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La Roche-Posay Redermic Pure Vitamin C10 Serum 30ml

3.9 of 126 reviews


4 instalments of $17.99

Or 4 instalments of $17.99 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $17.99

Or 4 instalments of $17.99 with LEARN MORE

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Rediscover radiance with an anti-ageing, anti-pigmentation formulation designed for sensitive skin. La Roche-Posay Redermic Vitamin C10 Serum blends stable, pure vitamin C with supportive, effective ingredients that improve the skin’s texture and tone.

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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La Roche-Posay Redermic Pure Vitamin C10 Serum Reviews

3.9 of 126 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good starter Vit C


Having sensitive skin I was nervous to start vit C. Decided to bite the bullet and buy LRP vit c and have had no problems! Skin seems to be brighter but longer use will tell for sure.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells strong


The smell of this serum is so strong , I don't know what fragrance this serum has but if you are sensitive to fragrance in products I would not recommend this serum. I could not use it due to the fragrance but the positive is that it does have 10% Vitamin C.
  1. Good starter Vit C


    Having sensitive skin I was nervous to start vit C. Decided to bite the bullet and buy LRP vit c and have had no problems! Skin seems to be brighter but longer use will tell for sure.


    This is a gam changer and a repeat order. This goes on so beautifully and leaves me looking and feeling so glowly
  3. Nice but very fragranced


    The texture is really nice and absorbs well into the skin. It doesn't sting upon application like other Vit C serums. However, the fragrance is way too strong and smells like bathroom cleaner...this is the only reason I would not repurchase.
  4. Works well


    I have used this and have seen a positive change to my complexion - my skin looks brighter. The product is thick but I have dry skin so it absorbs this well. The only downside is that the smell is very strong - I find it pleasant, but others may not.
  5. Glides on well but wouldn't repurchase


    The product is lightly frangrant, which i like. It also glides on well but I found the dropper extremely frustrating and messy. You have to finish using the whole bottle in 2 months according to the instructions, which seems like a high cost-per-use. I'm surprised they didn't make the glass bottle darker to product it from light oxidation and instead the glass is a pretty orange. I keep mine in th...
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  6. Great product


    Absorbs really well and helps skin stay hydrated all day. Sits well under make up and is good value for money compared to similar products.
  7. So greasy and not compatible with their own SPF on top


    It is so thick and greasy. When you put the la roche posay SPF on top it disintegrates falls off your face in clumps.
  8. Lovely & glowy


    I've really noticed a difference since using this serum. My mum has even commented on how good my skin is looking. Feels lovely when applying and I wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning with a nice glow. Very happy.
  9. My fave Vitamin C


    I have tried multiple Vit C serums and this is my fave. It’s light, absorbs well and had a fresh smell. Highly recommend!
  10. Fav Vitamin C serum so far...


    I've tried a couple of other vitamin c's that I didn't really like, but the La Roche-Posay one is lovely. The texture is beautiful going on to my skin, and then it soaks in with no lasting film or oil or anything. Lasts a long time so great value for money. I've found the dripper to be a little messy compared to others - I think because I travel a lot, the bottle is rattling around in my makeup ba...
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  11. Good vit c starting product


    I don't find the scent of this product an issue at all as I mix it with my serum for application. It's not the highest percentage of vitamin c but I find it feels nice on the skin and is a good starting product when introducing vitamin c into your skincare routine.
  12. Pretty good!


    Surprisingly hydrating and I haven't had any irritation despite the 10% vit C concentration. I took half a star off because the serum has a very strong "soapy" smell which is a bit off putting.
  13. Good for sensitive skin


    I got this as a free sample and have been using it for about a week. So far I'm happy with the results. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't irritated it at all.
  14. A great serum!


    I purchased this product a while ago as I found my other Vitamin C serum was not doing the job. After using this product I found my face had a glow in the morning and didn't make me look like raccoon on a bad night sleep. Definitely Recommend!
  15. Effective


    I got this as a gift with purchase and am pleasantly surprised. Unlike some other reviewers I don't actually think the smell is overpowering at all, and the product absorbs quickly into my skin and sits nicely under make-up leaving my skin looking even. Will definitely consider purchasing in the future.
  16. Great serum


    This serum is great, when I apply it my skin looks much smoother and brighter. I would recommend it!
  17. Really great Vitamin C without the scratchy adjustment!


