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M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ 100ml

4.7 of 184 reviews


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$9.00 x 4

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+

M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+

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4.7 of 184 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Must have
This is my favourite setting spray. I cannot live without this. It sets down all powder products so well and makes your base last all day!

Most Helpful Criticism

Lovely for eyeshadows and highliters
I have this product in original and absolutely love using it on my beauty blender when I have breakouts to cover my pimples with concealer and really set the product. I also find if you spray it over your highlighter it blends it seamlessly and makes it shine further. I use it in conjunction with mac pigment pots to help set and blend the pigment into eyeshadow. I love this product but it is not an absolute necessity in your makeup bag.
  1. Must have

    This is my favourite setting spray. I cannot live without this. It sets down all powder products so well and makes your base last all day!
  2. Multi-talented mist!

    I love the coconut version of this! I use it to prime my skin before makeup, wet my brushes for a more intense pigment/highlight and then I finish off with this too! Amazing.
  3. Helps makeup look more skin-like

    I find that this spray helps my makeup products just melt together and into the skin, which makes the skin look natural and skin-like. It also helps hydrate my skin/makeup, which also helps it look more natural and not cakey. Love it!
  4. love

    great for making highlight more intense and refreshing makeup throughout the day
  5. extremely addictive, in a good way!

    I have been using this product for a few months and it’s not only good as a setting spray it’s also a great face mist. It hydrates my skin leaving feeling dewy and soft. Sometimes instead of moisturiser I honestly use fix+ it leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh!
  6. a staple

    Such a versatile product to have in your makeup kit! Its great to spritz and refresh the skin prior to and after makeup application and can be used to dampen beauty blenders.Would definitely recommend
  7. Everyone needs this

    This is such a great makeup primer and setting spray that everybody needs in their makeup bag. I constantly buy whenever it runs out and even have a mini one in my handbag. I love that when your skin gets a bit dry during the day a quick spray will fix it all!
  8. Refreshing

    A staple in my daily routine. Doesn't make your makeup last any longer but really helps to settle powder on the face and also to refresh throughout the day. Plus side is the coconut scent is beautiful and not over powering. Definatley recommend.
  9. MAC Fix +

    Everyone needs one in your kit or make up bag! Its such a universal product and can be used for many different things!
  10. Good formula

    This product really melts my makeup and my makeup stays in place all day. Definitely one that I will repurchase
  11. Great multi-purpose product

    This product is great to use as an everyday setting spray. I like that it is nice and hydrating and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. Also good to spray on your beauty blender before applying concealer underneath the eyes.
  12. worth the hype

    it makes your makeup just look so much nicer, less powdery and more natural. super refreshing too
  13. Pre and Post Make Up Spritz

    I use this spray both before I put make up on to prime my face, and after to set my makeup. It works creates a nice base to apply my makeup and helps to keep makeup in place throughout the day. A spritz here and there throughout the day also keeps you feeling fresh!
  14. Must have before applying makeup

    i love this prep and prime! lasts ages and you can also spray it on after your makeup sets!
  15. A must have in anyone’s makeup kit

    This product has been hyped up by a lot of people and I now know why!
    This is awesome ! I seriously don’t know why i didn’t buy it sooner!
    It’s perfect to use before foundation and also to melt all the makeup on once you have done your full face! Also really useful to spray on brushes to make eyeshadows or highlighter pop!
  16. Love it!

    I recently started using this product and I don’t think I can live without it now. I use it to prime AND set my makeup. It makes your foundation look more natural, but makes it last for so much longer too.
  17. Use this for everything

    So many ways to use this. Absolutely love it. I pop it on highlighter brush so that my highlighter pops. I use it with eyeshadow to intensify. I set my makeup with it or put it on before. If my makeup is too matte this makes it more dewy. Staple product.
  18. Good for setting makeup but doesn’t do much for longevity

    This is a great setting spray to use as a last step in your makeup routine as it takes away the powdery look and melds everything together, however it doesn’t extend the longevity of my makeup at all. I have normal-oily skin for reference. The original scent is nice and fresh and I love how refreshing it feels when I spray it on. The ingredients seem pretty good with no nasties so it hasn’t broken me out. I’m not overly fond of the spray nozzle too, it could be better and spray a finer mist.
  19. Staple product

    This is one staple product I am never without. My skin has changed from oily to dry but I am still using this many years after first starting. It makes your makeup just look so much nicer, less powdery and more natural.
  20. Must have

