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Take your makeup to the next level with M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+. Not just a setting spray, this cult classic mist has a near-endless variety of uses and contains skin-loving ingredients to hydrate, refresh and soothe.

Why is M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ such a cult classic?

  • Versatile hydration spray 
  • Sets makeup for enhanced wear 
  • Soothes and cools skin
  • Use to refresh makeup throughout the day 
  • Sheer out foundation 
  • Intensify colour payoff 
  • Vitamins and minerals boost moisture levels 
  • Lightweight formula 
  • Great for travel 
  • Locking pump 
  • Available in four scents 
  • Dermatologist tested 
  • Ophthalmologist tested 
  • Non-acnegenic 
  • 100ml


Say goodbye to makeup that doesn’t last the distance. M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ can be used to set makeup for enhanced wear time, to take away a powdery, cakey look or to refresh foundation throughout the day for a just-applied finish. Dampen sponges with Fix + before applying cream or liquid products for a flawless result, or use to sheer out a too-heavy foundation. Spritz brushes with a small amount before applying powder products such as highlighter, eyeshadow or loose Pigments, for more intense colour.


Not just for makeup, M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + can be used to hydrate and refresh tired skin at any time of the day or night. Vitamins and minerals instantly boost skin’s moisture levels, and the lightweight formula awakens and revitalises the complexion.


M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + is a travel essential, with a locking pump to prevent leakage and 100ml bottle suitable for international flights. Use to hydrate and refresh your skin on the plane or on the go - this multi-use mist does it all.


Suitable for all skin types, M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix + is an essential in any makeup kit. Now available in four scents, including romantic Rose, calming Lavender, creamy Coconut and the original soothing herbal aroma.



  • Use before, during and after makeup for the ultimate hydration and glow
  • Spritz your favourite powder pigment to create an opaque liquid eye shadow


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Wow how does this even work so great? - 14-12-2018 by

I have decided to get my make up standards to a higher level as i go on the journey of building my own business a bridal and formal designer. As i am studying full time and i never wear make up i really want to change this i love wearing it but when i do my make up always looked horrible because i was using cheap stuff (nothing wrong with cheap stuff but my face did not like it at all). I decided to buy this M.A.C prep and prime fix and my sister got me a sample pot of really good foundation that i will be buying off this site and once i used this spray my make up looked so beautiful and the comments i received made my confidence sky rocket. The service that Adore beauty gives is honestly the best. Thank you for selling great products and being a fantastic service.

Great product - 14-12-2018 by

I use this as a primer, then over my setting powder. My make up stays on, there are no faded patches of make up on my face at the end of the day. I use another product to keep my face hydrated during the day but I wouldn't doubt this would do a great job of that too. I also like that you can lock it if you want to carry around in your bag during the day.

Will forever repurchase...even if it's just for the scent alone. - 12-12-2018 by

This was the first MAC product I ever purchased, and I will forever repurchase it as the scent alone of the Original is so nostalgic to me. I don't know if it makes my foundation last any longer...but it definitely improves the overall finish. I especially appreciate this product when I've gone for a full-coverage look and have used a lot of powder products (setting powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter etc). I spray this (very liberally) all over the face until my face is saturated, then I proceed to dry my face with a hairdryer on the cool setting (weird, I know) and it makes everything melt together PERFECTLY. Refuse to be without this product!

Impressed - 11-12-2018 by

Pretty happy with this product and I am now on my second bottle, it’s ease of use and the fact that it doesn’t absorb all the moisture from my skin is a massive bonus

GREAT - 10-12-2018 by

Great primer feels really hydrating on the skin and dries quickly. Makeup always stays in place well after using. I feel like the spray mist could be a little better but apart from that amazing.

Love it - 07-12-2018 by

I love this product! I use it before applying my make up and occasionally as a setting spray. I find it works better as a primer rather than a setting spray. In saying that, it's still a very good setting spray on days I want more of a slight dewy look. Feels very light on the skin.