    I previously tried a different (cheaper) Vitamin C and found it was like pressing glass into my face - I did not have this issue with this product! I received a luxury sample and have repurchased it. It has a nice feel to it when you apply, which I do every morning (before applying an SPF). I feel the texture of my skin has improved and it's helping to preserve my youth a little bit longer. I didn...
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  18. Beautiful Vit C Serum


    This is the second vitamin C product I have tried. It really does have a lovely feel and smell, much better than other vitamin C products I have sampled. My skin looks and feels brighter and smoother. I will continue using this one.
  19. Very perfumed, otherwise it’s great!


    Pros: Great consistency, absorbs quickly with no weird or oily residue. Goes well under most moisturisers or makeup.
    Cons: Omg. It’s so perfumed that I feel this is the main reason I won’t reuse it! The smell stings my eyes and I don’t even have sensitive eyes.
    And after a couple of hours, that signature hotdog smell of vitamin c’s creeps in. Highly recommend purchasing a sample size ...
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  20. Just average


    I received this as a sample I put it on almost every morning for a month but I didn't see much difference maybe ok if somebody wants a gentle serum
  21. Pleasant surprise


    Recieved this as a bonus, and am about to purchase the full size. For someone with reactive skin, it's great - not too heavy and no reaction at all. Love it!
  22. Serum so smooth and silky.


    Silky smooth and easy to absorb. works well under your daily moisturizer.
  23. Underwhelming


    I received this product as a gift with purchase, and although it did last quite a while I did not see any results. As opposed to using the sample of Kora Organics Vitamin C and seeing quite instant results. Would not recommend as I find for the price not really worth it.
  24. ok product


    I got this product as a sample and I have used it a few times. I don't like the smell at all and for me, it's quite off-putting. In saying that, it did make my skin glow. I probably wouldn't purchase the full size of this product though
  25. Bright!


    I got this as a bonus gift and I LOVE IT. I don't think the smell is overpowering at all, and the texture may feel sticky at first but absorbs quickly and gives me a full-day glow. Will be adding this to my must-have daily routine and buying the full sized version!
  26. Not great! Ended up looking like trump


    For the first few nights I thought this was great, my skin felt better and hydrated then the serum changed colour and started to turn my face orange as well as my hands. Then the serum started to get a funny smell as well. I use a lot of their products but this one, it let me down
  27. Great serum, loving it!


    Wow! I have only used this for a few days but my skin feels so hydrated and looks calm, clear and bright! Love the dispenser to use and the scent is fresh and like citrus.
  28. Good


    It is rather thick texture serum which gets absorbed well into the skin. It does brighten your skin and look more even toned.
  29. Great intro to Vita. C


    I was nervous to introduce V.C into my routine with sensitive skin - but this product has been great and I have had no issues. Can't wait to see those long term results!
  30. Smells strong


    The smell of this serum is so strong , I don't know what fragrance this serum has but if you are sensitive to fragrance in products I would not recommend this serum. I could not use it due to the fragrance but the positive is that it does have 10% Vitamin C.
  31. Not bad


    It isn't the most concentrated Vit-C but my sensitive skin type gets irritated easily enough from other Vit-C products. Although this didn't irritate my skin, it didn't give me any amazing results either. I won't be repurchasing.
  32. 5 stars


    I am someone who had always found Vitamin C a bit gimmicky - I heard amazing things, and would purchase these expensive serums and not notice much difference at all. That is until I found this serum. It is reasonably priced in terms of VIT C serums and I have noticed a difference in my skin.

