6 of the Best Blush Brushes (and How to Use Them)

Ask any makeup artist how to apply blush properly, and they’ll talk about their tools.

The best blush brush doesn’t have to be super-bougie. A mix of synthetic and sable bristles helps you sculpt your cheeks like a pro.

A tapered style that’s soft, fluffy, and picks up a decent amount of product is key. 

Want to know where to apply blush? It’s all about the apples of your cheeks. With two fingers, gently press the tops of your cheeks to find the rounded hard bit. That’s where you apply your powder, liquid, or cream blush.

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From bargain to premium, we’ve found the best blush brushes to update your collection.

Hot take: you don’t need to spend a fortune on makeup brushes to step up your look. A classic style that doesn’t look or feel budget (it’s got some weight to it), the elf Blush Brush is ideal if you've always got more month left at the end of the money. This gentle blush brush is cruelty-free and vegan. The synthetic hairs pick up just the right amount of product, so you don’t accidentally overdo it. Elf believes in high-quality products without the “I’m sorry, HOW much?!” price tag. If you want to know how to apply blush professionally, you can do it with this ergonomic Elf design.

Want to know where to apply blush? Well, if you’re using a cream blush, simply dab it onto the top of your cheeks. To prevent a cakey look, use this blush brush to blend, blend, blend the cream out and keep your face looking fresh AF.

The tailored design of the elf Blush Brush works well with both wet and dry products. The precise features and tapered style help you deliver the product exactly where you want with a light touch. Give it a quick rinse regularly to keep it as clean as possible.

Want to be the ‘cool’ girl who travels light with only a lip balm and a smile? Even if you’re prone to overpacking, this handy little design won’t weigh you down. One of the best blush brush designs, the Real Techniques Mini Multitask Blush Brush is a tapered style that works to give your skin a natural look. Powder blushers especially can be pretty pigmented. Too dense a brush could pick up more colour than you need and threaten to deliver the dreaded clown look. Scary!

Designed with YouTube legends Sam & Nic Chapman, Real Techniques Mini Multitask Blush Brush combines cruelty-free technology with an artistic but functional design. The synthetic fibres have a cushioned effect, which is good for precise application and a soft-focus finish.

And let’s talk about the seriously soft bristles for a moment. If you’re not tempted to close your eyes and smooth the brush all over your face every time you pick it up, is it even worth having?! Sweep blush over your cheeks with this handy brush for a vibrant or barely there effect. You’re in control.

If you struggle with how to apply blush, the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Kabuki Brush could soon become a firm favourite. Top tip: you don’t actually need a hundred different makeup brushes to do a full face. The short, sturdy handle and dense, luxuriously soft bristles on this brush make application easy and accurate. Not just for blusher, this brush also applies face powders and bronzers. Want to know where to apply blush? With this luxuriously chunky little brush, you’ll be able to hit the tops of your cheeks just right.

The Napoleon Perdis brand is all about making you feel in control with luxe products that are easy to handle. Cruelty-free and vegan, this compact brush is great for travel. And the fluffy, oh-so-soft synthetic bristles are suitable for sensitive skin.

And we know it’s one of *those* jobs, but cleaning the brush regularly will ensure an even application. Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Kabuki Brush is an especially great brush if you love a strong blush look. Load the product onto the bristles, then roll them over your cheeks for a rosy glow.

The name of this brush says it all: the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Made for makeup novices and experts alike, this colour-coded tool is one of the best blush brush designs you can choose. (Yep, the pink Real Techniques designs are made especially for blush.) The tapered style lets you apply your blush only where it belongs, not halfway down your face. The clever little brush also helps you achieve a soft-focus finish because you can blend formulas out easily.

If you’ve been watching the Adore Beauty YouTube channel (we know, we know: shameless plug), you may also be familiar with Pixiwoo and Sam & Nic Chapman. Game changers in the beauty world, the sisters collaborated with the Real Techniques team to design this brush.

The soooo soft Taklon bristles are completely cruelty-free. And we’re not kidding when we say these bristles are softer than most! Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a makeup expert, you can’t go wrong with this classic blusher brush. A solid add to your collection for sure.

OK, yeah, this is labelled a finishing brush, not a blush brush. But really, the Nude by Nature Finishing Brush 05 makes for a pretty ideal blush brush. Its large, domed head lets you sculpt your cheeks without too much fuss. If you want to know how to apply blush like the experts, simply reach for this brush. It sweeps over the contours of your face with ease. Totally versatile, this design works with loose and pressed powder makeup. It nicely blends liquids and creams too.

Known for its eco-friendly approach, Nude by Nature has designed this super-soft brush to be cruelty-free and completely vegan. You’ll be able to build up the product evenly when you add this nicely weighted brush into your makeup mix.

Great for all skin types, the synthetic fibres make it easy for you to pick up the right amount of product. Want to keep your brush collection minimal? Keep a brush cleaner handy so you can quickly clean your brush and move on to your next product.

For when you need more than one
For when you need more than one

Why choose just one brush when you can pick up 10 super-affordable makeup brushes? More is more … amirite? The Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set makes a great gift because it’s got all the brushes any makeup artist could need. Anyone mesmerized by makeup will love the pearly pink carry case, and the brushes are no joke either. Each one has a pale pink handle and feels substantial, which is pretty impressive considering the price of the set. You get plenty of ways to nail that rosy-cheeked glow with this cruelty-free and vegan brush set.

In the set, you’ll find:

You could use the Tapered Powder Brush, which is suitably fluffy and dome-shaped, to achieve a soft, delicate look. Or you could try the Large Powder/Blush Brush, which has the softest, silky-feeling bristles, to create a nice, even glow. BTW, if you’re wondering where to apply blush, it’s on the tops of your cheeks. Simple.

While they’re not the most glamorous sector of makeup, makeup brushes are something most of us use every day. Even if we don’t clean them as often as we should (oops).

Whether you keep things simple with the essentials or go all out with a brush for every powder and potion, adding the best blush brush to your collection will always up your makeup game.

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