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M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+ 100ml

4.7 of 333 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Take your makeup to the next level with M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+. Not just a setting spray, this cult classic mist has a near-endless variety of uses and contains skin-loving ingredients to hydrate, refresh and soothe.

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 333 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing Product


I have been using this for years and I will always re-purchase. A great primer, a great finishing spray and great for making eyeshadow's more pigmented.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not Worth It


I just can't wrap my head around this. I bought it as the sales girl had talked me into thinking it would hold my makeup, but after using it all I am left thinking is 'this is very expensive water'.... I don't see any difference between days I use it and days I don't. Absolutely not worth the money!
  1. Amazing Product


    I have been using this for years and I will always re-purchase. A great primer, a great finishing spray and great for making eyeshadow's more pigmented.
  2. Beautiful and versatile!


    The MAC fix + is such a classic product and everyone must have it. It is so versatile. I love using it to dampen the look of my powder and to help everything blend into the skin.
  3. Favourite setting spray


    My absolute favourite setting spray, leaves the skin looking dewy and hydrated without looking oily. Great price for product!!
  4. Refreshes, sets and primes!


    I love this.

    I use this to dampen my beauty blender and apply foundations and it works wonderfully. My foundation stays in place all day.

    I also use this to set my makeup after I apply everything and it gets rid of any powdery finish and makes your makeup look more like skin!
  5. Love!


    This is a staple product for me. Always leaves my foundation with a satin like finish!
  6. Good product


    I prefer to use it as a primer before make up. It make my skin moisture and easy to apply foundation
  7. Great!


    Keeps my makeup in place all day and leaves my face feeling so fresh and hydrated.
  8. Smooth and effective


    This has got the best texture and sits really well and smooth on my skin, especially under my makeup without clogging my skin or making it look cakey. A little also goes a long way, so its a worthwhile investment!
  9. Fave dewy mist


    verified purchaser
    Sometimes the sprayer is faulty and doesn't work great, however the product is a super useful spray for some extra dewy-ness. Doesn't extended makeup wear though.
  10. Amazing and versatile!!


    I love love love the MAC fix +. It can be used in so many different ways. It makes the skin feel so amazing and refreshing! I love using it to help my makeup look more dewy and less powdery. It just blends everything together.
  11. Goodish primer


    Used it as a primer, just like any other primer for my super oily skin - it doesnt work.
  12. love!


    I haven't found the MAC Fix+ to help with helping prolong the wear on my makeup, but have found it especially helpful in creating that natural, glow-y base. I find that spraying this in between steps helps to mesh all the makeup products together to avoid any cakiness!
  13. Favourite setting spray


    Absolutely love this setting spray! It's my all time favourite setting spray ever, I can't live without it. My make up stays put from the morning until I take it off. Love this spray!
  14. Great setting spray.


    Just like all the other fix plus setting sprays this preps and primes the skin and also sets. I personally found the smell overwhelming and prefer the original.
  15. OG product


    The best spray on the market to amplify eye shadow colours and take away that cakey look from full coverage makeup
  16. Refreshing Makeup Finishing Spray


    While I don't think this spray actually prolongs the longevity of my makeup application, it does melt any powder/cakiness into the face for a more flawless skin-like finish. I have used this for years and always will repurchase. I use it everyday as the last step in my makeup routine. I do like the original scent but next I will be trying one of the scented versions.
  17. Can't live without this


    I use this fixing spray everyday at the last step of my makeup. It refreshes my face and I find that it gives my makeup a more natural glow. I apply translucent powder during the final steps of my makeup and this spray removes the powdery look. I keep the travel size in my handbag and spritz during the day!
  18. Nice


    Nice product and great for travelling as works as primer and setting spray. It does help with lasting the makeup longer and keeps the oils away from my T-zone.
  19. Best


    I love the finish glow it gives me , just makes me stand out
  20. One of the best


    Amazing setting spray and primer!! A must have in anyone's beauty bag.Everyone needs this product!
  21. Love it!