    The only downside to this serum is it smells very unpleasant and overpowering - kind of like ...
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  33. Silky smooth


    This has such a soft and silky consistency that is soaked up by the skin so lovely. Very different to other Vitamin C serums. Though I didn't see an effect as quickly or more effectively as I did with my other Vic C serums.
  34. Tester heaven


    Got a tester of this a little while ago and loved it. Most pleasant vitamin c serum that I have used. Can’t wait to see the long term results once I purchase a full sized bottle!
  35. Nice serum


    This is the only vitamin c product I’ve tried but I love it. My skin feels nice and smooth after using it and it doesn’t affect my rosacea.
  36. Nice but not the silver bullet


    this is a nice enough product, feels nice on the skin. The texture is like a primer, and very smooth. however the dropper is hopeless- cant get the product out using it, have to pour onto my hand. I've also probably used better and more effective vit c products before.
  37. not sure


    not sure about this serum, it kind of feels like a primer consisency and i didnt see any difference not that i was expecting much but overall as a serum i dont think i would repurchase
  38. great product


    I received this product as a sample and I love it, I've been using it each morning for the past couple of days and have noticed my complexion is a lot brighter and smoother and has reduced the redness around my mouth from breakouts.
  39. Didn't see much difference


    I received a sample of this product and included it in my routine for a few weeks (about 3-4). The product was easy to spread and didn't have the irritating tingle that I find some VitC products can have. However after finishing what was in the sample I didn't see much difference at all and maybe this is because it needed to be used for a longer period of time.
  40. Greasy and not pleasant to use: it leaves the skin sticky and orange


    I think this Vitamin C10 Serum formula is not there yet. It is definitively very nice to see that Laroche-Posay is considering using Vitamin C in its products. But this serum is very unpleasant to use. It is very greasy. The bottle dispenser is not easy to use and to apply. Its texture is heavy and gluey. After few days, the bottle cap broke. Once on the skin, the feels extremely greasy. It leaves...
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  41. Not worth the money


    I generally love everything from this brand, yet this product turned orange very fast. I kept it away from sunlight but its in a clear glass bottle. I wouldnt repurchase as there are other vit c creams that give my skin a better glow
  42. Good serum


    I received a sample bottle of this product with a recent purchase. I found the consistency to be thicker than other Vitamin C serums I tried but it was not too thick and it felt nice on the skin. The only thing I would note is that it absorbs very quickly once placed on the skin, so ensure that you apply it over all of the desired area rather than relying on spreading it around from one spot. It h...
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  43. Light and hydrating


    I use this every morning mixed with my moisturiser and find it absolutely beautiful. Very light and hydrating and leaves a natural glow. I found if I use this straight and don’t mix with moisturiser my skin had an orange tinge to it
  44. Too mild for me


    Nice lightweight texture and minimal scent, but I don’t think I noticed an improvement or brightening of complexion. I might stick to C E Ferulic.
  45. Really good


    Really love the scent on this Vitamin C10 Serum! Helps to lighten my scars as well. Good product!
  46. Little goes a long way


    I managed to drop the bottle whilst open which thankfully didn’t break however, I lost quite a lot of product but even so this still lasted a few months surprisingly. The scent was lovely, texture smooth and worked nicely on my skin. I would prefer something stronger so I would probably move to another brand, I wish La Roche Posay had one unfortunately they don’t but in my opinion this is perfect ...
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  47. Better than others!


    I have very sensitive skin and have tried Vitamin C in the past and had bad reactions so was apprehensive to try again, but the La Roche-Posay Vitamin C has been great! It has delivered on everything and been kind to my skin!
  48. Solid serum


    I like this serum in regards to texture and absorbing ability , but be sure this level of vitamin C is what your skin is ready for in regards to the concerns you are trying to address.
  49. Glowstarter


    I received a sample with a previous order and have since finished the small vial - whilst I haven’t noticed dramatic results (as expected with a small sample) it definitely made my skin appear brighter whilst also felt smooth and fresh upon application. Might be worth using for a long period of time to achieve best results.
  50. Excellent


    First vitamin C serum I've ever used so I don't have anything to compare it to. However, it brightened and it brightened. I felt so glowy, just generally, was getting compliments on my skin and just generally felt good. Kind of disappointed that there's fragrance in it.
  51. great brand


    i love all of this range and this product left my skin with an amazing glow
  52. A lot better vitamin C serums out there