Best - 06-12-2018 by

Best setting spray ever!! Super hydrating on the skin

definitely worth every dollar - 30-11-2018 by

great to moisen the skin between powder layers

Lavender is a must try! - 29-11-2018 by

I've been using MAC prep + prime fix + for years now but after trying the lavender I'll never turn back. It's super refreshing, calming and light. The smell alone has me hooked!

Cult product for a reason - 28-11-2018 by

I've been using this for a few years in the original and also lavender before and after putting makeup on. Its really refreshing in summer and provides great hydration in winter. I have combination/dry skin and have never had any issues with it, the price is also fantastic, cannot get enough of it

Make up will not move! - 28-11-2018 by

I love this setting spray and use it before applying my make up as a primer and also all over my face for setting. My make up doesn’t move and will last a whole night out with this! Definitely recommend!

Love this product - 26-11-2018 by

Melts in powders to your skin so beautiful when setting makeup! Also if you spray onto your eyeshadow brush before grabbing the colour on it, you will get a more intense colour pay off! Amazing product

Good all rounder - 26-11-2018 by

I bought my first bottle recently and understand how this is a cult beauty favourite. It's definitely not a setting spray and locking your make up like other products on the market but it does make your skin look dewy after using powder products. I also like to use this as a refresher when I feel kind of dehydrated throughout the day. Will definitely be repurchasing.

Refreshing spray - 25-11-2018 by

I use this before applying my make up in the morning, really refreshing and helps my make up sit nicely

Amazing - 23-11-2018 by

This spray should be an essential in anyones makeup routine. It has multi uses such as a primer, setting spray or to make eye shadows and shimmers more pigmented. It is my favourite and is really affordable too!

Set and forget - 23-11-2018 by

This is a great setting spray. I can literally set and forget with this!

A must have! - 22-11-2018 by

I live in a humid climate and this is my go to, to keep my make-up looking nice all day/ night. I use this before application and after. The smell is so nice too!

Everyday Use - 21-11-2018 by

I use this everyday! It's so nice to finish off with this product, refreshing & helps with setting my makeup.
Definitely recommend- great price too!

A must have - 15-11-2018 by

I use it before and after applying makeup and it helps your makeup stay on for longer. I live in Brisbane and the summer heat certainly makes for challenging makeup days. With this product, I'm set! I have oily/combination skin and this certainly prolongs my foundation wear

Must have - 09-11-2018 by

I can't do my makeup without it. Best setting spray I've used, and one of the cheapest in the high end market. Great versatility as you can use to intensify shadows or set the face.

such a classic - 09-11-2018 by

fix+ is always such a classic staple in my routine! i usually apply it after foundation to take away the powdery-ness from my face. its good to spray onto face just to refresh your skin as well.

really nice product! - 06-11-2018 by

This is so comfortable and refreshing to spray under and over makeup. I find it helps makeup last longer and hydrates the skin. very light and doesn't feel tacky

Best setting spray - 05-11-2018 by

Best setting spray for sure! I love the new scented versions - especially the coconut. Would definitely recommend as a setting spray.

the best - 31-10-2018 by

I am in love with this spray. I sometimes use it to prime my skin before makeup application and then always use it as a setting spray. This stuff really is worth the money. I have tried quite a few setting sprays now, and not many compare to MAC Fix +. If your makeup looks a little powdery, take some fix plus and set your face as per normal, then with a beauty sponge start to kind of pat it into the skin. This makes your makeup just blend in all effortlessly together and looks really beautiful.

Essential for makeup - 31-10-2018 by

Smells great. The mist is fine! Hydrating but great under makeup!

