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innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml 80ml

4.3 of 100 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Discover the legendary power of green tea seed extracts. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is a cult-classic moisturising serum that offers protection and nutrition. With a unique formula, this hydrating serum deeply quenches the skin’s thirst with a two-pronged approach.

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml Reviews

4.3 of 100 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this!


Great serum for price, smells lovely, texture is great! Definitely a great little hydrator! Will definitely keep using.

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s okay


It’s a nice serum, I don’t see a dramatic difference after using it, but I use this on days when I don’t need a more intense serum
  1. Pleasant and soothing


    I received a deluxe sample of this in the recent goodie bag. I have sensitive skin and red cheeks, so I was excited to try it. Not sure it did a whole lot, but felt soothing on the skin. I didn't find that it calmed any redness, but it certainly didn't irritate my skin either. It's nice, and might need to be tried for a longer period to see effect, but my only hesitation to repurchasing is that I'...
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  2. Amazing product


    verified purchaser
    It's very amazing using this product . Immediately feels so hydrating skin
  3. Love this!


    verified purchaser
    Great serum for price, smells lovely, texture is great! Definitely a great little hydrator! Will definitely keep using.
  4. Best serum!


    I love Innisfree green tea seed serum! It's so gentle on skin, yet extremely hydrate my skin 24/7. It's a must try product if you love products that contain natural green tea or if you a Innisfree lover like me!
  5. Feels really natural


    Liked the hydration from this, good product for someone in their 20’s I think. Just getting into skincare
  6. very light on the skin


    this is by far the lightest serum i have come across. such a nice light formula it has that leaves the skin plump and refreshed. i am loving it.
  7. Good


    A loyal user of Innisfree and this product does not disappoint. Will definitely repurchase.
  8. Love


    Been using this serum for years and still loving it. The smell is divine and I love how my skin feels the next day.
  9. best serum


    I have been using this for about a month now and my skin has never looked this hydrated. Ill have to purchase more plus backups. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  10. its nice but that's it


    verified purchaser
    I have used this for a while now and while it smells nice and feels hydrating I wouldn't say it is any better than 'The Ordinary' hyaluronic acid or other cheaper products
  11. Non-sticky and hydrating


    I love this product. I have dry skin and I use it before moisturiser morning and night and its very good.. Its quite light and absorbs well so its non-sticky and isn't slippery on skin. It isn't too much to use with moisturiser and make up on the top but helps keep skin hydrated through the day.
  12. Very good serum


    This is one of my favourite moisturising serum and it is a very good price.
  13. A refreshing surprise


    Another Adore sample win! I used this sample for about three- four days coming in to dry, cold weather and I felt it assisted with keeping my dry skin hydrated. The smell and feel left me feeling energised... hard to say? Can a serum do that!? Anyway, either way, for the price, it’s a nice little treat yourself as a primer or in the morning to feel hydrated and energised.
  14. It’s okay


    It’s a nice serum, I don’t see a dramatic difference after using it, but I use this on days when I don’t need a more intense serum
  15. nice moisture pick me up


    I feel like my skin has been a lot more moisturized since using this product, I got it in the set with the cream, night mask and eye cream. It is a little sticky but I put moisturizer on after it anyway and I don't really mind. Will be repurchasing
  16. Gentle, all-rounder serum


    I received this serum as a generous sample in my previous order and I’m so excited to try something from this brand! This serum is gorgeous, lovely to apply (to damp skin!) after cleansing in the PM and I can tell it is really hydrating. A great gentle all rounder. My only gripe is the addition of fragrance... I just don’t think it’s necessary. It smells nice but my skin could do without fragrance...
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  17. Free trial got me hooked


    The 15ml trial has lasted me well over a month of using most mornings and nights! A great trial size as I am completely and utterly hooked, I love the texture and results, the scent is gorgeous too. I am now purchasing the full size because I am scared to be without it when the tester out, which is annoying that it's worked so well haha! I use this in conjunction with The Ordinary Marine Hyaluroni...
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  18. Fantastic, Love this serum.


    I used this after cleansing and exfoliating. It left my skin soft and wonderfully smooth. My skin was so soft the next morning. I will definetly be buying this.
  19. Smells Divine!