    This product broke me out severely. I've had skin purging before but this was like a full on reaction to the product. Also left my hands a tint orange after use.
  53. Went dark orange on my face


    This serum turned bright orange in the bottle and was leaving dark orange patches all over my face throughout the day, and it peeled away very easily. It feels nice and smooth when applying it to my face and the frangrance is nice but pretty strong. I expected it to be much better for the price. I would definately not recommend purchasing this product.
  54. Meh


    This serum feels nice and and absorbs well into the skin, not tacky or sticky. However I didn't really notice any difference in my skin after using it for a few weeks. First time using vitamin c but I think I'll try another brand next.
  55. Amazing glow


    I received this as a small sample with a purchase, and because I don’t need to use very much per application it is lasting a really long time. This product gives my skin an amazing glow and smooths my complexion. I usually have really sensitive skin (dry in some patches, oily in others, eczema) but my skin has not reacted at all to this serum. Will definitely purchase when I run out.
  56. Smoother and brighter


    Received this as a sample in a gift bag and have been using it on and off for about 4 weeks now and have noticed my skin looks brighter. My skin's texture is also a little more smooth but I haven't seen any changes in my small pigmentation spots just yet.
    This feels a little thick and sticky but absorbs remarkably quickly and doesn't leave me feeling tacky.
  57. Great for your skin, smells like toilet cleaner


    Don’t get me wrong. This stuff does exactly what it says so on the label. Your skin will be soft and smooth and look 1000% better than before you started. But the smell is so bad I won’t be using again. It smells like cheap generic toilet spray. Not even Ambi-pure, like Coles brand. Really bad. But if you can get over the smell that will be on your face all day - by all means! The product works!
  58. Love it


    I really like this serum. It has a really nice scent and feels really luxurious to apply. My skin felt really soft and hydrated after applying this serum without being heavy or oily.
  59. My new favourite!


    I first received this serum as a smaller size gift with purchase. Which actually lasted me ages!
    I loved it from the first use! It’s so nice to put on, and absorbs really well. I find it instantly makes my skin look fresh, but have noticed a big difference to my skin with continued use! It just seems smoother and clearer, and seems to be helping with my pigmentation! I went on to buy the fu...
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  60. Noticeable change


    Definitely starting to notice my skin in more clearer and brighter after two weeks of daily use. My skin is feeling very soft and clear. Hoping to see more pigmentation fade after continuous use. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking of trying it
  61. Okay


    I usually use Skinceuticals C E Ferulic but received this as a sample and have been using on alternate days for the past two weeks. The serum is sticky and have a somewhat strong scent but not off putting. It comes in an orange coloured bottle instead of a dark one as well. I haven’t noticed any great improvements but it is half the price of the Skinceuticals. It’s an okay product but I think you ...
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  62. Does the trick but there’s better out there!


    Not completely sold on this one. It’s passable but certainly not as impactful as some of the other reviews lead me to believe! Worth a try, but probably wouldn’t purchase again. Just didn’t seem to tick the box for my skin...
  63. Good Product


    I really like the the rich formula as it hydrates my face well and seems to work better than other Vit C products I’ve tried. However, it’s not my favorite serum in terms of its stickiness once on the skin. It does absorb, but I find it can feel a bit heavy and I have to wait longer to continue my daily routine.
  64. less dark spots!


    i only used this during the night time after my other essence and serum and its worked wonders in helping eradicate sun spots, acne scars etc. would recommend the la roche spf 50 with this to block UV otherwise its great
  65. Must buy


    I started using this and within 3-4 days immediately started to see the difference in my skins texture and complexion. Both were clearer, smoother and brighter.
    I use this every morning after cleansing and before my moisturizer and it is the goods!
  66. not my type


    I don't like it honestly. It was sticky when I applied on, and oily afterwhile. Even though I use the sunscreen for SPF50 every morning, my skin still turn darker but my dark spots are still there and no difference after using it for a month.
  67. Love this product


    I received a deluxe sample size of this product and its so great i will be buying the full size,
    the scent and texture of this are so lovely, a little goes a very long way and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft
    it has improved pigmentation issues and improved the brightness of my skin!
  68. Great Texture...not so great ingredients