Essential - 31-10-2018 by

Not really a setting spray, but is so good at soaking powder into your face! I like to set my makeup so it stays on longer but hate the look of powder so spraying this really makes my makeup look so much better!

will not do my makeup without it - 25-10-2018 by

this has been a staple in my makeup routine for a few years now, nothing else i’ve tried has ever been as good as this is! i have super dry skin so personally i love using it as a setting spray, i know it’s not meant to be but for me it gives me the dewy effect i’m after and helps reduce any powder on my face from looking too harsh. i absolutely love this and use it for multiple things! will always recommend it

Love it - 24-10-2018 by

I haven't tried using this as a primer, but use it daily to spritz over my makeup once finished, to bring back the dewy glow after applying my powder. Gives a beautiful natural glow and seamlessly blends makeup together. Not sure if it makes it last any longer, but I love it for the finish it gives anyhow! Often use mid day to refresh my makeup.

Great! - 22-10-2018 by

Such a good product! Great for smoothing makeup and setting!

Great product - 22-10-2018 by

I love using this to prime and refresh my face, and it really improves the durability of any foundation. I have the coconut one and it smells amazing! I also use it to wet my brushes and blender and it works great for that too.

Good Primer - 19-10-2018 by

This spray is a little bit too chunky when it comes out so I don't use it as a setting spray, a mist product is probably better. This as a primer before everything is beautiful!

Must have in Make Up Routine - 18-10-2018 by

The Mac Prep + Prime Fix spray is a multi-use product which every make-up lover needs and I recommend the basic or the scented ones. It can be used to prime the face to add some hydration or dew. You can intensify an illuminiser/highlighter before appling on high points of face and set or reduce the powdery look of setting powders even for picking up metallic shadows before applying to eyelids, hydrate the sponge. If your on the fence just get it lasts long too.

Always come back to this - 18-10-2018 by

YES YES YES . for money and value in how long it lasts definitely. I do stray occasionally to try other brands but always come back to this . I love the original but the lavender and coconut is amazing ... highly recommend ! keeps your makeup fresh and flawless and most importantly hydrated.

Love - 18-10-2018 by

Really hydrating on the skin, enjoying using this to melt my powder into my foundation.

Great but not as a setting spray - 17-10-2018 by

I love this so much and the smell is to die for. I use it to prime my face, refresh, or just to wet my blender or brushes. That said, its NOT a setting spray as some people think. Well it can be and it would give moisture back to a dry face but it doesn't help to hold it on at all imo.

One of my desert island items - 16-10-2018 by

I could never ever do without the original formula of this.

Great as primer, refresher to minimise powdery cake face, and doesn’t cause streaking. Also excellent to spray on brushes or sponges to improve application of foundation and eyeshadow. The smell is delicious and refreshing and a bottle goes quite a long way even with daily regular use.

nice! - 16-10-2018 by

A really primer thats so easy to use! Makes my skin feel cool and fresh!

A must have - 14-10-2018 by

Fix Plus is a must have, I like the the original & the coconut for a bit of change. I mostly use this a setting spray, sometimes I use it to mix with powders to improve pigment pay off (eyeshadow/highlight) I think the staying power is pretty good. Not as strong as KVD or UD but still great!

Light Feel - 12-10-2018 by

This primer goes on the skin so lightly and doesn't have much fragrance which is great! Keeps my makeup in place for so long and the spray is a really fine mist. I can find sometimes I get oily skin by the end of the day with it, but for a night out its great!

Iconic - 12-10-2018 by

Mac fix plus is such an iconic multi use product. Who doesn’t have a bottle in their cupboard? Cult classic for a reason. Highly recommend. This one is also a good base primer

Original is best - 11-10-2018 by

Works so well with shimmer eyeshadows

Amazing - 10-10-2018 by

Really hydrating and melts powder together.

A must have! - 10-10-2018 by

This is an absolute must have for me, I put it on before my make up to prep, during application and to set with. It's so versatile, when I want to make an eye shadow pop a bit more I'll spritz my brush with a bit of fix+ and it just gives me that much more from the product! I absolutely love it.

Get the original - 04-10-2018 by

Perfect to set and prime your makeup girl it’s perfect, use it on your eyeshadow brush before you dip into your metallics and you’ve got shine.