    I use this in my morning routine, the serum smells fresh and gives makes my face nice and supple!! Highly recommended
  20. Innisfree's Best Product


    I've been this serum for about a year now, and it's so effective! Leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated and smells amazingggg. Introduced this product to my mum and it's a product she now swears by (she's usually really picky about her skincare).
  21. Lightweight


    Feels lightweight on the skin and easy to absorb! It does help to soothe my sensitive skin.
  22. Light serum for daily use!


    The serum is really light and finally fragrant with a green tea scent! I use it after the green tea seed skin toner and it absorbs well.

    Recommend using a small pump around a 5 cent size. Too much will create a sticky feeling over the skin but fades away after a while.

    The price tag is very affordable and is one of the best products from innisfree in my opinion.
  23. Instant hydration


    Feels like my face instantly absorbs the product and responds well. Smells fresh and clean and keen to try more from the range.
    PSA: Noticed after purchase there is a pack from the Green Tea range which includes full size serum along with other products from the range at the same price.
  24. Light and fresh


    This is one of my faves! It's such a great product regardless if your skincare routine is 2 or 12 steps. The packaging is very functional and I love that I can pump the product right onto the back of my hand. It's instantly hydrating and the classic innisfree green tea scent is amazing. 10/10
  25. Great for oily skin


    It’s a great lightweight serum. It’s not a secret that green tea products are great for oily skin and this is no exception. Doesn’t feel heavy or oily which is really important for me. However, don’t expect a miracle. It just feels your skin moisturised, nothing more. It wouldn’t transform your skin.
  26. Good


    This gives my skin hydration and I like the scent to it too.
  27. Tried the sample. Lovely feel. Gliding sensation on your skin. I would potentially consider purchasing. Thanks for the sample.


    Felt nurturing on my skin
  28. Did not hydrate my dry skin


    I received the sample of this product and was excited to try it as I have dry skin, I love natural products and the price is really good - compared to most serums I use which are over $100. Unfortunately, I did not receive any of the benefits that the serum promised - I used a lot and after letting it sink into the skin, I didnt feel hydrated or soothed - I needed to use other products to achieve ...
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  29. Underwhelmed


    I normally like Innisfree. This product was ok but didn't particularly impress me. It feels refreshing and sightly cooling but beyond that it doesn't seem to do much for me. I didn't find it that hydrating or see any particular improvement after using it for a while but it did at least layer well with the rest of my skincare routine.
  30. Favourite serum especially during summer


    This serum is fantastic ! It is so refreshing and light, i love it for summer and transitional seasons especially. I put it on after cleansing and a moisturising toner and TAP it all over my face and neck and it really soaks it up super quick. I usually apply another hydrating seeum because i like a real dewy look, especially before applying makeup. The serum also smells super fresh !
  31. Good


    Really like this serum. It gives my skin a boosted hydration and soothes it
  32. Not recommended for sensitive skin


    Sadly this product gave me a bad reaction that has taken about a week to heal from. I'd be really careful with this one if you have sensitive skin.
  33. Hydration


    I got it as a gift with purchase. Good hydration and good on my oily skin too. I mostly use it at night and it gives me a soft and glowy skin in the morning.
  34. Ok but nothing special


    Had quite a nice fresh feeling to apply but left a slightly sticky residue. I've been using for a couple of weeks and haven't really noticed any difference in my skin. It's reasonable for this price point but there are definitely products I like better.
  35. must have for hydrated skin


    so light, hydrating, and refreshing. it absorbs quickly into the skin and is a must have for everybody; i can’t go a day without it!
  36. Amazing


    A great lightweight serum. I had tried an aesop one before this which I loved but this is so much cheaper. Great scent too.
  37. Gorgeous


    I love Innisfree and bought this after receiving it as a sample. If offers protection and nutrition to my skin, though the green tea content isn't high. I often use this during the day after cleansing. It is so moisturising, though can feel quite heavy (which is why I didn't give it 5 stars). I absolutely love their products and will continue to buy this as I have not only seen my skin glow but a...
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  38. Wouldn't highly recommend


    Although this serum may seem really light and nice smelling - there are several issues I have with it. Alcohol is listed as the third ingredient, as well as fragrance also being high up on the list. These two ingredients can really irritate the skin, especially on sensitive skin.
  39. Refreshing


    This serum feels really nice to apply as it's really soothing and hydrating. However I found it left my skin with a really sticky residue afterwards so I probably won't continue using it.
  40. I like it pretty well, feel very comfortable after using. And the green tea smells nice.