    I used to use this product for a long time, about a year. I found the texture was excellent and absorbed into my skin very well. It has a great price point and I was using a few other products from La Roche and found they worked well together.
    Recently I have switched to Skin Ceuticals Ferulic and omg so much better. No denatured alcohol or heavy fragrance. Plus within a few weeks of opening...
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  69. Vitamin C lives up to the hype


    I received a sample of this in an Adore Goodie Bag. Had previously never thought of using a Vitamin C until I used this one. Brightened my skin, improved its overall tone and did not irritate my sensitive skin
  70. nice texture -

    Miss T

    slightly thicker than most serums. Nice smooth application goes readily over other serum and under mositurers without waiting. I like that the bottle and dropper are glass. also the pricing is pretty good i think for a vitamin C product.
  71. Best Vit C I've used!


    I've tried a few other brands, including more expensive well known brands but none have felt as good as this one has! Absorbs really nicely and stays on throughout the day without making me over oily. Haven't been using for long but so far love the results!
  72. The smell..


    This serum's texture is different, it's looks thick but when applied it feels light and watery.

    However it seems to feel oily on my skin and has a really strong perfume like smell. I can't wear this due to the smell, it's over powering.

    This seems to dry my skin out and I haven't noticed a difference at all. Probably won't try this again.
  73. I really wanted to like this


    My sensitive felt sensitive and dry after using this for a few days. I normally go for natural cruelty-free skincare but received this in one of my orders so decided to give it a go. I've used vitamin c before and experienced no irritation. I think this product is just not for me.
  74. Very lightweight


    A great serum to use in the morning, as it is so lightweight and sinks into the skin straight away! I have seen an improvement in my skin after using for a month.
  75. I think there are better for the price..


    Not keen on the gluggy texture and strong fragrance. It’s pretty sticky at first, but it does absorb into the skin nicely. Have used for a couple of weeks straight now, it definitely doesn’t compare to skinceuticals CE Ferulic - but even for the price point that it’s at - I think there are better ones which provide that almost instant brightening.
  76. Gives me brighter and smoother skin


    I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and have noticed my skin looks brighter already. My skin's texture is also a little more smooth which is nice. No changes in my small pigmentation spots just yet but time will tell.
    This feels a little thick and sticky out of the bottle/pipette but once on the skin it soaks in remarkably quickly and doesn't leave me feeling tacky at all.
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  77. Vitamin C10/10!!


    Love this product, I've been meaning to use a Vitamin C serum for a while and got recommended this one. Its cheaper that other Vit C serums and is so beautiful to apply, makes my skin feel super smooth. I can't wait to see the results!
  78. Would use only in my night routine


    Skin type: combination - oily
    Caucasian skin with pinkish undertones and enlarged pores on the T zone.

    I got it as a tester for the lovely Adore Beauty Team. I am glad I didn't spend the money on it, because I would have ended up regretting it.
    - Feels nice on the skin
    - Skin appears refreshed (I have used it day and night for 7 days)
    - Smells lov...
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  79. My Fav Vitamin C Serum


    I had been looking at purchasing this serum after researching the benefits of vitamin C for your skin. I have used vitamin C products which stung my face, smelt horrible and had a greasy texture. To my excitement, this Vitamin C serum from La Roche Posay came as a sample in a recent purchase from Adore Beauty. After trialling it only a couple of days, my face feels smooth and has shown improvement...
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  80. Great result for such a good price!


    Tried a sample size of this beautiful C10 Serum. Very impressed with its texture and how it absorbed into my skin :)
  81. like it


    This stuff is so good. It's lasted me ages - a little goes a long way.
  82. Doesn't make my skin oily


    After my Mum tried this product (future age skin) and loved it, I had to try. It smells great, absorbs into my skin and I can layer my products with it. Helps even out my skin tone and pigmentation from the sun.
  83. Favourite C serum I’ve tried so far...