    This is one product I can not live without. At first I was a little hesitant to try the coconut flavour but it changed my life!!
    I use it first thing in the morning after washing my face, before applying foundation, sometimes after applying foundation. I take it with me in my bag everywhere I go. Whenever I feel like my skin needs hydration or boost, I just spray it on my face. Love the smell.
  21. Sets like a dream

    Perfect for keeping my makeup in place, and especially helps with anywhere I’ve used powder. Also good to spray on brushes to pick up more pigment from eyeshadows, highlighter, etc
  22. Great for make up

    i love using this after i finish my make up , to get rid of the powdery look
    i also love spraying this on a brush before applying eyeshadow to make the eyeshadows more intense
  23. Love

    Love this product! I use it before and after applying my make up and can know longer go without it. Hydrates my skin and finished the look off
  24. Makes my makeup mesh together beautifully

    Love how this melts my makeup together and onto my skin making it look so much more natural and glowy. Don't find it affects the lasting power too much either.

    Also love how it can be used as a primer or to make shimmer shadow more intense. Have got so many friends hooked on this too!
  25. Versatile staple

    I love this product and find that I'm always reaching for it as its so versatile. I use as a hydrating spray before I apply makeup, or as a finishing spray after makeup application. I also love to use it to wet my brush to make an eyeshadow more pigmented. Price is reasonable considering the quantity you get.
  26. Coconut is my fave

    I already had the original which works amazing, decided to order the coconut and I’m in love with the scent. Not over powering at all.
  27. Love!

    I love this setting spray, its really nice and hydrating and leaves my skin looking almost glowfy and refreshed. Its sets the make up really well, and makes everything stick, rather than looking like its sitting on top of your skin. Definitely think it helps to increase my makeup wear and get you through the day still looking great
  28. Love to use it with my eyeshadow

    i love using this to use it with my eyeshadow and make it stronger! i love it to prep my skin but i hate it for setting my skin.
  29. Love the Rose

    I love it, have it in the rose scent, sets makeup beautifully for the day ahead, never finish without it
  30. Can no longer makeup without it!

    This is the best primer & the best setting spray I’ve ever used.

    I purchased the rose scented one. Smells wonderful! Feels wonderful on the skin. Primed like magic, I’ll never use any other kind of primer! Spray primer is where it’s at! It Sets makeup sooo well, really makes my makeup last. I never look too powdery or too shiny or too matte. It’s actually just perfect. I have combination skin and I love that this doesn’t make me break out or look oily on the forehead. Sometimes I’ll even spray it over my moisturiser when I am not wearing any makeup. Definitely a staple on my makeup bag.
  31. Staple

    Couldn’t go anywhere without this in my makeup bag, honestly a life saver
  32. Amazing

    I love this! It always makes my skin look super glowy and pretty. It’s stunning!
  33. Permanently in my makeup kit

    Honestly magic water! Cannot recommend enough the immediate glow this gives, especially as the last step to let all your bake, powder and other face products sink in. I do not think I can complete a look without a spray.
  34. A STAPLE

    This product is such a staple in my make-up routine, I use it everyday!!
    I use it before and after I apply my make-up and it really helps give it a flawless finish.
    I personally love the coconut scent! OBSESSED.
  35. Always have this handy!!

    Love this product it is always in my makeup bag!! Use it after i do all my makeup so I don't look to powdery!
  36. Best primer

    This is a great product before applying foundation!
  37. Always in my collection

    I love this spray. I don’t know what it is about it that I love but I just do. I have these in a few scents and sizes and love them all. Also feels good as a refresher

    love the way the lavender prep and prime makes me feel refreshed and calm at the same time, i like the way it soaks into my skin and makes me foundation look glowy all day
  39. Essential makeup item

    I'm onto my 6th bottle & absolutely love it. The mist is fine, it smells amazing & is essential for setting my makeup. I also use it on my brushes to define & intensify my eye looks
  40. Very good for sensitive skin

    This spray calms down my skin whenever it’s irritated. I also use it after applying makeup to make my skin look more natural. The mist could be finer, but I’ve found it works well if you spray it further away from your face and then walk into it.
  41. Lovely for eyeshadows and highliters

    I have this product in original and absolutely love using it on my beauty blender when I have breakouts to cover my pimples with concealer and really set the product. I also find if you spray it over your highlighter it blends it seamlessly and makes it shine further. I use it in conjunction with mac pigment pots to help set and blend the pigment into eyeshadow. I love this product but it is not an absolute necessity in your makeup bag.
  42. Glowy, stay all day makeup!