Gives such a nice and natural finish, that lasts you all day. I prefer this one to urban decays setting spray, better value for your money

Love this! - 04-10-2018 by

I got the original and I have combination skin. I loved this product! Has a very mild smell and sits on the skin perfectly. You only need a small amount though so don't waste heaps by going mad! Packaging is beautiful and the product feels like great quality.

Not just water- perfect finishing spray - 04-10-2018 by

This is not just 'water' - if you've applied cream products, powder highlight, or finishing powder - this product really does help to just 'melt' everything together - you no longer see powdery patches and your highlight gets an extra glow!

Stops the cakey powder look - 03-10-2018 by

Love this! I use it to prime, to foil eyeshadows, to refresh makeup and to set makeup and take away the cakey powdery finish that comes from setting liquids with powders, bronzers etc. Any skintype can use!

Staple in my makeup bag - 03-10-2018 by

I have been using this product for years - a true staple in my makeup bag. Very versatile product! I use this before I apply my foundation as a primer; after powder as a setting spray; throughout the day to refresh my makeup; to wet my eyeshadow brush to intensify the eyeshadow; I even use this to wet my beauty blender to apply my foundation.

Refreshing and light - 02-10-2018 by

This is a fantastic spray, it's so refreshing and sets my makeup.
I love the scent, it's really uplifting. It's a cool fresh fragrance.
The mist is fine and even.
I like how the top can be twisted to lock.
But the clunky top can be a little awkward to spray sometimes
But this is the only setting spray that I feel I can use as a facial mist as well. I highly recommend this!

Original is amazing - 01-10-2018 by

I use this after powdering my face to melt it into my skin and make my skin look so natural and not cakey, works wonders. also spray my eyeshadow brush with this before applying pigment or metallic shades to make them pop

FAVOURITE - 01-10-2018 by

It is PERFCET as a primer/base before makeup because every time i use this my makeup goes on so smoothly and my skin look so healthy and dewy i am obsessed. I also love the scents it comes in.

Great product - 01-10-2018 by

it helps soooo much, I tend to put a lot of powder on and when I spray this over my face it helps the powder sink into my skin and makes me look dewy and fresh. Just have to add that this product IS NOT a setting spray. It will not make your makeup last longer, it simply helps products bind and sink into your skin bettter.

A nice setting spray - 27-09-2018 by

This helps fix my makeup if I'm looking too powdery, and applies light and evenly. Not my absolute favourite setting spray, but a nice product.

Refreshing - 26-09-2018 by

Not really a setting spray, doesn’t hold everything in place so well but definitely refreshes skin, gives makeup a dewy glow and primes. I would use another setting spray to finish the look on top of this if you have a long day/night.

HOLY GRAIL - 26-09-2018 by

I LOVE this product! I go through a bottle every couple of months. I use at the end of my makeup routine to take away the powdery look. A few extra sprays and it gives a great dewy look! Also great sprayed on your brush before applying highlighter! Dying to try the new shimmery version!

Need in your makeup kit! - 26-09-2018 by

An absolute necessity in your make up collection. Love to use to set my makeup, to blend out makeup on a beauty blender and to increase the intensity of a shimmer eyeshadow!

Great! - 25-09-2018 by

I like this product for setting my makeup - it helps too if i ever apply to much powder.

Decent for setting makeup - 24-09-2018 by

While this isn't my favourite for setting makeup (I prefer Kat von d setting mist for its lasting power), it is nonetheless a beautiful finishing spray for achieving a dewy look. The fragranced versions are also beautifully scented. Not a bad product. This may work better for those with less oily skin than mine.

the BEST - 24-09-2018 by

I love this product, this is always a makeup bag staple

Best Product! - 24-09-2018 by

I have been using this product for years and will continue to use it! It is amazing as a primer and setting spray. I even use this on its own on the days where I don't feel like wearing make-up and it just adds that extra boost of hydration and glow.
If you haven't tried this yet, get your hands on it ASAP! It will change everything!