    Received a sample of this product and I love love! It absorbs into my skin beautifully and makes my skin appear so much more glowy and fresh. I will definitely be purchasing!
  84. Migraine in a Bottle


    If you're sensitive to artificial perfumes, avoid this stuff like the plague. The scent is intense and unpleasantly artificial, I couldn't get it off fast enough. The scent lingered and I had to jump back into the shower to get every trace of it off me completely. Chemical assaults aside, the texture was kind of sticky, not a nice feeling on the skin. You couldn't pay me to use this stuff ag...
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  85. Best Vitamin C Serum!


    I have gone through so many Vitamin C serums from so many different brands, trying to find one that suited my oily skin. I either find that they leave sticky residue, or make my skin really oily and shiny. This product however is perfect! I couldn't believe how quickly it absorbed into the skin completely. I can't wait to use Vitamin C now! This product was a game changer for me.
  86. I love this serum!


    Love the feel of this serum, skin looks brighter, light weight; not a sticky feeling like most serums. So happy my purchase came with this sample and it’s something I would purchase myself.
  87. Very effective


    This serum is great if you’re looking for something to brighten your skin. It helped to remove pigmentation. It works as well as something much more expensive. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.
  88. Love it


    I have aged skin and this product has really helped. Nothing will completely remove wrinkles, but this C10 Serum has helped smooth my skin out somewhat and, most surely has removed a lot of the redness and rough patches which we inevitably get. I do recommend this product, but we all must judge our own skin and its requirement. For me, at least, this product works its magic, I certainly hope...
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  89. finally tried after recomendations


    Have heard of the numerous benefits of vitamin c, so thought I'd finally try it and this didn't disappoint, my skin feels so much brighter, and I love the serum formula
  90. good for sensitive skin


    I like that this makes my skin brightened and it does not sting my sensitive skin
  91. Interesting


    Interesting texture which isn't suitable for my needs
  92. Love it!


    I absolutely love this serum. I got it as a small sample and have now purchased the full size. I use it in the morning and it absorbs so quickly and leaves my skin with a lovely matte texture ready for my make up. Also makes me skin look brighter and more healthy!
  93. good for sensitive skin


    this serum is pretty good and i do feel like this product makes my look glowy and the good thing is that it didn't affect my sensitive skin but i have to say that the smell of the product itself made me like this product a little less. I'm not a huge fan on how this smells but I really do like the product and now it works
  94. Absorbs super quickly and doesn’t pill!!


    I received this as a sample with another order and have only just started using it but am already so impressed! This serum absorbs super quickly, makes your skin feel super soft and doesn’t pill up when I apply other products on top.
  95. Okay product


    I received a deluxe sample and I'm not sure how I feel, its not bad but it's a strange consistency and doesn't smell that great. I think I'll be sticking to my usual C serums.
  96. Very effective!


    I have tried numerous vitamin C serums, but I think this is my fave. I love the texture of it, and my skin felt healthier after just a few days of using it.
  97. Biggest disappointment for 2020


    Was super excited on trying this product from all the hype in the media.

    Packaging was great. Application pipet worked well but that’s probably the only plus for me.

    Goes on sticky and remains sticky. (Same as their blue bottled serum) Smell is a strange orange, and being someone wears spf 50 EVERY SINGLE DAY. This has actually made my skin tone DARKER with an undesirea...
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  98. Biggest disappointment for 2020


    Was super excited on trying this product from all the hype in the media.

    Packaging was great. Application pipet worked well but that’s probably the only plus for me.

    Goes on sticky and remains sticky. (Same as their blue bottled serum) Smell is a strange orange, and being someone wears spf 50 EVERY SINGLE DAY. This has actually made my skin tone DARKER with an undesirea...
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  99. Hello glowing skin!


    Love this product! I have dry/sensitive skin and this serum gives me lovely 'glowy' results without any irritation. I have used two other Vit C products and this is by far my favourite!
  100. Wouldn't come back


    I received this serum as part of a Christmas gift, and I generally love La Roche Posay products, particularly their sunscreen. However, I really don't like the smell of this serum, and I personally don't see much result from it. I will finish the bottle because I hate to waste, but I won't be using it again.
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