    I had previously purchased the Mac Fix Shimmer and couldn’t wait to try this version out. I purchased it in Rose and adore the scent. I use to prime my skin prior to putting foundation on, to set makeup, refresh during the day and also to dampen makeup brushes for a more intense finish (particularly great for highlighters!) Will never be without Mac Fix Sprays again!
  43. Keeps makeup on longer!

    I love these prep and prime mists they really help keep your makeup on throughout the day
  44. Primer and setting spray in one

    A big fan of this spray, I use it to prime, dampen brushes for glitters, set my face and refresh my face during the day. Would be great if the mist was finer, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
  45. 8/10

    So good for eyeshadow, or using with setting spray all over
  46. Dissapointing

    I really loved using this spray, but after a week of noticing weird breakouts in places I never have trouble with, I realised that it was my skin reacting to this product. Very disappointing because I loved it other than that.
  47. Perfect setting spray or face mist!

    Had the smaller version but committed to get the full size bottle and I did not regret doing so. Love this coz my face feel moisturised and not tight. Also a great product to refresh during the middle of the day or during cold weather when the wind dries your skin! definitely recommend as its something everyone should have in their makeup collection!
  48. Love

    LOVE this product! But watch out when you start to run low, the spray can become less fine and you end up with big blobs on your face. I use this to set my make up and make it less "cake" but also on an eye shadow brush before using shimmery shadows to make the colour more intense.
  49. Wish the mist was finer

    This is one of those products I keep in my makeup kit but hardly use. Its a nice product to set makeup and sometimes I even use it as a primer but its not a very fine mist so it all sprays in big 'patches' - I dont think I will buy again but maybe they will bring out another with a finer mist :)
  50. Yes so Fresh

    I use this product for a setting spray as I use a MAC primer before my make up. This product lets my make up set in place and does not let the sweat ruin my make up during the day.
  51. Great smell, odd spray

    I bought the coconut prep and primer. The smell is amazing and fresh. I think MAC could work on the pump though. The spray is not even which means I needed to spray more to get an even coverage. But apart from that, I really like the product.
  52. Wasn't impressed

    Bought this as it's cheaper than the usual go to urban decay all nighter. I have used the whole bottle, it's good, but for me it just didn't live up to its hype and competition.
  53. So fresh!

    Love this as a setting spray! Makes my make up look dewy without being oily and keeps it looking fresh. Melts powders perfectly, There's a lot on the market now but this is the OG
  54. Needs some work

    I don't hate this primer but I don't love it either. I find that the way the pump is that it sprays to much in one spot on my face and it makes my makeup run a little. The actual product isn't bad it's more the bottle. If the bottle could be altered so that the pump would spray evenly on your face it would be a huge improvement. I use this only when I run out of my go to primer.
  55. My Go To

    I use this daily as a setting spray for my MAC powder and also as a refresher in the afternoon, is great - refreshing, sets nicely & is long lasting.
  56. not sure

    I cant say that i see a dramatic difference using this, i've been using it for a while but not sure if he dioxides with my makeup and makes it look worst, so ive stopped using it and will not re-purchase
  57. Refreshing

    I have this in the original which smells like cucumber. It smells and feels so cooling and refreshing.
    It sprays evenly and finely, there are no large water droplets or splatters.
    The pump can be twisted to lock, which is a handy feature.
    I use this as my makeup setting spray and it makes my makeup look natural and not powdery or cakey. And it makes it last all day.
    I love this face mist!
  58. Makeup essential

    I have never used this as a primer like others have.
    I use this as a skin refresher, setting spray and on my beauty blender.
    I love how one spray can have so many benifets to your skin and the makeup application for a flawless finish
    The scent of this spray is just gorgeous without being too over powering.
  59. Loveee

    My girl friend recommended this to me about a year ago.
    I use it every day, before and after to prep and set my make up. I love it! So fresh and gives my skin that extra bit of hydration while setting my make up for the day. I feel like it takes ages to go threw a bottle. I’ve only just bought my second!
  60. One for the bag

