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innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml 80ml

4.3 of 183 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.75

Or 4 instalments of $9.75 with LEARN MORE

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Discover the legendary power of green tea seed extracts. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is a cult-classic moisturising serum that offers protection and nutrition. With a unique formula, this hydrating serum deeply quenches the skin’s thirst with a two-pronged approach.

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GREAT - 84% recommend

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innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml Reviews

4.3 of 183 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My Favorite Serum


I've been loving my Innisfree serum with green tea seed since the first time I used it 4 years ago. Perfect for my oily combination skin. A light texture but not drying and so nourishing that don't make me break out. Smell so good! Highly recommended you will love it! #yearofinnisfree

Most Helpful Criticism

Good for light hydration


This serum is nice for some light hydration, however its not quite enough for my dry skin. The fragrance is a bit strong for my preference but did not find it irritating.
  1. My Favorite Serum


    verified purchaser
    I've been loving my Innisfree serum with green tea seed since the first time I used it 4 years ago. Perfect for my oily combination skin. A light texture but not drying and so nourishing that don't make me break out. Smell so good! Highly recommended you will love it! #yearofinnisfree
  2. so luxurious


    Such a lovely serum and feels so luxurious and moisturising. my skin has become so nice and soft. definitely recommend
  3. Soothing


    verified purchaser
    Smells so good and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated
  4. Calming to the skin


    verified purchaser
    Feels wonderful on my oily face, and the scent is wonderful! #yearofinnisfree
  5. Lives up to your expectation


    Amazing product where a little goes a long way. It leaves your face feeling balanced and hydrated. It is perfect for my combination skin as it balances my ph level. Beautiful product that makes my skin feel dewy, healthy and refreshed. #yearofinnisfree
  6. Favourite Product!

    Mackenzee Deegenaars

    This serum is my absolute favourite skin care product I use. My routine is made up of all innisfree products, however I look forward to using this one the most. It makes my super sensitive skin feel so soft and hydrated, without causing any irritation #yearofinnisfree
  7. The best serum


    verified purchaser
    I am loving my Innisfree serum with green tea seed! Perfect for my oily skin. Such a light texture but not to get dry. Smell amazing!! Highly recommended! #yearofinnisfree
  8. Great!


    Receieved a sample with an orde4 and have been using for a week with no reaction and love the way my skin is looking and feeling.
  9. Light and simple serum


    verified purchaser
    This formula is light and quick-absorbing, and instantly provides moisture to my combination skin. Its gentle formula means I can use this when my skin is feeling sensitive, and need a break from actives in order to repair my skin barrier. It has a fresh scent; and layers well with thicker moisturisers and actives, and is a good all-round serum for all skin types. I do like to try many products bu...
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  10. Fantastic Serum!


    verified purchaser
    I love love this serum. If your skin feels dull/dehydrated then I definitely recommend this!
  11. Soothing


    I received this serum as a sample and used it together with the toner and eye cream from the greent tea range on a night when I wasn't using my actives. This serum was lovely and soothing. I loved the scent and felt like this left my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. I'll definitely consider purchasing this and more of the green tea range.
  12. Sensitive Skin No Problem


    I have very sensitive skin and this product didn't make me react at all. Skin feels amazing the next morning. I've been using three of their products and very happy.
  13. Smells nice


    I received a sample of this, and while I like the smell, I find it just doesn't really do anything for my skin. It would be better for people looking for an extra boost of hydration.
  14. Good hydration


    Such a light serum that is easily, and quickly absorbed. Perfect for my quick early morning routine. I can't wait to repurchase. I received this in a Green Tea Trio Kit that included this product as well as the Toner and Eye cream. I find that the three products worked really well together, leaving my skin absolutely soft, super smooth and well-hydrated.
  15. Hydrating and good for dry skin


    It is a super lightweight and fast drying product! Personally I have dry skin and I've been using this product for months and my skin isn't as dry as it was before. The only issue I have is that there isn't more product!
  16. Great Hydration