    I purchased this in translucent and love it! Sets my makeup nicely and gives my face a nice glow. Definitely worth the price.
  22. All time fave


    I’ve used maybe 4 or 5 bottles of this and keep coming back for more... It’s not a heavy duty setting spray in the sense that your make up will stay put - but it takes the powdery look away and leaves your make up looking dewy.
  23. Love it


    Smells amazing and feels great. Really lovely when I put too much powder on, helps to liven my face again.
  24. Great for refreshing makeup !

    Hannah P

    Love this so much and have gone through so many bottles. I think this is often sold as a 'setting spray' which I think would leave many people disapointed. This product is AWESOME for refreshing makeup for touch ups.. by adding the moisture, I can then add more liquid products on top of previously powdered makeup. It's also really great for people who hate the appearance of powder on the skin as a...
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  25. Would highly recommend

    Great all rounder!!

    The M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ is honestly one of the best products I’ve ever used, you can use it for literally anything! From adding moisture to dehydrated skin to fixing poorly pigmented eyeshadows, you can even spray it on to dry and frizzy hair! This all rounder product replaces so many unnecessary products in your beauty cabinet!
  26. my favourite spray


    This spray is amazing, it helps keep my makeup looking fresh and non cakey. Feels like such a treat on the skin and doesn't aggravate sensitive skin.
  27. Gone through so many of these.


    This is such a classic mac product1 I love love love the fix + it is such a table in every collection. It is so versatile so I love it!
  28. coconut primer


    I have the coocnut primer and its so overrated. It doesnt prime well and it smells so fake
  29. Not Worth It


    I just can't wrap my head around this. I bought it as the sales girl had talked me into thinking it would hold my makeup, but after using it all I am left thinking is 'this is very expensive water'.... I don't see any difference between days I use it and days I don't. Absolutely not worth the money!
  30. No faults


    Really good setting spray. My makeup just does not move when I wear this, even in the summer. I also like to spray this on a spooly and then run it through my eyebrows to make them look good all day.
  31. Go to!


    Everyone needs this product! Amazing setting spray and primer!!
  32. A absolute MAC necessity!


    The MAC fix + it something everyone needs. It is a beautiful spray and it can be used in so many different ways. I love the way it sets my makeup and makes my powder sets beautifully into the skin.
  33. great for dry skin


    I love using this particularly in winter to refresh my skin after putting on my setting powder. It's also great for refreshing throughout the day! I love the original and am excited to try the rose next!
  34. Best makeup setting spray


    It gives your skin such a nice glow and really helps to set the face before applying your makeup. I usually use this under my makeup as a primer but I also spray it directly to my beauty blender before applying my setting powder and really locks it in place. I don't get any creases under my eyes and gives it a really nice glow. Once I finish all my make up, I then apply it again over top to set it...
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  35. Hmm


    I don’t know why I bought this? I’m not sure what it does. It feels like I’m spraying water on my face and ruining my makeup, how is it suppose to makeup makeup last longer??? I haven’t noticed it
  36. Love it


    The spray has the perfect spritzer, which allows for just the right amount of product per spray. I purchased mine in the lavender scent, and I find that it also soothes the skin. It’s great for setting your make-up, priming the skin, and touch ups/fixes.
  37. Glad I tried this


    I took a chance with this not thinking it would have a great setting effect but I’m impressed. While my make up still doesn’t hold all day, I like this finish and how even it is.
  38. OG setting and prep spray


    This spray feels really nice on your face, and is a great freshen up through the day.
    As for lasting power, I don't feel it works as well as some of the newer finishing sprays.
    As a primer, it works well if your short on time.
  39. Can't live without


    I have gone through 3 bottles of this spray and absolutely love it! I use it after setting my face with powder, and it makes my face look more natural and glowing. I have tried this in the original, rose and shimmer versions and love them all. Also, It does not break out my skin which is why I will keep using it. Highly recommended!
  40. love this stuff


    I use this spray before applying my foundation and after applying my foundations and powders . I love the original one more then the other ones. It feels refreshing .
  41. Wow


    Love this stuff! So great for a night out to keep makeupn looking great for hours
  42. Amazing


    A nice spray that really helps makeup last longer. Feels nice on the skin and doesn't aggravate sensitive skin.
  43. Nothing beats it!