So many uses - 21-09-2018 by

I do like to use this to set my makeup but also just as a refreshing face most throughout the day

Just the best! - 21-09-2018 by

I love mac fix plus!! It really does set my makeup so well and gives me a light dewy look. The spray bottle is great quality and sprays really nicely - although mine tends to get a bit clogged towards the end of the bottle. Would definitely recommend though and I will keep on purchasing

amazing!! - 20-09-2018 by

This spray has the finest mist ever and not only that, it makes my makeup blend well and also it gets rid of the powdery look that make up tends do leave in you use different types of powder in one look. Works like a charm. Will be ordering again when I finish with the first bottle.

Must have! - 20-09-2018 by

I have the original version of this and I mainly use it to spray my brushes when applying highlighter and eyeshadow when I really want the pigment to be bold!

Love - 19-09-2018 by

One of the best setting mist I've ever used

My one and only setting spray - 19-09-2018 by

I couldn't recommend this more ! I have hormonal skin and I have no irritation from this spray . It sets and hold that makeup in place all day long , you can mix it with mac products and make a highlighter and it comes in amazing scents . I personally love the original but have all the scents and they are lovely. Great value for money !


I dare you to find someone who has used this and didn't love it. While the spray can be a little full-on (sometimes it feels like a water gun) the finish this spray gives is second to none. I soak my face in this and let it air dry, and it gets rid of any powdery look or feel, no matter how much powder I cake on. It's also perfect for a midday spritz to freshen up if I need to powder again.

In Love with Fix+ - 14-09-2018 by

I cannot live without Fix+! It has so many amazing uses and I carry it with me everywhere for a refresh during the day! I also love that they have now created a more tailored Fix+ from there Iconic Spray for all skin types and finishes. I'm now a big fan of there Matte Fix+ and Glow. Thank- you MAC!

The spray you need everyday with staying power - 14-09-2018 by

After a MAC masterclass - this was the must have product for makeup application that I now use everyday. I have rose scented which is lightly scented. Spray about 30cm away from face whilst you are doing your makeup and at the end to ensure your makeup stays in place and lasts all day.

Amazing - 14-09-2018 by

I absolutely love this product - It is so versatile! I use it as a prepping spray, a finishing spray and to enhance pigments and highlights!

I use this on my brushes prior to applying any shimmers to give them that extra pop- Works amazing with highlighters and giving the cheeckbones that extra sheen! A must have for any Makeup Artist, or makeup lover.

Now I get what all the hype is about! - 13-09-2018 by

I'm Elle, and I'm a M.A.C novice. Although I'm a qualified makeup artist, I've never been an avid MAC user. *insert shocked face here.

When we had training on this brand, everyone was raving about this product. So I sat there and pretended like I totally knew what they we're talking about, when secretly I was thinking - "is it a skincare product? is it a setting spray? Do you combine it with makeup?"

The answer is Yes. Yes to all of the above. It does it all!

When I got my hands on this product, I used it as a based, to hydrated my complexion before makeup. I used it to transform my eyeshadow and enhance the pigment. I even used it to set the entire look once I finished. And the result? Hydrated, long lasting, COMFORTABLE makeup.

Now I don't know how I survived without it.

The original and the best - 10-09-2018 by

I swear Fix+ is better than I remember, and I have really fond memories of it! I’m not sure when I stopped using Fix+, but I’ve been pleased to rediscover this recently. It’s a bit like when you buy no-name snacks for too long and you try the original again and it blows your mind that you’ve been buying the no-name brand for so long?

Anyway - I have the rose one, it smells lovely. A soft floral that is fresh and doesn’t hang around. I use this primarily for setting my makeup, and also on my makeup sponge when I’m blending out my makeup so the sponge doesn’t absorb as much product. This helps me get a no-makeup look, which is definitely my preference. It also helps make full coverage foundations look more realistic - a must have if you’re only looking for coverage where you have discolouration.

I will say that it’s not the best spritz I’ve ever tried - it is strong! It’s obviously designed for makeup artists who will mist above the face, rather than fools like me who are used to being able to apply directly to the skin. Oh well. Can’t really go wrong even if you over apply, it’s got great ingredients.

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