    Such a light serum that is easily, and quickly absorbed. Perfect for my quick early morning routine. I can't wait to repurchase. I received this in a Green Tea Trio Kit that included this product as well as the Toner and Eye cream. I find that the three products worked really well together, leaving my skin absolutely soft, super smooth and well-hydrated.
  17. Super lightweight


    It is such a lightweight serum that can be applied 1st step in ur skincare routine and all the serums can go after. I have found that this works well to reduce the redness and the red marks on the face left after breakouts. I use it at night
  18. Good for light hydration


    This serum is nice for some light hydration, however its not quite enough for my dry skin. The fragrance is a bit strong for my preference but did not find it irritating.
  19. Hydrating and cooling


    This product makes my skin feel very hydrated when layered with a moisturiser on top. It has a fresh scent (though others may find it to be too strong). It also has a nice cooling effect on the skin. The packaging is travel friendly and the pump dispenser is appreciated also. Although, apart from hydration it does not provide any other noticeable skin benefits, did not notice my skin become plumpe...
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  20. Light hydration and classic innisfree scent


    The texture of the product was really nice and felt really nice on the skin, however it is fragranced and smells really strong. For me, the this was not hydrating enough to justify adding another step in my routine and i felt the scent lingered a little too.
    However at this price point it is a good choice for beginners looking for a well priced product with an elegant formula
  21. Calming


    Calming on the skin, but its more like a light moisturiser than a serum. It doesnt do too much to give that extra hydration a serum usually would, but its great to use on top of a stronger serum. Smells divine too
  22. Feels lovely


    This serum feels lovely when applying and I love the smell however I don't think it's really doing much for my skin. It's definitely hydrating though and makes my skincare routine enjoyable.
  23. hydrating


    this feels hydrating and the smell of green tea is very refreshing. does it do anything for my skin? not really besides keeping it hydrated. im not sure if im convinced to repurchase
  24. Unsure


    Not good for sensitive skin. I got very hot itchy skin when using this, my skins quite sensitive and very dry. The fragrance is also very strong which puts me off! I found it a little hydrating but not enough for how dry my skin is, but maybe because I had to wash it off not long after applying it. I think this would be good for normal or combo skins that are more tough and can use essential oils ...
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  25. Love it


    I got this as a gift in a goodie bag, i did not have many expectations as i have used all natural products before and found they did nothing. I was really surprised with this serum, its really nice to apply, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and glowy and very hydrating! I liked it so much i have just purchased a full sized bottle to use in conjunction with my cosmeceuticals!!
    Love sample...
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  26. Bottle lasts ages


    I use this with a roller and it feels so hydrating and luxurious
  27. Silky serum


    The serum feel so luxurious to apply and is a great extra layer of hydration
  28. Refreshing


    Nice serum feels good on the skin quite hydrating and a good size for the price
  29. Worth it!


    I like the product as it keeps my skin hydrated especially when using my face roller to really get into my pores.
  30. Great product


    Great product for oily, acne prone skin. Doesn't break me out and is hydrating and not heavy or greasy at all. Have repurchased multiple times.
  31. Very Drying on Skin - Caused Small breakouts


    I bought this in Green Tea Serum in a Green Tea set for $39 (it had the serum, the eye cream, the face cream and the overnight hydration mask). The Serum is full size (everything else was mini try size). The serum outlasted every other product and it caused my cheeks to go dry (I have normal to oily T Zone Skin) but my cheeks were so dry. It caused tiny little break outs. I stopped using it and re...
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  32. Refreshing


    After use, the face is smooth and moisturizing power is very good, especially the T area is not as greasy as before, it is very good to push away, and will come back to patronize.
  33. Luxurious skincare


    I received this as a gift and I love how smooth it makes my skin feel. Definitely going to have to repurchase
  34. Great!


    This is an awesome product to add into your routine. It’s really beautiful, my skin looks so glowy and I love the way it feels on my skin. Definitely something I’ve loved adding to my nightly routine.
  35. Must try


    It's a very hydrating product, not to oily just perfect it's worth the price. The smell is so refreshing and the packaging is so cute. I love how Innisfree change there packaging colours based on the main ingredient of the product
  36. Feels good!