    After searching for hours for the best spray for over my powder I thought I’d give this one a try.
    I wasn’t 100% it was what I was after based on some of the other reviews, but figured I really couldn’t go wrong with anything MAC.
    I am SO impressed with this product, it’s just perfect for my skin and it sprays in a fine mist rather than in big droplets (because no one wants big drople...
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  44. Refreshing


    very refreshing on the skin. i use it before applying my foundation and i prep my face with this. very light on the face. i have used pink and coconut one. and coconut is good in summers
  45. The best


    This is the best makeup setting spray and it doubles as a primer and refresher so it's so versatile. I use it before priming my skin with a liquid primer, then again after setting with powder, and it helps my makeup look fresh for much longer.
  46. Great


    I use original at the end of my makeup and my makeup lasts all day
  47. awesome spray


    highly recommend you try this spray, it creates a flawless glow
  48. Good if used for correct purpose


    This is not a setting spray that prolongs your makeup! Once you realise that, then you will see it does exactly what it is meant to do.

    I like to use it spritz over my face if I feel like the powders I have used are a bit cakey. It’s also great for wetting eyeshadow brushes to then apply more vibrant eyeshadow colours.
  49. Great MAC product as always


    This mist is beautiful. Feels lovely on the skin, it's nice before foundation to prep the skin and add a tiny bit of hydration, to refresh through out the day, and also to set the skin. I use matte foundation for my combo/oily skin, and this sets the product for me, stops me feeling cakey, and gives a nice glow at the same time.
  50. So refreshing

    Minty Tea

    I got this in Rose and it smells heavenly. Perfect for a warm day to refresh the skin and also to set your makeup.
  51. A true multitasker


    I use Fix+ in the original formula and while I first got it to use as a finishing spray it's much better as a priming spray, as a mist after powder touch ups, and as a spritzer to amplify eyeshadow colour. I also spray it on my foundation brush and sponges to stop the fibres from soaking up my foundation and to help even out the application. This really is a staple in my makeup collection.
  52. Glowy finish


    I love spraying this on my skin to give it a gorgeous, glowy finish!
  53. LOVE!


    I love this setting spray. It smells so good and works a treat. I'm obsessed (i've even resorted to stealing my mum's as she doesn't wear makeup often).
  54. Go-to setting spray!


    Makes your makeup last all day and keeps it looking very fresh and dewy.
  55. Fancy water


    This is quite refreshing to use although it does not make your makeup stay on any longer. I use it to "prep" the skin and sometimes to melt the powder a little.
  56. amazing


    I prefer the original scent as it's mild, fresh and clean,. After I apply my makeup and before I apply mascara, I spray this all over my face. I don't know but for some reason makes my makeup look so fresh and cakey.
  57. Boost for the skin!


    I love this with mineral powder!
    It’s stops my mineral face up from looking cakes and harsh. I get a powdery look because I like my mineral quite a high coverage.
    This spray stops it from looking like ive got a pale mask on.
    It’s also a nice vitamin/ hydration boost for the skin
  58. fantastic spray


    I was recently asked "how do you look so fresh at the end of the day?" I replied MAC setting spray!! I live in a very hot climate and my makeup stays on perfectly all day. Love this product.
  59. Prep & Prime


    i love this stuff! its fantastic! helps keep makeup on throughout the day!
  60. Coconut scent - must have setting spray


    smells incredible and feels so refreshing on the skin.Nice fine mist that gives makeup a dewy looking finish and melts any powders. Also love how the product locks.
  61. Matte Mist


    MAC usually never disappoints with its products. The coconut mist smells lovely and creates a matte feeling underneath makeup. I didn’t try it over the top however I didn’t see a difference in the overall lasting of mine as a primer.
  62. Staying power


    I use this prep and prime before and after I apply my foundation (Studio Fix) i find it helps apply my foundation smoother and helps it stay in place all day. It gives my foundation a nice after finish
  63. Refreshing Mist


    I love facial mist and this is no exception. While I personally do not think that it does not 'set' the make up in place, it is, however, truly refreshing. It is a great mist if you would like to make your face less powdery.
  64. One of my absolute favourite setting sprays!