    Best primer by far!. I was so excited when I seen adore beauty stock Mac.. honestly so excited! This primer is easy to use and lasts forever!
  61. An Essential

    Love this as a setting spray! Makes my make up look dewy without being oily and keeps it looking fresh. Melts powders perfectly, so make up looks flawless rather than cakey. I love using this over the Tatcha spray.
  62. very convenient

    super easy and quick to use! really good to keep in the car and use middle off the day or after touch ups or even just to refresh and hydrate your skin. great primer before foundation because it is very lightweight it moisturisers your skin without feeling heavy. I have oily skin and I love it for that reason plus its very convenient and saves a bit of time in my beauty regime, also super affordable!
  63. YES

    I use fix + on all my clients and they always tell me their makeup stays on soooo well! I would put it down to my skill but honestly I think it’s just fix plus doing all the work
  64. Honestly OBSESSED!

    I love this spray! I use it before make (after primer) and after my make-up application! I know it doesn't state that its a setting spray but it seems to work well as one. This stuff just makes make-up sit better on the skin. Defiantly worth the price (I'm on my 5th bottle!).
  65. the best!

    I love this! So good for setting the face, wetting the brush and making powders stand out. Use it everyday in my makeup routine
  66. Best setting spray I've used!

    I used a competitors setting mist for a while but I had a problem where the bottle would leak and the mist wasn't fine enough (more like raindrops on my face).

    The M.A.C product is so much better!

    The bottle has a nice locking mechanism, so it should be safe to travel with.

    I have only used it as setting mist, but it really refreshes my matte foundation. I have combination skin prone to dehydration and this makes me not look like the sahara desert when I use matte foundation without making me feel oily. My foundation lasts all day.

    I got coconut so it smells like the competing product I complained about earlier.
  67. Great product

    I have dry skin and I loved this product! I use it before applying foundation and to set at the end... it’s great on my skin!
  68. Great for setting Make Up

    Keeps my make up on and looking fresh. Adds a slight dewy finish. I use this with a cream primer and only as a setting spray to finish my makeup. Can also be sprayed directly onto brushes to set eyeshadow and increase their pigment!
  69. really good

    perfect for setting the face and making shimmers stand out
  70. OMG YES!

    This sets my bake, making my concealer and foundation last all day. It's a dream, the original is nice and the coconut is so beautiful. The spritzer is really good, spreading a fine mist over your face.
  71. Made even better by having the scent choices :)

    A must have for your make up collection. The coconut is my favourite!

    Need a quick hydrate, set and go? Use Fix+. Need to set your powder? Use Fix+ Need to prime the face? Use Fix+. Need to make your pigment/highlight pop? Use Fix+. Perfect even my on combination skin, and lasts all day!
  72. A must have!

    Fix+ is a must have! Great for setting makeup in place, enhances eyeshadow pigment, and refreshes during the day.
  73. Great setting spray

    I love using this spray before, during and after my makeup application. It’s also good for wetting your brush for better shimmer eyeshadow application!
  74. Versatile to have

    This is a repurchase for me. I got the newer rose scented one and enjoy it but I think I still prefer the original scent. Nevertheless the product is brilliant for intensifying shimmer shadows on the lids and wouldn’t be without it. I have used it for taking down the powdered look of my makeup and it does a great job however in summer I tend to use Skindinavia or Gerard Cosmetics sprays if I want my makeup to last. I have combo skin with an oilier t zone in summer. I recently found out this contains oil.
  75. Perfect

    The best spray I've used so far. This spray is so versatile, perfect for priming the skin prior to foundation and also setting everything in place. It stops my foundation from settling in to lines and stops my setting powder from looking so dry.
  76. Ok facial mist/setting spray

    I use this at the end of my makeup routine to set my makeup as it gets rid of the overly powderly look but I don’t think it’s anything special. It’s got some nice ingredients to hydrate your skin but if you have oily skin, this doesn’t help to control the oil or anything. I haven’t noticed any difference in my makeup’s longevity while wearing it.
  77. Love!!!