    This feels really nice and hydrating but I'm not convinced it's actually doing anything.
  37. It’s Ok


    i’ve used a lot of samples of this product and i like it, but i don’t know if i’d buy the whole bottle of it. It’s definitely hydrating and smells nice and i think it would be great for dry skin or people starting out with their skincare. But i already have serums with actives i use and i just don’t think this product would fit into my routine.
  38. hydrating


    The serum is very refreshing and smells amazing! I love it!
  39. just hydrates

    perfecting skin

    i used it as a sample and i dont think it does anything more than just hydrates the skin. i wished it would do more than just hydrate. but it did hydrate my skin so i am happy with it. i use it at night
  40. Hydrating serum


    This is a good simple serum. It’s hydrating and soothing. Suits even sensitive skin.
  41. Good serum for starting skin care


    This was one of the first serums I purchased when I began my skincare journey. Having quite dry skin, I was looking for a product that would hydrate and plump my skin and this product did exactly that.
    The packaging is wonderful because you can measure out exactly how much you need - I used two pumps every night. The smell is nice, however it is quite strong and I can see why some people wou...
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  42. Smells soo good


    Love the smell, its so refreshing and hydrating
  43. Best serum for dry skin


    Have been using this for several years for my dry and sensitive skin and absolutely love it!
  44. So hydrating!


    texture is not what I thought but your skin soaks it up and it feels so nice the morning after!! definitely recommend this product
  45. Great texture


    I got a sample of this and loved the texture of it. It sinks nicely in your skin. I didn’t see any difference. It would be an additional step in my routine that I don’t need so I won’t be purchasing the full product
  46. Hydrating but not enough on its own


    Feels nice and watery on skin and one pump is enough for the whole face. Sinks in very quickly, but not enough hydration on its own. I need to use another moisturiser on top.
  47. Average serum, smells nice


    Nice, lightweight serum to help with hydration, probably best used in the AM or when you’re not using peptides (due to the vitamin C).
    I personally wouldn’t get this again as I didn’t notice any difference in my skin. The serum has a very light, watery texture and perfumed green tea smell
  48. Young skin


    To be honest, it’s not really fit for the age over 25 year, young age skin definitely recommend.
  49. Refreshing scent


    The Green Tea Seed serum comes in an easy to use pump bottle. The serum is watery and absorbs well into the skin, and the scent is refreshing and not overpowering. If you don't have any skin concerns, this serum will do the job as a nice base for your moisturisers and serums. However I didn't find that it gave enough moisture to my dry skin. Pleasant to use for travel, but not as part of my every...
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  50. Watery serum


    Tried this serum and found that it was a bit tricky to apply as it was quite watery. Slight moisturising effect but not outstanding in any way.
  51. Ehh


    I usually love Innisfree but I've tried this serum so many times (mostly from samples) and it always annoys me that it's so sticky. I think there are better things from this brand that are more worth buying. I'm personally a fan of the scent, but if you're not big on smells then I wouldn't recommend this one.
  52. Lightweight Preparation for Moisturiser


    Although this isn’t super moisturising on it’s own, I find it helps prep the skin for everything that you might put on top. Personally, I use green tea seed cream on top and it glides on much more smoothly and feels like it sinks in more after I use the serum. The 80ml bottle lasts for a while which is nice given it’s price point but I would recommend trying a small amount before commuting to a wh...
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  53. Pretty good and cheap


    This serum moisturises well. Plus it is quite affordable for a serum. I will buy again.
  54. Just OK


    I received a sample of this in on of my adore orders. I do not think there is anything special about this serum. It has a watery texture and a fresh smell. It is moisturizing but I see no other benefit. Would not purchase a full size.
  55. nice light


    light and hydrating serum for summer. It feels sticky initially but sinks in and gives a little hydration for oily skin
  56. Lovely serum


    I received this as a sample and I was worried the green tea scent would be too strong for me. It was very subtle which was lovely and absorbed well into the skin. Very hydrating and great for layering.
  57. Good, not great


    Nice serum, works well but doesn’t do anything special. Makes my skin feel great and doesn’t make my skin overly oily.
  58. Dry skin saviour!