    Wendy Kim

    Really nice serum. it feels so silky and its dries down quite fast. The application of the serum has a nice light green tea scent and was easily absorbed upon application. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. I definitely recommend this!
  41. Great calming serum


    Love this serum. I have a red chin and find that putting this on my face each night reduces the redness.
  42. Underwhelming


    I received this as a sample so I only have one use to review upon, but I found it to be pretty so-so. It didn't feel that hydrating (in comparison to my usual serums) and I didn't really like how it felt as it dried.
    Wasn't terrible, just wasn't anything special.
  43. The Best of the Best


    Looking for an affordable hydrating serum that lives up to its claim? Then look no further to this product - it is absolutely amazing!!
  44. Redness relief


    Adore sent me a sample of this with my order - THANKYOU! It has sat in my drawer for over a month and then I finally put in on last night because my skin was looking a bit agitated and I was willing to give it anything a go. I was shocked when I woke this morning to completely settled skin! Even! No splotches! My actual fair skin tone is visible again, with relief from what has been ongoing rednes...
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  45. Hydrating with a beautiful scent


    A gorgeous serum that smells divine and sits super well under moisturiser!
  46. Soaks into Skin Nicely


    This serum is quite hydrating but very lightweight and soaks into skin almost immediately - it's very liquidy. I use this after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing in the evenings.
  47. Refreshing


    A light, hydrating serum that sinks very nicely into the skin, also smells so refreshing!
  48. So hydrating!


    I was surprised by how well this hydrated and plumped my skin. I have sensitive skin and this was very soothing and comfortable to use.
  49. Super Hydrating!

    Michelle S.

    Innisfree has always been a personal favourite brand for me, esp their skincare collection. This green tea seed serum is super hydrating and lightweight. It smells so nice and so worth their price. I mean, $39 for an 80ml serum. What can beat that?!
  50. The answer to dry, dehydrated skin!


    my skin is generally quite dry and I feel as thought I can never get it looking or feeling fresh and hydrated, so I decided to give this a go as I already use the green tea foaming cleanser which I love! And seriously, this serum has CHANGED my whole life! My skin doesn’t get oily throughout the day and my nose and forehead is no longer problematic with dry flaky skin. 10/10 product!
  51. Fresh Feel


    I really love that a little bit of this product really goes a long way. My skin instantly soaks it up and it makes my face feel fresh and plump!
  52. Light, soothing, hydrating serum


    I used a sample of this serum over three days and found it to be light, smoothing and hydrating. Definitely not thick or greasy, absorbed well and I felt left no residue. I would think great for sensitive skin. For the price point I think I’ll definitely add on to a future order.
  53. Calming scent and hydrate skin


    I have used this one several years ago and i have recently received the sample of it, the scent is quit calming, it hydrates skin, suit for combination skin which does not leave any greasy or excessive oil.
  54. light weight serum


    this serum is really nice and light, absorbs really easily and leaves my skin feeling refreshed hydrated and smooth. the green tea scent is really nice as well and its not overwhelming. of course with alot of skin care its hard to tell if it achieve all the claim it make but for the mean time it does the job of hydrating my skin really well.
  55. Not a high green tea content


    This products absorbs very nicely and feels good on the skin. My issue with it is that the green tea (CAMELLIA SINENSIS SEED OIL) content is actually quite low. If you look at the ingredients, it is the 8th ingredients on the list; there is more alcohol in this than green tea extract! There is also perfume which can also be irritating to dry skin. I just think there's better options out there with...
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  56. Hydrating


    I received this product as a sample. The serum is not too thick or sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin. I found that my skin instantly felt more refreshed and hydrated.
  57. Hydrating


    Got a sample from Adorebeauty and this product smells very nice, I can see brightening effect and feel my skin is hydrating, will definitely come back to purchase the full size.
  58. Hydrating