    Iv been using this for about three years, iv gone through 10+ bottles, it sets my makeup Perfectly and smells amazing, I always get coconut! :)
  65. Good


    Tried this setting spray as you cant get Urban Decay all nighter on this site. It's a good setting spray but not near as good as Urban decay all nighter. I will keep using it through because of the convenience of being on this site and it is still quite good
  66. Fix+ my life


    Not a setting spray, much to the opposite of what most people think but an awesome product for a quick temporary hydration boost, taking away the powdery/cakey look from a finished face and for spraying into your eyeshadow brush after it’s been dipped in product to intensify the colour (especially brilliant with shimmer shadows for this!)
  67. A must have


    I use this for years, and I absolutely love it, can't live without it.
    I use to give shine to my hair, to prepare my skin for my makeup for those sheer beauty days, and also to refresh my makeup or to smooth that powdery look we all get on our makeup sometimes. It's a wonderful product!
  68. Makeup Staple


    Such a versatile product! My favorite way to use it is before and after my makeup is completed. I use it before for a hydration boost as I have super dry skin, and afterwards to take away the powder look from setting, bronzer and blush. Makes the makeup products all melt together and into the skin.
  69. Trusty Fix+


    Honestly just do yourself a favour and buy this. If your'e looking for a setting spray that locks everything in, melts powders to look more skin like, gives you a fine mist without splats or droplets, and doesn't have a smell this is for you. I used this for my friends wedding, I'm not a makeup artist but you can bet your bottom dollar that the bride and bridal party looked bomb af! This spray kep...
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  70. One of the best


    This is one of the best setting spray that I have ever used. I have very oily skin and even though it doesn't help with making my skin matte, it also doesn't make it oily. My makeup lasts a long time after using this.
  71. Perfect finishing spray


    Love this product for hydrating my skin before I apply makeup, freshening up throughout the day, spritzing over existing makeup before I add extra for evening so it all blends together seamlessly, and getting rid of that powdery effect to finish off my look. Also works great to enhance a shimmery eyeshadow or dampen my beauty blender.

    Downside is it doesn't help makeup last much longe...
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  72. Unknown Must


    This is perfect for dull shadows or powders to brighten them up a bit. It is also perfect for wetting my makeup sponge and makes my foundation and concealer so easy to apply and a nice perfect film over my skin.
  73. so many uses!

    Zara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I just want to start my review by explaining that this spray has a LOT of uses but extending the wear of your makeup like a 'setting spray' isn't really one of them.
    However, it is the BEST for breaking up any powdery residue on the skin, making your base look more fresh and dewy! As well as being great for spraying on your brush to make pigments and highlighter pop.
    It's also amazing ...
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  74. One of the best.

    Emma C

    By far the benchmark to which I compare all other setting sprays! I use it solely as a setting product and not a primer. Its just a magic product that works really well. It's not the most hydrating, or most long lasting, but it has the perfect balance of both and makes your makeup look great and last well. The only reason I don't use it all the time is the price - for something I want to douse my ...
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  75. coconut fresh

    perfecting skin

    it is very light yet refreshing mist. it didnt make my skin breakout like the other mists. totally recommended. it has a light scent of coconut that is soothing to the skin
  76. Great for makeup prep


    This is my favourite priming spray and it does exactly what I'd expect in terms of creating a nice barrier and base before makeup application. It leaves my skin looking dewy and foundation applies smoothly over the top and looks flawless and natural. Highly recommend using this as a makeup refresher throughout the day aswell. Perfect product will definitely repurchase.
  77. Simply divine!