    This serum is amazing for winter. I apply it before I use my roller and my skin loves it. I've been using the green tea range for months now and always get compliments on my skin. Definitely recommend!
  59. Smells great, feels even better


    I got this as a sample and it has become one of my most used skin care products. Can see a difference in the morning my skin looks super hydrated and glowy. Plus it smells sooo good.
  60. Great serum


    I received a sample of this in one of my orders. I used it on my face instead of moisturiser before bed and loved how hydrating it felt. It's very lightweight too and the smell is amazing. I will be purchasing the full size product to see how it goes over a period of time.
  61. sure


    i just tried this as a sample - seems quite hydrating but i kind of want more active ingredients in a serum. the green tea seed moisturiser RX is excellent, however.
  62. Just like the serum from a sheet mask


    I received a sample of this the other day and loved the instant hydration it gave me. It felt cool on my skin and absorbed quickly, and felt just like the serum you get with sheet mask. It also has a fresh botanical aroma which is great too.
  63. Love this!


    Ive had 2 samples of this and love it! I’ll be adding it to my cart for sure. It sinks in so well and you feel it absorb so it doesnt feel like you waste product. Its very hydrating and just feels so nice!
  64. Hydration!


    Got this as a sample and its good as the hype says so! Hydration at its best! But make sure to seal the hydration in with a thick moisturiser or face oil
  65. Worth the hype


    My skin has been loving this serum. I have used it for more than 2 months now and my skin has been glowing. I love the smell and it gets absorbed by my skin well.
  66. Love it


    Was curious about the hype and was not disappointed. The scent is subtle, not overwhelming, it glides right on and soaks in so easily. I don't know for certain about the results because I started using other products at the same time but I think it is helping my skin stay clear and soft.
  67. Amazing


    I've been using this serum nightly for a few months now and there is still plenty more in the bottle! It's the perfect amount of hydrating and soothing, especially after a long day.
  68. Fantastic serum that leaves skin glowing


    An amazing serum that leaves skin looking clear and plump. I use this before my moisturiser and it always makes my skin look glowing and healthy. However, there is quite a lot of fragrance.
  69. Soothing and calming :)


    Such a cooling and soothing cream. Put it in the fridge for extra satisfaction ;) I received a sample in AD goodie bag. I put this on after washing off a peel to calm and sooth red skin. Lovely to put on your neck and chest after a hot shower. Refreshing and smells lovely! Definitely on the future purchase list
  70. So glowy!


    I got a sample of this with my last order. From the first use it has made my skin glow. It absorbs quickly and has no silicones, which is something I avoid. It smells gorgeous and light and has made a visible difference to the hydration and plumpness of my skin.
  71. nothing speech


    Have used one whole bottle in with my usual regime including essence, eye cream and occasional sheet mask. I didn't notice any massive difference after using this product.
    Mild hydrating effects, its light and easily absorbed, easy to use pump bottle but that's about it
  72. This should be in everyone's skin care routine


    This is just perfect, miracle serum! Been using this Innisfree serum for 4 years and have had continuous good results.
  73. Moisture in a bottle


    I bought Green tea serum set when it was available. Then I put in a shelf and used my other skincare.
    Lately I use all set and particularly I like serum. It's very moisturising, gentle for my sensitive skin and with subtle scent.
    As mature lady I can say that don't expect lifting or anti wrinkle effect.
    I am lucky not to have facial wrinkles so far and moisturising is always ke...
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  74. Love it!