    Got a sample from Adorebeauty and this product smells very nice, I can see brightening effect and feel my skin is hydrating, will definitely come back to purchase the full size.
  59. My morning booster


    I have bought this full size one to use as booster in morning prior to skin lotion which was recommended on the magazine. It is not too thick serum so it goes well on your skin and feel your skin toner/lotion get absorbed well. The price range is good as well as the green bottle design. Will buy again.
  60. Light


    This is a very light serum that was hydrating but not thick or heavy. I loved the (slight) fragrance of it, it's not at all overpowering. This serum would be good to use in the warmer months. The price is also quite affordable.
  61. Absorbs well

    Feels nice on the skin

    The product absorbs nicely into the skin and has no stickiness, although I’m not sure if it has any long term benefits were I’d bother purchasing again.
  62. Skin refresh


    This serum is very light and was instantly absorbed into my skin. It is not rich but rather more like a very light oil. It made my skin feel fresh. It has a very delicate fragrance. Lovely to use.
  63. Feels like it’s firming my skin


    Feels like it is working as soon as it is applied. Great for my ageing skin!
  64. Light serum


    Loved the smell, light serum, quite nice and refreshing just didn’t like the sticky after feeling.
  65. Green Tea Serum Seed


    I received a sample of this product. I have dry, sensitive skin and it certainly felt soothing and hydrating upon application. Not sure if it's as good as the hylauronic acid serum I usually use, but it's very reasonably priced and a nice product.
  66. i had to layer this serum for my skin to feel moisturised.


    This Green Tea Seed Serum sample I received was definitely not enough hydration on its own for my skin concerns. It was very light & a little tingly but my skin did not feel as hydrated as when I have used other serums. Not sure about the fragrance!
  67. A nice simple serum


    I tried a sample of this and found it a nice not-too-thick texture, sunk in quickly and was hydrating and calming. Didn’t smell too strongly of any harsh fragrance or chemicals which I liked.
  68. Sample


    Nice burst of hydration and a nice cooling effect. Still loyal to my Hyaluronic acid
  69. Soothing and calming


    I got this as a sample and used it on a few red spots and it seemed to reduce the redness overnight slightly. It was really soothing and not oily or heavy on the skin. A really nice product
  70. Hydrating


    A really beautiful and delicate serum. My skin soaked it up without feeling sticky or heavy and a little goes a long way. I felt it protected my skin from drying out in the windy conditions and low humidity today. The prices of all the Innisfree products are quite cheap for the quality.
  71. Light and hydrating


    With very sensitive skin, I'm usually hesitant to try new products, but having used Innisfree in the past, hoped for the best. A little tingly near my eyes, but overall this product was delightfully easy to apply and left very little residue. My skin is feeling hydrated and full.
  72. cooling moisturising serum


    I received a sample to try this serum. It is a gel liquid formula which is what I like for a serum. It has a typical Innisfree product smell that is not bad but it is there. Alcohol is the 2nd or the 3rd ingredient, probably explains the cooling sensation when applying on the face. I think it is a good moisturizing serum, particularly in the summer season.
  73. My favourite Serum


    I have been using the Innisfree Cream for a while and thought I would try the serum (as I love the cream so much) and it has not disappoint.

    I love how light it is and also absorbs so easily. I notice my skin tone is definitely better when I use the serum. Innisfree is one of very few products that have worked well on my sensitive skin.
  74. Hydrating


    Nice and hydrating product. Skin feels immediately pump. Ok product. Thanks
  75. Nice


    Hydrates and gives a subtle glow to my skin. Smells nice too.
  76. Surprisingly Not Impressive


    I heard so many rave reviews about this product so I decided I would give it a go. The alcohol is surprisingly high on the list and it kind of didn't do anything extraordinary for my skin. It kind of stung and not much else. Didn't add a lot of hydration or anything. I wouldn't repurchase and there's a lot more serums out there with better ingredients and no alcohol for a better price. Just saying...
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  77. Quenches


    Love how this quenches my skin with hydration and leaves it soft
  78. Great serum for Sensitive Skin


    This product is actually amazing! For the price it is also a bargain compared to a lot of the other serums out there. As with the rest of the green tea range from Innisfree, it smells great and is so lightweight. I use this with the cream as part of my night time skin regime.
  79. Nice and affordable


    This is a lovely serum for plumping and hydrating.