    I wasn't really sure what to expect as every setting spray I've ever used seems to settle weird on my face or make my makeup blotchy - no idea why. So I thought I'd give this a go and it's just brilliant! I have normal to dry skin and it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. I have a 1 year old who likes to get me up early and so my makeup spends quite a long time on my face and for the first tim...
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  78. Great hydrating spray


    I use this over my make up when I have accidentally over-powdered my face and want to get rid of the cakey look. I spray before make up if I am going out and want my make up to last longer. Feels light on the skin and keep my skin looking glowy.
  79. Nice setting spray


    This setting spray really keeps your makeup in place all day and makes my skin look more glowy after spraying it on. Really good for when you’re at an all day event
  80. Beauty Essential


    I use this product to dampen my beauty blender before apply my foundation or concealer - I find it gives a much better result than just using water
  81. An old favourite


    This is the only setting spray that I use. Works great and the packaging is wonderful. I've tried the original and also the lavender scented one. I quite enjoy the scents as they add a bit of extra niceness
  82. Coconut scent perfect for tropic lovers!


    I absolutely love the coconut scent! I use it before and after doing my makeup and I do find my makeup looking better and lasting longer. It's also very refreshing on the skin.
  83. Use it for everything


    I cannot live without this product. I always have a backup in my drawer ready to go because I use it for so many different things throughout my application. I prefer the original formula the most, although the scented formulas are a nice alternative.
  84. Great glow!


    I use this everyday to make my skin look more dewy and glowy. A must have!
  85. Good


    This is an all-time favorite setting spray. Makes my face look very dewy
  86. Love the Lavander


    I have the lavender and apply it after I've put my sunscreen on to do my base and then do a quick spray when I'm finished, I think does help lock in makeup to last longer
  87. Smooth looking complexion


    I have very oily skin and I use this before doing my makeup and it holds my makeup throughout the day. I sometimes also use it after doing my makeup when my skin feels dehydrated and it prevents the cakey look
  88. Staple product


    Sets makeup.give a natural glow and can also be used to increase the intensity of eye shadows. Love it!!
  89. Refreshing


    Love the smell of this! Great to spritz after applying powder, makes it look natural again. But there are plenty of sprays that do the same thing.
  90. Start here!


    prep & prime is a must have in your makeup routine. by using before and after application my makeup remains fresh all day
  91. Best of the best!


    I have oily combo skin and i have always opted for other sprays because of the price point but I'm super glad I decided to try this cult favorite, now I see why people rave about it. I use this in conjunction with with Mineralized Skin Finish Powder and it makes my skin look so glowy & youthful. This melts setting powders like a dream and I like the little dewiness it gives. Not to mention it cont...
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  92. Perfect


    I thoroughly enjoyed this primer and now onto my third! It sets makeup so well and I just love it
  93. So versatile!


    Love how versatile this spray is. I use it to prep my skin before applying makeup, as well as a setting spray to help my makeup go the distance! Worth spending the money, it'll last for some time!
  94. Must have


    Helps settle my foundation and powder and eliminates that cakey look. I don’t find it helps my makeup last any longer but it smells amazing and is unlike any other products on the market.
  95. Nicely scented mist to prime and set makeup!


    I absolutely love the coconut scent and it works well in keeping my makeup in place as well as giving it a luminous finish. The only downside is the spray functionality, it's more of a spritz instead of a diffused mist.
  96. Don’t get it


    I don’t understand this product. I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to do. I don’t see it making my makeup look better or last longer. It just feels like I’m spraying water on my face. I really don’t get it. Everyone raves about it but meh, the only thing I think it’s good for is getting more pigment out of eyeshadows if you spray your brush first with it
  97. The lavender is very calming


    I find this setting spray works extremely well with helping highlighter and some eyeshadows pop. The lavender scent is very calming and it does set the face.
  98. Staple product


    I'm a big fan of the orginal fix plus (I don't like scented products). I spray after I've applied all my powder products and I love the way it helps everything melt in together. I don't find it increases longevity of my makeup. It just feels nice to spray on your face and the product lasts a surprisingly long time, I will always have one of these on the go
  99. Worth the $40 !


    This has always been my ride of die setting spray ! I had been using it for years until I found it difficult to afford myself going through it really fast so I stopped using it for sometime. I would definitely recommend buying this if you have the money ! It makes all the difference to your makeup and it stays all day
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