. Eyebrow hair has a slooow regrowth. It can take from six months to a year to fully grow out over plucked eyebrows.

5 tips for growing out eyebrows after years of plucking:

1. Step away from the tweezers

Wondering how to grow eyebrows? You’ll need to stay away from tweezers for a while if you want to regrow over plucked eyebrows.

It might be painful, but it’s how to restore eyebrows to their former glory.

While we’re at it, avoid your magnifying mirror at all costs. That way, you won’t be tempted to pluck out the tiny hairs the naked eye can’t even see.

Growing out eyebrows after years of plucking requires commitment to the cause of not plucking.

This is where brow growth serums come in...

2. Tap into that serum magic

Want to know how to grow eyebrows and how to regrow over plucked eyebrows? Brow serums are the secret to helping thicken and enhance your over plucked eyebrows. They’ll be as lush as possible as they grow back!

Some of our favourite brow serums include:

Good news: Mirenesse serum helps with growing out eyebrows after years of plucking and bolsters existing thin, weak hairs. At the same time, Secret Weapon acts as an anti-aging eye serum. Winning! The formula leads to a clinically proven 66% increase in volume in 30 days. Ingredients such as Moringa Oil, Castor Oil, Peptides, and Biotin help regrow over plucked eyebrows. Mirenesse Secret Weapon serum is safe for sensitive eyes, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and sulphates. Use it morning and night by massaging a small amount of the serum into your eyebrows. You’ll be saying goodbye to your over plucked eyebrows in no time!

A brow-boosting serum for thicker, stronger and healthier brows
A brow-boosting serum for thicker, stronger and healthier brows

You’ll see visibly boosted brows after just 4 weeks of using BROWFOOD. This serum adds strength, fullness, and thickness. Perfect for growing out eyebrows after years of plucking and the answer to the question of how to restore eyebrows. The vegan, cruelty-free, and Ecocert-certified formula contains 99.49% natural ingredients and 25.02% organic ingredients. Your eyebrows will be nourished with good stuff like Lavender Flower Water, Bergamot Peel Water, and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, the last of which is proven to increase total hair volume. If you’ve been wondering how to grow eyebrows back, use LASHFOOD BROWFOOD serum every night by sweeping the applicator brush along your brows.

Available in a universal shade that suits all brow and lash tones—from fair to grey to dark— Eye of Horus eyebrow serum comes with an angled microbrush to shape and coat hairs, supporting overall conditioning and thickening of your eyebrows. It’s how to fill in growing eyebrows subtly; no-one will know your secret. The vegan and cruelty-free formula (it’s also paraben- and fragrance-free) is water-resistant and contains essential vitamins and minerals to help regrow over plucked eyebrows and improve the appearance of your eyebrows overall. PRO TIP: Apply a second coat of serum for a fuller and more tinted look.

3. Fake it ‘til you make it

A little eyebrow makeup never hurt nobody! It’s designed to enhance the look of your brows anyway.

You can use eyebrow makeup products to fix bald spots in your eyebrows making them appear thicker and fuller.

We’ve done a full breakdown in the next tips so you know exactly how to fill in growing eyebrows and how to fix bald spots on eyebrows.

4. Filling in sparse areas and bald spots

Wondering how to restore eyebrows using makeup? Fill in your brows with a fine-tip eyebrow pencil!

Okay maybe you already knew that, but you want to know how to fill in growing eyebrows and how to fix bald spots on eyebrows.

The trick is using the power of the spoolie and the pencil together! Try these 2 simple steps...

  • Start by using the spoolie side of the eyebrow pencil to brush your eyebrows up.

  • Then, use the pencil side to fill in your brows using short, quick strokes. The fine tip mimics the look of natural hair—perfect for filling in sparse areas and bald spots.

A few everybrow pencils we love:

  • The M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Brows Styler is a self-sharpening eyebrow pencil with a precise, microfine tip, that allows you to easily fill in sparse areas and bald spots. The long-wearing 12-hour formula is smudge-proof and resists humidity, sweat, and water.

  • The Eye Of Horus Brow Define is another great fine-tip eyebrow pencil ideal for filling in gaps or sparse areas with hairlike strokes. And it's vegan and cruelty-free too!

  • The Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil is another crowd favourite. Available in 12 shades to suit all hair colours and skin tones this creamy, pigmented micro brow pencil works wonders filling in sparse areas and bald spots.

5. Make your eyebrows appear fuller

Trying to work out how to fill in growing eyebrows and how to fix bald spots on eyebrows without using an eyebrow pencil? Brow gels can help!

Brow gels won’t necessarily help with growing out eyebrows after years of plucking, but they *are* the secret to brows that look full and fabulous. Plus, you know your eyebrows will stay in place all day with a good gel.

Benefit Gimme Brow + Fibre Gel is a tinted eyebrow gel containing tiny microfibres that adhere to skin and hair.

The tinted gel formula helps build brow structure and colour. The tiny microfibres grip to brow hairs, instantly volumising them and creating the appearance of full, healthy brows. If you want to know how to restore eyebrows using a product, this is it.

To use this gel, stroke the brush tip along your eyebrows to add definition and shape. Brush the gel through in an upward motion to blend it in and give the appearance of thicker brows.

You can also get the best of both (pencil and gel) worlds by using Maybelline Brow Extensions Eyebrow Pomade Crayon

This multitasking product is a fibre-packed pomade to thicken and define brows, packaged in a convenient twist-up crayon. It’s the best way to make your over plucked eyebrows look lush. AND it’s a great answer to the questions of how to fill in growing eyebrows and how to fix bald spots on eyebrows.

Brow Extensions crayon is easy to apply. The pomade thickens and defines brows, leaving them with a beautiful matte finish. To use this product, build and fill in your eyebrows using short, hair-like strokes until you get the look you want.

So, do eyebrows grow back? It can take some time and TLC but yes, they do.

And you can help with growing out your eyebrows after years of plucking and fill in bald spots and sparse areas using these products.

Find more of the best brow products in the guides below...

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