    The product definitely does what it says and does leave my skin with a glow when used alongside the moisturiser and eye cream (mine was in a pack). I wouldn't call it anything extraordinary but its definitely leaves my skin feeling soft, soothed with a hint of a glow.
  75. Good value serum


    Only had a sample size so cannot comment on long term effects on skin. However absorbed well, no overpowering scent, felt nice on skin and great price for the amount of serum you receive.
  76. Good value for money


    I have normal to oily sensitive skin which tends to get flaky every now and then. I received this serum as a sample, very good size for a sample, been using it for a month now in the morning under the moisturiser. Feels great on the skin, gets absorbed quickly and sits well with the makeup. I will definitely be buying the full size.
  77. Great for the day


    I received the sample the other week and I like this, keeps my face less dull during the day and great antioxidant protection from the environment
  78. Nothing special


    I didn't particularly enjoy this serum - there were no issues, but I felt that it was overhyped. It sinks in quickly, but I didn't feel that it made any real difference to my skin even after using for a couple of months. Bit meh
  79. Nice light serum


    This is a nice serum to use before moisturising. It has a really fresh scent, feels lovely on my skin and isn't heavy at all.
  80. LOVE IT


    The reason I bought this in the first place was because I got a small sample of this a while back. It really does the job for my combination skin and it works really well. It feels great on my skin and leaves it feeling super smooth afterwards
  81. Best moisturizer under makeup


    I love using this under makeup especially if i am in hurry. It sinks in very quickly and doesnt disrupt makeup application. It ables to balance my moisture and sebum and doesnt make my skin dry. Nothing else i want more for my morning moisturiser
  82. Holy grail!


    My favourite serum, so moisturising and light! Use it with the innisfree eye cream and moisturiser and it makes the perfect skincare routine!
  83. Holy grail!


    My favourite serum, so moisturising and light! Use it with the innisfree eye cream and moisturiser and it makes the perfect skincare routine!
  84. Pleasant and soothing


    I received a deluxe sample of this in the recent goodie bag. I have sensitive skin and red cheeks, so I was excited to try it. Not sure it did a whole lot, but felt soothing on the skin. I didn't find that it calmed any redness, but it certainly didn't irritate my skin either. It's nice, and might need to be tried for a longer period to see effect, but my only hesitation to repurchasing is that I'...
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  85. Amazing product


    It's very amazing using this product . Immediately feels so hydrating skin
  86. Love this!


    Great serum for price, smells lovely, texture is great! Definitely a great little hydrator! Will definitely keep using.
  87. Best serum!


    I love Innisfree green tea seed serum! It's so gentle on skin, yet extremely hydrate my skin 24/7. It's a must try product if you love products that contain natural green tea or if you a Innisfree lover like me!
  88. Feels really natural


    Liked the hydration from this, good product for someone in their 20’s I think. Just getting into skincare
  89. very light on the skin


    this is by far the lightest serum i have come across. such a nice light formula it has that leaves the skin plump and refreshed. i am loving it.
  90. Good


    A loyal user of Innisfree and this product does not disappoint. Will definitely repurchase.
  91. Love


    Been using this serum for years and still loving it. The smell is divine and I love how my skin feels the next day.
  92. best serum


    I have been using this for about a month now and my skin has never looked this hydrated. Ill have to purchase more plus backups. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  93. its nice but that's it


    I have used this for a while now and while it smells nice and feels hydrating I wouldn't say it is any better than 'The Ordinary' hyaluronic acid or other cheaper products
  94. Non-sticky and hydrating


    I love this product. I have dry skin and I use it before moisturiser morning and night and its very good.. Its quite light and absorbs well so its non-sticky and isn't slippery on skin. It isn't too much to use with moisturiser and make up on the top but helps keep skin hydrated through the day.
  95. Very good serum


    This is one of my favourite moisturising serum and it is a very good price.
  96. A refreshing surprise


    Another Adore sample win! I used this sample for about three- four days coming in to dry, cold weather and I felt it assisted with keeping my dry skin hydrated. The smell and feel left me feeling energised... hard to say? Can a serum do that!? Anyway, either way, for the price, it’s a nice little treat yourself as a primer or in the morning to feel hydrated and energised.
  97. It’s okay


    It’s a nice serum, I don’t see a dramatic difference after using it, but I use this on days when I don’t need a more intense serum
  98. nice moisture pick me up


    I feel like my skin has been a lot more moisturized since using this product, I got it in the set with the cream, night mask and eye cream. It is a little sticky but I put moisturizer on after it anyway and I don't really mind. Will be repurchasing
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