    I didn’t notice much of a difference, but I think if you’re on a budget and have dry and sensitive skin, this is really good.

    I’m happy with my Medik8 Clarity Peptides, but I liked this as a thick mask/pick me up before a night out.
  80. Good for young girls


    It smells so good and it has 80 ml, it's very cheap. But I think it's only for young girls to hydrate, if you want to use this for anti-oxidant or anti-aging, it's not a good choice.
  81. Green Tea Love


    I read amazing reviews about this serum a while ago. I purchased it two years ago and find it to be a light weight hydrating serum. May also help with brightening and adds a nice glow to the skin!
  82. Green Tea Love


    I read amazing reviews about this serum a while ago. I purchased it two years ago and find it to be a light weight hydrating serum. May also help with brightening and adds a nice glow to the skin!
  83. Beautiful


    This serum is a joy to use. So hydrating and smooth with a spa-like smell. The packaging is great for travel. I love this so much I have a backup waiting already and my bottle is only half empty.
  84. Hydration


    Adds amazing hydration which is perfect for these dry months! Smells super nice too!
  85. Smells amazing!


    I really love this product and I'm glad I bought it after chatting to one of Adore Beauty's skin specialist and recommended me this product. After using this, my skin is more hydrated now and feeling fresh after putting it on my face. Will definitely buy it again xx
  86. Smooth & Hydrating


    Love the feel and the texture of this serum which just glides onto your skin. It has a subtle fragrance which I hardly notice and it comes in a very handy pump bottle. A little goes a long way!
  87. So good!


    Love this, I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before moisturising and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth!
  88. Great moisturising serum


    I have acne prone skin which can be very oily thus lacking moisture, has not broken me out and helps to control some of my oiliness via moisturising and is very thin and has next to no fragrance, recommend if you need a bit more moisture that is lacking from just using a moisturiser and want oil control
  89. Nice and hydrating


    I like this serum, it is my second time purchasing it. It does what it says but I probably would go for something abit cheaper next time like the ordinary serums
  90. Beautiful and affordable serum!

    Jess H

    I was very excited to try this product after reading so many positive reviews and for the first few days I didn’t understand what all of the hype was about. My skin felt very dry for the first 3-4 days of using it, but by day 5 it settled down and now I wake up with lovely dewy skin every morning. It’s extremely affordable, has a lovely scent and soaks very quickly into your skin. I’d definitely r...
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  91. The best affordable Korean serum!


    The Green Tea Seed Serum is one of Innisfree's best selling products and has been for years! I first tried this years ago as a teenager and I still love it! It is hydrating and lightweight, and you get a lot of product for the price. I use in the mornings before my moisturiser and it works well under makeup. I definitely recommend this product.
  92. Great for all skin types


    I initially received a sample of this and when I tried it I ended up really enjoying it so I bought a full sized bottle. I've been using this for a few months now and it really helps to hydrate my skin. My skin has been pretty dry recently and I find this works really well and has a nice smell. The bottle design is pretty and the product spreads really easily. Super lightweight formula
  93. The best


    love this serum! very hydrating and cooling. smells amazing too!
  94. Good serum


    This is a good basic serum for my dry skin.

    It’s not going to replace my skinceuticals any time soon, but I have dry skin and my partner has oily skin yet we both enjoy using it.

    It’s a pretty large bottle so will last ages.
  95. One of my favs


    This is one of my favourite serums that are priced moderately for the size, and has a great applicator. You only need a small pump each time and I love layering this with moisturisers afterwards. Its very light in consistency and has a subtle fragrance.
  96. Great!


    Such a great serum. Have really noticed a difference in my skin and it has a great scent.
  97. Serum


    This serum is great, not too thick or greasy at all. Very easy to apply and use.
  98. Staple


    My fav serum from innisfree! Lightweight, easy to use and smell good. I normally use this during the day and I find it very gentle and non greasy.
  99. Good serum


    Im very happy to see adore beauty start selling korean skin care brands. This one is my all time favourite serum. Work on every skin types
  100. smells good


    it has that natural scent to it, hydrates the skin.
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