    I love this spray so much, I use it daily! It's very affordable and can be used as a primer or a setting spray. It's super refreshing especially on hot days and it keeps my make up looking really fresh and makes it easier to blend. I even spray it on my beauty blender to freshen it up.
  78. Good for priming and foiling shadows

    Nice for priming makeup and enhancing glittery eyeshadow on the eyes. A spritz after applying helps to set the makeup too. Good product, but overhyped - similar products are cheaper on the market.
  79. Excellent to stop makeup melting

    I’ve wanted to buy this for ages but couldn’t justify the price. WowI really really like it. I purchased the lavender and it is a very subtle scent. I have dry skin with oily patches here and there, my make up has a tendency to melt/slide off my face. This is beautiful and so easy to use. I spray a little on my beauty blender and brushes before doing my makeup- Nd then a spritz at the end to set everything. And it does what it says it will. Feels a little sticky at first but dries very fast. I highly recommend this product.
  80. My go to

    This spray is by far the best setting spray i have used. It keeps my makeup looking flawless all day. This is a staple in my makeup case!!
  81. Refreshing!

    I use this spray constantly throughout the day, it does make my face feel refreshed, my makeup lasts longer and the smell is beautiful, definitely a go to product for me
  82. Serious staying power

    This spray ensures my makeup stays in place all day and has quickly become a staple in my beauty bag!
  83. A great setting spray

    This is a lovely spray. I got the rose scented one and it is a soft fragrance. Highly recommend!
  84. Very refreshing!

    A great refresher prep stray before you start your make up and works perfectly as a setting spray when you’re done! Works well with my primers to keep my make up on all day for work.
  85. Great product

    Great product nice finish will use again and again.
  86. Best finishing spray

    I love using this spray for finishing my make up look. After applying powders it just makes the whole look flawless and natural. My make-up still looks as good when I get home from work at night as it did when I left the house in the morning. This is a brilliant product I can't live without now.
  87. Cant go wrong!

    Fix+ is a staple and should be used by everyone at some point, it is so useful in wetting sponges, brushes when applying foil eyeshadows, freshening foundation and priming skin. It has so many uses and is a true powerhouse makeup product that is worth the price.
  88. Drink of water for the skin

    Fix + is the best hydration/setting spray i've tried. Melts all my powders and makes my makeup look like skin. Love it as part of my skincare too because it soothes my skin after makeup removal.
  89. My go to

    Absolutely LOVE fix+! Keeps my makeup perfect all day
  90. works well

    Simple hydrating spray. I always use this on my makeup sponges and brushes, helps me apply my makeup a lot smoother and makes my eyeshadows more pigmented!
  91. Good setting spray - don't do full makeup without it.

    A good simple makeup setting spray. Sprays well, light scent. I always use this if I am doing a 'full face' or glam makeup - or if I put on too much foundation / powder etc to settle it down. Recommend this. Also if good to use to wet eyeshadows for a more dramatic look.
  92. Amazing!

    I will repurchase this product forever. They are amazing and so versatile, I also love that they double as a primer and setting spray. They are lightweight and refreshing on the skin also. Coconut and original are my favorite.
  93. Must Have!!!!

    This spray is the best for finishing a make up look. The cucumber extract is so refreshing and smells delicious,
  94. this is not a setting spray!

    this product works the best when you spray it on your face after you have applied all your powders. it helps them look more skin like. You can then go in with a proper setting spray. I have been using this product for years it is amazing
  95. Great product

    I've tried a few setting sprays, but this is hands down the best. This will become a makeup staple for me. I mostly use it after applying my full face of makeup, but it's quite effective to use to prep the skin as well. It's a decent size and well worth the money.
  96. My favourite makeup product I own

    I cannot explain how much this product has changed my life. The true magic of this product is using it to touch up your makeup - just a few sprays and reapply your other makeup even on top of powder and it looks absolutely flawless! Makes my foundation look like skin and my skin looks beautiful, hydrated and it remains that way until I take my makeup off at the end of the day. Highly recommend for makeup artists!!
  97. #1 Setting spray

    This is by far the best setting spray. The spritzer is so good on it. I absolutely love it!
  98. Couldn't live without!

    This spray is the best for finishing a make up look. The cucumber extract is so refreshing and smells delicious - I find makeup lasts longer and looks far fresher. Wouldn't complete a face without it
  99. Can't believe I ever lived without this!

    I have always used a setting powder but wanted to switch it up as the powder was starting to sink into my pores more and more. After I was recommended this product, I don't think I will ever be able to use something else. It is amazing and keeps make up in place all day and night. Highly recommend!
  100. Beautiful finishing spray

    This spray is the best for finishing a make up look and helping skin look less caked and more fresh. The cucumber extract is nice and refreshing also.
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